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  1. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/vaccine-ag19-short-film-2016_h2NYYN4sdqG1ILd.html
  2. I am going to gently weigh in here. Many people are `washing`their hands with hand sanitizer. You see it everywhere...at most stores, most public places at entrances and within. You see parents dousing their kids in it. They have it in their pockets, in their handbags in small handbag sizes. If you havent seen this I have to ask `where have you been for the last 12 months` Soap - yes you can get some natural soaps... but they are very expensive in comparison to the shyt soap that most can afford. Soap can cause skin problems, not everyone can use soap. So pushing soap isn`t always a win win. However, hot water and friction on skin can remove mostly everything. What it cant remove likely wont matter. But the crap like sanitizers and chemicals in soaps often does matter. One of my kids had eczema and could use nothing but water and a natural barrier cream for many years. A family member had dermatitis on her hands... could not use anything..in fact cotton gloves were a mainstay until the realization that soap caused it. I worked in a hospital for years... before todays hand sanitizers were rolled out. We washed our hands with a natural soap....and encouraged to use chlorhexidine which smelled like hell - so not all would use it. I never saw any ward based infections, not one. We used natural soap and water. Wounds were irrigated with salt solutions not chemical solutions. I dont believe our bodies need to be assaulted by chemicals. We have built in immune systems and if cherished they will work for us. With this so called `covid`bodies are being attacked by bacteria (masks), sanitizer ( chemicals) `vaccine` ( God knows the full extent of that beast) Swab tests ( EO ). Immune systems must be in a constant state of frenzy. I believe it is a frenzy by design. I dont think anyone is taunting you or corralling you - I think they feel that you are missing the obvious... this is frustrating. Maybe just take a look at your posts in an objective manner and instead of feeling under attack...maybe think that maybe people actually care that people fully grasp that not everything is in black and white. Most of the time there are varying shades of grey... and the truth is often within those hues.
  3. This is likely their òut` - too many not wanting the vaccine..... Get people to agree to the spray... by prescription... keep pumping this shit up their noses. Right into the area of the olfactory bulb and cribriform plate.... genius... It will likely be put in other medications for respiratory problems and no one will notice... They just want this in your body... they dont care how.
  4. This is interesting re viruses... https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/path.4461
  5. The area at the back of the nasal cavity, the cribriform plate is the weakest area to access the brain apparently. ( Also close to the nerve for sense of taste and smell....which is rather interesting ) I did find a good link for this, I'll try to find it again.
  6. I'm am sure people have died and had 'covid' on their death certificates. But that doesn't mean they had it ( whatever it may or may not be) I have travelled quite a lot this past year, multiple countries, multiple planes, multiple, cabs, and even a couple of trains...oh and a few shuttles. Everywhere I travelled I met several multiples of people. Not one person I met could honestly say that someone they knew actually died of covid. I find that pretty remarkable. I make a habit of asking everyone I meet for more than a minute a few questions, even now. Last week I was talking to a detective here in Canada, not a fan of the police personally, but I asked him if he had come across 'covid' in his line of duty... He said he hadn't but that someone he knows told him their grandfather was said to have died of it aged 90 (hmmmm) and that he knew someone had tested positive and had no symptoms. ( hmmmm) So after giving him the run down about the PCR test etc etc... I asked him where the pandemic was. He said " I do see your point, but they must have something that shows a virus" I said " do they, where do you think they may be storing or hiding it"? he laughed and said for me to send him some info. So I'm guessing its the same the world over... except for the dummies who believe in this crap will believe in anything so long as the black box on the wall tells them so. Pneumonia. Pleurisy. Acute Bronchitis. Asthma. COPD. Chest Infections. and a host of other respiratory illnesses are now defined as covid. So no its not funny. What is funny is that a lot of ignorant people are believing it is all covid.
  7. ok... I wrote that as you said you read David Davis as saying David Icke, when it was David Davis...?? No biggie...
  8. My cousin in UK phoned today... She said ''oh its been so bad here in Bristol with the riots.'' I became speechless and couldn't find words. She said ''Are you still there''. I replied " Only just - my mind keeps doing a flip and goes into a trance state...bear with me" I'm finding it very tiring to keep trying to point out anomalies in things that are happening. She went on to say that her doctor called and asked why she hadnt replied to their call re vaccine. My cousin said she was making an informed decision and refusing. The doc said" May I ask why you are refusing" Cousin said " Because my dad died of a blood clot and I have to take aspirin for sticky blood." The doc proceeded to tell her that the chance of getting a blood clot from the vaccine was lower than from any potential genetic problem. I said ...thats trying to get you to have it under duress... she is pressuring you. My cousin said she still isnt having the vaccine but wont hear a bad word about the 'lovely doc' who has been good to her and is getting paid per vaccine. Draining...it is soooo draining.
  9. lol ok...Its ok... You have often posted things that I have asked you about... its good to clarify.... It's probably better to read DI than most names haha
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/uknews/video-2382312/Video-illegal-David-Davis-domestic-vaccine-passports.html
  11. I just watched the video that was posted along with it ( couple pages back) if thats him...thats what he said.
  12. It looks to me that David Davis is IN favour of International vaccine passports and is saying international travel is not a right. I believe travel on this planet is a right. All he is doing is saying no to nationwide discrimination but in favour of international discrimination as I see it.
  13. I have a relative in Leicester and apparently they are testing schoolchildren there twice a week.
  14. Banksy must really love living close by...he has a good vantage point for the UFO's and alien landings from where he is. Do you believe UFO's are on hand to deal with the viral hocus pocus?
  15. There is also a place that connects to Porton Down. This actually does connect to the 'virus'. Lots going on in that area. UFO activity is major...as you say.
  16. Yes there is a lot of hidden places in the area... especially in the area south west of Bath as the crow flies to Glastonbury...- is that the area you are talking about?
  17. There is also a secret airport just outside of Bath... near the underground bunkers
  18. Agreed... I know Bristol very well and this seems very very UNBristolian. Same people and same agenda as the Colston statue in my opinion.
  19. Looks like it could be some deliberate to me... What appears to be the same hooded guys have been in the videos all day.
  20. This may be helpful https://copdnewstoday.com/2018/02/06/vitamin-d-levels-associated-with-respiratory-function-may-be-linked-copd/ Itis strange how this so called 'virus' is supposed to be a respiratory nightmare ( cough cough) but if low Vit D is a big contributor, then this stay indoors bullshit becomes even more sinister.
  21. They are still dehydrating people to death. My mother was killed this way in a care home last year. Deprived of air, antibiotics and fluids. No consent for this was given...also a DNR was put in place. I'm in the process of reporting what I can...the care home, the hospital and those who need to be. Will it get anywhere? I guess we shall se.
  22. I didn't say smokers did not get lung conditions,,,,,,I said that MANY lifetime smokers, don't get lung diseases. This is true, I know of this personally. Please read my post rather than alter its context. Thank you.
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