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  1. Another video of Kary Mullis...relating to scientists, climate change and so on https://www.bitchute.com/video/7bJv3BHUrrKJ/
  2. I thought I would post this here (Climate change/Global warming. I'll put it in the Kary Mullis topic also.... not sure if its been posted before. https://www.bitchute.com/video/7bJv3BHUrrKJ/
  3. Maybe for the same reason that Diana wasn't taken to the closest hospital and they drove around with her for an hour??
  4. 28 -50 pounds? to see a brown square on the floor... Obviously only the injected would be crazy enough to queue for something that is of no benefit at all....
  5. It seems barely anyone, if anyone, knows of anyone dying from the 'alleged covid' - yet many of us know of at least one v'd person dying suddenly or having a major medical emergency (many extremely young). I personally know of ten v'd deaths or medical emergencies. 1. Woman in fifties died of multiple blood clots throughout her body within weeks of getting the juice. (Astra Zeneca) (UK) 2. Young man (20) collapsed on my sons hockey team. Heart stopped/luckily someone immediately gave CPR. He survived and came home from hospital after 5 days. They were going to put in a pacemaker !!!! Not sure if that was final outcome as yet. ( Canada) 3. Child aged 3, died in the night, woke up with cough at 4am, dead by 6/7am. (Mother vaxed, not sure about child. (Canada) 4. Two male friends of my sons had strokes within 2 days of the juice. Survived. (Canada) 5. Female friend of my daughter -in law...who got 'forced' to have juice as she works at hospital. Pregnant, had stroke, temporary left side paralysis. Survived. (Canada) 6. Friend of eldest son...Bells Palsy (female) Survived. (Canada) 7. At funeral of Number 1 above, funeral director told how young males had died of enlarged hearts in the weeks before that. 2021. After juice. (Canada) 8. Female in remission from cancer....developed full blown cancer withing weeks of juice. (Now dead) (UK) 9. Female aged 69, heart aorta burst... juiced three times. Died. (UK) 10. Female aged 25, blood clots throughout body, also in brain... the brain clots finally killed her. (Canada) Numerous nasty reactions to juice are witnessed.... I'm sure people will have their own accounts of reactions/emergencies/deaths. Certainly a lot more than the 'alleged covid' fatalities.
  6. He talks like he is the all knowing - what a vile sinister piece of excrement.
  7. It's ok... I can watch it and see what I think. I am ok with logical reasons... you have good posts too.
  8. I love that you started this thread Robin. When I was in Glastonbury recently I found some books that were about frequenncies. The guy in the store gave me his card to order online as books are too heavy to travel with. I'm looking for the card... youre right it is an interesting topic and spans the board on possibilities imo. Thank you for the links...will take a look..
  9. Which video are you referring to here, Alexa? Sorry if I missed it.
  10. Dont you think we should allow people to believe and discern for themselves? Because people believe things does not make them not factual either. Open minds and the freedom to choose what we believe is the key.
  11. Many who had the juice once or twice had no immediate symptoms. Not even a red arm... this gave a false sense of security in my opinion. But I know a few people who got the third one and had a huge wake up call. It knocked them out for weeks. This has caused many to not want any more. ??Better late to realize than never? I also think that when we keep talking about the dangers of the juice...even to those who seem hellbent on jabbing forever, they seem to get some recognition. Its a slow process for many, this waking up is traumatic when they have been embedded in the covid nightmare for almost three years. Basically I think you have to use the brainwashing tactics of such evil entities as WEF against the ptb and and keep the pressure on those who are bewitched. Fight fire with fire so to speak. Hope that makes sense...lol just woke up.
  12. Explains a couple of aortic aneurysms causing death that I know about. Nice image:
  13. Well I guess it would depend on opinion but ? Assange...any thoughts on him?
  14. Thought I'd post this of our very punchable Prime Minister. Smarmy twat.
  15. There is a device that will track any number for $48 per month.
  16. I have a book on hold right now that details the truth behind someone who is supposed to be a serial killer, in Canada. ''Covid'' has caused a delay in appeals for the person and a delay in releasing the book. The two have to occur at the same time or thereabouts. The media will blacken and has blackened this persons name from the beginning. That's not to say that this person made a couple of rash decisions...but murder was not one of them. I'm sure there are many people who are in jails now who shouldn't be ...due to a corrupt justice system, media and police. Can I ask why you asked the question Mac?
  17. Here in Canada half of the students mark is based on ATTENDANCE. If they show up they are guaranteed a pass. Doesn't leave a lot of room for academic brilliance. Maybe it explains the braindead P. Minister and many cops who spend their time at Tim Hortons Donut cafes, positioned to chat up a storm with each other Its becoming clear that intelligence is of no consequence to the ptb....as they wish to remain the ptb.
  18. I'm sure most here in Canada support you sentiments. I said to my daughter-in - law last night that they sold spell books when i was in Glastonbury last month. She quipped," did they have one to get rid of Trudeau?" With the feeling about him here, I'm surprised he hasnt been bumped off. Hoping he has finally got the message : https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-arrivecan-to-become-optional-other-covid-travel-measures-could-be-gone-in-weeks
  19. When I was in UK last month, I spent some time in Glastonbury. Drank water from the Chalice Well. Learned how rocks stones and sand can filter water. Could also distill water with a bowl and saucepan lid... We will survive...those addicted to the taps, bottled water and the TV...will be pulling their hair out and easily recognizable by their red scalps...and TV's with a bootprint in the middle.
  20. One thing is for sure...anyone who stays unjabbered after that is totally sane. Those are the people to associate with... Anyone who gets jabbered based on that should be disowned, sectioned or kept at a safe distance from us... Where is safe these days...my God.. we need to enforce our own isolation facilities, preferably on a beach near mountains with fertile land and a water supply that cannot be tampered with....
  21. Looks like business is booming in the insect edibles domain : https://lfpress.com/business/local-business/london-cricket-plant-lands-first-deal-to-sell-insects-for-human-consumption?fbclid=IwAR0Dm1Hyo1lqc0oGv-ND2p3PTZjmrHiC0LeHbvuBS24jVwb1BARJN8GHNGI
  22. To be honest, I've had the same thoughts. I know people can pass very quickly (worked in medical profession). But she greets the Truss woman on the Tues afternoon Must have gone to bed as normal. Then Weds no -one was rushing to her side so she must have been relatively ok...and only ones in Scotland were Charles and Anne which was likely because they were already summering there. Then Thursday her health takes a dramatic turn for the worse. She didnt appear to be gasping for air on the Tues...so no obvious respiratory ailment. Heart?... well why not say so if it was heart? So what does that leave? .... some have said about her purple hands...but this can be normal in people who are in their 90's. The fact that no reason for her death has been given is quite strange. I'm guessing they will do the same as they did with my mother, put 'frailty of old age'... meanwhile I was there as my mother died of pneumonia. If the Queen was frail on Tues, then why roll her out to do such a grand handover to Truss? How convenient she lasted just long enough for that! just....
  23. Presumably the Queens bee keeper take the posthumous message from one Queen to another Queen in order to keep producing the 'honey'. Now that the Queen has passed, I imagine the only Queens we will ever hear about now, will be ones with penises and spiders for eyelashes.
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