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  1. 3 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    Who is currently incarcerated that should be set free?



    I have a book on hold right now that details the truth behind someone who is supposed to be a serial killer, in Canada. ''Covid'' has caused a delay in appeals for the person and a delay in releasing the book. The two have to occur at the same time or thereabouts. The media will blacken and has blackened this persons name from the beginning. That's not to say that this person made a couple of rash decisions...but murder was not one of them.


    I'm sure there are many people who are in jails now who shouldn't be ...due to a corrupt justice system, media and police.


    Can I ask why you asked the question Mac?

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  2. On 8/18/2020 at 1:12 PM, rideforever said:

    Back in the UK, from what I understand, it seems A Level exam results this year ... well the teachers who "predict" the scores of their students (whatever the fuck that means) ... have decided to exaggerate the genius of their students and given all their students A-star-star-genius-star.   And, from what I understand, a lot of students had their studies disrupted by the scamdemic and so the result you get is not based on your work or your exam but on the lies your teacher told the exam board in their "predictions".

    The Exam Board initially noticed that pigs do not fly ... and rejected giving every student in the land A-star-star-flying-pigs-star ... but after enough snowflake moaning was organised ... now yes ... the UK is going to be tolerant compassionate and lie and say that yes even braindead johnny is also a A-star-star-flying-dipshit-star-genius.

    Which the newspapers are hailing as a great success.


    The universities who get megabucks from the poor stupid sheep students who will turn up, learn nothing, and leave with £50,000 debt and a degree in Canoe Maintenance and a snakebite-n-black hangover .... are very keen to encourage said students to come on in.

    Problem is there ain't no jobs because mickey mouse is not very good at enterprise.


    Next stop the bank of mum and dad, who will double remortgage their conservatory.
    Then it's time to sell the nation's silver dinner spoons.

    Embarrassing and moronic Britain is.
    I suggest people stop having kids, if this is what you gonna teach them.




    Here in Canada half of the students mark is based on ATTENDANCE. If they show up they are guaranteed a pass. Doesn't leave a lot of room for academic brilliance.

    Maybe it explains the braindead P. Minister and many cops who spend their time at Tim Hortons Donut cafes, positioned to chat up a storm with each otherClown world - 9GAG


    Man Charged With Stealing 'roll Up The Rim To Win' Tim Hortons Cups: Police


    Its becoming clear that intelligence is of no consequence to the ptb....as they wish to remain the ptb. 🤷‍♀️

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  3. 2 hours ago, XelNaga said:

    It is quite rare to see a person with such a punchable face 😅


    I'm sure most here in Canada support you sentiments. I said to my daughter-in  - law last night that they sold spell books when i was in Glastonbury last month. She quipped," did they have one to get rid of Trudeau?"


    With the feeling about him here, I'm surprised he hasnt been bumped off.


    Hoping he has finally got the message :




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  4. 34 minutes ago, Human10 said:

    I'm always scared about refrigerated stuff... I'm going crazy after 1h... 😅


    When I was in UK last month, I spent some time in Glastonbury. Drank water from the Chalice Well. Learned how rocks stones and sand can filter water. Could also distill water with a bowl and saucepan lid... 


    We will survive...those addicted to the taps, bottled water and the TV...will be pulling their hair out and easily recognizable by their red scalps...and TV's with a bootprint in the middle.

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  5. 22 minutes ago, Frankieboy said:

    Brain washing!






    One thing is for sure...anyone who stays unjabbered after that is totally sane. Those are the people to associate with...

    Anyone who gets jabbered based on that should be disowned, sectioned or kept at a safe distance from us... 


    Where is safe these days...my God.. we need to enforce our own isolation facilities, preferably on a beach near mountains with fertile land and a water supply that cannot be tampered with....

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  6. 3 hours ago, DrDecorator said:

    It’s been bugging me since her death was announced, was she given Midazolam or something similar?


    To be honest, I've had the same thoughts. I know people can pass very quickly (worked in medical profession). But she greets the Truss woman on the Tues afternoon Must have gone to bed as normal. Then Weds no -one was rushing to her side so she must have been relatively ok...and only ones in Scotland were Charles and Anne which was likely because they were already summering there. Then Thursday her health takes a dramatic turn for the worse. She didnt appear to be gasping for air on the Tues...so no obvious respiratory ailment. Heart?... well why not say so if it was heart?  So what does that leave? .... some have said about her purple hands...but this can be normal in people who are in their 90's. The fact that no reason for her death has been given is quite strange. I'm guessing they will do the same as they did with my mother, put 'frailty of old age'... meanwhile I was there as my mother died of pneumonia.

    If the Queen was frail on Tues, then why roll her out to do such a grand handover to Truss? How convenient she lasted just long enough for that!  just....

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  7. 2 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    I have been expecting this for a while (think I said it on here more than once) - stuffing up the food chain and shortly no doubt putting a stop to people keeping their own little flocks as a supposedly precautionary step. Best put all the Queen's swans down in case they're spreading it. (Didn't she own all swans and will that ownership have passed to the enemy of pens?) 


    My mind's also wandering but just remembered something I meant to relay the other day that I heard on the radio. 'The Queen's Keeper of the Bees' was making a special trip to Clarence House (& one of the other Royal bases but can't recall which) for the purpose of informing the bees that their owner had passed. It is a tradition that all important things need to be reported to them in person, otherwise everything goes tits up in the hives. I wonder if Charles has remembered to advise the veg patch.


    Presumably the Queens bee keeper take the posthumous message from one Queen to another Queen in order to keep producing the 'honey'. Now that the Queen has passed, I imagine the only Queens we will ever hear about now, will be ones with penises and spiders for eyelashes.

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  8. 6 hours ago, Bombadil said:

    They’re sending home letters for consent for flu jabs where I am. What a waste of money giving flu jabs to primary school children. Obviously regardless of the cost I don’t trust what shite is in the so called vaccines.

    Anyway my daughters happy as whenever they do jabs at school she gets a day off.

     Yes, its bullshit. 

    Wondering if anyone on here has any good videos or suggestions for detoxing from the Gardasil jab?

  9. On 9/14/2022 at 6:47 PM, oddsnsods said:


    Boron is mined & found in plants, is just a supplement like anything else, in strict trace amounts.


    Like I say, I use it to keep my RO tank clean, I tried taking proper doses for health issue I have but didnt find any improvement..but me Ill try most things.


    Theres plenty of things you can use to treat stuff, thats suppressed of course, pharma dont do cures.


    Hydrogen peroxide is another, Trump recommended & they all ridiculed him of course.. they stopped you getting food grade HP in the UK, need a licence.


    Yes, I use HP for ears. It dissolves any wax build up (and clears infection) and is great for cleaning wounds.I was recently in the UK and tried to get 3% HP for my dad as he couldnt hear due to wax build up. They only sold 6% so I had to dilute accordingly. It worked like a dream...as the syringing he had prior could not shift the wax...but after the HP and a new syringing he now can hear. Success.


    I also asked for a few things in the Holland & Barratt over there...to be told "Oh thats old...that likely hasnt been sold in ages...you wont get that"

    I said well they sell it in Canada and on Amazon so maybe you need to switch suppliers... I got the dead eye look. No success.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Arnie said:


    And yet there were fires burning for most of the day and they all survived this? Extremely unlikely.



    So, the claim is to get rid of these papers - rather than bundling them into a van at night, let the tower burn them completely (with maybe an assist with a few flame throwers) they in fact chose to detonate the tower and blow them all over the place, THEN spend hours making sure they had them all secure and sneak them offsite for something or other (destruction I presume).


    Can you see any logic flaws here? I asked why they brought down WTC7, can anyone else supply a logical and workable reason?



    I think the 'claim' is more a 'possibility'. 


    As to why 'they' brought down WTC7 maybe the possibility is simply a distraction to make it look like hijackers had something against the US government.  Which is what the official narrative was/is wasnt it?


    I think the passport BS was also to effect the same. I also think it strange that certain people were told not to go to work that day...and the circumstances re Silversteins insurance or similar was rather interesting iirc.


    Have you ever posted on Websleuths Arnie??  You seem familiar in your stance in protecting narratives...and the name is the same... just wondering.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    I'd like the date to come and go without anything dramatic happening, obviously.


    But with so many disasters either looming or already well underway, it does feel like things have been hurtling to a crescendo. The only thing is, I would have expected them to wait for more people to disappear as a result of the jabs - but it might be inaccurate to assume that this winter is going to see that come into fruition though. It might be, instead, that those who've survived up till now (who've been jabberwockied) are barren and primed for whatever manipulation the 5G may bring., and that may have been the primary goal. 


    All we can do is hang on, stay alert, and hope for the best.






    Jabberwockied lol  ... Love that.


    I found something about The Glastonbury Thorn being planted on Sept 24th. Not really of any major relevance I imagine. But a sprig of this tree got sent to the monarch every Christmas... It began with Charles I. Maybe it will burst into flames and become the 'burning bush' or its thorns prick the prince (king) and send him into everlasting sleep. Mind wandering... (as it does...)



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  12. On 8/7/2022 at 7:31 AM, Tinfoil Hat said:


    The thing is, I can sympathise because before I divorced, I had to put up with contempt and verbal abuse from my ex over my determination that our daughter must not have the Gardasil jab at school (or anything else without my express permission). If he'd have known it was being done and I hadn't, he would have just gone ahead and consented without question, and I'd have found out too late. He wouldn't have referred to me at all. Because I knew, I researched it, then had to put up with being accused of being a tinfoil hatted nutter. Even when I'd persuaded him to read enough to know that it was as dodgy as hell, I got no apology or change in attitude - just a very reluctant agreement that we souldn't let them administer it to her. 


    Having said that, if people still don't know what risks there are with the Covid jab before it's too late and they've gone ahead, it's a really sad indictment on the lazy complacency of them. BUT, the pharmacist's admission that when parents ask them of possible side effects, they choose not to tell them in case it frightens them into not being jabbed ,is very damning indeed.


    One of my nephews (aged 15)  just messaged me from the UK to ask about Gardasil. Apparently he was given it in school. He is mildly autistic (probably childhood vaxxes)  but very intelligent. He asked me what I thought about it, as he was getting twitches and had a cough since right after he had it. He had it on Monday. I feel so bad for him. Have given him the info for chelating the metal crap from his body. Hope its enough.


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  13. 1 hour ago, jois said:



    They are all of serious concern


    This line is the only relevant line in my opinion. No one can know of potential re-occurrence of myocardia, same with myopathies generally. These conditions are potentially deadly. No one can know what will happen futuristically once the heart has been damaged. Same when ventricles enlarge ie adrenaline overload, the potential is serious.

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  14. 3 hours ago, Campion said:


    There was the controversy of MMR vaccines maybe causing autism in kids which I remember from the 90s. And now this, I wonder how much money the drug companies will be putting into researching the damage their products might be doing. 


    Yes, this is why I never had my kids get MMR. Also, in the 80's there was controversy about the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine. It made babies have convulsions. But it is still being pumped into infants. My kids had none of those...they are all grown and doing great. Babies get tons of vaccines now all before school... 😪 

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  15. 6 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

    He doesn't even know the date!


    More diabolical scenes from the innnocent pen. God Save the Pen!





    Oh wow... what a fanny he is. He's gone from wanting to be a tampon to not even liking his sausages getting wet with ink.

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  16. 1 hour ago, jois said:

    Because they are jabbing for the Wuhan strain and we are half dozen strains on since that.

    Your antibodies from the infection are considerably more capable than the jab. You really don't need it 


    I can't tell you what to do. But I wouldn't let it any where near a kid of mine. They are far more at risk of heart problems than a mature adult and at close to zero risk from the virus

    Elderly relatives could keep away or run the risk



    The Wuhan strain???

    The one before the Brazilian, the Kent, the Bristol, the South African, the Mexican etc etc?? LOL


    I agree with you our immune systems make antibodies all the time... it matters not where it comes from, and the fact that no study can be found to confirm that the 'covid' has been isolated makes it madness to get jabbed for something thats not found to exist.


    ...no wonder they keep bringing out new versions of the juice - the production lines can continue and willing participants can be poisoned ongoing...once people subject their bodies to random trials whats the next step?

  17. 1 hour ago, RobinJ said:

     Yes, i have a friend who had to jab his dog to get it OUT of the USA and into Mexico ( flying), the dog was very ill and almost died. The jab ate his flesh. Cost him almost $2k to fix her


    That IMHA almost destroyed this dog I know, immune system. The jab sent his white blood cells through the roof. He had a transfusion and like your friends dog almost died. The Vet was defending the jab even through it all...its total madness, like the covid farce.


    I asked this doc today why they were so keen to get """covid""" patients on ventilators when in respiratory wards (like what I worked on) they never used ventilators right off the bat like that. They used oxygen and upped it when necessary. Thats when he said that it was possible that some on ventilators were on them for ''other reasons"... These 'professionals can be smart and clueless at the same time.

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  18. 1 hour ago, Campion said:


    Thanks ... and funnily enough I only caught 'covid' (ie had positive LFT tests) after my 3 jabs. My children didn't and haven't been jabbed yet although I'm expecting to get some family pressure to continue with the jabbing due to elderly relatives needing to be protected from infection via the younger ones. Luckily though the whole covid agenda is out of the news at the mo, so not on most people's radar - it's scary how much our thinking and behaviour is just a reaction to the mass media. 


    There's also the narrative around the vaccine protection not lasting very long, unlike with other viruses as far as I understand it. I mean, according to the narrative, I've already had 3 jabs plus been infected with the flippin virus, so why aren't I full of antibodies to protect me without needing more jabs? 


    That doctor that I mentioned earlier also said that "they are trying to make the 'vaccine better' - after I said that it clearly doesnt work for the so called covid if they have to keep getting another. Also, if the vaxxed are getting ''covid'' that in itself says its pointlless...not to mention that the ''covid'' can so say be symptomless!!!

    All in all I could see that even this very renowned doc had been brainwashed and was adhering to the covid mantra even tho he would intermittently say he didnt agree with much of the political crap surrounding it. His final thought was that it would all ''become a flu eventually" - at that point I could see he ---even with his smarts--- was clueless on the covid/vax front.

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