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  2. In a previous profession (80's) I had to give intramuscular injections ( not vaccines)and I'm pretty sure you have a procedure to follow. For example: You are supposed to use the syringe as you would throw a dart, then once in the muscle you are supposed to pull back on the plunger part to ensure there is no blood in case you have hit a vein. If you have you would see it in the syringe. I have not seen anyone do this with any of these so called covid vaccines.
  3. Especially standing outside of Whitemead House. No-one there or surrounding area would want the asshole.
  4. It looks like Tiff Dover kinda tipped over. Is this another play on names again?
  5. My day today: 2 pm - Enter bank without mask. Stand in line. Very young bank employee male appears from a cubicle and says "Do you need a mask?" Me: " No thank you" Him: Do you have asthma? Me: (looking at him cockled and stifling a giggle) No, I don't have asthma, do you? Him: Then you need a mask to come in. Me: No actually I don't need to as I have health issues about that. Him: Oh OK if you have health issues you are OK. I walk away and go to teller wondering what planet I am on. 3pm - Enter Staples to get ink for my printer. I see the ink section and walk over, asked the 6' 6' Italian mafia looking guy to look up the exact ink I need for my printer, as I forgot which ink but remembered my printer type. Him: I'm going to get you a mask. Me: Oh no thank you, not necessary - so if you can look up that ink for me please. Him: You have to wear a mask. Me: No, I don't need to wear one, thank you all the same. Him: You have to be exempt. Me: Did you ask me if I was exempt before you said you were going to get a mask? Him: No. Me: Well if you had, I would have told you I have health issues regarding the mask. Him: OK but you didn't say. Me: That's because you didn't ask...and you're not supposed to challenge people who don't wear a mask as that is harassment and suggests that you are discriminating. He looks at me with fuming eyes...not sure about his mouth as I could only see the fabric going back and forth. He finds details of the ink I need and promptly walks over to find it..he rudely tells me to move to my right ( social distance) Me: You are wearing a mask and I'm not, so why are you worried about me if that mask works? Him: I'm following social distancing rules. Me: Do you share the same washroom with your work colleagues? Him: Yes. Me: Do you have to clean the taps, toilet, toilet flush and door handle after every use? Him: No. Me: Oh dear! ....I make a disapproving face and walk to check out. He proceeds to ring in my purchase. Tells me I can use the 'tap' feature. I tell him I prefer to put my fingertips on his keypad. By now he is ready to explode. He says " I'm just trying to keep everyone safe!!!!!" Me: "Well lets be realistic... even God hasn't been able to save everyone - I'd lower your expectations a bit if I were you - maybe start by taking that muzzle off seeing as you use a multi person washroom and then flush after using and touch taps without washing your hands first. That flush and taps not to mention the door handle must be a disease waiting to happen." He glares at me and says the customary " Thank you for shopping at Staples" but not meaning it. Me: Have a nice day, if its the wrong ink I'll be back. ( I was determined to make him feel as uncomfortable as he clearly made all non mask wearers. ) Sorry but I was in no mood for anyone's bullshit today. 3.45 pm - Enter a store to look for a few presents. Walk over to get a shopping cart(trolley UK). Woman says " Do you need a mask"? Me: No I do not thank you. (Getting irritated now) Her: Oh you must have a health condition. Me: Yes I need copious amounts of air. Her: Oh OK. I continue shopping I reach the third aisle and another woman approaches rubbing sanitizer into her hands and up her arms.... " Would you like me to get you a mask?" Me: No, I have already told someone I don't need one thank you and you are the second person... a third could be termed as harassment ( smiling sweetly and trying not to appear hostile). Her: OK I'm sorry to bother you. All in all it was a draining day but also satisfying... I didnt give in lol. I will add...everyone would look at me as if I had three heads. They would turn and walk the other way or try to stare me down to make me notice them. The trick is not to make eye contact and carry on like you are invisible. If someone comes around the corner out of the blue and looks like theyve ran into a Sasquatch...make out you are both doing the two step, smile sweetly and keep going.
  6. Lets hope so... they bring out the fire in me that's for sure. Where's Guy Fawkes when you need him... he'd get a lot more help these days.
  7. May as well laugh at the bastards' expense. As if they abide by any 'tiers' or lockdowns....pathetic shysters.
  8. I think identifying 'they' and not making an enigma out of what 'they' dont like may help. I shall await your greater enlightenment Novymir. The True Self minus any named expression is likely the nemesis of 'they', perhaps.
  9. " An Englishmans home is his castle" and so it should be. How dare anyone think they can tell you what to do in your own home? It infuriates me no end. We are not obliged to open a door to police and not obliged to let them in. People need to know these rights. I would never open the door to a cop. He can leave a card. In fact if you have a 'No Trespassing' sign on your property and you ask him to leave he has to. Let him get a warrant. It will take him 24 hours minimum. Christmas will be over by then.
  10. Get over yourself mate. Seriously, its one thing posting your views but coming across like some intergalactic guru is bordering on nauseating...like advised earlier, have a reread of your posts and imagine someone else has posted them.
  11. If anyone remembers the woman Kate Shemirani from one of the first protests in September - can you tell me what your view is of her. I would really appreciate your feedback. Also a guy called Kevin Corbett?
  12. Lots of underground cables going in...here in Canada during lock-down and some towers. Company doing the job was Aecon, apparently this company also works in Antarctica....just an FYI
  13. Not sure if anyone has posted this book. I can recommend the book DMT - The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman MD
  14. In previous centuries morons like that cop would have been ended and hung from a tree in a forest. He definitely deserved a swift punch to the neck. I agree he doesnt look like a police officer...that cap is very large and looks unprofessional....probably from the 'props' dept.
  15. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9035921/It-massive-day-world-V-Day-hero-grandmother-Margaret-Keenan-discharged.html has this already been mentioned... This woman wore three different masks in the space of what must have been no more than 7 hours... 6.30 am surgical mask, thats the first one...then at around noon she was wearing a blue one then the number in the link above was around 2pm . Must be some kinda obsession...because no-one I know who actually wears these diapers changes them several times a day...least of all 3 in 7 hours.
  16. Couldn't you have said your hemorrhoids were having a flare up rather than flu symptoms? :-/ I know someone who put a test dabber in coca cola and it came back positive... so maybe stick with water lol. Try a puddle or similar. I think its a chance either way... whatever picks up...we dont know what they have it rigged to look for.
  17. Well with a name like William Shakespeare I'm guessing he is as close to writing and partaking in a plot as anyone can can... and then you have Maggie Keen Un. She looked pretty keen on getting the needle.
  18. He is laughing...I agree. He seems to find the name William Shakespeare funny... I'm guessing reference to a playwright would be symbolic of the acting and scripting of this whole covid bollox
  19. True... the Yorkshire Ripper went into hospital with a heart attack and apparently died of 'Covid'. They must be doing visual diagnoses now. Heart attack and otherwise asymptomatic = covid. Looks fine but err on the side of caution = covid. Or he wants a vacation and they need a celeb ...put down covid.
  20. Except they retracted what theyd said after the fact. Look at the last line of the article... no surprise though. ( Censorship)
  21. Sleep walking can bring some interesting stories. When I was a child of around 10 years old, I had sleepwalked down the stairs of our house and into the living room. In the centre of the living room was a single armchair facing the fireplace. But that night the chair was a cauldron... it was steaming. Around the cauldron were big feline like entities. They were discussing me - they were deciding what to do with me. That same year I had seen an apparition slowly gliding through a wall and this sleepwalking experience happened shortly afterward. I began fighting the creatures and it all seemed very real to me...I still remember it as my parents came downstairs and I was still shouting at the creatures. My parents couldnt see them... I woke up from that realm and was back in the realm of what is supposed normality. Since then over the years I have been able to know things that will happen, not everything but many things. I have also experienced many paranormal happenings... so maybe you, Adino, have some kind of insight which you need to discover? To me it seems like another realm or frequency starts interacting with this one... I'm used to it now and I can actually shut off. But I know that if I dont they 'come knocking' for want of a better explanation. I don't take any medication, I am quite sane and many people say I am the sanest person they know... BUT my experiences are very unusual...like yours. I dont think anyone has chosen you... I think you have an ability that is a gift - you just need to take control of it.
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