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  1. Lets hope there are less idiots if this crap comes around again. I went into a grocery store recently...and a lady came out with her cart or (trolley UK)...and told me `` take mine, I`ve cleaned it and sanitized it as well as my hands `- so its safe ready for next person so just take this one`` I wasnt sure whether to laugh or cry. She was delirious in her covid phobia. Frightening!
  2. This person says he heard an ``electrical type bang`` https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/mystery-dead-birds-plummet-sky-26208423
  3. Sad bastards parading their bullshit in front of kids. Makes me sick. My granddaughter told us that at her school they have posters on the wall for `Pride Month` - posters saying every sexual you can imagine Pansexual homosexual bi-sexual....you name it... She even told my daughter that she must be bi-sexual as her teacher told her that if you like boys and girls thats bi-sexual!!!!!!! She was quickly put straight-----literally. This is so wrong and its brainwashing. If they dont have sensible parents who tell them that this is an attempt to brainwash then these kids will believe this shite. They have also locked the doors now so parents cannot walk into the school like they used to. Blaming the need to `protect`the kids health on the bullshite covid. I would have just walked in.... but my daughter is more mellow than me.
  4. A simple technique with a video here: https://ezprepping.com/making-salt-and-seawater-drinkable/
  5. OK yes it is a good idea. I guess you are meaning someone who was in a position to do so may remove bonafide content. Hopefully they wouldn`t have been posting in the forum for two years or more and have some secret vendetta against DI ... I guess anything can happen - even with what we have.
  6. There is a Canadian cutesy soap called Heartland...and even on it they have made sure to place a homosexual male in the show. Also, they bring in about the homosexual couple thinking about having a baby. I know many raise a baby but I`ve yet to see any `having one`.
  7. Exactly... and can you imagine the parents of young kids being terrified of them playing in the dirt, on the grass or venturing into flower beds. More madness.
  8. haha - I have often wondered about the sudden uprising in transkids and gender neutral persuasions in the younger generation. I commented to a cashier a couple weeks back that her (looked more her than him) name was unisex.( In my smallminded brain I believe there are only two sexes . She gave me the weirdest look and said it was `gender neutral`. I said `Oh is that what they call it these days`` She looked at me with the ``oh we have a nutter here`` look again. I said ``Oh well with a winning name like that you could be anything you like`` followed by ``Nice name, Have a nice day`` ( The name was ACE) Her look followed me out of the door, black cropped hair, pierced lips, male clothing and all. I cast my mind back to my schooldays and realized that only ONE of everyone I knew was even gay, let alone trans or pan or whatever other ridiculous concocted name there is for ones sexual grandiosity. The ONE in question was clearly a male homosexual and Ive looked him up on social media and is till this day what he always was. His profile also says he is covid vaccinated as is his partner. (need to stay on topic here lol) But I seriously know of none other than him that are or were of anything other than heterosexual nature. Surely they were not all in the closet and have stayed there for decades... not with all this welcoming committee of media to allow then to make a grand exit or entrance depending how you look at it. It really is odd that this TRANSition has occured like an avalanche...
  9. I think its more a case of media and social pressures. Polls for me are garbage... I for one have never contributed to one of these so called polls... I think DI forum polls have been my only experience. ( ) I just feel these polls pop up conveniently whenever there is need for public persuasion.
  10. I think that depends on what you read. I can see in my own family of aunts, cousins, sisters etc...that many share similar traits and they were not raised together. I have no problem with your belief that DNA has no profound worth but I dont share that view. I do agree that life experiences can affect the way we see things and our responses to things. I think there is a reason `they`want to alter DNA. My grandfather was an amazing musician. He had nine children that survived, only my mother had an ear for music. From his grandchildren (10) only two with particular musical talent. Of his great grandchildren 3 are very musical. I do agree that many `talents` `traits` are inherited or remain latent within DNA
  11. I think it`s good to know that your belief system has potential to change. Who and what changed your mind last time? I`m thinking it wasn`t from personal experience and more from what you have read or been told.
  12. I actually dont agree that we acquire our personalities here on Earth, not totally anyway. I think it is somehow tied in with DNA and that experiences will cause our natural tendencies to be either promoted or challenged. When people say ``soul`` it conjures up a host of possibilities, not least that we all feel, some more deeply about some things and some moreso about other things....sometimes what we feel transcends and manifests into reality and for others into channels of varying fairytales. There is a question that has been around for years... ` Where does the mind end and the brain begin``? I think sometimes people can overthink things.... and that reality is much clearer than many of the random perspectives and perceptions. Brain injuries affect the processing ability, although there are some treatments that can retrain the circuits somewhat. I find it strange that people tend to think souls are all good... IF souls exist independently. I think there is a reason current medical situations are messing with DNA.
  13. I think being able to see negative entities comes with a vulnerable disposition. Such as during grief or when summoning as in when the vibration is low or compromised. I dont dismiss that these entities exist - I have personally experienced some very strange and unusual happenings. I think we can also help manifest these things and that they use frequencies... cant explain it too well...but there are some negative entities if we allow them to take hold.
  14. Sorry but that is merely an opinion.... and conflicts with many other `` opinions`` I wonder why a ``soul`` would want to be chosen based on her view... If and in my view its a big if, souls hover over a petrie dish - surely they would be discerning which part of a learning curve they`d want to experience in another lifespan...not leave it to chance. We dont come here as all knowing beings from my experience of life here. We learn, we are nurtured and possibly DNA is what manifests into the evolving cells. When I was nursing and saw the results of terrible accidents or unsuccessful suicides, I noticed how people often changed personalities to greater or lesser degrees. Their families would say how they were different somehow. Residual brain injuries change personalities quite often - I feel a ``soul`` would remain the same - so for me I think when I describe spirituality it is something that maybe is not the same for everyone. I question whether a soul and spirituality are the same... I believe there are entities and I believe people have innate traits - but somehow souls hovering over a petrie dish seems rather unlikely to me.
  15. I wonder if its being amped up and having deadly effects on Vaccinated...but giving unvaxxed symptoms only? ( Not that I understand too much about Electro Magnetic energy.)
  16. Yes, I do take issue when a living breathing childs health is at risk. Yes children are future extensions. We are not talking about children here... I disagree with much of what courts do to families...so for me your attempt at justifying such intervention as being the same as the topic we are discussing is moot as far as I am concerned. We need to stay on topic... Whereas you may disagree with atheists - all of mankind has a right to their opinions and their CHOICES. I follow his work, although I am not a clone of anyone and I will make my own decisions devoid of anyone else`s viewpoints. I think many people have a beautiful spirit even when hidden behind some traits that are not so beautiful. Some people are very special and some are not.. we know that there are distinctly negative people in this world. If you believe that we move into a new existence at death - maybe that applies to all energies or maybe it does not. I have had my own experiences with``energies`` - I would say not all energies are good. So at the end of the day it comes down to belief... You believe a spirit is created at conception. Although you will have no proof of this. I believe that a fetus ( Cdn spelling v UK English) evolves and can eventually but not always become a spirited being. A chrysalis is a chrysalis it is not a butterfly. Larvae are not insects or they would be called insects not larvae. A complete metamorphosis has to occur to effect the transition. Which brings me back to what I said earlier, viable life. I`m afraid I dont buy into the energy of the stars concept... but hey... I dont spend my days telling other people how to think feel or believe.
  17. No, thats because it is a newborn. Viable does not mean being able to swim. Yes these are normal things one does when raising a child - not sure of your point here... My 16 - 19 years old were able to cook, do laundry, shower, tie their shoes and toilet themselves by this age. No diapers by then. ;-) The DNA is different in a miscarriage too... at early stages of gestation I think you would need to prove that a cluster of cells was a sentient being. How? The fetus is unable to comprehend body autonomy. Even fully grown human beings with severe mental retardation are unable to comprehend body autonomy and are unable to make decisions for themselves. They fall into another category because of this...as do fetuses who are not viable and able to sustain life on their own. Because a mass murderer is a viable life... it can breathe and live outside of a host. My son`s friend was on life support at age 25... he could not make decisions for himself as he was unable to communicate due to his accident.The doctors said his brain was no longer functioning enough to survive by himself. His MOTHER had to be asked for permission to turn off his life support. I saw this young man in this state... He was no longer a viable life!!! Then maybe the government should not be making decisions on whether the mother can or cannot pop the fetus out of her uterus. I`m not sure what immaculate conception has to do with it.... but much more than the `ìnconvenience`as you put it, is considered. You are extremely judgmental and that you feel a government should be deciding what a woman does with her body makes me feel rather judgmental of you to be honest. I was a nurse... I`m guessing I know a little more than you do. It is not a viable life - no -one rips arms and limbs off during any abortions I have seen. You are dramatizing and no doubt unable to comprehend much more than your bias allows. Again you are being dramatic in my opinion. I believe that the limits to gestation for terminations should always be based on the viability of the `being` in question. Also, remember that not everyone holds your religious views at least to the extreme extent that you do ( again just my opinion) and therefore you should not be forcing or attempting to force your beliefs on others. I respect that you have an opinion.... and you can practice your beliefs in your own lives.... but for others the choice should always be theirs.
  18. I have 4 also. I also had an abortion !!!! However, none of this is yours or anyone`s business, but just for the record I am not racked with guilt and worry as you suggest. Yes, I was told that if I continue with the pregnancy my cancerous cells could multiply and cause me a lots of problems, shall we say. Along with that I didnt want anymore children. So I made a choice. I decided that I would not risk my life and risk leaving my viable living children without a mother. I also weighed in the fact that I didnt want anymore children. So I guess i somewhat fit into your stats table and somewhat meet your opinion of murderer. Either way, I am not bothered by what you think...I am a good mother and person, not faultless but certainly no murderer. Your point of who speaks for the baby...ties in with your question about VIABLE. Viable meaning a viable life that can be sustained outside of the mothers womb. Once a fetus becomes viable and would be able to survive outside of it`s mother by being fed and if necessary given oxygen to the lungs then I believe it should be born... I believe their are limits that should be imposed on the gestation period for abortion. I also believe that circumstances are important as well as the right to choose. If someone delays an abortion to when the fetus becomes viable then a natural delivery or caesarian should be the option. ( Bear in mind doctor delays are often an issue) Again this is my opinion. This would bring us to a conversation about where to draw the line insofar as weeks of gestation for terminations. If you can get past this post and not feel totally appalled then feel free to ask my opinion on timeline of gestation. I should add I did work as a nurse for many years. I`ve seen a lot...medically speaking.
  19. It used to be called The Pilton Festival.The full name being Pilton Folk, Blues and Rock Festival till 1970 This article is interesting it mentions The Glastonbury Festival (new name ) and the NEW Pyramid Stage 1970!!!! Then: ``In 2000, the modern Pyramid Stage was built, standing at 100ft high and covered in dazzling silver it became the iconic landmark for the festival that we all love.`` https://www.portobellofarm.co.uk/a-brief-history-of-glastonbury-festival/ It was used then (once it became Glastonbury Festival) as a way to promote agendas, which has carried on till today....cue Thunberg. ``The event was organised in conjunction with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), in order to help push the peace movement at the time. Michael Eavis convinced the CND that the event would be profitable in order to gain their support, this turned out to be true as he handed over approximately £20,000 to the cause.`` ``On top of the advice they give to festival goers Glastonbury Festival also supports a number of organisations including Greenpeace, Oxfam, and WaterAid.``
  20. It is not yet a baby that is viable. Yes potentially, futuristically it is a separate life. But until it is a viable life it is solely dependent upon the `host` the mother. Until then it is most definitely part of the mothers body. It is within it. It feeds from it, it is dependent on it. It`s future life depends on that mother. Therefore it is that mother that determines what grows within her, not you and not anyone else! If you feel her decisions make you sick, that is your problem. No -one should be forced to do anything they do not want to do. Free agency... `God`given free agency if you are religious. You cannot murder something that cannot survive without it`s host. The host has full dominion over it, regardless of how it makes anyone else feel. `possessional depency` hmm thats a weird construct. Bottom line, the mother is in possession of every organ or organism within her body, as everyone is. She has the right to make decisions on any group of cells within her body. No-one is dependent on anyone else necessarily. Maybe through choice. Most people would seek a way to fend for themselves if stranded on an island alone. But a fetus is different. It is not an independent being. It is not a child. It is a fetus, a group of cells that is potentially a child once it is viable and can breathe for itself...which is not the period in time that is in question. A pregnant mother is not `feeding`the fetus, the fetus is sucking nutrients from her...different. Yes on the one hand a perception issue. But that doesn`t mean that a perception that doesn`t recognize body autonomy is right. Do you have children yourself? I presume you are a female (in the normal context)? Have you ever been in a situation where you were pregnant with an incompatible with life` fetus? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed or depressed where you would take yourself to a back street abortionist if abortion wasn't freely available? Have you witnessed the trauma of rape and subsequent pregnancy? Have you been a 12 or 13 year old who has got pregnant? Etc Etc ( So many individual situations that need to be considered) I`m not expecting answers to these personal issues - But... Until such time as you have experienced or witnessed such situations... you may want to reserve your perceptions and have another think. Other people should not be making decisions for someone own body. It`s easy to sit back and make judgement calls...if you haven`t been in a situation to witness the many situations that arise re: pregnancies.
  21. Maybe add some B12 too: https://www.rxwiki.com/news-article/vitamin-b12-and-folate-may-protect-liver-protecting-dna ``Dietary vitamins B12 and B9 (folate) have been shown to be liver-protective against liver-toxins. Repeated exposure to liver-toxins can lead to fatty liver disease, a fate that supplemental B vitamins may resolve. It has been known for decades that vitamin B12 and folate mediate liver damage during poisoning from hepatotoxins (liver-poisons), such as carbon tetrachloride or arsenic. ``
  22. Absolutely the elections here are rigged. ...yes many clowns seem to vote for clowns. Braindead - wide eyed and clueless.
  23. You are talking about two different things. A fetus is not a viable life. It cannot breathe when delivered until it reaches the last trimester. A fetus from 6 months gestation is now a viable life that can possibly (depending on the individual circumstance) live outside of its mothers womb. No-one can declare death on an independent being once it is a separate life. Inside of the mother it is not a separate life, until it is born. If the mother commits suicide it is highly likely the fetus will die along with her. So yes the mother does have the right to choose what happens to herself and the fetus within her. I personally believe that no-one should be telling any woman what to do with her body or we will be seeing pregnant women in dire strait situations committing suicide or seeking back street abortions. Either way...if the mother makes a decision for her own body she makes it. Trying to stop her will open up many unfavourable avenues that will result in terrible consequences. We have been down this path decades ago....has nothing been learned? If coming from a religious standpoint...it is my understanding that `God`gave people free agency.... that means they make their choices. They decide what they do and they live with the choice. Pro- choice is based on the right of a man or woman to choose. Once you take away free agency over ones own body, where someone else decides, we are at a cliff edge as far as freedom is concerned.
  24. No-one in their right mind would want to come to Canada right now under the `leadership`of the multi-coloured-sock wearing pervert come tyrant who is running this country. The people already here shall we say, politely discuss how they would like to see him removed.
  25. I think if that is how someone thinks it is hard to have them think any other way. I think you may have missed the point that it was dead links, and video links to dead space that was being discussed. Other forums with very large amount of daily posters will remove such dead links to de-clutter the thread and to keep the thread containing actual viewable material. No-one was suggesting removing active links and peoples content. I couldn`t give a toss whether or not this thread gets de-cluttered to be honest...I just find it rather odd that people get bent out of shape at the suggestion of removing links that no longer contain anything viewable...not even a clue to what existed before. But, hey if people enjoy sifting through dead links and blank space...far be it for me to upset their applecart. Yes, thats a good thing...I imagine it works well for posts that have interesting material and links. I think if someone wants to start a thread or threads that make a related topic more concise that would be a good thing too. Can`t have too much of a good thing....
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