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  1. Apparently Neanderthals were blood group O
  2. My father is RH negative. He only has one of those characteristics (high forehead) His IQ is good for certain things particularly, other than that he doesnt fit this at all. My sister is also Rh negative...and all she has from the list is the catty eyes. My mother, myself and my other sister are Rh positive. So basically having rh negative is just from one or the other parent.
  3. I think this is happening everywhere. Its appalling. Treating people like useless shells rather than the people, parents and grandparents they are. I will be making a large complaint within the statutory period of limitations for sure.
  4. If I remember correctly David gave many interviews during very hot weather and the 'stains' were in fact perspiration. I think if anyone were to stand in heat or under camera lights, they may find their body naturally perspires. I am not sure why this is an issue, surely the reason to go to his videos is to listen to what he is saying, not check his clothes for any perceived anomalies. So the answer to you question is.... the 'stains' were likely perspiration......or on the rare occasion like us all he may actually have a little stain on his clothing.
  5. My mother was killed in this fashion in March in the UK in the Somerset area. . Yesterday I spoke with a friend of mine here in Canada, her mother is currently in a care home, and she told me that a doctor called her recently to discuss DNR and did she want her mother afforded all the aids of life if she became ill. My friend told him.."yes I do, she may be forgetful at times but she is otherwise healthy." The doctor went on to tell her that her mother was old and that if it came down to using respirators did she think her mother should be a priority? My friend said we can discuss that at a future time should it become necessary. She was promptly told by the doctor that he did not agree with her...to which she replied " It is not for you to agree with, its not your decision to make" What should have been a two minute call became a 45 minute call as my friend was subjected to total bullying and berating. These doctors and those forcing decisions about life and death should be made accountable...this is planned murder aka Murder1 / 1st degree murder.
  6. I dont think he is old enough to have a take on what went on there. I personally find it interesting that we are told six million jews died. But unless they have altered the history books there werent 6 million jews in the region at the time. I find that very interesting.
  7. You are here to cause discord in my opinion. Now you call people silver tops, as if that isnt a deliberate way to shift from boomer to the same BS in one fell swoop. Its a joke to say you dont patronize older people , you do it in every sentence. As for just a word to describe a set of people...try using the word N**gers to describe a set of people or maybe try using fags for a set in USA. Just a word right.... There are many young people who are vulnerable and not just children. I mean the disabled and those with chronic illnesses. Do you want to judge them too? I wont waste my time on you any further....so please do, as you said you would - leave it at that.
  8. I think you can see what he is as soon as his mouth opens, if not before. He squeezies his mouth like a pursed up a$$hol,e and that for me is my overall opinion of him.
  9. Im saying what I see...which is indicative of the truth of what I see. If you want to keep your opinion...be my guest. But dont ram it down my throat as it makes no sense to me. and yes, saying that all so called boomers dont get it, is wrong.... I am evidence of this as is David Icke. Also it is wrong to put people in named groups and then use the name for a derogatory opinion. People were called Baby Boomers because they were born after the war when babies were plenty, hence booming. There are not BOOMERS to be used as a derogatory name to denigrate anyone in a certain age group. It is discriminatory and yes wrong! It is ageist and promoting AGEISM. Which is also part of the current agenda...
  10. The fact that you dont see it as wrong is wrong in my opinion. Im saying MANY older people have not bought the bullshit. Did you see the protest...did you see how many older people were out in force? Why are you assuming that so called boomers which as I have said is now used to the derogatory.... are old and vulnerable.? Is Piers Corbyn old and vulnerable? and he is way older than I am... he has more fight than most young people .... This boomer, millennial, Gen X BS is really grating and juvenile.... we are talking about people....not types of shrubbery. Younger like with older people come with differing ranges of intelligence and also have beliefs based on the times they are raised in... The last twenty five to thirty years have seen kids raised as projects and the schooling has been dire. Some can see through it but not all as you are claiming. I actually dont need someone to tell me what I am correct or not correct about. That is solely your opinion. I am sticking with what I said in my previous post.
  11. Whilst I agree with some of what you say...the above is so judgmental and wrong. DI as well as myself would be in your boomer category, which in and of itself is derogatory. Many people who are older have a lot of common sense and have lived through more than most of the younger generation. I can assure you that we dont all spend our time watching Eastenders or TOWIE, that is for the younger crew. I have not worn a mask from day 1 and refuse to. Meanwhile the stores are full of all ages INCLUDING young people wearing masks. I did not wear a mask to my hospital appointment or any other appointment. I flew halfway around the world twice without a mask... while throngs of young people were faceless wonders. My aunt lives in the UK she is 79 years old in a block of flats. Surrounded by Asian, Black and White druggies and pedophiles. I have been fighting for months to get her out of there..but the local council is either caught up in the pedophilia or braindead....or both. My aunt is fully compos mentis and can see through this Covid BS. I think it is wrong to be generalizing based on age... especially when young people have been raised in this madness and many see it as normal.
  12. I know what you mean about fake niceness...but you should be in Canada the fake niceness is nauseating...
  13. Gates predicted a second wave. I believe he mentioned October..it was the video where he smiles along with his transpouse.
  14. I thinks its earlier now due to Freedom protests. They dont want people to get the upper hand. They want to stop them. If they do a lock-down then the protests will become magically illegal.
  15. Sell if you want to...or not. No time for doom preachers. If we die we die...no point selling it as an immediate possibility. If it is it is... Till then live your life, dont wear a mask and eat healthy.
  16. In 2010 I saw a silver cylindrical object moving across the sky near Stratford Ontario Canada. Anyone know what this may have been. It was not a plane or helicopter. It had no wings or propellers and made no noticeable sound. Also, just as a matter of interest, the other day I was passed by a car with a loose hanging number plate that read 666 GOV I had just read something about such plates on here, so it was kinda weird.
  17. I feel ok actually. I actually see more clearly what is going on around me. I can sense peoples fear and I can also see more and more people waking up to the fact that C19 is bullshit. The problem is....people are becoming scared moreso about the economy. How will they feed their families.... Trying to tell them how to grow potatoes and which weeds are edible doesnt seem to be well received at the moment...
  18. Well maybe they should have a hysterectomy as part of the procedure...that will solve the problem once and for all of them. I am female, had a hysterectomy and yet I dont feel offended that tampons are for women... I'm one and I have no reason to use them... maybe I should get upset that the box says for women......but I dont know why... why is everyone offended these days..... It offends me that everyone is offended. They wont be happy till we all look like this If transgender women dont identify as a woman why are they bothered if something says for women.
  19. Surely, regardless if they are transgender or not...only females menstruate. Not all females do, think pre pubescent and post menopausal, but only females actually do. Men that have the op to become female wont menstruate.Unless they are now putting some kind of bag of ketchup up there to mimic the event! The world has gone absolutely insane.
  20. No I didnt know of it before...had I known.... I would have said so....
  21. I wouldnt say it was a terrible opening post. I got the gist of it immediately. As for the arrested woman, yes she buckled under out of fear for her children and unborn child. It is now an opportunity for others to use this disgusting occurrence to reveal the true reason for her arrest.. To scare people and force them into submission.
  22. I swear I have just read that a new symptom is pain in a mans ball-sack. Sorry to sound graphic but seriously is there any symptom this fantastical ailment doesn't have...short of sprouting a furry tail, two extra tits and speaking in tongues?. Its getting beyond insane now!
  23. yes.. he doesnt take prisoners does he... I love that kind of person...
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