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  1. “Identifying those word parts and plugging into the community concept really executed nicely at the end of the day,” Piergrossi said. I guess that was the idea!
  2. Canada is saying 80% are vaxxed....but have spoken to several doctors here including two local hospitals and they say that the unvaccinated are around 53% according to their records....so if this is true the government is lying.
  3. I thought trials were till 2023... they are ahead of themselves.
  4. Is that seriously a gov website stating ``poison``? I know it is a poison...but I dont think I have seen it written like that before.
  5. AVoiceInTheCrowd has been missing since June 8th.
  6. Yea, but I guess some do things differently to others, especially after going in two years of oppression. Get your point though... I wouldnt have let a child of mine go through it.
  7. Yea, for a few reasons right now...lol. Getting too humid, and tourist areas are more controlled....
  8. Looks like you are doing pretty well in Mexico.... good job you didnt listen to the negativity received on here. Good on you.... may catch up with you there at some point. On a side note... looks like the governor guy in Q Roo doesnt want vax pass. But some other guy keeps flip flopping. So my son says... I guess it will change daily.
  9. A father who is outraged that his son is being subjected to an assault.
  10. Or a decent basin for the haircut...
  11. I have relatives in New Zealand... that part of the family originally `bolted`there around the time the Titanic sank. One of them told me a couple years ago that NZ was the furthest outpost in the world and they hated that about it. So yea, I guess for those wanting away from any repercussions it would be a good place to bolt to
  12. ...and already has almost 50% of the amount of posts that I have ...and I have been on here over a year..... Been a busy bee. maybe its those nanobots driving the fingers...
  13. So like all fairytales...everything was ok in the end.
  14. Are you a reliable source... I say no. Maybe if you gave a reason for your asinine opinions they may carry an ounce of weight... but I`m guessing even that would be grossly exaggerated.
  15. I agree, it doesn`t help to have people with a negative stance... If we all gave in to negativity we may as well go find a place to jump. People need something to believe in and to fight for....for many it is their children and others its the best for humanity. We may be seemingly gridlocked but I dont believe thats where it will end... Maybe thats why the likes of Gates and Co are buying islands with barrier fencing. They are targeted too if we think about it. They cant get away with this BS for much longer.... someone and something is going to snap... Whatever the outcome...staying positive is key... agree wholeheartedly.
  16. Thanks... I actually do agree with all thats written there. Class systems... Rich Man Poor Man BS.... In the press yesterday it said how the poor were not getting vaccines ....as if to say they were low intelligence and making bad choices.... sick of watching people conditioned by the press and the bastards behind it all.
  17. Not using SMART TECH. It wasnt a personal attack....on `` Mac`` it was saying how he always has to be right and doesn't give credence to anyone else. He even said ``I am right`` Either way, thats my opinion. he can continue to believe he is right all the time... That is a lie to say I have been insulting him.... so go back and find those insults. Compare what you find to opinion.
  18. ``i'm not 'forcing' my views on you anymore than you are 'forcing' your views on me`` NO, I dont claim to be right all the time like you do. What I actually said was that not everything you say is right - it comes down to perspective and opinion...and you dont like people to disagree with you. I dont care who agrees or disagrees with me... I say my piece and keep educating myself. We arent clones of each other. ``how come when i say what i think i am 'forcing' my views but when you say what you think that is ok?`` Its not about saying what you think...its about saying you are right all the time which you have said in the current topic. You need to allow for other opinions...You keep harping on to me about Smart phones and yet I have answered you several times.... penny doesn't drop, because you dont see what anyone else says to be of any interest. ``its a public forum and we are all sharing our views. Now not every viewpoint is of equal value. Some contain more truth than others and some are founded upon deeper foundations of information and knowledge than others Example A: ''smart phones are totally healthy and there is no smart grid'' v's Example B: ''smart phones are unhealthy in a variety of ways and are part of a smart grid'' Example B is objectively more truthful than example A`` Again, I havent said Smartphones are healthy...hence why i do not have one... ``Of course they will be linked to you because they have your voice pattern biomettrics`` You can use voice altering equipment - besides you`d have to have `the voice`` and the ID. ``and the rest of the time its in your pocket against your body?`` No it isnt Again with the Smart phone stuff.... I TOLD you I dont have Smart phone - so why keep bleating to me about it. FFS ``I don't agree with that in the same way that devices like alexa are recording everyones voice pattern biomettrics and feeding it all back to a central source That is the whole point of 'smart' devices: that they send back data to a central source which will be an artificial intelligence that will run the smart-grid`` That may be so - but this wasnt the initial part of our conversation. However, I dont have ``Alexa`` or similar. ``people who have smart phones are being followed by GPS positioning as well as through their phone constantly pinging nearby cell phone towers`` This wasnt part of our initial discussion...so no point arguing the toss now. You keep adding to your position to gain ground...its nauseating. ``On top of that the police are tracking everyones phones using STINGRAY so they know where you are`` Not mine...dont have one...change number regularly on cheapo phone. ``The authorities know who owns each smart phone regardless of whether or not people download the track and trace app you and millions of others engaging with smart tech is what makes it an inevitability if you refused to do that like i am then it would not be possible and that's the hard truth.`` AGAIN... why are you telling me over and over about Smart phones and linking me to your continuum... I do not have one... this is what I mean... you like the sound of your own voice too much. Thats my gripe with you.... now again ...I do not have a Smart phone...it is not about Smart phones...its about only seeing your view and droning on ... I have no Smart Phone. Now to keep this on topic... during this Plannedemic...phones have been useful to bring together protesters... and like minds... There has been some positive to phone use... thats my opinion. Take it or leave it... I care not.
  19. FYI I dont ignore anything... I make my own determination about it. This is what I mean... you try to force your views and thats not on. I said before, I do not use a smart phone insofar as it being connected to me. But phones are useful tools although should be used carefully. So please stop with the presumption that everyones phone is linked to them. I use speakerphone for my calls...so definitely not attached to my ear. ( Used carefully) I grasp peoples fears re 5G - I also grasp that there may be a connection to the `covid`vax re nano particles etc. They only know you have a smart phone if you let them know... as I said before... I managed to enter Canada without the app so say required to trace your arrival etc. This covid agenda is speeding up the situation... and those buying the covid nonsense arent helping.They cannot force (yet) anyone to have one or even tell them they have one. If people volunteer this to authorities thats their stupidity IMO. I know they are trying to force people to submit to track your own money.... but we arent there yet. Maybe something will happen to put a spanner in the works... All I said about you was - that I feel you can be quite pushy with your views and will say `I am right`- you may be right about some things but certainly not everything...for example I have pointed out that not everyone is connected to the grid with their phone and not everyone gives their info to authorities... so maybe we should be looking at ways to encourage careful use instead of being or at the least sounding arrogant. I do also see a need for phones to bring people together to protest and show unity re: covid bullshit. I do see your point re: the two or three who brought their satanic views here. I had been dealing with some fallout from them for a few weeks. They do attack certain posters...and you and I seem to be on their `list`.... more reason for us to at least understand each others views even if not fully on board.
  20. I dont think its for anyone to say who is right or who is wrong. There are ways to use a phone that short circuits being tracked. I can see the positives in having a phone and choosing how and when to use it. When I was a child we only had landlines and that was if you were lucky. We managed though. Phone boxes became quite a useful way of communicating. In this current day though... there would never have been the massive protests without the ability to deliver the message to vast amounts of people without the platforms available to do it. Everything in moderation...so for me it has its uses...I dont agree with Mac 100% and I dont think he or anyone should be making him chief cook and bottle washer in this debate...everything should be put out for discussion not ramrodded into silence.
  21. Yes, I can understand the cruelty to animals side of it... I do still eat some meat and I do eat fish, but not excessively because I dont actually enjoy eating meat if its big chunks of it like steak etc. With Gates and Schwab and their cronies pushing insects and artificial meat like you say, I guess certain humans will default to wanting what they are told they cant have. It would be easy for me to be vegetarian but vegan would take some extra focus... I think its the lack of tasty natural foods past the veggies, fruits and breads. But yea, I think the powers that be would have a hard time saying Vegans must have the vaccine....morally, a very interesting situation.
  22. One things for sure... covid is bull SHIT, horse SHIT or any other kind of SHIT.... so its no wonder the SHIT was found in sewage... ``They`` obviously know its all SHIT. and are likely finding the whole SHIT show stimulating enough to start another movement
  23. My sister is an avid VEGAN. To the point she drives me insane at times. You cannot even talk about meat or fish to her and when i came to UK earlier this year I decided to get fish and chips ( A delicacy to my now Canadian culture lol)... she made me eat outside so she couldnt smell the fish. Another time, we went to a store and bought a pastry...one with meat for me and one vegan one with whatever the heck was inside it. She told the server not to heat them together at the same time so that mine didnt contaminate hers lol. Needless to say....she is not getting the vax... got as far as the adenovirus from a green monkey and the barriers were well and truly encased around her deltoid muscles. hehe. This Vegan thing might actually work re: vaccine... cant force someone to eat monkey cells, cow cells, and aborted fetal cells and thats before you get to the graphene and nano particles .... when they wont even sniff anything that even resembled a being. Maybe we should get a VLM protest going just to add some oompf to the protest movement .... against all things covid.
  24. LOL...actually the idea is quite ingenious. Then cast heavy duty nets over the bastards that even a helicopter wont be able to pull them through haha. Prisoners of the people...held captive until they surrender or take the belladonna vaccine... LOL ( I guess I should put this in the humour thread....for entertainment purposes only) cough cough
  25. Saw a friend of mine today. Her aunt died recently. She`d had both jabs. Apparently she started to feel unwell after the second jab at the end of June. Started to have blood in her pee. Went to hospital...they found a clot in her kidney and then did a scan to find multiple clots around her body...she died within days.
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