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  1. Yes, the manipulation by those who are pawns to their masters has created chaos since the dawn of time. Where you say "fascinating in that it shows how terminally short of cash Churchill was for most of his life, which obviously left him very vulnerable to corruption." is possibly why so many are falling in line with the official narratives - they dont want a fine or to be challenged by thinking differently. I loved Davids video where he talked about the " power of not giving a shit" Thank you for linking that video also.
  2. My grandfather born 1901 ( now passed) always referred to Churchill as The Warmonger.
  3. The panel of doctors Simone Gold, MD - Emergency Medicine Specialist in Los Angeles, CA and has over 31 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Rosalind Franklin University Of Medicine Science/The Chicago Medical School medical school in 1989. She is affiliated with Centinela Hospital Medical Center. Dr. Bob Hamilton - pediatrician from Santa Monica, California. Medical School UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA. Internship UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA. Residency UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Stella Immanuel - primary care doctor in Houston, Tx. Went to medical school in West Africa, Nigeria. Has practiced in Louisiana and now resides in Texas where she has treated more than 350 Covid patients. Dr. Dan Erickson, DO - Emergency Medicine Specialist in Bakersfield, CA and has over 16 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Western Univ Of Health Sciences/College Of Osteopathic Medicine Of The Pacific, Western University Of Health Sciences medical school in 2004. (While both degrees mean your doctor is a licensed physician, their training differs slightly, and each has a unique perspective on care. “An M.D. follows an allopathic medical training path, whereas a D.O. follows osteopathic,”) Dr. James Todaro, MD - a Ophthalmology Specialist received his medical degree from Columbia University, Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons in NY, and completed his surgical training with four additional years of residency in ophthalmology. Dr. Joe Ladapo MD, PhD - Physician at UCLA and clinical researcher. Internal Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine, 2011. Residency Internal Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Med Ctr-East Campus, 2009-2011. Internship Internal Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Med Ctr-East Campus, 2008-2009. Degree Harvard Medical School, MD, 2008 Harvard University Grad. School of Arts, Sciences, PhD, 2008.
  4. I just get the feeling that this is controlled opposition. The doctors video I mean. They are trying to boost Hydroxychloroquine by using it with Azithromax and something else.... These drugs arent the greatest insofar as side effects. Also the doctors places of work or credentials seem a little off in relation to a few of them.
  5. I saw the video where Kay Mullis explains there are viruses and retroviruses. I agree with the points you make...as they correlate with what K Mullis stated. Its trying to get simpletons to first recognize they dont need a mask.haha
  6. I use magnesium orally and have the gel for use on the skin as well as using Epsom Salts.. I haven't had any problems with it. In fact after being poisoned with fluoroquinolone antibiotics, oral magnesium was the way to feeling better and ridding my body of toxins.. I also use milk of magnesia, not the one with bleach in, just the one with magnesia and water as a deodorant and sometimes for teeth cleaning. Thank you for your suggestion with the flakes, maybe i will try that as well.
  7. Im wondering how can anyone know if any specific virus exists if a virus cant be isolated? Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test says that AIDS was not even isolated as a virus but was sold to the public as one. He also says there are tons of them including retroviruses and that no-one should be surprised that viruses exist or that they will affect someone with a weaker immune system or who lives a compromised lifestyle. Personally, I think this so called pandemic has evolved from the flu and the flu season and been conveniently blown out of all proportion by those who need it to be. I have no doubt that the next flu season in the fall will bring another opportunity for further clampdowns. Also find it strange that this alleged C19 manages to stay within certain borders and boundaries. It seems to like Leicester for example. Flus are spread through droplets in the air....and will be carried by air, but for some reason this deadly virus with no symptoms for the most part , seems to prefer cliques and select groups and areas, much like the people who invented it.
  8. Thats assuming there is a strain other than regular flu. I have no doubt something lethal could be brought in, but I dont think the current C19 is what theyve been saying it is. Those running the show have the funds to bring in just about anything and market it however they choose. The people are the ones with the power en masse to resist and push back. I guess wanting DI to promote something they are not, could be one idea...
  9. Magnesium is an excellent chelator. I use it regularly. Best sources are Magnesium Bisglyconate, Malate or Taureate. Magnesium Oxide or Stearate are not so good. Epsom Salts (Magnesium) in a bath are also good.
  10. I dont think David has got it wrong at all. I have proof that care homes were deliberately putting Covid 19 on death certificates and if the threat was a s real as you say, why the need? If this was a real pandemic no-one would need to be questioning the existence of a deadly virus, because said virus would have made itself known without any political introduction. As for Brian Rose....the jury is still out for me. Something doesn't sit right about him, but as was said...the fact that he lets David speak is giving him a pass. Just my take on it.
  11. Semetic refers to the Semetic languages of a region, spoken by Semetic people, including Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Amharic. It was never used for the jews exclusively - just those who spoke the languages mentioned. Over time, especially recently, the word semetic and more often anti-semetic has been bastardized and cajoled to now only represent jewish people or anything Israel. Essentially reducing its original meaning to nothing. The same strategy is used for almost everything by the ones controlling the official narrative. They take it, they twist it and create chaos around it before tossing out their new version....or order. In many ways I think the real jews, not the greasy scum who are running the show currently, could be the official scapegoats for them. I think david I may have an opinion on it. Has he mentioned it in a video?
  12. My latest book that is almost complete, is about a true crime that is not as criminal as the system would have us believe. Taking on the system of so-called justice will no doubt eventually give me some negative feedback, especially as I point out the many deceptions, inconsistencies and lies both from inside law enforcement, the courts and the media. I like when people like David, put themselves out there to expose truth, it isn't always easy to go against the mainstream narrative and take the flack from people who are often clueless.
  13. I think a commercial using marionettes would be brilliant. It would be different and lets be fair the world is ran by puppets so your beautiful marionettes would be a more intriguing watch. They are amazing and a unique skill.
  14. `Coming from a smaller city in Ontario Canada I just want to say that today I went to a large grocery store ( the size of Walmart) and only TWO people were wearing masks. It was them who looked like the idiots they are. This is the case in the small towns and cities in Canada - many people are just not doing as they are told.... It was amazing to see and those of us not wearing masks, which were up to 100 people, were just smiling at each other in a knowing way. Maybe there is hope for humanity after all. My doctor has also retired early as he says he cant work in this environment, he says the health system here is being suppressed. Then a lawyer friend of mine who is also a prosecutor outright refuses to wear a mask as does her husband. She says the By-Law is unenforceable.
  15. There are a lot of people siding with Trump... But in my opinion it could be a case of the so called cabal or elite simply playing both sides. That way they ensure they win either way. Trump doesn`t strike me as being someone to trust anymore than the other a.holes in so called power. Can anyone tell me what has them convinced if they are actually supporting Trump or `Q?
  16. Hi, I`m Cari, I am a writer and have been following David videos for quite some time. I understand fully the corruption of the system, I`ve encountered it in my personal life and also as I`ve persevered with my latest book, which is based on a true judicial circumstance. I`m sure it will be controversial when its released. But insofar as Davids work is concerned it rings true to me and as a skeptic this is not something that happens frequently. I often watch Davids videos to actually listen to common sense which is so difficult to find in this world as it is now.
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