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  1. Very true, they are handing plastic bags out in stores very freely now...
  2. With two days until the Freedom protests which will undoubtedly bring many police to these events, I find it interesting that a cop has been blamed for the murder of Sarah Everard. As much as I dislike the police brutality and hugely negative collective attitudes of many of them, I think this arrest may be used to incite unrest re police generally....couple that with the anti-men brigade/agenda and I'm guessing that police presence will be viewed even less favourably than previous protests. Maybe a way to bring about stricter 'rules' when dealing with police... It all ties together - the divide and conquer bullshit...on every level.
  3. Does anyone know anything about Wayne Couzens other than his age? Maybe his home location? family?
  4. I think David Icke has been in transition over many years, and over time has tried to understand the concepts he has talked about. David is now 69 and when he began his journey of truth seeking he was in his thirties. A very young man. I think we can safely say that in our thirties we were learning, and often believed things that over time would change and ultimately manifest into a fuller multidimensional belief system as we learned more about life and adopted our own personal beliefs. I think we can take from all books and teachings that which resonates with us. Personally, I think David Icke tries to interpret what he feels and learns into a truthful revelation. There is much truth in his works... in my opinion. But we would all be very foolish to place every faith into one person, theory or area of learning. We all have to find our own way and learn based on what feels true to us. I can say that David Icke and his speeches, interviews etc. have helped to piece together the thoughts and insights that I have myself. David very likely read many books and used his own intelligence to piece together his own belief system. I think it would be naive to suggest that David didn't read and absorb others thoughts and writings - we all take on board that which resonates with us and we choose to believe that which makes sense to us... learning from others is to me the most raw and honest way to learn and some take what they're told at face value or some of us absorb into our own belief systems if it resonates as truth to us. Thats just my take on it.
  5. Plus number? Clue me in please...oh the 333 lol
  6. I was more referring to posters, than moderators... and how a valid point of interest ie Tanzanian president ( missing posts) ...can suddenly be turfed backwards due to a rush of posts that avalanche the said post. I thought my post made sense but does not seem to have LOL.
  7. Something I have noticed is that if someone touches on 'certain topics or things that are proof' there is suddenly an onslaught of either off topic posts or not much content posts to quickly push that 'offending post' back into the archives as it were. It happens often... but maybe its just me... That would suggest that either one 'member' has multiple user names or a small group are here for different reasons than we may think. Again, maybe its just me ;-)
  8. I remember it well. It was when he sent off a test containing paw paw I think. ...and people commented that he would likely be targeted...and offed. https://globalnews.ca/news/6910821/coronavirus-papaya-goat-tanzania/
  9. Habeaus Corpus...show me the body ;-) have we seen the body? If 'they' bumped him off...there will be a body. OR maybe they are torturing him somewhere for not agreeing with the bullshit.
  10. It may not have anything to do with it...I think we are trying to piece together the whys and wherefores. Most countries are protesting the lockdown on Saturday... supposed to be a huge turnout....will it be? No idea...but I'm guessing those running the current Plandemic wont be in favour.
  11. Yes, thank you. It is very bewildering I agree. As a traveller I am interested in this. I will post if I find anything. I agree, the secrecy is the red flag. Will be interesting to know.... thanks again.
  12. World Freedom Day is on the 20th... maybe a connection? Still looking for hints lol.
  13. Yes, agreed it is odd that you have received such feedback. I'm just looking and posting what may or may not be of relevance. I'm not taking anything lightly...simply looking for myself to see if any hints, as I said. Thank you for your info re what you were told.
  14. Some flights banned from the 19th... ( just looking for any hints) https://loyaltylobby.com/2021/03/15/england-bans-flights-from-qatar-oman-ethiopia-somalia-effective-friday-19-2021/
  15. Westjet: https://www.journalpioneer.com/business/regional-business/grounded-2021-goes-from-bad-to-worse-for-st-johns-airport-as-westjet-suspends-local-operations-554200/
  16. I can still get flights up to book online from Friday..... which sites are you using Yasmina?
  17. Child volunteers??? These little people are under the age of consent and cannot legally volunteer for anything... But I'm guessing the blinkered masses wont care... the world is going to hell in a hand basket.
  18. That video is not viewable in Canada for some reason...
  19. I have just finished a book about someone who has appeals before the Supreme Court of Canada right now. This is just insult to injury for this persons case...of wrongful conviction. The system and mainstream media in Canada has flattened his rights and appeals are the only way through. Where is the justice in a hoax virus and the results from tests that don't test for said hoax virus causing his rights to be violated yet again.... Something has to give...soon... for everyone.
  20. https://archive.org/details/pathofdestroyerh00mour/page/n93/mode/2up
  21. Yes exactly. I even had a good chat with a car rental receptionist as I rented a car for a week too. You meet hundreds of travellers and people when you go to an international destination. An opportunists dream...lol.
  22. I gathered the numbers of every taxi driver and person I met in UK.... love sending them the links... cab drivers are like a cabal on their own lolol
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