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  1. Oh yes, I forgot about that. Thats been in a few things hasn't it? Kills pets and no doubt has adverse results in humans
  2. http://scienceline.ucsb.edu/getkey.php?key=5889 I read this...it mentions Mercury, Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia. At the bottom it mention liquid Nitrogen for freezing cells. I am not a chemist but maybe someone has some suggestions?
  3. I think you will find that old people ARE being killed off in care homes. It happened to my mother in March. I also have a good friend who manages a care home in UK. I get first hand information about what is happening and she is fighting it all the way. It doesn't mean there are no other 'agendas' - I believe there are several underway as I type. Also, many people are out there not social distancing and not wearing masks. Some are old some young, some have health issues. But no covid. Its not simply comforting to believe there is no virus, it is pretty damn obvious there isn't.
  4. In London UK? Is Tesco in your face for no mask? In SW Ontario Canada - the Staples, CIBC bank and Winners store gave me a hard time for no mask. Staples was the worst. However, Real Canadian Superstore has been amazing, no hassle, no questions and very respectful, same with DollarTree.
  5. Maybe you can tell us where you go shopping and maybe a few can go there knowing its safe to de-mask? Some of us tell how it is for us and then say how we deal with it. Maybe knowing how we deal with it is helpful too. I think its a great idea to tell where we are shopping and what reactions we get - good suggestion!
  6. Like these cops? I am beyond livid... For skating OUTDOORS. In freezing temperatures. https://www.facebook.com/clint.senko/videos/10157498947596822
  7. COVID POLICE MADNESS in Canada. A young guy attacked and assaulted for ........skating outside on the outdoor ice rink. https://www.facebook.com/clint.senko/videos/10157498947596822
  8. Rather ageist - I'd say the hidden pandemic is behind government walls and smokescreens.
  9. So the bully boys of the police force. Steroid junkies. What does TSG stand for? I'm guessing its not The Steroid Gang. :-/
  10. Absolutely disgusting, like a pack of wolves surrounding prey. I despise the way police are. I often wonder if some are AI because some certainly look alike...very alike.
  11. In Canada its colour 'coded'. GREY is lockdown here.
  12. Its a play on tears no doubt. Hoping everyone is as tear full and depressed as fack. The 'lock down' is clearly a nod to asylums and the 'lock' of water to hold the vessel. They dont choose these terms randomly I'm sure.
  13. Sometimes I just have to see the facial features to know who is who, also a head shape. I'll leave it there.
  14. Protesters are out there today in London...but have been 'dispersed'. Basically demonizing them and blaming them for the lockdowns. Unless people deal with the oppression they will keep oppressing. I think this is what the bastards want...civil war. That way they have the weaponry, tanks and tazers plus the sectioning card. The people have no weapons ( they make sure of that) But people have numbers...and numbers matter. Problem is do they have balls.
  15. Exactly, and its not like they are going to advertise the fact that there are reactions. Just simply say the person suffers allergies or reacts to pain etc etc.... same old bullshit that the masses will eat faster than their Christmas turkey ( if they're allowed to have any.)
  16. Ivermectin for parasite control? Doxycycline is an antibiotic that penetrates the cell wall and kills off the bacteria from within rather than the other way of attacking from outside. Kills off micoplasma. Zinc known to reduce the length of a cold but can also interfere with other drugs... basic analysis....just trying to figure out what it will do re: the elusive covid
  17. Not sure about European countries but Ontario Canada is locking down. Will check the other provinces. This government here in Canada is as facked up as the UK.
  18. To be honest I think you are very naive. Maybe just take heed of some comments and go research a little for a wider knowledge.
  19. My own view is that Truth Resonates. No matter who you speak to or listen to, if it hits the raw truth you will feel it not just hear it. I have skipped through many over the years...some professing knowledge but the truth was either compromised or twisted in some way. I do watch David Ickes videos as they are released, I like most of them. I believe he is an honest man and I think he is very clued in. I like how he investigates so many topics and how they interlink. I am not on board with the freeman way to do things because there are too many pitfalls for most people, the system is corrupt so trying to circumvent it on 'their' terms is mostly futile. That being said, I do believe the freeman ideology is quite accurate. I kinda listen to all sorts but usually not in total agreement. So my vague list :-/ : 1. David Icke 2. Randoms 3. Various whistleblowers 4. Higher Self I'm looking for a few of the names over the years Ive listened to...not recalling right now...
  20. Hi ... maybe just log on here if you feel it getting to you. Dont sit there and struggle. A problem shared is a problem halved. I'm sure we will rally round if you drop a post and need some support. Try to stay positive...we need those positive vibes. I know we are all feeling it too...and I believe we are with you in trying to rise above. Chin up.
  21. @Macnamara Do you still keep money in the bank? About four years ago and maybe periodically since then a letter has been sent from banks to account holders. It said that they would not guarantee more than $75,000 per person in the event there was an economic downturn. I remember I would keep mentioning this to people and they would say " Well who has $75000 sitting in the bank anyway". Clearly there are people who do or who may do at the point when things go tits up. Banks monitor what is in your account anyway and God forbid you win money over $10,000 and put it in the bank they will hound you down as a money launderer. Where would you say to keep money? Will it be worth anything anyway? I think the big question is...How do people who are against this bullshit join forces and know where to go for support? There are the big protesters/posters and resisters in groups and online and their followers but there are also plants in these groups too. Going out an about this week I have to say that I wouldnt trust too many people out there right now. They are brainwashed and living in fear - totally mindnumbed. I deal with it by going online and interacting with like minds, like here on this forum and other groups. I have a few family members I can discuss it all with who are not sheep. My best friend thinks Im mad to think the C19 is a hoax.... even though she knows something isn't right. I'm gradually tying up loose ends to be honest. I want to be able to go somewhere at a moments notice as I don't trust anything the governments say. I keep a month of food on hand at the moment with some that will keep me going a bit longer than that.
  22. So Gov of Canada making an announcement on Monday... rumour has it that Canada ( at least Ontario) is going into lockdown,.....yet nobody knows anyone with facking covid. I swear these governments need to spontaneously combust....now.
  23. Beaujangles


    LMAO Which MP is it I wonder...?
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