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  1. I`d find it more surprising if anything wasnt a hoax...The games are so transparent.
  2. I think you will find a few more names now... behind everything. They may have married into those families...but definitely a few more names... and they somehow get involved into every type of business, agenda and situation... pop up where you least expect it.
  3. The problem with this is that regardless of whether this man is right or not - they dont care. They will ASSume. always. They will also beat him physically. I know a guy here in Canada who was tazed several times for doing this. Short of all out revolution they have the guns, tazers and criminal system behind them. Unless everyone wakes up fast people will surrender to the tyranny.
  4. I cant look at this without thinking about a can of black spray paint.
  5. https://thelinecanada.com/convoy More resistance building in Canada. I`m trying to figure out if the origin is kosher.
  6. Was there not any way you could have said `` this wont hurt one bit`` ... touch the needle to the skin and used a little wipe in a motion that suggests you have given it? lol....
  7. Can anyone shed some light on why many claim the Magna Carta is no longer valid ?
  8. https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/t1/tbl1/en/tv.action?pid=1310078501 This link shows statistics between 2019 and 2020 in Canada. Very revealing.
  9. My niece (in Leicester) told the school he was feeling unwell... That was enough for them to ask for a test. Hence the positive test from swabbing hair. Clearly the testing is bullshit. In Canada the symptoms include vomiting and upset stomach...so cant use that here. My daughter here said she would use an injury...ie he fell down the last stair. lol.
  10. A niece of mine in the UK was told her child ( aged 11) could not go to school until he has a test as he had been home from school for a day as he felt a bit under the weather. She obtained a test and put the swab on his HAIR and put it into the container to be sent off. Yes you guess it...it came back positive this morning. I told her...why on earth didn't you just say he had headlice... These are the new cases it seems...
  11. Might I also say that those begging for a national government produced exemption tag should think about the star of David being attached to men women and children in 1939 - 1945.
  12. I am also British as well as Canadian ( hows that for convenience). I was in the UK during March and April at the height of this lunacy. I did not wear a mask. I also fought again a rule that was saying I could not see my dying mother in a care home. If you think I was behaving like a school kid then I take offence. Let me tell you.... unless you grow a spine that supports you, you will forever be like a kid in a playground. I dont like to sound harsh, but seriously, if you continue to go around like a muzzled numbskull you cant expect much else from people who see it for what it is. I laid out a fact to you... it is a health issue.... you still continue to play games.... So either remove the mask and carry the weight of some heavier balls or continue in fairyland.... but dont say you havent been advised.
  13. Keep educating others...even if one at a time... parable of the mustard seed.
  14. I think it has come about due to the current violation of rights. However, because the system is corrupt we would run into brutal tyranny. The police for the most part dont know or believe the significance of the real common law. I have a friend who was a lawyer and is now a prosecutor and who has no idea about all of this - so when someone is taken into court the ``officers of the court`` are, in the main, oblivious. There are a few who know but they in my experience have removed themselves from practices which fight for a client to lawyers that simply deal with conveyancing of property etc....a non confrontational practice. My prosecutor friend is a non mask wearer out in the public domain....but says has to in the court setting. Police will fight for their bosses and think that the living breathing man or woman are nutcases when they refuse to consent...they believe they are belligerent ( the word police love to use for anyone who has balls or a backbone). So in my opinion... the common law theory is bang on...BUT the current system is corrupt... and they will use their footsoldiers to take down anyone who tries to expose them... Being right about something doesnt always help when dealing with corruption.
  15. I too like your post. My 90 year old dad (in UK) has all his faculties and refuses to wear a mask or be confined haha. He says `its a load of bollocks - I`ll be dead soon anyway, but I`ll go when I`m ready not when they push me over the edge`` My mom sadly died this year in March at the hands of the British system that decided she could be put on end of life care and not inform her nearest relatives. One sister is shielding...but nobody minds as she is best avoided anyway. The other sister has become more batty than before and says she wear a mask with her nose showing so she can breathe lol. She also thinks every illness is coronavirus. My brother is fully bought into the bullshit - cant even converse with the moron. My eldest child says the world has gone mad and my craziness is what keeps her sane ( whatever that bloody means) My second child has lost the plot and amidst it all is buying another dog... even though she says there will be a food shortage ( I guess the dog wont last long) Third child has disappeared somewhere in Mexico, speaks fluent Spanish and blends in with the locals it seems... Fourth child is relatively sane but has a wife who has a mask for every outfit...every colour of the rainbow. Best friend says her sister in Pittsburg says the virus has been isolated in Pittsburg Uni....as yet no proof of that. One neighbour is what is termed as a ``conspiracy theorist`` so it gives a sense of cameraderie here...lol One cousin finally sees the light... All in all the world is in a state of turbulence.... and people are their own worst enemies... Welcome to my life... I hope it makes people feel a bit better.... :-)
  16. people are saddos for sure. I have Farcebook but its slowly losing ``friends`` LOL. Today I lost one because I put a pic from here showing Trump being catapulted in a mask by the Statue of Liberty. Hahaha Then prior to that because I bashed mask wearing... meanwhile I tolerate stupid posts in my feed that show someones poorly made lunch... their new licorice allsort design mask or their fist pumping for all things Soros. I have decided I have had a lot more patience these days for idiots ....but my patience is wearing thin. I need a catapult.
  17. I cant fathom this obsession with Trump... Both sides work for the same handlers...and those handlers likely orchestrated Q. Why on earth are people placing faith in so called leaders. The people need to grow balls.
  18. Ive been approached a few times here in Canada. Sometimes I have been asked if I have a mask...and I`ve simply said `No`and kept walking. Another couple of occasions were as follows: `Oh Ill get you a mask`` To which I replied `Oh please dont bother - I dont need one`` The response was `` Oh thats ok we aren`t allowed to ask your health details (quite right, so problem solved) `Have you forgotten your mask`` Me: No. Q: Well I see youre not wearing one`` Me: `Yes, clearly I am not wearing one`` `Q: Is it for a health reason`` Me: Absolutely! Now as I see it... I actually do have a health reason that is medical...BUT I also have a health reason insofar as I have done my homework and know that masks are NOT good for our health. May I suggest you simply say when confronted: `` It is for a health reason. Problem solved..no lying as you see it...just a simple TRUTH.
  19. Interesting that Stroud is in the News. I have friends there...its quite a conservative town in many ways - and trivia wise Lily Allens dad lives there...lol
  20. Im stocking up on bear spray ! However, I think the end game is to try to get us sectioned under a mental health act for causing a danger to ourselves and others....then they can hold us down put us in a straightjacket and bobs your uncle.
  21. When you just cant take any more....ffs :-O Only on a par with the rest of the insane bullshit...
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