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  1. Yes, its bullshit. Wondering if anyone on here has any good videos or suggestions for detoxing from the Gardasil jab?
  2. Yes, I use HP for ears. It dissolves any wax build up (and clears infection) and is great for cleaning wounds.I was recently in the UK and tried to get 3% HP for my dad as he couldnt hear due to wax build up. They only sold 6% so I had to dilute accordingly. It worked like a dream...as the syringing he had prior could not shift the wax...but after the HP and a new syringing he now can hear. Success. I also asked for a few things in the Holland & Barratt over there...to be told "Oh thats old...that likely hasnt been sold in ages...you wont get that" I said well they sell it in Canada and on Amazon so maybe you need to switch suppliers... I got the dead eye look. No success.
  3. I think the 'claim' is more a 'possibility'. As to why 'they' brought down WTC7 maybe the possibility is simply a distraction to make it look like hijackers had something against the US government. Which is what the official narrative was/is wasnt it? I think the passport BS was also to effect the same. I also think it strange that certain people were told not to go to work that day...and the circumstances re Silversteins insurance or similar was rather interesting iirc. Have you ever posted on Websleuths Arnie?? You seem familiar in your stance in protecting narratives...and the name is the same... just wondering.
  4. Jabberwockied lol ... Love that. I found something about The Glastonbury Thorn being planted on Sept 24th. Not really of any major relevance I imagine. But a sprig of this tree got sent to the monarch every Christmas... It began with Charles I. Maybe it will burst into flames and become the 'burning bush' or its thorns prick the prince (king) and send him into everlasting sleep. Mind wandering... (as it does...) https://planetradio.co.uk/greatest-hits/somerset/news/the-glastonbury-holy-thorn-will-once-again-be-on-display/
  5. I guess not enough mRNA poison shots being accepted. Gotta start in on the kids now. Make me furious.
  6. One of my nephews (aged 15) just messaged me from the UK to ask about Gardasil. Apparently he was given it in school. He is mildly autistic (probably childhood vaxxes) but very intelligent. He asked me what I thought about it, as he was getting twitches and had a cough since right after he had it. He had it on Monday. I feel so bad for him. Have given him the info for chelating the metal crap from his body. Hope its enough.
  7. This line is the only relevant line in my opinion. No one can know of potential re-occurrence of myocardia, same with myopathies generally. These conditions are potentially deadly. No one can know what will happen futuristically once the heart has been damaged. Same when ventricles enlarge ie adrenaline overload, the potential is serious.
  8. Yes, this is why I never had my kids get MMR. Also, in the 80's there was controversy about the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine. It made babies have convulsions. But it is still being pumped into infants. My kids had none of those...they are all grown and doing great. Babies get tons of vaccines now all before school...
  9. Maybe its an omen??? Futuristically speaking...
  10. Oh wow... what a fanny he is. He's gone from wanting to be a tampon to not even liking his sausages getting wet with ink.
  11. Playing devils advocate here...do you have a reputable source that says it has been isolated by a postulate?
  12. The Wuhan strain??? The one before the Brazilian, the Kent, the Bristol, the South African, the Mexican etc etc?? LOL I agree with you our immune systems make antibodies all the time... it matters not where it comes from, and the fact that no study can be found to confirm that the 'covid' has been isolated makes it madness to get jabbed for something thats not found to exist. ...no wonder they keep bringing out new versions of the juice - the production lines can continue and willing participants can be poisoned ongoing...once people subject their bodies to random trials whats the next step?
  13. That IMHA almost destroyed this dog I know, immune system. The jab sent his white blood cells through the roof. He had a transfusion and like your friends dog almost died. The Vet was defending the jab even through it all...its total madness, like the covid farce. I asked this doc today why they were so keen to get """covid""" patients on ventilators when in respiratory wards (like what I worked on) they never used ventilators right off the bat like that. They used oxygen and upped it when necessary. Thats when he said that it was possible that some on ventilators were on them for ''other reasons"... These 'professionals can be smart and clueless at the same time.
  14. That doctor that I mentioned earlier also said that "they are trying to make the 'vaccine better' - after I said that it clearly doesnt work for the so called covid if they have to keep getting another. Also, if the vaxxed are getting ''covid'' that in itself says its pointlless...not to mention that the ''covid'' can so say be symptomless!!! All in all I could see that even this very renowned doc had been brainwashed and was adhering to the covid mantra even tho he would intermittently say he didnt agree with much of the political crap surrounding it. His final thought was that it would all ''become a flu eventually" - at that point I could see he ---even with his smarts--- was clueless on the covid/vax front.
  15. I have a friend whose dog developed IMHA immediately after a rabies vaccination. It was clearly the vax as the dog was amazingly healthy prior to it.
  16. Yes, I think the ones affected by the first two are likely reacting to the juice, whereas many didnt (not yet). We all have different immune systems and reactions. Also, I imagine there were many who received a placebo being that the jabs were in 'trials'. Keep up with the Magnesium etc. and chelate whatever you can from your body. Had a talk with my gynaecologist today... he is very renowned in my city... however he is fully on board with the 'covid' and the need for 'vaccinations'. He believes the ICU's were very busy in past two years (although a nurse I know in same ICU says otherwise). He also said that Ontario has approximately 1600 ventilators... adding that "of course there is a possibility that they were used for other things besides 'covid'." Yea...no shit! He did agree though that the unvaccinated were not a problem and that using them to point fingers at to make a case was ridiculous. He also agreed that we should be choosing what we do with our own bodies. He is actually one of only a few docs that I have spoken to that believe in covid. But he is very high up the chain in his field so no doubt being schooled by the nobs of the medical world.
  17. From that link...this makes me laugh: "The autumn booster campaign began across most of the UK last week, with care home residents vaccinated first. Everyone aged 50 and over will be invited over the coming weeks." Like they are being asked to a celebration...more like a meeting of the soon to be departed.
  18. LOL No I dont think you think she is. Im generally wondering. I thought we all were. :-)
  19. The response I get when I ask why of Brits (except myself of course lol) is that "She has been a good Queen." and that she has "Remained dignified" or that she "has worked hard for the country" The fact that it is the peasants who say this is quite bemusing .... then there are others who say " We need to be rid of the Monarchy" And others who say " What is the alternative?" Now that last response is the one that really gets you thinking... because maybe this is why people flow with a Monarchy as it has APPEARED to be safe??
  20. Why would she wear a mask? If its because she thinks it looks better than the original...whatever does she look like underneath? Or is it someone else and she is filling in for the real thing...for whatever reason??
  21. Not sure of any relevance, especially in this topic...but who knows!! There have been fighter planes circling for almost two hours in this part of Ontario Canada. Extremely loud engines. They look very dark green in colour...possibly black. Flying very low at some points. I took a pic as one was close and almost overhead, they are quite large. God knows what this lunatic Prime Minister could be up to next.
  22. Pushing everything toward the feminine. Men, drag queens, Liz Truss lol...
  23. I believe I once read that the number 8 (also number 11) was symbolic to the ptb, She died on the 8th and the numbers for the transportation add up to 8. 9 + 11 + 2022. 9 +1+1+2+2+2 =17 1+7 =8. I'll try to find the relevence to them...I think death is one of the meanings of the number.
  24. It makes sense...lol. My kids didnt hear about it until same time as UK...and theyre in Canada. If a tabloid/News in Canada released the News at say 3 pm Canada time it would be 8pm in UK. I can see that causing a mixup. I dont know anyone in Canada who had the News before 1.30 pm Canada time (EST). I didnt say Canada heard it first as from what I have seen and heard they got the News after the UK...not much after. It was released in UK at 6.30pm ish. Thats 1.30pm in Eastern Canada...and 10.30 am Western Canada time as there is a time difference. UK is five hours ahead of Canada time.
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