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  1. Any updates on Bitcoin as far as you know? My son says it is going up before his eyes. ?
  2. Should organize a few false protests and get them actually doing something - a lot of heavy cops there ...need some exercise. Organize and let them go looking for nobody and then surprise them with a real protest... lol. Sorry but the element of surprise can be quite the tactic... I mean look at the past year... lots of fools taken in by the 'surprise' fake pandemic.
  3. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=is&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mbl.is%2Ffrettir%2Finnlent%2F2021%2F01%2F04%2Fthrir_nu_latist_eftir_bolusetningu_her_a_landi%2F&prev=search&pto=aue&fbclid=IwAR2qKZGwzhq_e1oHxrVJYlrLR-UK-5NpT_3RVXhjg0bM_iAsfnfJa4AMZhE
  4. There are a bunch of would be mental patients running most governments of the world...so what if one more on the loose? I find it hard to find anyone with a functioning brain these days....and often when you do they are shellshocked by current events. Who do you think wants to keep Assange locked up? Why would they be afraid of his release?
  5. My spooky senses see Snowden as somewhat untrustworthy...but Assange not so much. He needs to be released.
  6. What was this Petter? Who was the youtuber? update..its ok I see what it was. It was the Catherine Fitts video I think.
  7. Oh shit... so I have to switch from black tea to green tea....not good. But what about white durum wheat pasta? haha... dear me we are in a bad way...surrounded by total idiots.
  8. Thanks... I didnt see it. Dahlmer? Sounds ominous lol
  9. Can you please say who the person doing the presentation is then, if not Bill Gates? Also can you tell us where this was taking place and what this presentation is about? Also how was it proven to be fake? It is obviously a man looking eerily like Gates, it is a presentation about effects on the brain during a study clearly. The man asking questions is asking relevant questions. So I'm just looking for the evidence of its non authenticity...which I feel you must have to be so vehement about it. Thank you.
  10. That was the shape of it...but it wasn't spinning around like that it seemed to be cruising relatively slowly across the sky....although likely faster than it looked from the ground.
  11. I'm a little wary of Bitcoin to be honest. But basic coinage of silver ( maybe without any nations head of state just a universal silver unit?) could be adapted as a trading element. Silver is easy to check for validity...and the coins worked back in the day... what goes around may need to come around. Just thinking out loud here really.
  12. I am perfectly calm thank you ... I can ask questions that may irk with quite a calm demeanor myself. My apologies if my question was interpreted as patronising...it was a presumption, as stated, and had no ounce of intended patronization on this end ( I did end my post with a funny face icon not one with my brain exploding) .... I understand that someone was criticising David - and in turn you did the same about the other poster...and then in turn I asked you... Call it the domino effect...butterfly effect ? Hopefully will will have some common ground in future posts. BTW are you in an occult group as you mentioned earlier?
  13. I like the description 'truth seeker' I also think people who see through the bullshit are on a more simplistic level, realists. They are not conned by veils and smokescreens thrown over us to obscure the reality of what is happening.
  14. Mass refusal? I think individual refusal should be enough. After all our bodies are ours and we should be able to do as we please with them. I think the current 'euthanasia' agenda which is being gradually welcomed the world over ( I personally have some reservations) is proof positive that we can decide for ourselves. In early December a friend of mine was euthanized by his own request and hurried along by doctors. If someone chooses to jump off a bridge...they will jump regardless of barriers and warning signs...same with anyone who walks into the sea or sticks their head in a gas oven. We have autonomy over ourselves and it needs to stay that way. I don't promote suicide whatever name it is given...but at the end of the day the choice to end our life rests with us or nature or God - whichever you choose to exact. No government should be dictating to anyone in such a way. To suggest we need mass refusal takes away from the individual right over our bodies. The only mass refusal I promote is mass refusal to submit to an oppressive government.
  15. Suggesting that people are doing nothing to combat the hoax is rather presumptuous - maybe we should be asking you what you have done to combat it before you hopped onto this forum in attack mode a few hours ago? I know what I have been doing and have mentioned it several times on here, as have many others.... being that you are 'new' here - I am going to be a little presumptuous myself and suggest that you aren't as 'new' to this forum as first appears. Can you tell us what brings you here oh enlightened one claiming to be the lamp of truth? If you are all knowing maybe you can reveal all and help us out a bit?
  16. I agree with you. Money is their Achilles heel. It's what they used to enslave everyone. It's the reason they had coups on nations that refused IMF money. I always thought I was the only person who wished the 2000 millennium would crash all major organizations. ha ha I must have sounded crazy at the time. But money and the internet are combined now. Digits on a screen. Crash the monetary system and have assets instead... Could be the way to go, after all aren't they now saying..."you will have nothing and you will be happy"...? Is nothing meaning 'money'? "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!" A.M. Rothschild
  17. That is one evil looking cuant. I'd like to knock that smirk right off her face...or it is even human... looks like some super molar' ed creature from hell.
  18. There are many types of dementia... and many causes. @Moonlight Do you have any links to what you say re: Elites and food, vaccines, water, radiation etc? Many 'regular' people live to ripe old ages. We have longevity in my family. My aunt lived to 100 and my father is 90. My aunt drank water daily from the tap and always had a jam jar full of water by her side. She also had a huge growth under her arm which she refused to have removed - it died along with her. My father has never been a fussy eater, he eats whatever he likes. He used to smoke and still eats sweet/candies ( he used to own a sweet shop lol) He doesn't drink but consumes a huge amount of tea ( made with tap water). In the last few years he has received the flu shot. He tells me he will get the 'covid' jab...reason being he says it will put an end to lockdowns. So I guess this fake virus has a means to an end... and its working for the most part :-(
  19. I think you are overlooking the obvious. I believe the people you know were sick, but having worked on a heart and lung ward in the past I can say that respiratory illnesses are not uncommon. For example, if someone gets unwell with a cold, flu, bronchitis etc ( common ailments) this can develop into terrible symptoms and even death. I will give a couple of examples close to myself including myself. In 2001 I had a root canal done, I became very ill. I developed an infection from the procedure which went to my lungs. Lost sense of taste and smell. Doctor said it was bronchitis with infection. I could not breathe, I thought I was dying. I was bedridden from this. I was also allergic (as it turned out) from the antibiotics I was given. This made it even worse, the room was spinning and I was in a bad way. It took over a month for me to recover. It wasn't the dreaded 'covid' it was from an infection delivered via a root canal. Infections can enter in other ways too, like person to person, putting hands to mouth that are contaminated - thus leading to what I experienced in 2001. So any of these scenarios could be your acquaintances. Add to this that many people in 2020 are not seeking help from doctors because they are afraid they will be tested or diagnosed with 'covid' - this then gives an even stronger likelihood of what happened to me happening. In 2017, my cousin had a cold. She called it the sniffles. I was in UK at the time, so had chance to see her a few times and on March 4th we both sat side by side at the dinner table and she was happy and apart from her 'sniffles' she seemed healthy...although she said she would find it hard to breathe if she lay down. Now anyone who has a cold knows that if your nose is plugged you do have a problem breathing when lying down - so this didn't seem out of the ordinary. I came back to Canada the next day (5th) and on the 6th my cousin was on her way to the doctors as she wanted to get checked for infection. She collapsed at her front door. Her husband called an ambulance and she was taken to hospital. By the evening of March 7th she was placed in an induced coma. Her breathing had deteriorated ( no previous problems other than sniffles or so she had thought). She was incredibly fatigued, no appetite and no sense of taste or smell. The doctors said she had a chest infection that had gotten out of control...but she was unaware of the severity. Whilst in a coma - she started to turn black...she had Sepsis from the infection. Antibiotics did not work...she died on March 16th. So from happily eating dinner on march 4th she was dead 12 days later. This was not 'covid' as three years prior, it was a natural progression of an infection that began as a cold. 2009 - My neighbour (at that time) had what she thought was the flu. All the flu symptoms you can imagine. It went on for over a week. Then one evening she came to my house and said that she felt really unwell..and could I take her to the hospital. We went to Emergency and signed in. She was placed in a bed and given all the usual tests. She had this weird cough and a pain in her shoulder. Believe it or not the doctor said it could be a 'rotator cuff injury' - because I had been a nurse for several years I thought the doctor had lost the plot. I said 'what does the x-ray suggest?' They said it was fine. Gave her some oxygen and sent her home...but she was still not right. She was very agitated in the night and at 9 am the next morning a phone call comes in from the hospital. That same doctor said they needed to send antibiotics to a local pharmacy for her to take. She had pneumonia...the radiologist had checked the x-ray in the morning and detected it. She took those antibiotics and needed another batch afterward. Her breathing was bad for weeks...eventually she got better. ( Not covid obviously as 2009) My friend in 2018 developed a dry hacking cough, felt very ill, that went on for weeks... again this case she lost sense of taste and smell. Breathing was terrible... it took weeks to recover. Even since she is prone to this cough if she gets a cold...her sense of taste and smell has never returned. The reason for posting these cases is to show that before covid these things happened..to many many people. people get sick, they either recover or they don't. I can give many other scenarios from my time working in a hospital years ago... this current 'covid' situation is pathetic in my opinion... A 99.7% recovery rate is better than most recovery rates....and thats if you even believe it exists.
  20. Several years ago I worked on a heart and lung ward. I saw many respiratory illnesses. I saw people die from them sometimes. It was not pretty...watching someone gasping for air is frightening even when you are used to it. But that was then... as I see it, nothing has changed. people get sick, they get chest infections that get worse ( especially if they do not go to a doctor because they are scared of a pandemic, like now!!!) Those infections become pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy, etc etc. Here are a few lung conditions...notice how they all have the alleged 'symptoms of covid'. Also read the 2009 link at the bottom in regard to loss of taste and smell - it explains about the nerve that causes this and this nerve is near the cribriform plate that is the membrane close to the brain, in fact its the area that is weakest between the nasal cavity and brain. This is the area that the obscene nasal swab being used in covid 'testing' goes back to...it can damage that area and that also will cause loss of taste and smell. People really need to understand lung conditions and realize that this new bullshit is simply that... I'll say its my opinion as a disclaimer...but I believe I am right in my opinion.: Pleurisy: The most common symptom of pleurisy is a sharp chest pain when breathing deeply. Sometimes the pain is also felt in the shoulder. The pain may be worse when you cough, sneeze or move around, and it may be relieved by taking shallow breaths. Other symptoms can include shortness of breath and a dry cough.Feb 14, 2020 Pneumonia: Signs and symptoms of pneumonia may include: Chest pain when you breathe or cough Confusion or changes in mental awareness (in adults age 65 and older) Cough, which may produce phlegm Fatigue Fever, sweating and shaking chills Lower than normal body temperature (in adults older than age 65 and people with weak immune systems) Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea Shortness of breath Bronchitis: Symptoms of acute bronchitis last less than 3 weeks and can include: Coughing with or without mucus. Soreness in the chest. Feeling tired (fatigue) Mild headache. Mild body aches. Sore throat. Emphysema: What are the symptoms of emphysema? Frequent coughing or wheezing. A cough that produces a lot mucus. Shortness of breath, especially with physical activity. A whistling or squeaky sound when you breathe. Tightness in your chest. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2006-04-09-0604090306-story.html
  21. Any suggestions on ammunition against aliens and lizardpeople ( I prefer lizardpeople than lizardman..( LOL) ) What do you think will annihilate the bastards?
  22. I think rather than expect one person to save the world you should be trying to help get the masses to wake up and smell the bullshit that is fast spreading all around them. Motivate the PEOPLE. We can all do our part. We wont succeed with everyone the mind control has had a head start but many can and will listen and wake up...they are no doubt followers not leaders...but if they see the streets filling with like minds they may join in and realize they are not alone. But one man....that's lunacy. That's like asking for a dictator or some kind of Pied Piper. Sorry but I see that is a catastrophe waiting to happen...and maybe thats what they want...so they can vilify the 'leader' and then bring down the very truth that is being fought for by villainizing the people. The people are the ones with the power... they need to use it.
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