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  1. Same happened to my cousin a few weeks ago in Marks and Spencer. She was confronted, surrounded, bullied and humiliated infront of customers. She demanded the manager and stood her ground. It was escalated to upper management. She was given vouchers to spend there and a host of apologies. They know they are not supposed to challenge.
  2. thank you....yes lets hope our constant persistence pays off.
  3. out of likes too for the last batch of posts...
  4. Is there any more info on this? ie vids or updates?
  5. Apparently born male and attended an all boys school. Name originally Richard aka DICK. http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55e08bc8e4b0c71256a51904/5615aff5e4b0934269f60db8/5ec6cd509f34555fcdeb44a3/1590349792742/Richard-Rachel+Levine.png?format=1500w
  6. Says it all really. Schwab the Nazi, groomed by Kissinger: "In 1967, Klaus Schwab gained a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland as well as a Master of Public Administration qualification from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard in the United States. While at Harvard, Schwab was taught by Henry Kissinger, who he would later say were among the top 3-4 figures who had most influenced his thinking over the course of his entire life." https://unlimitedhangout.com/2021/02/investigative-reports/schwab-family-values/
  7. I've just looked into that company that Kary Mullis owned 'Altermune'. He merged with Loxbridge, and when looking at Loxbridge you can see that they are connected to quite a few other companies, one being Animatrix. The original CEO's have either been terminated or resigned. Altermune has been dissolved. The two new CEO's are connected to multiple companies and many are Israeli owned or governed. I'm guessing this is not random. https://www.checkfree.co.uk/Company/07176490/ANIMATRIX-CAPITAL-ALTERMUNE-LIMITED/Company-Details/ https://www.checkfree.co.uk/Company/08504603/AGALIMMUNE-LTD/Company-Details/ Rupert Lywood - Director (British, 63 years old, born May 1958) Director - Appointed 16 August 2018 Active Philip Serlin - Director (Israeli, 61 years old, born May 1960) Company Director - Appointed 20 March 2017 Active Ella Sorani - Director (Israeli, 53 years old, born February 1968) Company Director - Appointed 20 March 2017 Active Gideon Stein - Director (Israeli, 54 years old, born August 1967) Company Director - Appointed 20 March 2017
  8. I think his remaining family seem to be enjoying the notoriety.
  9. Rachel is no woman. Thats clear to see. Disgusting maggot of a being.
  10. What I find odd about this is the fact that someone in end stage dementia was given the vaccine in the first place. To me it wreaks of the vaccine being the final blow for the elderly to get a kick into a somewhat earlier grave.
  11. Also, no visitors at prisons as far as I know. PFV visits the visitor and the inmate have to isolate for 14 days. So the only mode of spread would be guards not inmates. Also in penitentiaries the guards do not mix with inmates. So this is very odd.
  12. Didn't she fall down the rabbit hole?
  13. The odd light in the above pic may not be anything much, but I heard a low hum sound near this spot.
  14. Thank you for your response. Yes I have strong ESP. I 'know things' is the only way I can explain it. I have also seen various entities over my lifetime. I have predicted passing's too like you have. It is a strange sense of foreboding for me. Recently I was in Glastonbury in the UK. I picked up very strong senses near what they call the fairy stone. I took a pic of the Tor and there is very strange light behind some branches. I'll find the pic. The energy that day was very strong. I do have pure lavender spray in my current home - so its good to know it has another use :-)
  15. Looks like it still has the orange cap on....no surprise there tho eh?
  16. No it wouldnt let me access it it (I'm in Canada). It said NO ROUTE MATCH - I managed to post it via this link only: https://covidexperttweets.com/tweet_group/602f2fc05d277b8fea6175cc?fbclid=IwAR2eNddOB6GT_m91xfqoZQ3Q1C3N7Skf2hTFLjA3GoyNzUjWDl_Mqoh17QY
  17. Thank you... yes she is quite an amazing kid. She wants to be a brain surgeon. That may sound cliche but her dad is a hunter and has provided her with hearts to operate on in preparation for her chosen career. She ordered a stitching thing to practice stitching up the organs. Does a fantastic job. Asked for doctor books for Christmas. She refuses to be vaccinated and when I walked into a store maskless with her and her masked dad - she promptly took off her mask. Then asked me why I refuse to wear a mask. I told her and she saw the sense and the science immediately.
  18. My 12 year old granddaughter asks me for my views when she is confronted with obvious bullshit brainwashing in her class. She questions everything - hopefully her siblings and cousins will follow suit. Kids can see it when they are told to question and not take everything at face value. The problem is that many kids have drones for parents/grandparents and the affliction is passed on.
  19. I'm guessing all vegans and vegetarians aren't getting these poison jabs
  20. So its not even endorsed (pending)? Not that it should ever be...
  21. I just tried to share that article you shared re twisted media re pregnancy (on Facebook) and got this error message: This post can't be shared In response to Australian government legislation, Facebook restricts the posting of news links and all posts from news Pages in Australia. Globally, the posting and sharing of news links from Australian publications is restricted.
  22. Have you looked into the main ingredient? ChAdOx1-S
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