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  1. That looks staged to me. At 41 seconds in, the guy with his finger up at cop seems to be involved in the staging... and on it goes...
  2. I know of younger people who have had very bad reactions - then my own father (90) had both (wouldnt listen to me) and he told me yesterday `` I`m fine, didn`t feel it and not even a red arm`` So I`m wondering why some and not others. My dad has O negative blood, has been pretty healthy his whole life. He does have diabetes 2 but even that doesn`t seem to affect him much. He takes a metformin a day and no other meds, he eats sugar periodically. Mystifying how even at his age no obvious reaction to this gene therapy. But of course, that may not last.
  3. Looks like the Daily Mail is showing the fake staged crap. Always have to have some weird pushing and shoving and a bloody head.... Just one bloody head usually. Meanwhile almost a million protesters managed to protest without any bother. Strange that. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9507223/Thousands-anti-lockdown-activists-march-central-London.html
  4. There is info showing that women who have passed menopause are getting menstruation post vaccine. Something is clearly going on. Apparently it seems the connection to the pituitary gland is in play here. The pituitary being the master gland in the endocrine system....and prolactin. Messing with this can cause infertility also.... I`m guessing here, but this vaccine appears to have one of its targets as the pituitary gland. This would explain a lot of the reactions.....from blood based reactions, hormonal, to organ failure.
  5. 5G is also concentrated in Thailand according to the map...https://www.nperf.com/en/map/5g?fbclid=IwAR3faATns5u3PO0iRF_3dnt26WYv0m4HL1KJqsFD2Fw6kc0GtBlIQOcLWnE
  6. Is that the one Desmond Swayne is involved in...wasnt he involved in pushing the vaccine?
  7. Lets hope not...or we are all buggered. (sorry if I took offense where none was intended) Yes, I think body fluids may be compromizing... its all questionable right now.... and so many idiots it makes your head spin.
  8. I think there may be truth in that also...
  9. People like me? As in a retired nurse? (Worked as a nurse years ago ( before deciding it wasn't for me...... not totally incapable of medical common sense.) I`m not saying everyone will display symptoms. I`m saying I can believe something may come from the shedding of this vaccine. Maybe the spouses of those who have been jabbed... but we have clearly seen many reactions....what about what we cant see?
  10. Thats what I think when I see people believing in a virus with no evidence of it....and especially when they believe such virus has no symptoms but you can catch it. Absolute bo locks. But... shedding from a vaccine.....oh yes... I can believe that.
  11. Looking after the vulnerable ? Thats just about anyone and everyone at the moment.... Then its got the audacity to say `` Please use common sense ``
  12. My view on why people are getting respiratory problems and auto-immune problems, more now than ever, is that prescribed drugs are toxic. The whole immune system is taking a beating. For example, fluoroquinolone antibiotics are lethal. They are prescribed everywhere, even when not needed. They leave toxins in the body that have to be chelated out...and most people dont realize that they need to be. Statin drugs and other drugs ( too many to mention) are known to cause inflammatory responses. These responses cause an over active immune response and I believe this leads to systemic inflammation. I developed fibromyalgia from fluoroquinolone antibiotics....even a liver specialist I was seeing at the time had to agree in the end. But I managed to chelate the shit from my body. I now focus on my immune system. I take no prescription drugs unless absolutely necessary which in recent years has been only on an as needed basis and thankfully not needed more than a couple of times. The blood pressure drug Ramipril is known to cause bad reactions in some people and has a symptom of major coughing. The result can be induced asthma, which of course can cause more respiratory problems. The virus in PHARMA... and lack of proper education for doctors, who are trained to prescribe this crap rather than look for a cause and natural cure. I take magnesium, zinc and Vits B C D. I use oil of oregano and a few other tinctures for infections... depending on where the infection is. I dont use aluminum based deodorants or other products containing it. I guess my point is that I believe so many respiratory ailments are due to drugs, vaccines and things used on our bodies that disrupt the natural immune response...leaving the body hypersensitized and inflammed, causing many illnesses, not least in the delicate linings of the lungs. Just my opinion...but based on my own experiences and what I have read and seen as I looked for explanations.
  13. It would be something like this (pinpointed as a software update) ...: https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2021/04/19/rogers-customers-experience-canada-wide-network-outage-emergency-services-and-physicians-warn-of-disruptions.html
  14. How the fack can anyone be charged with murder three times for one so called death... Thats ridiculous. Its either one or the other. Something is really messed about this Floyd `case``.. He even looks different.
  15. Beaujangles


    Holy fuck...What they hell is going on with this nutter. He sounds like he`s having some strange kinda orgasm....Needs sectioning -
  16. So there wont be a need for a vaccine passport then... just carry a bottle of antivirals ..... I wonder how the sheep are starting to feel just about now... Baaaaaffled
  17. haha...nice try... yes it looks like Naj is using a stencil.
  18. Thats a good video of Lower Park Row, Bristol...at top of Christmas Steps :-)
  19. Banksy isnt Gunningham... I can assure you of that. He grew up with a lot of people in Bristol and still is friends with many. Their silence will remain. He lives a very solitudal life and his whereabouts is safe. He is not a satanist. His life is very ordinary considering any wealth.
  20. Because the Amazon arrow mouth looks like a wanked cock?
  21. Thats not my quote Pina - but yes thats weird. Not sure how getting a reaction if they havent had it....maybe we should ask the poster..
  22. She is a friend of my niece. Has been having reactions since the vaccine...has children too.. not good.
  23. Just got word that the 30 year old that I know in the UK who had reaction to the vaccine within hours of getting it ( loss of feeling in extremities for a while, upset stomach, sore eyes like glass in them etc.) has just told my relative that she is bleeding from her bottom, her vision is bad and her palms have gone blue... all since vaccine. Otherwise was a very healthy young woman.
  24. Would fall in line with spontaneous abortion. Or maybe hormonal interruption. Part of the infertility links maybe...
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