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  1. Glad you made it. Which airlines did you use for which flights? As I said to you before, my son is in Mexico...where are you at the moment? Obviously not your exact location but the rough locale? Did you fly in to Mexico City or another? Do you speak Spanish? My son knows a few people there now - do you have any contacts locally? Are you staying in hostels at the moment? ( Only answer what you feel safe answering obv.)
  2. He's jewish isnt he? or married to one.
  3. I know about 3 of these people and the one who says she is 'auntie' is someone who 'knows everything' Two of her children work in reality shows in UK and they are all very boastful and liking of attention. Not evil, no, but definitely as you say a dime a dozen these days and very vocal in their stupidity. I would disagree on the 'not being particularly stupid' in their everyday lives as those I know post some very stupid posts and opinions. I agree they will find it increasingly tough if this bullshit continues in 2021. I will mention Santa Klaus to them as you suggest...lol
  4. Have removed the names but...The following is a copy and paste from a thread on Facebook ( someone I know in UK sad to admit) its her and her friends reacting to a link saying that the army is now stationed to give vaccines....these are the morons that are braindead and will bend over at every opportunity (they are very serious and do plan to get the vaccine...) : >I dont understand why anyone wouldnt common sense.x > yes I can't wait to be honest and the Army doing it!! Can't wait xxx > well let's be honest it's just more of an incentive ...I'll be going on my own lol. Xx >yes you will need to don't need any husbands, boyfriends partners we're brave can go by ourselves xxx >oh I'll be brave enough I'll see you there x > >yep get your best frock on xx >have to be strapless of course so they can get the needle in easier >Make sure you pick me up first > xxx > > I'll grab u if she wont lol.x > yes please stace can’t miss out the vaccine now can we xxx >what vaccine oh yeah that one....no of course not lol x stand back the pair of you as your auntie I should check the situation first to make sure its safe for you both and maybe you can both go along next year xx > we will take the risk it's fine lol.x > lol grrrr... xx
  5. It's about time people resisted. Police need to sop doing the bidding of the bastards paying their salaries...
  6. Sorry to her about your mom too.. such a hard time losing a mother :-(. I think Ive mentioned this before...but my friend runs a care home in the SW of UK... she tells me that they are forcing staff to get testing EVERY week. She also said that they are trying to label EVERY death as Covid...she has battles with doctors over this as she knows it isnt true as many residents get yearly exacerbation s of their lung conditions based on the season. I haven't worn a mask yet... I dont plan to. Today I called City Hall where I live to tell them I'd be in to pay a bill ( prop tax) and were they open today. The guy on the phone said " yes we are open and please wear your mask".. I said " Well actually I wont be wearing a mask due to health issues" He replied with " Oh thats fine, we are open till 4" People not wearing masks dont get resistance for the most part, but the fear and the reticence due to that fear is what stops people removing the bloody masks. If more went without masks, more would likely follow. I have one of my sisters and a cousin in the UK who have now ditched the mask.... seems they get more abuse there than I have in Canada so far...but fair play..they are standing up to it.
  7. I agree I like the list of questions posted earlier... maybe a flyer/leaflet or even a one sided hand out could be given to them...just to have them start questioning... Or add some info to it about the FOI's and Kary Mullis/PCR etc.... If the media can do it...so can we.
  8. The trouble is that some people when you use the term New World Order...it evokes the mindset of conspiracy theory mentality. I usually avoid words like that or 'sheeple' or 'Illuminati'...i find its best just to walk straight in and tell them the facts....the details about lack of isolation of virus, Kary Mullis, facts about mask usage, the lawyers doing the class action..etc etc... I just wham it home... leaves them stunned but definitely leaves them with a lot to think about.
  9. Originally he supposedly died from a 'short illness' ... he had dementia since 2014 ( with a prognosis of around 4- 8 years ...putting him on target) He also had arthritis and had experienced septic arthritis which would have rendered his immune system very poor. He also had prostate cancer in 2009. We also now know that all elderly are on a DNR order in the UK. His children were not allowed to visit according to his daughter ...so he died alone. My mom had dementia type illness and arthritis, she was 82 when she died in March of pneumonia because she was placed on end of life care ( against her knowledge and against my wishes) My guess is that Dave Prowse suffered the same fate. The Covid farce is ridiculous now. He clearly had multiple pre existing conditions and was left untreated at the end as my mom was. In other words murdered...left to die.
  10. I dont think its an age issue. My father is 90 and he knows whats going on. I think it comes down to ones ability to critically think for themselves. I know people in their twenties and thirties who are full on with this covid bs. Probably better to just listen and see who is awakened rather than judge who is based on age... ageism is already an agenda right now. ... just my take on it.
  11. I could be missing something but these two videos seem to be the same woman...one with her hair up and another with her hair down.
  12. https://www.mac-projects.com/copy-of-transport-logistics Looks like this could be the company in question? Advertising for workers: https://www.cv-library.co.uk/job/212819834/Security-Operatives-Covid-19-Test-Sites
  13. I have read all of Pinkmans posts and I dont see how anything suggests a cop... maybe I am missing something...but there is nothing from what I can see...and I'm not an idiot or I am not usually an idiot
  14. Even with the bullshyt being told to them...much of the public still believes we are in a pandemic situation...I wonder whether only some of the News actually gets through and facts not so much ie the video re 7% test accuracy,.... oh well Tier (Tears) 3 for much of UK...and no doubt some similar crap on its way for here in Canada. No wonder history shows us revolutions and resistance... but these days many just welcome the oppression with open arms. The future looks like hell to me and complacency is the dominating factor.
  15. In Canada I would say most babies are circumcised.. I had already had my children before I came here and most definitely my sons were not circumcised. People here frown on mothers who refuse to have their boys circumcised, they say it is ``cleaner`` to have it done. My grandsons are not circumcised and my daughters were criticised for not doing it. People certainly get a mouthful from me when they dare to question my choice. I understand the practice of Jews was or is to bite off the babies foreskin, then suck the blood...All I can say is that if I were ever present the one doing that, a mohel, would have less than one more second left on this earth. I would personally annihilate the bastard.
  16. He also introduced the debt free United States monetary notes...not Fed Reserve Notes... I believe this was in the May as he was eliminated in the November.
  17. I am in Canada. I dont see any of that as yet. Which areas are you referring to
  18. 3 3 3 maybe?? According to Jewish law, once something is done three times it is considered a permanent thing. This is called a chazakah. Once we have done something three times, we have connected to it and connected it to this world. A threefold sequence associated with strength and permanence[10] as in the continuum of three holy days (Rosh HaShanah and Shabbat) with which some years began. Nine is three times three, i.e., a chazakah in regard to this chazakah.
  19. 1948 = The creation of the NHS AND the creation of ISRAEL. Interesting.
  20. This was interesting. One thing that I dont know if anyone else noticed is that the ``Veronica Chapman`` at the 4.35 mark is the same person as `` Mark ``Ceylon`` Laining`` the teeth are the same as in the face shape and the voice. if I`m wrong I`ll eat my hat...if I had one...but you get my drift. The same happened here in Canada... there were people doing this. One `man`who as with this video, ended up promoting themself as female was actually trying to get people to surrender homes. This person of what i believe is male origin, is still online but no promoting the inversion paradigm. Now, I know that mortgages are fraudulent and that words have meanings that some do not fathom...as in `spelling`. But there is something wrong when some of what is factual is used to demolish someones life. Its one thing becoming knowledgable but another to use it for negative purposes. Any one have any thoughts on ``Veronica Chapman``
  21. Whilst the facts of this strawman argument are accurate...it is actually very dangerous for people to start using it in this current tyranny. The governments are corrupt... they dont care what is the truth. They pay men with guns to take you down regardless. The money they use to pay them are numbers on a screen... they can magic out of thin air. Keep the knowledge but in truth its futile unless you are given the full extent and the full remedy. There are also shill people involved in this movement... Unless someone gives the full remedy to the corruption it is useless.
  22. They dont want those Bristolians coming out to play...They will be a force to be reckoned with... lol.... Way to go Bristol :-) Still a lot stuck in the Matrix tho
  23. Keep chipping away. I've known people wake up and tell me that my voice was always in their ears.... haha...and I dont feel at all guilty...:-)
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