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  1. Yes I agree most people have been exposed tot he flu...even the kids. Im still waiting on the true identity of this Covid 19 anomaly.
  2. It begins in the hospitals. The hospital gives the order. Listen to what the lady in the video says. This is what happened to my mother in March. She went into hospital from a care home in early March for pneumonia. She started to get better. Then antibiotics removed. The hospital got my moronic sister on board with it. Mum went back tot he care home, obviously needing more medication. However, the orders sent back with mum and compounded by my sisters ignorance and stupidity, allowed my mother to be placed on what is called End of Life Care. I flew halfway around the world to be at my mums side as they literally let her starve, dehydrate, go without air and medication....that is until the day she died gasping to breathe when they gave her morphine to help her along. I watched my mother die and was helpless. The doctor who certified the death put frailty of old age on her death certificate. They would have put Covid had I not been there by her side.... as pneumonia and respiratory illnesses are now ALWAYS put as Covid 19. Notice that the doctor did not put pneumonia on her death certificate....not without putting Covid 19....which he couldnt do as I was there. (They did try to keep me out by the way.... I kicked up hell and brought in human rights as per the Declaration of Human Rights.) Thank God it worked or she would have died alone, in pain, gasping and drowning in her own fluids. Sorry to be so graphic but this is p1ssing me off more each day.
  3. Ok... good to know...thank you for reply.
  4. Funny tho...as in funny strange.... most flu s and viruses dont survive in such heat....but hey ho its a masking they will go.
  5. You mean like districts in the Hunger Games I presume.....yes more predictive books and series.
  6. There are a few fictional books that have caused me to wonder what the writer actually knows. Written in 1981, it was a book that I just grabbed to read in 2005...going on 25 years later. The book was about known people who were reflected in the news via hologram. Holograms were not exactly as they are now, in 1981. The embossed hologram was the usual throughout the 70s. There was no obvious ability to recreate a human being to look real with a hologram....as with the show of Michael Jackson after his death a few years ago. So this book albeit seemingly innocuous, interested me. The fact that the hologram was of a fictitious president of the USA was even more interesting and thought provoking. There is another book of the same title now, but the story is different. Another fictional book that had futuristic qualities that interested me, was Killing Time by Caleb Carr. Reading about stealth hovercraft and News that was manipulated, was quite an eye opener when I read the book just prior to the World Trade Centre alleged attack... Based in 2023 following a plague seems eerily relevant right now.
  7. Agreed... I think many people have such abilities....some more than others. I have learned to trust my instincts over time.... both in general and within family situations.
  8. Well, I imagine many people are savage under certain conditions. Ive seen savagery in the Brits ( I am a dual national Brit) Mexicans, especially in mountain areas are pretty decent people...especially when they get to know you.... Do you worry about China advancing re Thailand?
  9. I agree with you about power in deep grief. I experienced some major experiences during that time. Astral projection twice.... which even to this day is very vivid...especially when I came back into my body. I actually went to a psychic fair once, not expecting much, being the skeptic that I can be at times. She immediately told me about my astral visits and also said that I am clairvoyant and should follow up on it. I never did...but was amazed that she picked up on my experiences.
  10. No he isnt there at the moment. Is in middle east working. He has based out of Phuket for twenty years. I have contacts in Mexico and I am currently learning Spanish.
  11. Cool I have a friend who lives in Thailand at the moment. Near Phuket. Maybe Ill take you up on your offer at some point Whats the thought on Mexico?
  12. Surely this is behaving like the people we so despise...trying to form cliques of old power. Since the forum admins have access to IP addresses why not allow freedom of speech until such time as someone violates forum privilege...
  13. Serco operations itinerary: 1History 2UK operations 2.1Border security 2.2Work and pensions 2.3Transport 2.4Science 2.5Prisons and justice 2.6Housing 2.7Defence 2.8Aviation 2.9Health 2.10Education 2.11Leisure 2.12Information technology 2.13Waste and recycling services 3Outside the UK 3.1Drivers' licensing 3.2Parking meter servicing 3.3Health in the United States 3.4Patent classification 3.5Prisons and justice 3.6Transport 3.6.1Australia 3.6.2Denmark 3.6.3Hong Kong 3.6.4Middle East 3.6.5Sweden 4Offshore holdings in Mauritius
  14. If we are thinking that each immigrant person has their own value then is that why they are so protected? They are a monetary asset ? The CEO of Serco is Rupert Soames grandson of Winston Churchill, he is also a nephew of one time defense secretary Duncan Sandys and his wife Diana Churchill ( Randolph Churchill). His brother is conservative MP Sir Nicholas Soames. Chairman of SERCO is Sir Roy Alan Gardner... he is also chairman of the Advisory Board of the Energy Futures Lab at IMPERIAL COLLEGE, in London
  15. Why are they worried about white people?
  16. When I get that resounding conversation -stopper - I usually go into a few of my own odd experiences and say....that until all strange encounters and experiences have been explained we shouldnt brush off things that we dont understand or that we have not personally experienced..... and a closed mind is an unhealthy mind. Presumably that may do the trick and they start questioning their own closed and unhealthy mind !!!
  17. Hmm so basically the main advice here is pray not to be eaten by reptiles. Build an underground shelter if you feel you must to keep you alive a bit longer. Anything else...
  18. No idea...but havent seen one since. However I can verify what must have been poltergeist activity on another occasion some years earlier.
  19. I agree with you...she sounds like a classic liar to me and Ive met quite a few in my lifetime. She is trying to sell something...and yes i think it is an agenda. My mum always said that you can usually judge someone by the company they choose to keep. That this woman chose to do an interview with Robbie Williams, who interestingly managed to get a front and centre viewing of Harrys wedding, with his daughter as bridesmaid - is no coincidence. Like I said in another topic, money is the driving force in my opinion. Monied people are calling the shots. But somehow I dont think they will all be included in the last dance should these evil so called Cabalists get their way. They will become expendable. Ive noticed how celebrities are intertwined with Royalty and you have to wonder how and why. Celebs marry Royalty and Royalty hobnobs with celebrity to marry and join finances. Without the money and the attached power they would not be interested in each other...of that Im certain. So money is clearly the Achilles heel. The biggest strength is also inevitably the biggest weakness. This woman is one of the peons doing the work for the so called Cabal. My opinion.
  20. I found the Anna Brees interviews with Robbie Williams boring and without substance. I dont get a good feel from the channel.... but thats just me. I know some of the videos are from people who care ( Tim the teacher was a good video) but the hostess leaves me cold. I feel I have pretty good intuition....it hasnt failed me yet.
  21. One of my other strange happenings was during the night around 3 a.m. I woke up to the sound of a car alarm going off and it sounded very loud. I woke my spouse who had been sleeping and he came down the stairs even though he said he didn't hear anything. I was irritated as I thought he was simply ignoring the sound. He looked at me as though I was mad, as I told him we need to check outside. We both open the doors and looked around. He checked the car and kept saying he couldn't hear anything. Whereas I could hear it ...and it was loud. He said to just get back to bed and ignore it. As we went back up the stairs i said to him that it had stopped. He turned around and rolled his eyes. We were back in bed for about 15 minutes and I heard it again. This time I just lay there as I actually thought I must be losing it. To my surprise my husband woke up and asked me if I heard anything....after saying no because I thought he was mocking me he got out of bed and said to go back downstairs with him. We opened the front door and the neighbours were out by their son-in-laws car as.....yea you guessed it, the alarm was going off.!!! I said to the neighbours that my husband hadnt heard it the first time it went off and they all looked at me...and one of my neighbours said .... it didnt go off before, our bedroom is right there we would have heard it if it did. To this day I cannot understand why I heard something before it happened. Many more weird things...
  22. Well, they must have had some solidity to them as I could feel a weight each time one was perched on me. They didnt just vanish per se. They seemed to go downward through the floor in a slithering motion. I didnt feel any temperature change. But when the sparkler light was at the ceiling there was a sense of an electrical energy.
  23. I met a friend for lunch yesterday in Ontario Canada. My friend said on the way in that we would need to wear a mask to go through the door until we sit at the table. I said that I didnt do masks. Regardless my friend gave me a spare which I promptly put into my pocket and continued to walk in. No one said a word. We followed the waitress to the table and sat down. Five minutes later the waitress came back and entered into some chit chat....and then said she was having a hard time breathing in the mask she was wearing. I said well take it off then. She said that the restaurant could face a fine and that she couldnt even if she wanted to, but admitted it was affecting her health. She then pulled her phone from her pocket and showed us a picture of her friends face after wearing a mask. It was red and sore and apparently this friend was now waiting at the urgent care clinic. I told her that I wouldn't be wearing a mask no matter what - she said she agreed that there was no virus and that people were scared to lose jobs....which of course they are, they have to eat. I do notice people here looking at me when not wearing a mask and the smiles I get are very revealing.... and I dont think its just because Im a raving beauty with an arse to die for...
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