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  1. Maybe a nuked world without vegetation and clean air isnt what they want. Better to kill the bottom feeders and those that remain can be manipulated by nanotechnology maybe. There are a few books that give an idea of how things may be... but its pure speculation on my part. There is a book by Caleb Carr called The Legend of Broken. It describes a world of division...it is a good read ( He also wrote The Alienist and Killing Time....Killing Time is very good too): https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/24370/the-legend-of-broken-by-caleb-carr/
  2. No, for the most part its a great site. There are a few who seem rather duplicitous...address it when you see it.
  3. Excuse me ? If you are going to say something - explain it... I dont see how ego has anything to do with being attacked by a bully. Friend of yours I gather!
  4. Yes it is.... https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diagnostics/5217-h-pylori-helicobacter-pylori-breath-test--urea-breath-test https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1123218/
  5. I think you do have a point about the shedding issue. The `virus` has not been isolated so we know that it is not within the excuse for a vaccine. But whatever is in the ``vaccine`` could well be transmissible through the skin or breath as you suggest. For example helicobacter pylori can be detected in the breath by a breath test. Regardless of what anyone thinks about your questions....keep questioning. I asked a question about 6 weeks ago and got blasted for asking....to the point of outright rudeness. Please keep questioning.... I enjoy your posts.
  6. Not if someone waited for him after work dressed in black with no-one around :-) (Sorry couldnt help it - it is most definitely what some people need. Starting with the sh!tbags in `government. I know I could could unsee anything they were due. lol
  7. Your last line is rather impudent. Some of us know people in India and from my source there is still no covid pandemic there. I can agree that this excuse for a vaccine is likely causing some brutal side effects and death, but that, I believe, was in the plan. The song the Indian police are singing is pathetic. Im wondering why the call of the cuckoo in the song....what symbolism lies there. No-one is here to teach you anything...it is a forum where people share their views, opinions and very often they will share facts that they find. If you are looking for absolutes, this is not the place, although there are many facts here and factual documents...however I think if you read and research what is posted you may find yourself intellectually richer. I believe sharing knowledge and opinions is how we grow intellectually and personally. I`d rather research info supplied to this forum than believe anything that is said on the News.
  8. Didnt sterilize the injection site with a swab. Didnt wear gloves. Didnt clean afterwards with swab. Thats a very unhygienic vaccination....But of course it wasnt...
  9. Looks like mainstream media already attacking this stance as false belief re shedding.
  10. Im in Ontario... its pathetic how the people are - not all, but the mask thing drives me ballistic. I know a lot of people not getting the vax. None of my family, nor my kids inlaws. One of my sons says his workplace only one is getting it and only to travel if they make it so. Lots of Christians not getting it... Vegans that I know are not getting it. Family in UK not getting it... some working in schools and social work but resisting it. Thats why I think they are bringing out so called anti virals... they want this shit in us somehow. Not sure how they are going to monitor that !!! All I can say is spread the word everywhere... even to those who appear braindead. I think keeping people indoors is a ploy to stop them communicating...didnt work in London last weekend LOL.
  11. OK... so had to get my snow tires switched up today. The guy in the place I go is one of us...as in he knows this is all bullshit. He tells me that a couple of months ago a guy from Ministry of Labour came to his place and told him he was there checking out things. ( Covid type inspection) Told this tire guy that he was watching to see if people took money under the table so to speak. The `tire guy said `That would be Ministry of Finance, nothing to do with you - and besides what are you implying`` Tire guy was told that he ( labour guy) could cause a lot of problems for businesses as he could always find ``something`` that didnt meet the ``rules`` Tire guy told him to leave as he hadnt made an appointment to be there and it was interfering with his business. A month later same guy comes back...with a person from ``Health`` and a person from the ``Environment``...sort of tag team bully boys ( well one was female ...well on second thoughts these days it may have been male, who knows) They tell tire guy they are there to check everything - basically to give him a hard time for daring to talk back and ask the labour guy to leave. Tire guy had got advice from lawyer - who told him to tell them to make an appointment. The Health person could inspect and found a couple of ridiculous things to make him do to comply... as in put a lock on a device, which was not made for a lock etc... These assholes have not returned, but tire guy said they were menacing. He believes that they ( cabal enforcemet officers) will have businesses closed and controlled by state if something doesnt stop this madness soon. They are sending in the ``heavies`` and this tiire guy also thinks that the police are being played or playing along... as in if the police say they cant do something ( that is a Charter violation, like stopping people arbitrarily like has happened here) then it gives an excuse for the cabal enforcers like TruDope to start deploying military.... Any thoughts.. ?
  12. Happy Birthday David... After years of ridicule there came the love. Many people look forward to your videos, speeches, and for me your dry humour, in the face of the chaos. By now you must know that your efforts have resonated and made a difference to those minds that recognize truth. Many Happy Returns of the day.
  13. you havent got an answer to this question. Thats because the question has been addressed mu;tiple times on this thread. The details of the process used to come up with what they claim is the `virus` has been posted several times and the freedom of information requests that have been sent to ask for this have been returned with letters that say it has not been isolated. Further, the actual gov websites ...if you read them thoroughly have the fact that there is no isolate of c19. I have to go out...or I may have posted the details...but I dont have time this morning ( 9,37am here) but if I have time later I will....in the meantime if anyone else feels like addressing this... I`m sure they will.
  14. Thank you for replying to help. I have found some very interesting Kary Mullis interviews.
  15. They are wiping the videos of Kary Mullis from You Tube. I had several and now they wont play...says no longer available. I have this one...but for how long I dont know. Can someone save it somehow? Can someone tell me how to actually get the file to save .... I have other ones... all Kary Mullis videos are being scrubbed from You Tube.
  16. As kids we all had guns...little silver ones and we would put caps in them to make the fire sound. Me being female and my girl friends too. No-one really wanted to kill anyone... it was a pretend game and we all knew that. Now kids play video games that kill and the visual blood effects are right there. But thats ok. I have seen this gun control BS playing out for a few years now. The fake mass shootings. The gun lobbyists. All an agenda to disarm the populace.
  17. Pituitary gland involvement from what I have been looking at. Hormone disruption etc.
  18. Earlier it was mentioned that hormones may be affected by the vaccine that may have caused interruptions in menstruation etc. In diabetic ketoacidosis hormones or infection can cause it. If infection is introduced via vaccine or hormone disruption ( ie pituitary gland) this may bring on ketoacidosis. The pituitary gland seems to be a possible target in my opinion...for what its worth. Disrupting it...disrupts many body functions. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Diabetic ketoacidosis is usually triggered by: An illness. An infection or other illness can cause your body to produce higher levels of certain hormones, such as adrenaline or cortisol. Unfortunately, these hormones counter the effect of insulin — sometimes triggering an episode of diabetic ketoacidosis.Nov. 11, 2020 Diabetic ketoacidosis - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic https://www.mayoclinic.org › syc-20371551
  19. Well, we know people are wearing masks and their oxygen intake is compromized. I do think people arent thinking straight and maybe this was the issue. However, although most of us may have just let the machine roll down the hill and claim the insurance - I can understand why someone would try to prevent someone being killed by a runaway car. Maybe there is more to this story. All the same, I think it is sad that someone has lost their life and yes I agree with so many getting covid tests on the regular, I`m guessing it will become a covid death.
  20. By the sound of the posts Ive read saying how manky and shit infested the place is I`m guessing every death will be labelled covid with a positive test. Lets be fair if the place has people shatting everywhere those anal swabs are gonna be alive man. 45 cycles of that and its gonna be positive with something that spreads easily.
  21. Losing control of their own lives probably causes the desire to control others at all costs. It`s such a shame when they realize that non mask wearers have balls of steel ( women too lol) for the most part and don`t scare easily haha. Went into a Giant Tiger store today here in Canada, usually no mask issues in there...BUT today as I entered there were two women at the door. One said ``Do you have a mask? `` I said `No, I dont need one thank you`` I was very polite. She looked at me and repeated sloowwllyy what I had just said as in `` Youu dooont neeed oneee`` I simply smiled nodded and carried on choosing some plants. About 5 mins later another woman, a very short haired woman, who looked like a man came close by and decided to ask again. `` Where is your mask?`` I said `` I dont need one`` She said `` Is there a reason for that?`` - ``Yes`` She: ``What is the reason?`` Me: ``My health`` She: ``Health?`` Me: `` Correct, enjoy your day`` as I walk off around the store. A man wearing a mask tapped me on the back pulled his mask down, winked and said `` Not much selection in here today eh`` haha - our stores have sectioned off what they deem non essentials. He clearly was only wearing a mask to get through the door.
  22. You know, I had IBS for years. The remedy....was sauerkraut, it worked like a dream. Never looked back since. I`d try it to de-infest... Think... headache ....or worms
  23. 100 years old with a brain as sharp as a tack. If only the masses could think so well as him at any age... let alone at 100. Update...he is apparently now 102 as of March 2021
  24. I hear a lot of accidents can happen with farm equipment ;-)
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