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  1. In my opinion it wont work. We are not dealing with fair and just beings. They will use their current power to send out their paid footsoldiers to arrest or even kill 'dissenters'. They have to be seen to be causing harm and not shielded by media and puppets in government. The birth certificate is a construct that they made. It is now what the 'justice' system functions with. Many judges are on board ( as on a ship) they will pre side over the case and will have predetermined the outcomes. This is already happening. Look at what these people do in other countries when they initiate a coup. That is how to do it... but getting the police to go against their masters ( paylords) will be a tough one. Same with army... no coincidence that they are seeking to militarize the streets. Just my opinion.... take it for what its worth.
  2. Is that the one where people were out catching Pokemon in parks etc? Hmm so your saying that there could be a similar app to 'catch' human Pokemans? and Pokewomans?
  3. People tend to forget about facts behind govern ment ( Control mind) - so long as they can go on vacations, watch movies and spend money they dont seem to care about the control. Its almost expected. These articles are actually very sinister in that they are singling out relatives and friends to be ridiculed, frowned upon and generally viewed as imbeciles. The reverse psychology ploy at work. This is mind control and using the people to scan and judge someone based on an opinion. There is an email to email the so called writer of the article - Im guessing they want people like us to write so they can add us to their list of 'imbeciles'. Sometimes i feel like shaking some sense into people but in truth it wouldnt work...many are so far indoctrinated, they would convulse at the sight or mention of anything that wasn't from the TV.
  4. Maybe they were on the track and trace apps... thats how they knew where to go :-O ... Thats it...I'm keeping my burner phone...
  5. I know someone who got a positive from dipping it in freshly opened coca- cola.
  6. I sometimes call a spade a shovel and I use it to whack a piece of shit into the garbage. So Bill can slide his slimy arse onto my shovel any time....but it will be a one way trip to the landfill site and a request to fill it in quickly by Lafarge.
  7. haha I guess I was trying to limit the impact of the comment. lol I agree they are ready to point us out and kettle us ready for transition. The Zombie movies don't seem so far fetched now do they?
  8. You mean farts and clumps aren't the dreaded covid? lol - there is still hope ...
  9. But Bill is what is left from the apple after the maggots have done with it. Sad rotten and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. ( Not that he has ever been in my mouth but I mean the bad apple, proverbially.! )
  10. Yes, this is what I see on my Facebook too. That's very scary... I mean are people really that dense? If so then that in itself is a pandemic. " I take the flu needle every year and I get the flu every year" holy shitballs... It does make you feel rather hopeless when you read this garbage... insanity.
  11. Is there anything left that isn't a covid symptom? I guess theres still constipation and hemorrhoids or maybe excessive flatulence. I mean... why leave any room for manoeuvre - everything else is covered. I find that I have to see the humour...as it keeps me sane.
  12. Dear God.. I see what you mean... he definitely looks enamoured with her, judging by the shadow in his lower regions.
  13. What do you find the hardest to to endure right now? ... the overall oppression? The Thatcher years were a walk in the park compared to now though. I know it was all cuts everywhere from Labour Wards to cardboard cities going up....but this new oppression is more of an attack on the minds of people isnt it.
  14. Smelling eggs is definitely a sign of a gas leakage in my house. Ive tried everything but the only thing that seems to work is a dose of apple cider vinegar. There is only so much of it I can stand so usually I just live with the leaky plumbing.
  15. Pretty sure violence will erupt if they try that. but is that what they want?
  16. Yes..and police are integral to the current alleged pandemic, as was being talked about earlier. Just making a point.
  17. Maybe there is a Real Estate thread that can be posted in - to keep things on topic here?
  18. Covid bullshit is out of control... police are perpetuating it. Tell your 'hunters/trappers' to advise those inside the force ( interesting word that) to stop abusing power and violating rights. This covid bullshit needs to stop...and they need to do their part...
  19. Regardless of my nationalities, I know many who are in the jail guard system and the current police system IN CANADA. I also know the corruption from within and the organizations that portray as good when they are evil. You would be quite surprised what I know... so when someone tries to second guess me and what i know it becomes a little ( to say it politely) irksome. I also know that certain police type and other so called 'verified insiders' police these type forums. I am not saying that you are one...but I really do know how it works and the lengths people will go for money. There are mercenaries hiding in plain sight and existing in so called 'bonafide social groups' Maybe you can divulge which of these groups your 'hunting and trapping' friends frequent? maybe we can find out who is behind the covid 19 agenda and how its delivered to the unsuspecting public.
  20. Aware of what things? The questionnaires? The hidden places on uk coasts? I assume you are Canadian when you use the word 'provincial'? If your friends are retired, how would they necessarily know the latest situations? Friends?
  21. My evidence comes from those who have taken the questionnaire, people who were more than qualified for the positions. The questions in the questionnaires related to empathy. Why would I have a link to my conversations with these people? It was personal interaction, and the divulging of facts from people who were dumbfounded by what they saw and what the resulting assessment said. I personally know jail guards who have been employed for some time who also see a new breed of jail guards coming into their jails. I know cops wives who say that their husbands are against much of this new control. ( usually older cops but not all) I have watched one cop be fired for daring to speak out. No I am sorry I don't have a link to these facts.... but this is a forum and we come here to speak of what we know...to share our experiences. Maybe somewhere on the net you can find a link to the questionnaires... I'm sure they are out there somewhere.
  22. people for the most part are afraid to rule themselves... they seem ok with allowing morons to lead the way and dictate their bullshit to everyone. There is a way to bring them down but it would mean that people need to grow balls and learn to go without for a while. We are at a crossroads...and I am not sure which way it will go...but if people suddenly wake up from their slumber anything is possible.
  23. In Canada they have reinforced many police stations and have expanded them to house more incarcerated alleged felons and wrong-dowers. They also hire police based on a questionnaire that seeks to rate one empathy level... as you can imagine those who lack it are hired as police and jail guards...
  24. Yes, they have closed all but two local police stations in the area and have put one huge place near the coast. They have as you probably know, closed libraries, pubs, public conveniences, banks (in favour of mobile units that never show up eventually no doubt) etc in UK and now police stations are being centralized. Anyone watching this has to see what is happening. Reduced social interaction, limited conveniences and more centralized power....in a nutshell.
  25. My sister told me yesterday that they have some kind of concealed places in the rocks on the west coast of UK. They have also recently put a major police headquarters near there.
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