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  1. People seem to forget the many illnesses that have the same or similar symptoms as the alleged C19. For example: Acute Bronchitis ( feels like you are dying/ I had it its terrible if a bad dose) cant breathe, no air, *cough etc. Pleurisy: Very painful, breathlessness, *cough etc - can be fatal. Pneumonia: Can range from mild to being fatal: chest pain, breathless, sometimes a *cough, etc Can be fatal. There are many more... same symptoms... Now one that people may not realize. My cousin was eating Sunday dinner with me and family when I was in UK in 2018. She still had an appetite but felt under the weather. Said she had a bit of a sniffle and some fatigue, very slight dry *cough, headaches came and went. Two day later she was going to just ask the doctor to check her symptoms and see if she had an infection. Before she exited her house she fell to the floor breathless. She was taken to hospital. Within hours she was in an induced coma as her body was weak and she couldn't breathe. They gave her antibiotics and the ventilation required with the induced coma. Three days later her feet turned black and ten days later she was dead, never having regained consciousness. This was 2018....it wasn't covid ....it was SEPSIS. People claiming to have covid need to research the other illnesses and realise there are many potentially fatal respiratory illnesses that have a*cough. There is a reason they put a cough as a symptom of covid in my opinion... it fits with most respiratory ailments, right down to lung cancer. Years ago I worked on a heart and lung ward in the UK. I understand lung diseases. C19 never been isolated and symptoms mimic ( deliberately imo) almost all respiratory illnesses.
  2. The context I used the word 'history' was when I said that people have not been generally doing for others the way that you or I may believe they should. Hence asylums, workhouses etc. Moneywise, payment in silver was used long before fiat currency. It was of course controlled by those distributing it. But if silver coins lacked a queen or kings moniker on it it would still be as valuable. I do agree that we can barter and trade...but I am simply saying that not all are in a position to do so...be it due to age, infirmity or mental inadequacy...and the like. Until PEOPLE become able to do for others without expectation of reward we are stuck in this chaos that those running the show want us to stay in. This Covid bullshit is one of the ways they are perpetuating this chaos in order to implement their own order. (Order from Chaos). You are trying to promote a Marxist theory, which in practice can never work... and the reason it wont work is greed, selfishness and peoples lack of benevolence. People always want more...and want more than everyone else.
  3. Again you miss the point. Of course, in a healthy selfless world we would help people out. But we do not live in that type of world. The many are refusing to help those who need help. You keep saying what people can and cant do....but you do not control what people can and cant do...and thereby lies the problem. PEOPLE. Until such time as people care about people there is little hope...and until such time as people can see through the madness ( like now in this current mess we are enduring) Assuming people dont do for others right now 'for a reason' such as they dont have a job is not cutting it for me I'm afraid. Selfless behaviour can be and should be automatic regardless of whether we are employed or not. Gangs do form out of poverty yes...but also out of greed and a need to have some power. Excuses cannot be made for this. Greed, lazyness and self indulgence are rife in the current world. Thats why it is a welcome break to come to forums with like minded people...but lets not be thinking that everyone has a reason to be the way they are. Being on benefits isnt an evil, it is needed for many due to the fact that the PEOPLE dont help each other. However, thats where the 'elite' have sank their claws in to make the most of this need and monopolize it. Right now this is the culmination of greed and control. PEOPLE have welcomed it in their droves. They want want want.... and until they learn to give they will be controlled by the evil thats running this fiasco right now.
  4. hahaha I have read your posts here and have laughed so much because I feel like this too. It is so raw and real that it is sad but bordering on hysterically funny in some ways. Don't be offended that I find it funny because I can relate 100%. I have noticed that my street is quiet with no-one on it...until I decide to back out of my driveway...and sure enough there is someone who is about to get ploughed, show up almost like magic right behind me. Then when in UK, I had to rely on a relative to wash my clothes in their downstairs laundry. I say, no need to dry them please as I dont like my clothes in the dryer for more than a few mins at best. Safe to say my clothes come back crisp :-? Then another family member deleted me from Instagram....reason? I don't click 'like' on pics. Then theres a time when someone keeps you talking ...they in UK and me in Canada. They are five hours ahead. Then I get blamed because they were talking ( I was online wondering how long I had to be polite ;-) ) and it was late there.!!! Then I got deleted on FB by someone who didnt like my posts hahaha. Meanwhile their posts are pic after pic of homemade jewellery which I had silently scrolled past for months. Then you go into a mechanic to get car looked at... he proceeds to tell me all that might go wrong in the next 6 months. I ask him if there is anything positive he can say about my car that may cause me not to take it to the scrapper. He says " oh no, its fine, it's not in bad condition at all" ( Total waste of half hour) Then you go to the bank to make a deposit into someones account... they ask for ID. I say I dont want to withdraw from it I want to deposit into it. Big fuss. I ask for manager to explain any possible logic for ID. Manager says...." oh it's ok we'll waive that requirement this time" ( So much for logic and another waste of my time.) The list is endless. Why the fack is everything so difficult and frustrating ....? I think this is partly why I believe in frequencies and beings from gad knows where. because something doesn't make things easy for me, thats for sure..... So I will join your rant... haha
  5. Was that on a forum or in mainstream? He still has hospitals tags on and the allergy tag is interesting. I wondered what they used.
  6. Thats why its not just the money that needs to go in its current form (including digital). It is people who are their own worst enemies. They are selfish and do not look after those in need...they put it onto the same system who give them benefits and who have taken over production and monopolized everything.
  7. Yes, everything can be made...but the problem is...would everyone want to do it. You say communities would 'chip in' but would they? Currently this virus bullshit has done nothing but divide people and show we are surrounded by people who cannot even think for themselves let alone be willing to provide and help everyone else. It is due to human greed and selfishness that we live in the type of world we live in...along with some coercive mind control over decades. I understand the concept of production for money, gain or barter - I grew up in such an environment. But not everyone has the ability or health or support to be productive and it would take people actually doing for others in a big way for free.... that is what I do not see happening based on what we've seen over history and this past year. I have not been programmed, in fact the very opposite... I have resisted all programming... I wear no mask, have no TV and have lived long enough to see what is happening. I think you miss my point(s). The biggest point being.... PEOPLE. Not everyone is benevolent, empathetic, kind, compassionate. Hence why there were workhouses, asylums and currently homeless, ignored elderly...the list is endless. To reach the Utopia you dream of...peoples hearts would need to change....and change dramatically. Money as in silver/gold is one thing...fiat currency is another. Also who controls it is another. So many points here.... all of which have become focal points due to this plannedemic. An overthrow of evil and an infusion of love, kindness and benevolence are needed...any hope for that?
  8. She is nasty piece of work... I have experienced this from males too...
  9. Thats ok on the one hand... but I think there does need to be some kind of money...albeit silver/gold. Not everyone is in a position or physically capable to be digging up what they need, or felling trees to build homes. It would involve taking care of the elderly for free and housing the homeless for free. These days the elderly and the homeless or trodden on by their own families half the time. It will take a lot more than removing fiat currency to set the world straight. A huge dose of empathy and compassion would need to be infused into peoples hearts and a desire to help without payment or barter insofar as those who cant offer anything in return. I think the key word you mention is 'co-operation' and knowing people as I've known them over the years, this isn't a strong point. Time to discuss things for the betterment is kind of a utopian dream... many only only seek to better themselves. I do agree that fiat currency as it stands needs to be swapped out for a more tangible and natural wealth...I guess this would be the reason 'they' control the gold/silver etc market. For instance, during this so called corona virus 'pandemic' the government giving out fiat payments to people...how much better would it be to have a piece (s) of silver in your hand instead of the credit notes we currently have to 'trade with'.
  10. Someone I know has had a terrible reaction in their eyes too. This seems to be a regular reaction. Was also hospitalized. Hope your aunt is ok and your friend.
  11. Good job.... I looked into Alaska years ago and yes it has some amazing positives for sure. I live in Canada now and have to say I'm not a fan of the cold winters, so for me I would like to spend at least half of the year in sunshine...haha But I would love to visit Alaska and see for myself the raw beauty of it. I understand they have their own militia? Being free from the bullshit right now seems like a huge positive :-) Maybe you can post a couple of pics...I, for one, would love to see some.
  12. It wasnt me who was bringing that information to the forum. If I wanted to talk about Epstein and Ghislaine, Prince Andrew etc... I think I would have. But yes, you are correct I could and anybody could... so far those interested haven't.
  13. Here is a pic of the persons arm who is having major vaccine reactions. This is a friend of my niece. Arm swelling and burning Vomiting Stomach upset Sore eyes and eye sockets Dark circles under eyes. Aching all over Loss of feeling in limbs Female aged 38 A friend of this person is also currently in hospital with convulsions and other reactions. Will know more tomorrow as late in UK right now.
  14. Organically is good, and would be nice when the time comes to have a thread that does merge it all as you say. Yes, I guess the mods have the say on whether Epstein and Ghislaine are coronavirus fodder.
  15. Out of the 4 options above I would lean towards 1. I do think this so-called virus is the precursor to obtaining control of the world. However, I think they will tweak it accordingly should the masses not follow blindly. By keeping their foot on the fear pedal they will try to bring about total submission. Somehow I think this will be like a pressure cooker and eventually the lid will blow off. There is a reason they have been trying to disarm Americans. This 'virus' may be the reason. The gun control lobby has been no more about peace than this bullshit 'virus' has been about health.
  16. I'm all for joining the dots.... but can they be joined in a separate thread where we can actually go and see how its all panning out. I am really interested in the current situation re virus/vaccine. That is the topic of thread. I would love to post in a thread that is there to connect dots... if there was one?
  17. Maybe so, but for clarity it would help to have a separate thread for behind the scenes research and possibilities. I research for my job and keeping things streamlined and in some degree of order makes sense in the long run. Trying to sift through a mixed bag of information is mind-blowing and needs some organization in my opinion. If it all ties together in the end that will be lovely...but right now it isn't and the thread is for corona-virus specifically isn't it?.
  18. Maybe a behind the scenes thread may be in order. That way we wouldn't have to keep going through hundreds of distantly related posts/behind the scenes posts to find current virus info and the subsequent vaccine damage connected directly to it. No wonder the thread is off the charts in number of posts. Thats all I'm saying.
  19. What has this got to do with Coronavirus if you dont mind me asking?
  20. Is there a separate thread to discuss lockdowns/police or is everything in here?
  21. News just in from UK where I have just returned to Canada from. A 38 year old woman who I know has had the Astra Zeneca vaccine today. Her arm had swollen, bled and is extremely painful Her eyes are red, sore and huge dark areas beneath ( can show a pic of dark circles but have to block out eyes re ID) . She has been feeling deathly unwell...so bad that an ambulance has been called. Her friend who also had the jab today is currently in hospital with convulsions. I am trying to get regular updates.
  22. I'm not immediately doubting anyones credibility either, but I will not access the site at this point because I usually like to vet things a bit before I join. I mean its not like the site is connected to money laundering or such! If it were a bonafide site, I would be one of the first to join.
  23. If you were travelling from UK, there is a way around it re the test pre flight ;-) I managed to get back to Canada pre 22FEb...and circumvented Toronto to avoid it on the Canada side. Now all airports are doing the test on arrival...but the fine is cheaper and apparently the fines get thrown out.
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