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  1. If they are basing IQ on what the kids are being taught...it comes as no surprise really.
  2. Something tells me this is sepsis....brought about by lack of intervention in pneumonia, flu, respiratory illnesses generally. C.Reactive protein is usually high in people with auto-immune disorders, like fibromyalgia etc. Troponin is what they look for in urine when someone has a suspected heart attack which is interesting as they mention myocarditis. I think there is an epidemic of misdiagnoses in Brazil.
  3. I wonder which `virus`they will be injected with... being as covid isnt isolated. Mindblowing.
  4. First of all I didn't twist anything... and I have been watching DI for the whole time of his works... so far from lazy. If you think I am unhelpful for having an opinion...then you are free to believe that...as for derailing a thread... thats a joke. My opinion is as valid as yours. It is interesting that you feel so threatened by my views...which of course I am equally entitled to. It seems you want to know what David did to out Saville, but are you sure he needs to tell you...after all I`m guessing those approached could also become as culpable as you suggest David is. All presumption.... Instead of pointing fingers at David Icke...maybe you yourself should be less lazy and dig around and try to see who would have been in Davids surroundings at that time...or maybe do a freedom of information and see if a report was made. ( I doubt they would provide it if it was). I simply see your post as a direct attack... thats my opinion and the fact that you dont like it...is irrelevant. Accusing me of being lazy and unhelpful is somewhat funny when what you say is merely an opinion that is based on you wanting DI to talk to you personally and absolve yours `concerns`. Whereas, my opinion is that I see that not everything is as clear cut as you surmise. I dont think all you care about is truth, again that is an opinion, I think you are causing a stir on a website that belongs to the man you want to create a stir about... you are surmising he heard RUMOURS !!! How about instead of brandishing accusations, albeit veiled, you provide some insight into what you feel could have been done by David and what the fallout may have been.. it was and is just a suggestion.....just as my opinion is just my opinion. What would be wrong with you putting forth some possibilities.....maybe in actual fact he did actually do that which you may come up with. Sorry that my opinion doesn't jive with you... but your words do not sit well with me either.
  5. Well its interesting that the police in Ontario refused to do the arbitrary detentions eh. Charter violations for sure. I spoke with a detective here in Ontario a couple of weeks ago...re a book I have written. He says he finds it all strange and sees no pandemic. If this goes through the ranks and they wake up...its full on. Can only hope that they all realize who they really work for...and its not those scum controlling everything.
  6. So yesterday Ontario Canada police were given powers to stop anyone and everyone and ask why they are out and where they are going. The police then said they would not be doing that. Now today those orders have been rescinded!!! ( Any thoughts on why this may be - other than a huge Canadian Charter violation) https://www.citynews1130.com/2021/04/17/ontario-police-powers-covid/
  7. If you look at that book cover it states that the man in the middle is FREE. It also shows his `parts`as censored. That man is currently free is in question. What David is clearly doing here is making a statement. ``I am Me..I am free`Then his cover shows how that man is far from free...he is surrounded by the ties that bind because he is following the satanistic bullshit. That the genitals are censored shows that this is referencing the agendas. I seriously wonder how people cannot see things in plain sight and come here bellyaching about the most ludicrous nonsense. As for Jimmy Saville. I am quite sure that people that work for the BBC do not know everyone else who works for them, let alone what they do in their spare time!!! David says in his book he was TOLD about Saville in the 90`s. So that shows he was not in the know prior. How he got word out could involve many things. Letters to people, organizations. A word in the ear of. It seems to me there are quite a few on here that are not here for the right reasons. They post nicey post and then bullshit posts. They verbally attack others and then retreat and come back saintly. If any of you think you are going unnoticed, you are mistaken. As for ``Bee`` if you think David should have done more to out Saville, give us an idea of what you would have expected...followed by how you think the outcome would have been. Thanks.
  8. A lot of people from all walks of life are resisting in my area...and in areas where I know people. Maybe some people have taken more bullshit in their lives than others and are not going to take any more...
  9. No .... he said `next you`ll want us to wear a yellow star`` THAT was the context he was meaning. And besides...there are two schools of thought re the Holocaust...which did not just include jews. Jehovah Witnesses, homosexuals, cripples, dissenters and more were allegedly treated the same. HI(S) STORY is a funny thing....you never really know the real story.
  10. Pharmacist is clearly jewish. Very strange reaction.
  11. CANADA Under tyranny https://globalnews.ca/news/7764119/covid-ontario-restrictions-police-borders-gatherings/ https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/covid-19-ontario-april-16-2021-new-restrictions-modelling-1.5990092 Checkpoints at provincial borders. Insanity
  12. ``It is recognised that some people may choose not to be vaccinated, even if the vaccination is clinically appropriate for them. In these circumstances they will no longer be able to be deployed in a care home setting and providers will need to manage this in a way which does not destabilise the provision of safe, high quality care. We are asking a question in this consultation about the possible impact on staffing levels, if workers chose to leave the care home workforce rather than be vaccinated. This may be a particular issue in some local areas where uptake is lower. Do you have any concerns about the impact of the policy on the ability of older adult care homes to maintain a safe service?```` Yes No I don't know
  13. It sure is... even when on a plane the thing disappears up the vents so you can eat your meal without being told to cover your face. Comes back out again once the meal trays have been collected.
  14. My son is in Mexico. It is wide open... hospitals only at 16% and thats for all admissions.
  15. Exactly, constantly lied to and assaulted by this bullshit from infancy till they refuse to revive you in old age. Evil bastards
  16. Agree, so its all the same everywhere ..including the other tests you mention. It becomes more clear what is happening....thanks for your post.
  17. This is a clip from a kids movie over 30 years ago. The Nothing ( something many can relate to now) The Swamps of Sadness. This clip shows the Gmork who seems to represent Evil. Quite the deep scene for a child to watch. This struck a chord with me even when I watched it back then.
  18. This is interesting... here in Canada they do not routinely check your VitD three levels. They make you pay for it. So most dont get it. You have to ask for it and pay for it yourself. Like your post says...if low Vit D is responsible for a lot of ailments why is it being overlooked ( deliberately)?!
  19. I was given the BCG when I was a child, apparently it was because a grandfather had TB. A few years later in school, still a child they came around giving kids the `heaf test`https://www.oxfordreference.com/view/10.1093/oi/authority.20110803095926527 .This test was little needle pricks in a circle on your forearm. It deposited tuberculin cells. If your didn't react, you had no antibodies to TB. If you developed a raised reddish lump at the site of the test you were immune. Fast forward 30 years, before my realization that vaccines were questionable at best - I was given a heaf test again as a measure because I had a chest infection. My forearm became swollen and red. The doctor at that time warned me that I must never have the test again. He said something about the body becoming super sensitized each time it receives the test when you have antibodies to TB. This made me wonder how the vaccine would actually react to TB if contracted.
  20. Forcing these people to have this is disgusting. These are the people they want rid of first along with elderly...imo thats why the elderly and the mentally compromised are being jabbed either first or forcibly. Morons that cannot see what is happening here make my blood boil.
  21. 12 hours ago, SimonTV said: Those who have been vaccinated against new coronaviruses are not allowed to donate blood for the time being. So here we go....less lives saved as no blood for transfusions....sounds about right...
  22. Fecal transmission? So they should have been promoting not scratching ones ass and wash you hands after wiping etc.
  23. I wonder what the dogs actually sniff for.... Likely asshole...based on the fact that the anal swabs claim there is a higher incidence LOL. A dog would be very familiar with that sniffing routine.
  24. He is doing his part. He is telling people and opening eyes. He has a young family and his job is to save lives...without him doing his job many more lives would be lost. I am also hearing of police officers here who are unhappy with how it is. Not all obviously but its the inability to provide for their families that keeps them at work...and for the paramedic he wants to save lives. I speak to a lot of people... and today I was told this: There is a Mennonite minister in this region who says they have around 18,000 who go to their local church. In 2019 they had 49 deaths and he finds it peculiar that in 2020 they also had 49 deaths. Even though the figure is the same and that is coincidence enough - the real point of interest is obviously that no more died during a so-called pandemic. Another happening in the S W region is that about a couple of months ago...a muslim 23 year old tested positive to covid ( PCR) He was a drug user. He overdosed and was put down as a covid death...not any report of the overdose. Lots of media coverage claiming it was covid. I now know someone who actually knows the family and they carried on with burial without an autopsy....because they knew the reason and due to their faith kept it quiet.
  25. So today in this lovely Ontario lockdown...haha.. I went to a party :-). Talked to a paramedic who told me that he is noticing that they are being called out to care homes for elderly people who have DNR orders. This means that as a paramedic he is not supposed to try to resuscitate. They then have to take this patient to hospital where they die. Once they are dead they are registered as a ` covid `death. Basically, he says that paramedics are not supposed to be called for DNR patients - but that they are being called and bringing them to the hospital where the hospital makes money from the death. Especially a `covid`death as we know. He also says he has seen NO symptomatic covid patients himself and that there is no more work for them as paramedics in past year , in fact he says it is less than usual. Says hospitals locally are far from full.
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