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  1. On 9/9/2022 at 9:58 AM, RobinJ said:


    I find it interesting that they have not said what she died of, is that so they can concoct a story later...? According to news today she was dead before Harry got there. 

    Also, another weird fact, the queens death was announced in Canada at least 4 hours before the palace announced it. Then it was smashed down as fake news everywhere. That makes me wonder if she may have been dead long before it was announced. Could have been months for all we know.

    Now they will spend billions on a side show of a funeral and most likely a coronation of the next adrenochrome addicted paedo baby eater in line.


    There is a 5 hour time difference between UK and (Eastern) Canada...(8 hours for Western Canada). If Eastern Canada got the news at 1.30 pm it would be 6.30 pm in UK. I think thats what the confusion was. 


    I was travelling on a plane from the UK on the day she died and she was still alive when I left UK at 11.45am. (Canada 6.45 am) I arrived back in Canada at approx 1.45pm (6.45 pm UK time). I got a text from within Canada at 3pm (8pm UK time) to say the Queen had died...followed by the guy driving the airport bus saying he had just heard the Queen had died. it would seem the News hit Canada around 6.30pm/7pm UK time (1.30pm/2pm Canada time, which would appear at first glance to be 5 hours prior to actual time.)


    I thought I read that only Charles and Anne were there prior to her death?

  2. 3 hours ago, novymir said:


    No, you were talking about "fetuses" in the post I quoted and responded to.


    Yes, of course I was talking about fetuses, this is a thread pertaining to abortion. What do you think is going to be the topic? Then I said this:

    ''Yes, many older humans are unable to sustain life without assistance and next of kins have the job of consenting to removal of life support. I made a reference earlier of my sons friend whose mother had to do just that.''


    3 hours ago, novymir said:




    As to "viability". As to the "viability" of a life.

    Meaning: "capable of living". Or, viability: "the ability to live, grow, and develop".



    An early fetus is not capable of growing without a 'host'. That would be it's mother. It has the ability to live, grow and develop only with its mother, not as a separate life until it becomes viable with life without a host. Like I said before I will not continually  repeat myself. So kindly block me. You are becoming ridiculous in your inability to be rational.

    3 hours ago, novymir said:


    There's no doubt this abortion bullshit got popularized, institutionalized, and industrialized by the eugenicists and "scientific" materialists--the "saviors of mankind" from all the "superstitious nonsense"(spirituality) that was before...the "illuminated ones" infiltrated the spheres of influence(and invented new ones) in the various countries and cultures. Problem-reaction-$olution. The problem-$olvers are the problem creator$.


    I couldnt give a rats ass about eugenicists. Please stay on topic your posts go way off from staying on topic. Dont bring me into your ranting either. My posts here are about the topic and I will not respond to your off topic rants about'infiltrated spheres of influence'.


    3 hours ago, novymir said:



    You can complain about my mode of operation all you want, and project some paranoid this or that,,, there are those that can see what you cannot.


    Your investment blinds you.




    haha, my investment blinds me....okay then...( I will stay polite - as difficult as it is)

    I also do not care about your modus operanti enough to continue this nonsense, so as I have stated...block me. You dont like my opinion...then block me. Scroll on by... I welcome it.



    3 hours ago, novymir said:


    What is "iatrogenesis"?


    Why not start a topic on iatrogenic situations. You could probably fill the thread with your own views and opinions on it.. I'll make sure to keep my distance, so as not to distract you. Ciao.



  3. 3 hours ago, novymir said:

    No, actually, I'm talking about any human outside of the womb. Any human that cannot sustain themselves without some kind of assistance, not just "elderly", anyone for any reason. You made that a "viability" qualification. Not me.


    You could clearly see that I was talking about people on life support as I mentioned it and also posted a few pages back about my sons friend in such a circumstance. Trying to bait me with ignorance doesn't work. I certainly was not referring to elderly as you well know. I am beginning to question the intelligence of life on earth as it seems even the obvious flies over many  peoples heads.


    3 hours ago, novymir said:


    Yeah, who cares.


    You think you own your body? You "think" you make your own decisions?...yeah, yeah, sure you do.




    Well you sure as hell don't own my body... so your opinion means nothing to me on that front.




    If you want to talk suicide...maybe find a relevant thread...or create you own... but then... 🙄

  4. 1 hour ago, novymir said:

    Well, as I have stated earlier here, I don't have any personal investment in this issue per se.


    Well you do if you keep coming back with something to say to attack anothers opinion.


    1 hour ago, novymir said:


    But...your statement about "viable life" and whether it can "sustain itself" would also apply to any humans, humans that could not sustain their life without some kind of assistance,  you seem to be making a value distinction between older humans and humans at the beginning of their time here. Because we know that the so-called "health-care" industry claims as it's premise for being is the "saving of lives" and the repair and/or reduction of damages to the body...it contradicts itself(in many other ways too), it displays a hypocrisy, that can only be "justified"(covered up) by making a value judgement against humans at the beginning, and imposing that value-judgement upon them, and apparently because they are not yet in a position to agree or disagree with the idea to terminate their time here in an otherwise unnatural way, its okay , except then, it's also murder. Plain and simple.


    Yes, many older humans are unable to sustain life without assistance and next of kins have the job of consenting to removal of life support. I made a reference earlier of my sons friend whose mother had to do just that.


    I am making no value distinction and I am not going to keep repeating myself. It is you who is surmising what I think, and surmising what i make distinct or indistinct. You are free to do that but without much to offer yourself it becomes nauseating having to read judgment calls...that are based on nothing more than personal belief. (Which you are free to have). 


    1 hour ago, novymir said:


    What does "Do no harm" mean? I'm confused I guess. I'm just not "thinking" about it enough...must "think" more.. then I'll understand the proper understanding....do some more intellectuall somersaults and gymnastics....some more legalese too...


    Your veiled mental gymnastics at pointing fingers at me does not go unnoticed. I would advise you to scroll on past my posts as I will yours. I have said my belief and that is that. Being attacked with belief systems that the owners feel are superior is of no interest to me. Calling something murder is where you are at... I believe your modus operandi begans and ends with that. Can you even see what anyone else says? You must believe what you believe and thats fine with me....I have nothing more to say on the matter. The topic is "What is your view". I gave mine. If you dont like it...move on... I dont give two shits one way or the other what you think...tbh. Try attacking someone who does.


    1 hour ago, novymir said:

    In this world we're free to murder. No big deal. But it's funny to see the twisted reasoning that is used to pretend it's something else though. Them in the white coats, clean and beautiful on the outside, but inside is all kinds of filth and corruption.



    Judgment calls again...


    1 hour ago, novymir said:

    And then there's the issue of governmental subsidizings of these procedures...your tax-dollars at work...whether you "agree" with the procedure or not...you will contribute your money to it if you're paying taxes to a government that directs some of that money in that direction. So much for "free-choice".


    In Canada every homeowner pays property tax toward public school or Catholic school education. Many dont have children at school. many dont agree with education system....but they still pay the tax. Car taxes, gasoline, etc paying for roads?  Yet many road travellers use buses, taxis, bicycles which do not use gasoline - should car owners refuse to pay the tax for others to use the roads without paying for them? Lets be realistic here... your only gripe is abortion... yet you have no understanding of the situations that it involves. As you say in your own words:


    ''Silly-assed game...this world.''


    Yes it is...because many people that make a noise are clueless.





    1 hour ago, novymir said:

    Soon there won't be any "traditional" pro-creation, so no one will have to concern themselves about this issue.


    Oh really? So life created in a test tube or a petrie dish wont have the pro lifers demanding all petrie dish/test tube contents be preserved and baptised for the next life?


    1 hour ago, novymir said:


    It's true, "death' ain't the worst thing that could happen.

    In fact, it can be the release...

    So, who cares? Hahaha!




    Negative, judgmental ism, and unwillingness to let others lead their lives and make their own decisions is what causes many suicides... but who cares right???

  5. 8 hours ago, barca said:

    In a strict, spiritual—yet non-religious—sense, abortion is murder. Statistically, only 1% of abortions are performed with a claim of rape/incest.

    Even in rape/incest cases, it is a myth that abortion is the best option in order to save the life of the mother. There are surgical procedure that can be done to save the life of the mother, but these procedures attempt to save both mother and child. If the child unfortunately dies, that is a tragedy, but it is not an outright abortion.


    I am tempted, like many, to be open to the idea of very early abortions (pre-7 weeks), but even this leaning is only due to human selfishness. As I said before, in the strictest sense, it is a spiritual wrong, and can be no other way, since LIFE is sacred.


    Those who support abortion are primarily ego-driven and oppose life.


    Again your opinion...when people become judge and jury I lose interest in their views...you are clueless it would seem to the facts and the many circumstances involved in these situations.


    Your last line is the most idiotic and completely baseless...except for being based on outright judgment and sanctimonious presumption.... and yes that is also my opinion... which, like you, I am entitled to.

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  6. 8 hours ago, barca said:


    We are also responsible for the bodies inside us, if we so happen to be pregnant with a child. A human's right to life does not somehow begin when it exits the birth canal. Modern women may not like to hear this, but it still makes perfect sense.


    Do you support abortions up until the moment of birth?


    Thanks for your opinion which I respect. I think everyone needs to respect other peoples opinions regarding this and all matters.


    This topic is about a woman. Women should always have dominion over their body...pregnant or otherwise. This is why we are asked to sign consent forms prior to all medical procedures. It is up to the woman concerned what decisions she makes. You cannot dictate your views onto me or anyone else...no more than I wish to force my views on you. It is not up for debate as I have my views and you have yours....as it should be.


    Modern women??? Not sure what that is supposed to mean. I am a mother and a grandmother so making a judgment call about me may not be the best call for you.


    As a matter of fact, I have made my view clear insofar as viable fetuses. (Many times on here) Please feel free to go back and read. However, as a matter of giving you a further FYI  " No I do not support terminations once a fetus is a viable life. I have also explained a viable life...the facts of that statement. Once a human being is able to sustain its life with minimal invasion or can breathe be itself it will fight its way out of the host (Mother) by way of labour and subsequent delivery, whether a woman wants that or not. So at that point it becomes a viable life. It is also a viable life within its mother at a certain gestation period and I believe once it reaches that stage it is necessary to deliver. Based on my medical experience I would say 20 weeks should be the cut off and depending on the circumstance of mother and/or  fetus after that point a doctors assessment should be made as to later terminations or deliveries. There are many circumstances that can occur for both at this stage.


    I have no interest in engaging in a debate that does not respect my or others opinions. We have the right to make our decisions and form our opinions without the dictates and manipulations of others. Hope my post explains my view, whether you agree with it or not.

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  7. 3 hours ago, KingKitty said:

    Having Covid would be the least of his medical concerns. Besides, is, "______ tests positive for Covid!", really a headline grabber anymore? Hasn't Fauci come down with it like five times already? It's the little boy who cried wolf, at this point in the game. 




    I guess when you couple it with Kamala Harris as a switch...it does become a headline grabber. It will take Bidens demise real or otherwise to install the next puppet.

  8. 8 hours ago, Bombadil said:

    I wont digress from the topic again but...


    I have all the books by a Native American author, Joseph M. Marshall III.


    There's a few so cant quote exactly from which book. In it there is an account of a war between two local tribes. during this a young braves betrothed is kidnapped. He journeys on his own to rescue her.

    When he arrives at the enemy village he decides recklessly to just enter. Act as though he's meant to be there. 

    He sees an old lady struggling with firewood. As it is winter and because of the shared values of the tribes in the area, he stops to help her. Regardless of the risk.

    It is observed by an enemy tribal elder, who upon seeing the old ways respected then lets the rescue go ahead unhindered.


    I know its off topic but goes to show some great values revered by the tribes


    Yes, the old native ways were based on respect. Here, there are still tribes in Canada as well as in USA. Although they have been disregarded and treated poorly by the 'invading' powers, between themselves they have great respect still for each other. Cant speak for all...but from my experience I can see they have a unique loyalty that surpasses the current system by miles. It is quite sad to see how they are treated by authorities even now....right down to needed fresh water supplies. 😔

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  9. 10 minutes ago, XelNaga said:

    No, I'm not a believer, in a religious sense. Abrahamic religions are a psy-op. I'm a spiritual person.


    If we were not to judge people, we would have a bunch of rapists, murderers and thieves roaming around. Would you like to live in a world like that? Would you like your 4 children to live in a world like that?


    Would "God" judge someone or not, we do not know (aldo more evidence goes against that idea than for it). But if we as people have never judged anyone, this place would be far worse than it is right now.


    I think force is the operative word here.

    Rape, 1st degree Murder are forcing somebody against their will. This is inherently wrong. Theft becomes relatable however. Big Parma is thieving (and killing) with legal approval...so they fly under the radar (at least legally if not lawfully). If a woman with no money steals for her hungry children - is this wrong? Or does it fall into 'survival' mode? Lots of questions and lots of opinion. At the end of the day we are responsible for our own bodies and our own beliefs. 


    I think tribal native Americans and their 'elder' system which consisted of revered elders and sages had value. Respect is a big thing insofar as behaviours...imo.

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  10. On 7/19/2022 at 12:41 AM, skitzorat said:

    In America they're currently suffering through the "NINJA" variant.😂


    Internal Medicine expert and Infuse Chi Dr. Adalbert Pilip breaks down why the new COVID variant, 'Ninja,'


    This is the guy interviewed... studied Israel, speaks Hebrew Russian... heart specialist...probably an expert on Myocarditis and dropping dead for no reason 😉 ....sounds innocent enough..right ( LOLOL). Looks like his posse all gave him 5 stars too.



  11. On 7/19/2022 at 2:11 AM, XelNaga said:

    Perhaps it does.


    But, in a crazy world like this one, perhaps we should be judgmental of certain people and behaviours, maybe we would help decrease the craziness 😉


    I think if one is religious as you may or may not be...then surely the only judgment is by God or whatever is the real name. We have free agency and anyone who feels that they can domineer anothers free agency is challenging that (God?) given free agency. If by that token 'sinners' (however one defines them) are to be saved by 'God' ( as is the doctrine) and He alone makes that determination....then why are people throwing stones?


    'Let thee among thee without sin........'



  12. 2 hours ago, SimonTV said:



    Canada still going. They are forcing unvaccinated travelled in to 14 day quarantine at the moment and forcing travellers to use their covid app when entering the country unvaccinated. 


    They are also random testing all upon return to Canada. They just changed it from just unvaccinated getting randomly selected to vaccinated as well. Then 8 days into the 'quarantine' they re calling people trying to get them on video to do an 8 day in test with them watching. Most people just say 'sorry no video capability'. Then 'they' just say 'do test anyway and put in the mail or drop box'... yea...good luck with that haha.


    Basically this country is ran by a lunatic and supported by more lunatics.

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  13. 4 hours ago, XelNaga said:

    Well, people that range from 20-30 years old belong to my category of "people fucking with random strangers".


    That statistics prove my point.


    Also, 85% of unmarried women kind of also prove my point.


    This proves my point of hangup-py and judgmental.

  14. 5 hours ago, XelNaga said:

    "What are the demographics of women who had abortions in 2019?


    In the District of Columbia and 47 states that reported data to the CDC in 2019, the majority of women who had abortions (57%) were in their 20s, while about three-in-ten (31%) were in their 30s. Teens ages 13 to 19 accounted for 9% of those who had abortions, while women in their 40s accounted for 4%.


    The vast majority of women who had abortions in 2019 were unmarried (85%), while married women accounted for 15%, according to the CDC, which had data on this from 41 states and New York City (but not the rest of New York)."




    Well they are not going to be in their 50's 60's 70's or 80's are they! 

    It makes sense that a larger amount were in their 20's. It also makes sense that many are unmarried as marriage is not a given for a committed relationship. So basically rules out any connection on that account. Over 40's are less likely to get pregnant and women can unexpectedly  on early menopause or perimenopause fall pregnant after a few yews of scant periods. Not sure what you find unusual. I am not surprised that teens would be a lesser percentage based on the range, compared to the 19 - 40 age group accounting for the 88% of abortions. 19 -40 year olds would be the productive years with the late 30's trailing off somewhat. Whats the surprise?

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  15. 7 hours ago, novymir said:


    I don't give a fuck what you or anyone else does.....do what thou wilt....I won't be a party to it.


    If you want freedom....you're in the wrong world....DUH!





    Thats the point though , isnt it? You don't need to be a party to anothers choice. Make your own choices and others will make theirs.


    The reason it seems the wrong world for freedom, is because choice is being removed systematically. Dictating is always going to be contrary to freedom.

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  16. 5 minutes ago, novymir said:

    Yes, it's illusion, it's not real...but it's a sick illusion, a satanic illusion, not worth supporting.


    Diabolicism is unacceptable to me. In any way, shape, or form, and is completely illegitimate and invalid,  it is to be completely and permanently ERASED-DELETED from my mind and Being.

    Nothing of Real value is ever lost, damaged, or destroyed, BY GOD, TRUTH RULES REALITY FOREVER.



    The Abortion Culture

    by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News
    October 27, 2021


    From Worldometers.info: “According to WHO [World Health Organization], every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.”

    “In the USA, where nearly half of pregnancies are unintended and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion, there are over 3,000 abortions per day. Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies in the USA (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion.”

    In researching my current series of articles on abortionin which infants are removed, alive, from the womb, and their organs cut out, killing them—for medical research—I’ve come across information about what I would call the culture of abortion."





    The above is not truth based on hospital abortion procedures. People wanting to control others bodies reeks of the control culture we are living in. Divide and conquer. make others the enemy for having a different opinion. But ok with choice for vasectomies and sterilizations. OK with test tube conceptions (where they dispose of many) - OK with two mommies and two daddies (choice) But a woman must not have choice over her own body...(she can deliver it and hand it over to two transexuals)...but not make a decision about what goes on with her own body. 


    The 'culture' that stands out to me is the Culture of Oppression.

  17. 5 hours ago, XelNaga said:

    Baby killing is so wrong, on so many levels, it's totally ridiculous to even discuss it.


    People who defend this shit just show how low level of a civilisation are we.


    It's disgusting, people prefer fucking around with random strangers than lives of unborn children.


    I guess we, as a civilisation, deserve an asteroid, a really big one 😅


    Here we go again...how many times do you have to be informed that pregnancies are not usually with 'random strangers'. I find this train of thought very hangup -py.

  18. 2 hours ago, Orange Alert said:


    I have met a whole load of decent people who are unvaxxed and planning to be self sufficient, but I have often found them to be naive, wishful thinkers.   I wish them the very best and I will help where I can at arms length.  There are very few who understand the seriousness of the situation and can be trusted to be dependable in a tight situation.



    I hae many many unvaxxed who are willing to die for their cause, and in unlikely places. Doctors, dentists, churchgoers, even teenagers. We should not be quick to hold up the white flag. Remember the acorn.

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  19. 7 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    Well you'd hardly admit you were, yet you're here all hot headed and big mouthed implying people you know sod all about are cowards unless they join in with you on a public forum plotting terrorism. While, ironically commenting on the low IQ of others.


    If you're genuine you'll need to learn to box a bit cleverer.


    To be fair i havent seen any inciting of or plotting terrorism here. But yes there does seem to be a pandemic of Low IQ (lol Just my opinion of course)

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