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  1. Thank you... this is so appalling that people are clearly not reading any of this before submission to the vaccine.
  2. This is what bothered me...I read docs from the end backwards...not sure why I do that...haha but this is the first thing I read that is alarming. Working towards the beginning only heightened my initial reaction. Thanks for the link.
  3. ''6.6 SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS FOR DISPOSAL COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Any unused vaccine or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements in a clinical waste bin. Spills should be disinfected with an appropriate antiviral disinfectant.'' I usually read things from end to beginning...just an odd thing about me...but already..this bothers me...
  4. Should add my dad has had vaccine, wouldn't listen to me, but so far he is ok.
  5. So, I'm still in UK...in last two days I have been told that 3 people in this area have reacted to the vaccine. Within hours they all got chills and then vomiting followed by diarrhea also in one case. All were fatigued and feeling very unwell with headaches. Even with these reactions one is known to have said 'small price to pay for health' The insanity of it is nauseating at best. People are truly being mind controlled.
  6. Exactly, I'm sorry you have been through so much ND yet have the guts to stand up for what you believe...admirable. I have an auto immune disorder, and have flown inside of seven commercial planes in the last 10 months. Several public shuttle journeys, train and taxis. Not wearing a mask. Not sanitizing...Not avoiding touching door handles etc. Enjoyed Christmas against the 'rules' and like you carrying on regardless. Like you say...where's the virus? Let alone a mutated version.
  7. I had acute bronchitis a few years back and I thought I was dying. I couldn't breathe, was gasping for air and took weeks to recover. This was in 2000 long before covid hoax. If it was today I have no doubt I would be placed on a respirator and fast tracked to death. And let's be fair...with mask wearing I'm not surprised people are getting pneumonia aka covid or bronchitis, chest infections etc etc. I'm guessing the maskless are escaping these eventualities.
  8. You may hear of people so say contracting 'it'. But what are they actually getting? Seems to me so long as you get a positive test anything you have becomes covid. Acute bronchitis, pleurisy and pneumonia to name but a few usual respiratory ailments seem to have disappeared. Why do you think that is? May e they've all applied by deed poll to change their names?
  9. As for Klaus the anal Schwab...I'd like to know what credentials this ugly cretin has for dictating his disgusting views to everyone. Who and why does anyone actually give a flying fack about what this piece of excrement has to say? His great reset? Who agreed to his reset or his input? I think the sooner his own words come back to bite him in his fat ass the better.. ''You will own nothing and YOU will be happy Klaus Schwab'' He and his band of maggots can be eliminated by their own methods in my view. Anal Schwabs doused in a poison of their choice. I am so annoyed this week...I'd volunteer to swab them all personally.
  10. This has been a sad week for me...have been in the UK for a couple of weeks...and on Monday my son contacted me from Canada to say his friend 28 had committed suicide...apparently had developed depression over the past 6 months and the current lock down had tipped him over the edge. Then yesterday, I get a message from the son of an old neighbour's here in the UK to say his mother (the ex neighbour) had passed away. She had apparently been 'shielding' and became very down at the lack of contact. Stopped eating and gave up. Died as a result. Her son told me that after she passed the doctor said she should have received help from the NHS. ... In my opinion if she had received NHS help her death certificate would have said covid and not the 'frailty of old age' BS that they currently assign to any elderly who they can't nab with the covid tag. (They did the same with my mother last year - put ' frailty of old age' when she died with pneumonia followed by a forced end of life routine...they couldn't put covid as no test and I was present to refute it) This is all very sinister, evil and clearly costing many lives....young and old alike. What I find astonishing is the mindset of the many....they are like droids spewing the official narrative. I was at the bank yesterday, dealing with my mother's final matters and as I was queuing a man says ''where's Yer mask''.. I said that I didn't need one. He then told me that I should protect myself and others because the British government has been 'letting idiots into the country that might have the virus'... I said ' oh really well I guess you're talking to one of them as I flew in two weeks ago...thank you for your concern, I know exactly who the idiots are and who to blame for any loss of life - and by the way your mask may be killing you' went into bank...into side room to deal with matters...no mask. Bank manager tells me he knows a woman who got unwell...shivers, sweaty...went to hospital...tested positive with the test that tests for jack shit and they claimed she needed ventilating. She died less than 24 hours later. My own father received the claimed to be vaccine last week here in UK. His anal concubine insisted. I will be watching his health very closely here on in.
  11. Depends what it would make it more effective for...I'm guessing premature death.
  12. Just dropping in to say that I am now in the UK. The journey was interesting to say the least. Whilst aboard the plane the stewards were insistant that everyone wore a mask and even decided that some masks werent good enough and brought out 'one of ours' to some people. My personally adapted 'mask' with necessary cut outs and flaps managed to slip through the net allowing me to board plane. Next...after an hour they brought around a meal...or an excuse for one and almost immediately like magic all masks came off. Haha. People sat there eating and breathing unrestricted. Some dragged out their meals for an hour or so and then I managed to last 2 hours eating as slowly as possible. My drink took a further 45 mins and by this time I was half way through journey. I thought id have a nap so lay down on my three empty seats with my maskless face happily snoozing unseen due to nicely positioned blankets. Everyone else had their muzzles on except a man in the corner who was mastering the art of using his bottled water when neccessary. Then after my two hour nap...around comes an excuse for breakfast which managed to keep me mask free up until 20 mins prior to landing. My adapted headgear kept me breathing freely fromthat point. Purpose of this post is to say how amazing this virus must be...you can trap it inside a plane at high altitude and it knows when to disappear during mealtimes and become deadly the minute they collect your tray. Its fecking amazing. The stewards dont seem to see the ridiculous ness of it...theyre anal about masks between meals a nd talking right up close to your face asking if you want a drink at mealtimes....it was definitely a mental experience
  13. Yes, and RK Jnr also went up against the system with his book 'FRAMED' which is about a man wrongfully convicted. This book is good. It correlates with something I am working on albeit another case.
  14. Sorry about your friend...many cancer patients end up dying of pneumonia. I reckon thats what likely took him. Once it hits in a terminal way...thats usually it.
  15. That guy 'interviewer' trying to ridicule the caller needs a good upper cut...condescending prick.
  16. Facebook labelled it as false....lol
  17. I wonder what 'type' of hospitals... I guess if you're not dying from the vaccine or cold symptoms rebranded and put on a 'respirator' to 'help' you...then you will be taken to a psychiatric hospital for being insane. Either way these new 'institutions' look very sinister to me.
  18. Maybe someone can explain what this was all about. I see so many videos that have the visual obfuscated and we just hear audio. Does anyone have any facts about this video... I hate to gauge something just on guesswork. I hear the child...but what actually is going on?
  19. In the past I have posted on Mumsnet...It is definitely a sinister site. They have agendas and if you go up against ANY of them..the wolves gather... typical site being used by 'intelligence'...another one is 'websleuths' this site will again turn on anyone who disagrees with the official narrative - and in these case lives are also at risk. I haven't bothered posting on there for few years...I can only imagine the outcome re coronavirus.
  20. Isn't the 'victim' supposed to be a vet? Hard to believe she wouldn't have been with someone similar... but hey you may be right...many are ignorant.... but even the 'blood' doesnt look real...
  21. Maybe... but not for me. I'd be working on trying to save the person. I am trained so that may explain my calmness under pressure. But there are enough people there to move the loud ones away from the 'victim'...
  22. Does this actually seem real? It looks like a scene from a movie... not sure I am buying this. The usual camera flailing around like crazy. The 'victim' left on her back, and who shouts like a lunatic when someone is seriously hurt? Big question for me is 'why?'
  23. I'm guessing the values have escalated due to certain monied individuals causing the upturn. Too good to be true. People have made money last year...but I think they need to be taking out the profits and leaving bare minium to do the gaining...while it can...who knows.
  24. Just an update or rather a rumour? via hearsay. Came directly from an Ontario Provincial Police officer here in Canada. Apparently they have had a memo suggesting that Ontario (already in lockdown) is to get the lockdown extended with curfews. The curfew being BETWEEN 8PM AND 5AM .....( Its hearsay yes...but told directly to one of my relatives.) ...Lots of young people here have had enough... I think there may be some kind of rebellion at some point. If people dont wake up now they never will....it will be a them and us forever. Hopefully the 'us' consists of enough to do away with this evil.
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