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  1. Yes... I think so. If its fear they are governed by...lets give it to them... haha
  2. Very true... I try to scare as many as I can about the vaccine...planting the seeds of truth everywhere I go...
  3. In the UK you send off for a test kit and its done in the privacy of your own home ( or wherever you happen to be staying ). You can shove it up your cats ass for all they know. I managed to get back from the UK to Canada without doing the pre departure covid test. Yes I know they are watching...and I dont give a shit. They can shove their test kits and their vaccines up their own asses.
  4. I just read that one of the theories for leprosy was vaccination
  5. haha.... I wonder what he was taking prior LOL. And I wonder how she reacted? LOL I can only imagine my reaction to a man or woman jumping from behind the curtain to punch me... 1. Curtain, 2. Neck. 3. Tighten. LOL
  6. I agree women are more dangerous....except that clip focuses on a mother .... I have four children and I hope I am not considered evil LOL...I have fought for my sons and daughters always and will continue... If we look at politics Thatcher was a bitch....Kamala Harris is a demon waiting to pounce. Look what Meg has done to Harry ( albeit an agenda). In the jewish faith the matriarchal line is the dominant line and we know how thats progressing. I've watched many men fall at the hands of a domineering woman. Psychopaths come in both sexes ( I'll keep it simple ;-) ). But even if religious - we know who tempted Adam.
  7. It's a sick world.. I am a female - I have met many people over the decades and can honestly say that the nastiest of people I've met has usually been my own gender. In my experience, men for the most part are easier to deal with...less complex and without the malice of women. That's not to say that I haven't met some assholes who are male...of course I have. But, even with the men that are devious and arrogant.... I'd say women are worse and I speak as a woman. In my own family, siblings, aunts etc. there are the most treacherous of women within. I'd also say that behind what appears to be a ruthless man is often a ruthless woman using him to fire her bullets. My opinion...based on a life of observation.
  8. Some covid toes pics look exactly like chilblains.
  9. In south America in more remote places, children are being stolen, abducted from their communities in great numbers. I cannot believe this is being done by locals or by an excess of pedophiles. This is the work of those you mention. It is sickening and in order to do this without trace its clear that they are skilled in this.
  10. Just a couple of updates in my world recently. As I mentioned before my mum passed away last year and I have recently returned from the UK. One of my jobs while there was to arrange for a headstone for my mums grave. So this past ten days I have been trying to reach the girl who I was arranging this with at her memorials business. Finally yesterday she gets back to me and apologizes. She told me that she had the vaccine and was very ill for several days. She looks to be around 35. Ive emailed back and asked what her symptoms were... Then I get a call from my cousin who tells me that more elderly people in her neighbourhood are very ill from the vaccine. Violently sick and diarrhea. Shivering and shaking. Then today here in Canada, I go for a massage and the massage therapist tells me she doesn't want to get the vaccine and is worried that she may be forced to for her work. I gave her all the info I know about the vaccine and by the time I'd finished I was pretty sure she wont get it....judging by the look on her face. Last evening I went to the grocery store - maskless as per. I go to my two fave stores which seem to ignore that I wear no mask, which is bliss as you can imagine. A cashier, a young guy of about 23 was asked by the woman coming through behind me if she could put her groceries on the conveyor. He said " yea sure" she said she wasn't sure if he needed to clean it first. I said to him " If we keep cleaning everything over and over our immune systems wont have anything to work with" and smile at him. He said " Yea I know...I only do it so I dont get in trouble, its all stupid" .....I said " the world needs to wake up fast" as I was about to leave and he replied " Yea it does". This made me realize that hidden in our midst are some who can think for themselves... if only we could all recognize each other on sight.
  11. Just wanted to ask...have you tried taking Magnesium? Either Magnesium BisGlycinate or Magnesium Taureate. The reason I mention this is that I have experienced the feelings of impending doom and its quite nasty. I used to get it in the mornings when I woke up... but it seems to stay at bay when I take the Magnesium. I also eat certain nuts for the selenium and just bought some chewies for the zinc. These help a lot. As I've said on here before...my mum died almost a year ago now, in 2 weeks time. So the loss has added to this rollercoaster of the past year. Safe to say no matter how much we use humour, sometimes we need to let it heat up inside,sweat it out and pick ourselves up like phoenixes, not always easy I know. But maybe try the Magnesium ( the types i mentioned) it is good for mood and health and also good when you need a natural sleep as it relaxes you.
  12. Then there's the pro life people and the vegans and vegetarians. I guess human cells don't count as abortions or animal tissue when in a vaccine.
  13. So do the 'leaders' that have promoted it. Preferably from a the highest oak tree with barbed wire.
  14. I think the fact that our bodies need oxygen and expel carbon dioxide is a medical fact. Restricting someones breathing is a criminal offence last I checked ie strangulation and suffocation to name but two. Forcing someone to do same to self surely falls into an even wider realm of criminal possibilities... ie holding a gun to someones head. By saying that medically you are exempt you are stating that you need and want to breathe sufficient oxygen. You don't do well with excess carbon dioxide. It causes you distress to be forced to do things against your will and better judgment, which in turn causes you to get thoughts that would not normally occur...like punching the lights out of anyone who crosses your path and insists that you follow orders that are in violation of your natural human state and conflict with your natural human emotions... I'd say that was medical and psychological reasons for being EXEMPT.....
  15. I seem to have missed some of that news. Can you tell me of a few who have died so far? ) I dont have TV so do tend to miss some of it)
  16. Precisely, as you know bronchitis/acute bronchitis is awful. I was gasping for air as you were also no doubt. Room was spinning, I couldnt even get out of bed. It lasted a couple of weeks and even afterwords I was was weak and no energy. As an asthmatic do you use inhalers to dilate your bronchi etc?..or a nebulizer? The treatments are worse than the illness most often. I was given antibiotics that I later found out poisoned me on top of the bronchitis. I urge everyone to question taking fluoroquinolone antibiotics. They are lethal in my opinion. A liver specialist that I was seeing years later after being given these killers, eventually agreed with me... he told me he primed his wife to not accept them for his daughters strep throat, based on my showing him the proof of their deadliness/toxicity. I wonder if most diseases are in fact immune system related or even chromosome related...as with alpha1 anti-trypsin deficiency. Just thinking out loud.
  17. I had same thing in 2017 and 2018. In 2018 the cough with it was insane...like a lung was coming up. No sign of covid then. Also, some years ago I had acute bronchitis...couldnt get out of bed and couldnt breathe. Shit happens... the herbal teas are good though eh?
  18. Certainly going to fall under admiralty/maritime law there then .... or be subjected to piracy. I've never wanted to visit the place... no matter how nice the beaches are.
  19. CARBONATED WATER, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, CARAMEL COLOR, PHOSPHORIC ACID, NATURAL FLAVORS, CAFFEINE. I'm thinking maybe the corn syrup....corn is genetically modified (GMO's?), Gad knows whats in it. I can't eat anything with corn in it due to the BT toxins. I realized this when my stomach felt like it had an alien in it every time I ate corn or a corn product.
  20. Do they sell those on Am a zon? ;-)
  21. I'm not a spreader lol. But its good that its fake...because I can safely say if that happened in my house...they wouldn't escape unharmed.
  22. Now maybe we can see why the gun lobby has been out in force at least for the last decade. Imagine those bastards coming into your home armed with a syringe and you are armed period. 2nd Amendment US right to bear arms is needed everywhere...and in an emergency who needs an amendment. Seriously
  23. Tell them you'll do it yourself. Swab an imaginary arc at back of mouth and put in each nostril without touching sides. It works ;-) = Negative lol. If they say its not far enough...tell them its ok because the virus can jump 2 metres.
  24. Isnt this the same prat that told the world they were seeing the biggest vaccine trial ever? Oh how karmic is this for the little guinea pig.
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