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  1. When the Milky Bar kid was ``strong and tough`` and only the best was good enough. The kid was a boy. What was it with Chocolate and boys lol.
  2. I agree.... I`m getting a sense that this is to do with safeguarding assets.... the next stage of their lives means ?? as you also say. Could be that one disappears behind the scenes and one stays in front...Gates does a runner.
  3. Yea... I`m not in the UK either...but yes I feel many are waking up....not sure its happening fast enough though. Without sounding discriminatory...it seems to be those with lesser intellect that take a while to figure it out. Could be wrong...as many are so up their own that they wouldnt see shit if it was smacked right in their faces.
  4. Apparently Bezos has also divorced or about to. Maybe its a way ( divorce) of safeguarding assets...
  5. Yes, I understand that. But not everyone has pets and not everyone has childhood trauma to compare pets to. I have nothing against animals... have had several.... but to have extreme empathy and I mean over the top for a mouse compared to a baby is rather odd to me.
  6. Thats really weird... as I also experienced words spoken as if through a radio. It was in the night...and during a rather strange experience.
  7. I know we are tending to veer off topic here... so maybe there is a thread about this to continue on...or maybe make a new one. But, what you say about the heart chakra or solar plexus interests me. When I was taken on an astral projection journey it involved this area. I wont go into it here as not the right thread, but when I found out that this area was called the heart chakra it explained it for me.
  8. I agree with what you say for the most part. I think there is an attempt to hijack the evolving of humanity (consciousness). As someone who has experienced astral projection and not at will, I can relate to the physical and metaphysical that you describe. Thanks for your post...it resonates with me.
  9. Thanks...good video...out of likes.
  10. BREAKING|Apr 27, 2021,12:55pm EDT|199,667 views Pfizer CEO Says Antiviral Pill To Treat Covid Could Be Ready By The End Of The Year ://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2021/04/27/pfizer-ceo-says-antiviral-pill-to-treat-covid-could-be-ready-by-end-of-the-year/?fbclid=IwAR2PaeVTRWK5UxvgsiDwguTxZIgCctRop_sraArkFcGeq4SIoeB_UjDCoWM&sh=7d80d4562a0d
  11. Yes, I think it was @Macnamara who mentioned the 5G Smart Tech stuff. ahhh just noticed you mentioned his great post. Im out of likes at the mo....
  12. They are using this mental health shit more and more now. I knew there was an agenda at play with all the pushing for declaring your mental health problems. Even Wills and Cath got involved. Sickening.
  13. Thats good that you have your beliefs. I agree there is a lot of fucking up. With the DNA thing I guess we shall find out soon enough. I agree that wickedness has come down through the years. I think wickedness has also been indoctrinated into society to a degree. One vaxxed person per household would be hard to explain to the sheep dont you think? Besides, they wouldnt make the same amount of money on less.
  14. I believe I know one of those Morris dancers. They arent the Hampshire ones. They are from down Devon Cornwall way. I`ll ask him about it. Its disgusting how people have to be beaten down with ridiculousness. Black people arent even black - they are varying shades of brown and whites are varying shades of white....Lunacy
  15. Yes, I think this may be why different types of vax. Batches may also be different too. They went for the elderly first which in my mind was ass backwards. If I was 90 and offered the vax ahead of the young ones I would say ``give it to those who have a life ahead of them``. Thats IF I believed it was a life saving potion. So they get the elderly first seems suspicious to me. Then when they die as they obviously will in short term for many....any link to the vax can be pushed aside ( as it has been) in relation to their demise following the jab. My dad is 90 and has had two jabs ( against my wishes but his ultimate choice) I speak to my dad regularly and since the jabs he is fast finding it hard to get his words out. He has always, until recently, been as sharp as a tack. He has had no physical side effects at all...other than me noticing his speech is slower. We know these are still ``in trial`` so maybe different brands and different batches hold the key to what they are `trialing`? Thanks for the info on 5G... I dont understand it fully....but would like to.
  16. I guess its all still up for debate. But, I dont see elites running around as normal... where have you seen them ;-) How do we know what they got injected with and whether it has any bearing? As for DNA... I dont rule anything out and I think it would be a bit of tunnel vision to rule something out without actually knowing something about it. If we went back a year and a half this whole fiasco would have been considered a stretch. To have people vaccinated and the push for it...tells me that there is something in it that they want inside people. Also, they need to keep re doing it to either get full effect or they have something else on the horizon and need everyone primed....and primed in many ways.
  17. Welcome... The Tripods certainly has an air of present day occurrences. I liked how it showed that many had escaped the capping etc by escaping into the wilds. This appears to be a familiar theme in many shows and books over the years. The Wildlings (G.O.T) and in a book called The Legend of Broken there are the Bane, which are those who live outside of the ``rules`` and the kingdom. Then in the Hunger Games you had the Districts and their people who were outside of the main governance and who tried to escape to the wilds. The divide and conquer seems to be a theme currently... to weed out those who would prefer not to be controlled by madness. Again, welcome and looking forward to your posts.
  18. I guess it asks further questions ...is their DNA different or is there a time frame involved in the shedding....or was there a reason for the different manufacturers of this poison...etc
  19. Ive noticed the ssame in that people are far more likely to get incensed about an animal that a child a lot of the time. I have a friend who cannot bear even the thought of a mouse being trapped. Not that I advocate animal cruelty but there is some serious extreme goings on in peoples heads around animals....and yet they eat them. Not mice obviously...( well who knows) but fish, cows, SHEEP (lol) rabbits, foul etc etc....and think nothing of it. When you mention a child being abused by the system or pedo`s or vax trials on them. ...it doesnt reduce them to tears like an animal does. Its like they are desensitized. As for the ``shedding`` there are government docs posted on here earlier that mention shedding...through the skin and breath. I can also see that sexual contact could be a risk...but I cant agree with psychosomatic ... when its a woman past menopause by years who suddenly has a period - its a matter for solid discussion. To me it indicates hormonal type involvement and something triggering it. Pheromones are said to be present in the air as in the laws of attraction. Maybe similar substances are emitted from the effect of the vaxxes. ``Pheromones in humans may be present in bodily secretions such as urine, semen or vaginal secretions, breast milk and potentially also saliva and breath, yet most attention thus far has been directed toward axillary sweat.``https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3987372/
  20. Always have...go private message... so you do.
  21. Yes if you feel you have a point...take it to the mods. Its what they are there for...Good youve read the thread...so you should have clued in to the posts. Take your issue to private... Im more than willing to give you my opinion there. So that we can keep the thread ON TOPIC, which was your first alleged issue.
  22. This is connected to the main topic...someone was trying to make a point about the vaccine and shedding....and was ridiculed....I was pointing out that this happens and was trying to get the person to keep posting and not feel that they shouldn't. You have made 9 posts in total, two in this thread including this one to me. As for disrupting the topic... may I suggest reading the thread from the beginning..... and please refrain from moderating if you arent one. Telling people to desist when you do not even take time to digest what is being written is not helpful. Cheers.
  23. Does this sound similar to your sternum pain: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/costochondritis/symptoms-causes/syc-20371175#:~:text=Costochondritis (kos-toe-kon,attack or other heart conditions. Do you take magnesium because I find it really helps with immune disorders. Also some zinc and the basic Vitamins.
  24. Thank you for confirming that you have two profiles. :-) I didnt ask for an opinion... I asked if anyone had seen it before - the rudeness given to me was disgusting.... but thanks for owning it :-) I`m glad I had a ``bitch`` ( actually just pointed out for the benefit of someone else who was being bullied) last night...it has proven rewarding. )
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