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  1. I think he made a clear speech re this election. I dont like him or Trump and feel its a ll a circus show. The power is being these nothings....Biden could live many more years... my own husband died at 26...so age is not always a factor. Harris being mixed race in my opinion is a factor and will be picked up on by the media when the time is right.
  2. As a middle aged woman whose name is not Karen, I can assure you that many of those who are fully invested in the mask wearing and sanitizing bullshit are younger people. I personally have fought back against this bullshit at every opportunity and have a couple of friends including one who actually is named Karen, who stand their ground wholeheartedly and have done since March. I agree with your post re how to deal with those who behave like morons re the masks etc... but do we seriously have to be equally moronic with the ``Karen`` lunacy... It used to be ``Kyle`s`` that got the flack...either way it gets nauseating.
  3. Which lyrics...Im not a Madonna fan so will need some guidance here...lol
  4. The type that are ass sniffers....in fact everything they do is connected to the asshole. They have their heads up it, they talk out of it and they spend most of their time kissing everyone elses.
  5. The reason Israel was so insistent on owning the Dome of the Rock in my opinion was to desecrate and offend Christianity and Islam. Evil is behind their motives.... and I dont mean all jews...I mean the pro Zionist cult, cabal or whatever else they can be called beginning with C.
  6. I dont think either are asleep at the wheel...but I do agree with you that Israel and its affiliations are the genesis of it it all...
  7. I think the ``senile old man`` thing has been played up...Joe Biden is fully compus mentis in my opinion. As for Trump he is a theatrical clown... his pathetic robot dance coupled with Bidens portrayed senility is clearly a joke to the morons controlling it all. It is funny in the sense that we can see it is theatrics....but overall the outcome wont be too funny...
  8. I hope he does go to the mattress and someone pushes his head down hard....for more than three minutes.....
  9. Joe isnt that sleepy... he is pushing the agenda as is Trump. Trump is no hero in my opinion. I agree the Trump hype is simply that.
  10. Im not interested in either of them tbh. Either way whoever wins will only be the face. I think Trump and Biden are incapable for many reasons...and both asylum material in my opinion. It`s a shit show all around... The powers behind the Nothing must be laughing their scaly asses off.
  11. Yep...as I see it Trump can possibly get 51 (electoral votes) seats. (Georgia North Carolina and Pennsylvania) That falls short of the 270 needed by 5. Biden stands to get Michigan and Nevada with 22 seats which takes his current 248 to 270. Then add the postal votes. I think thats how its going...
  12. I`m in Canada... lol... maybe up north, build an igloo and drink snow and go ice fishing haha
  13. Whoever gets in... those in true control right now will be continuing as always.... We need to rise up as people...but maybe too many cowards or sheep.
  14. In the words of DI....dont let the bastards get to you. I do agree many people are pathetic. I almost feel like I am a different species....and on a bad day I get the urge to sock someone in the jaw for their stupididy... ( of course as a lady and woman with decorum - for the most part lol - I manage to restrain myself so far) Some of them are simply lost in the area of common sense due to the constant conditioning... others are loving the power to point fingers towards us ``conspiracy theorists```..... hang in there... we know how youre feeling...you are not alone..
  15. Stock up on books that tell you about edible plants and weeds. gardens are often full of untapped nutrition.
  16. Idiotic bullshit in Ontario Canada: People of that small town have been bullying people to wear masks.... Protesters have now been stopped... https://globalnews.ca/news/7438155/aylmer-emergency-coronavirus/?utm_source=AM980London&utm_medium=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1t3LoxlYO-pGaa3-CtN_TDPdwWtYttsa2ZOudtUNOG83rIWcaizY9e3R4
  17. I agree...it works. I also use Oil of Oregano in my ears at times and brush teeth.... Dilute it a bit but it staves off infection.
  18. Yea the mask is a prop...to go with the `drill`lol
  19. Looks like another one of those ``drills`` cough cough
  20. I also remain open on the strawman or freeman approach. I think the approach has to be perfected and very few have figured it out. Also, courts are versed in deflection and the police will just be heavy handed...because they can...not because they`re right. I love that the guy in the video refused to be intimidated...although he stuttered a bit... he did a good job.
  21. Is that even for real? My God what lunacy.
  22. Just say... ``have you heard the scientific evidence that says how bad masks are for you.`` If you get a weird look and a shielding behaviour...avoid. If they respond and interact positively...you're on a winner.
  23. I have posted something that I feel is quite interesting in another thread...and Ive noticed that there comes a flood of posts right after as if to push it back to anonymity... I would agree with you that there seems to be a convergence of another kind and not just the point youre making in your videos... probably best to avoid this thread now and not rise to the bait... eyes wide open from here on in...
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