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  1. Also, spoke to my son in Mexico, he informed me that Mexico is not locking down it is wide open and that their hospitals are at 16% - nowhere near full. Says no sign of any pandemic...
  2. Fifteen year old in Bristol UK commits suicide due to lockdown.
  3. 9 + 4 (April) plus 2 +0 + 2 + 1 = 18 1+8 = 9 Whichever way you look at it - its 9. His age 9+9 = 18...1+8 =9
  4. Are you sure its male...because the earrings and bracelets make me unsure...could be a wankeress or a hybrid
  5. The big question is.... where did they get the result that the pneumonia came from covid 19 - from which test ;-)
  6. I`m sorry but I see no evidence of a `virus`that very much exists. But then what would I know, having been around the world twice in this alleged pandemic and in multiple countries talking to hundreds `( if not thousands) of people who know of no-one who is sick with it, let alone dying or dead. Thats not to say that this so called virus hasn't had a name change from `flu` ... Unless you can show me the evidence of the masses dying , dead or in the throws of a medical emergency, I`m afraid any chants of`yes the virus very much exists` falls on very deaf ears. It isn't enough to say it exists...there has to be a degree of evidence, and there is none... a pandemic of world wide reach would be showing evidence that would not need superhuman powers to find it, in my opinion. But by all means believe what you will...
  7. Unnatural selection is my guess too.
  8. Thats interesting... a bit like a two week fast - which apparently resets our cells and immune systems. I keep meaning to test it ...then someone offers me the proverbial `` apple`` usually a bit of chocolate and the two weeks keeps getting pushed back. It is still in the plans tho.
  9. until

  10. That guys eyes are maniacal....and his feet are even crazier. Never trust quarter to three degree feet. Id be suing the prick for assault. I`m not a violent type but that would cause me to be... very quickly.
  11. Next time I`d better send my phone back ahead of me and come back phoneless... No doubt the customs areas will have booths to do the apps they demand at some point. Or hopefully by then the 99% will have taken back control of their lives. I live in hope...
  12. I find that hard to believe... I have an easy time and I dont wear a mask and don`t plan to.
  13. When I arrived back in Canada in February... I didn't do Arrivecan ( the track and trace for arrivals in Canada) . The 1st customs guy was getting agitated that I hadn't done it and told me to `go over there and download it`.... I went òver there`and as I had deliberately brought my cheap ass phone with no apps and no space to download anything, it was impossible to do Arrive Can. So 2nd customs guy eventually realized my phone was inadequate and said `well you`ll have to fill out this form`` I said I dont have my glasses, so it might not be a good job`` He slid the form towards me and and said`you`ll have to fill it out`` I did warn him I didnt have my glasses.. I slid it back after a couple of pen strokes and he said `` did you fill it out ( without even looking at it)`` I said I think so and he pointed me on my way. I never had a call regarding my `form` or my ìsolation` and in hindsight I doubt they even know I arrived back ;-)... Moral of the story - They can`t force you to buy a phone that serves their purpose ( not as yet anyway). If you are in a position where they cant do the job as ordered they will have to settle for something else... I think we should always be a wonky cog in their clockwork like system. It seems they can only follow orders as specified...anything different messes up their matrix. Either that or they can start buying the phones.
  14. Could have been pneumonia that you had ( not the walking pneumonia ). Which diagnosis were you given at the time? Not sure why this is showing up again below haha
  15. My niece in Leicester UK just told me that her friend who is a nurse told her that inside the hospital ( in Leicester) they have a hot area and a cold area. If someone has a temperature they go directly to the `covid`ward. All others are considered `cold`and they go to a different ward. Nurse also confirmed that she goes around with the doctor and any elderly person deemed to have covid and showing symptoms gets put on end of life care.
  16. From one heterosexual womans perspective that looks revolting. I can`t imagine wanting to physically interact with a man dressed like that. Even a kilt is a bit offputting imo.... but at least its down to the knees and not high enough to see a polony should a breeze occur... There is something far more erotic in seeing a real man uncover himself from his masculine clothes - thats my opinion... I had a very strange experience once... a man I knew ( not on an intimate level) came to visit as he said he had something important to tell me. After some conversation he went to the washroom and came out minus his outer clothing to reveal himself in panties, stockings and suspenders and a bra. This same now `man`graces You Tube as a female - with a now female name and is involved in promoting part of may be called the ``truther`` movement. The big reveal did not cause any stirring in my loins... ( I should add that this person is actually an ok human being...not putting them down in any way...)
  17. I didnt mean I was afraid of Mormons... I pointed out their use of the beehive. The hierarchy of Mormonism is somewhat like a pyramid scheme...they take 10% of peoples pay. Just pointing out a similarity or two :D
  18. It is...and also used by Mormons. The shape of the beehive is similar to a pyramid. The behaviours of Mormons is rather cult like. It is patriarchal as opposed to the matriarchal jews. Mormonism is about conformity...and seems to echo the new religion of Covidism ;-)
  19. It`s ok... but I`ve seen things as or a lot more powerful. Not a fan of Brees myself...call it a gut instinct.
  20. I wont be...it is insulting to all people called Karen... over and out. ( PS, no I am not called Karen, but have respect for people who are)
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