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  1. https://www.medtronic.com/covidien/en-us/products.html So Covidien now has its website under the Medtronic heading. Medtronic being a company that was merged by Covidien it seems. I guess it would look a litle too obvious to have all that lung and oxygen equipment under the COVIDien moniker.
  2. This one is interesting too: Capacitance enhanced physiological measurements Patent number: 10314546 Abstract: Systems, methods, apparatuses, and software for measuring and determining physiological parameters of a patient are presented. In one example, a physiological measurement system includes an optical system configured to emit one or more optical signals into tissue of a patient, and detect the one or more optical signals after propagation through the tissue. The physiological measurement system includes a capacitance system configured to apply one or more electric field signals to a single side of the tissue to determine a capacitance signal based at least on changes in the one or more electric field signals, and a processing system configured to process at least the one or more detected optical signals and the capacitance signal to determine a physiological parameter of the patient. Type: Grant Filed: September 8, 2016 Date of Patent: June 11, 2019 Assignee: Covidien LP Inventors: Daniel Lisogurski, Christopher J. Meehan, Eric Morland, Friso Schlottau WIRELESS PATIENT VERIFICATION Publication number: 20170147772 Abstract: Methods, apparatuses and systems are described for associating a patient with a medical sensor. Methods may include receiving a patient identifier that is physically coupled with the patient, receiving a dynamically generated sensor identifier associated with the medical sensor, and associating the patient identifier with the sensor identifier. Methods may further include re-receiving the patient identifier after an occurrence of a disassociation event between the patient and the medical sensor, receiving an updated sensor identifier associated with the medical sensor that is different from the sensor identifier received before the disassociation event, and associating the patient identifier with the updated sensor identifier. Systems may include a medical sensor configured to collect medical data from the patient and a display unit coupled with the medical sensor and configured to display a dynamically generated sensor identifier associated with the medical sensor. Type: Application Filed: November 23, 2015 Publication date: May 25, 2017 Inventors: CHRISTOPHER J. MEEHAN, DANIEL LISOGURSKI https://patents.justia.com/search?q=eric+morland
  3. So Julia Morland ( founder of CP , or at least the named founder) her father Eric Morland is involved in a few inventions...much like Richard Rothschild. He has patents for capacitors for pain measurement. I'm presuming its the same Eric Morland. Interestingly the company involved is a COVIDien LP. All coincidence I presume.... Also interesting is that one of his co-inventors is a Friso Schlottau...involved in holographs... and a Paul S Addison who has interests in oxygen saturation. ( again all co-incidence)... and a Daniel Lisogurski who also has an interest in oxygen saturation. Theres more...will try to put some links up shortly...unless anyone beats me to it. :-)
  4. I think you are talking about direct transmission. For example... blood borne transmission and in the case of Herpes it is transmission from an open sore. STD are direct transmission from the giver to the receiver. Cold sores are contagious from the sore itself.
  5. My Turkish friend (also last name Erdogan, but no relation) told me that the Turkish people do not like Erdogan. So as far as I can tell you are right re zio coup...
  6. Not sure if this link has been put in with the Richard Rothschild links above https://uspto.report/patent/app/20200279585 That barsteward has been quite busy the last 5 years. No surprise that the Rothschild name is somewhere in the running for money from patenting/..... even if his invention is as sinister as it is... Richard A Rothschild has applied for the patent in the USA but is apparently British. I checked out his birth online and he was born in Marylebone in 1954. Mothers maiden name: Woznianski. Looks like his brother is behind major restaurant chains in Canada.
  7. Sorry if this has already been posted... I just saw it and found it funny.
  8. Unfortunately yes...I agree with you... My cousin was approached by one in Marks & Spencer a couple days ago...she thought at first it was a M&S worker...but seems it was NHS people who have been swarming the stores. Then yesterday my sister was approached in a Tesco. Both in South West England. Having seen this in Ontario Canada as yet... but I'm sure we will.
  9. I wonder how many eager bleaters will apply for these positions?
  10. Possibly... but I think you are being naive to think people don't steal peoples inventions or their plans... happens all the time and has done over history. It's not helpful to people with ideas and inventions to constantly be confronted with a jinxing Jackie all the time. Why not try to be a little more supportive?
  11. I read a book that was written in 1981...it was about a missing President. It told of holograms and how the President was taken to the Rocky Mountains in USA. Very interesting for a 'fictional'story...and in 1981.
  12. I knew that mop on his head served as a lid for access, when he needed a personality switch. He may also be just a hologram from here on...
  13. We have is ok to use. It suggests you are also a person in your village...as in a collective. 'There is' distances the speaker somewhat, but is ok too....but if you are happily a neighbourly villager then 'We have' is fine.
  14. Also, my cousin in the UK told me that she was having a coffee in Marks & Spencers and a member of staff came over to try to get her to do Track and Trace. I'm trying to figure out why M&S would be doing that...any ideas?
  15. My seven year old granddaughter used the 'Karen' today when speaking about people who dont wear masks properly. She said " Karens wear masks with holes for the mouth" Needless to say she was quickly put in her place by a very pissed off grandmother. ( No my name isn't Karen, but yes Karen is an ok name)
  16. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's wife supposedly had the virus. Funny how all these well knowns are supposedly positive - yet none of us in the real world know anyone...unless its a brothers friends sisters mother.
  17. They could be related - judging by the effervescent hair do's
  18. https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/en Maybe someone can copy or somehow get this saved permanently - anyone have any opinions on it?
  19. haha That would be a bit like jury nullification .... judges and lawyers are not allowed to tell the jurors they can return a not guilty verdict regardless of the coercion of a judge or Crown. ...BUT if they should find out about it themselves they can come to whatever decision they choose.. Canada - Jury nullification is the Canadian criminal justice system's dirty little secret. ... Accordingly, our law strictly prohibits either the trial judge or the lawyers from telling jurors about the ultimate power that they always in fact possess to nullify a prosecution by simply returning a not guilty verdict.Jan 23, 2007 UK... Blythe's 1998 case is a clear-cut example of jury nullification, or jury equity, as it is sometimes known in the UK. ... The jury may acquit the defendant entirely, or return a guilty verdict for a minor, often nonsensical, subset of his charges. Australia - . ... Jury Nullification -Jurors cannot be punished for deciding one way or the other, even if their conclusion does not appear to reflect the state of the evidence.Apr 14, 2016 The Supreme Court has ruled that while the power of jury nullification exists, state courts and prosecutors are not required to inform jurors of this power. Accordingly, judges around the country have routinely forbidden any mention of jury nullification in the courtroom.Feb 27, 2019 LOL Same with voting. People get a choice on ballot papers.... but truthfully they can choose to reject all. Maybe a stamp stating 'Reject all Nominees' should be made available. lol If only people knew the power they really have!!!
  20. Agreed, but judging by the state of the majority of a brainwashed public, I'm thinking if we cant get them to stop wearing a mask....trying to stop many voting may cause them to self combust.... but on the other hand....
  21. Does it matter if she is mercurial regardless?
  22. There should be more than just one video of this....all of those spectators should have been filming or questioning. Now people have become like scared rabbits. And the two bastards doing the arrest had no masks at least until it was pointed out to them.
  23. I agree....it is my gut that tells me DI is no agent for whoever. I do think it is either a little strange or simply luck that David hasn't been targeted. But I think he makes sure he is around trustworthy people for the most part. He also stays visible which keeps him hidden in plain sight. Nothing he says causes me to doubt his cause. In fact even the reptilian theory carries weight if we realize that not all is as it seems....ever.
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