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  1. Is that so... just to point out that people of 57 dont all leave their parents in care homes to die. I didn`t leave mine in a care home to die...and I didnt go out and get a vaccine to travel. I havent shedded any infertility onto my children and other adults younger than myself. Political correctness pisses me off as does expecting people to adopt a category once they reach a certain age...and I dont wear a mask or social distance. I`m just pointing out that putting people into categories with such names as ``boomer`` is not accurate and sounds discriminatory. Same with people who call people ``Karens``. It`s really derogatory to those called Karen and becomes discriminatory. I have to say I enjoy your posts mainly... but the boomer one I find ``off``.
  2. If you tell someone you are not getting the C19 vaccine... I instantly get `oh youre an anti-vaxxer``` I just reply `` and you must be a psychic``
  3. Death has no age preference - it takes the young too.
  4. Why are you posting someone elses comment as yours? I think I answered these questions in a subsequent post to the one you have quoted of mine. I mentioned resistance - lambs and lions...
  5. I only saw the ad as a kid in the UK. Most of the UK ( South West )was white people at that time. When I went to school as a 4 -12 year old there, I had no black kids in my class at all. When I went to secondary school there was just one black kid there...who was a great guy and everyone loved him, no reason not to. It would have been unusual to see a commercial for a kids chocolate bar to have a black child back then as there weren`t that many around as I remember. My mom was darker skinned and dark hair and eyes, with Spanish and Roma ancestry whereas my father is, or was then, blond and blue. Spanish and Italian looking people like mom could be seen quite a bit. I also remember that as a kid we would have days where we could bring in things to talk about and the kids whose fathers were at sea would bring in things from around the world....as kids we were fascinated and seeing a kimono from Japan and things from islands far away etc was a highlight of the day. I dont remember any racism back then - my mom thought Sidney Poitier was amazing...:-) - Racism seems to have become a greater issue, more in latter years than I remember... definitely an agenda now. I even have a pic of me as a child with my favourite doll...it was black and I was determined to have that particular doll. Ill try to find and upload...haha
  6. Hopefully, dont let them pass you by. Sleep well.
  7. I understand... I`ve seen a few rough times myself. I agree violence isnt the answer. But should I need to defend my family or those around me...then in that moment I would definitely defend. I actually see the protests as people showing unity and a belief in same...that the government is overstretching and not for the people any longer. If the government see more and more resisting and standing side by side...they would have to know that their job as they see will not be easy. Once people realize that the government is not working for them, and lets be fair it is now abundantly clear that it is not...then I think the resistance will build. I`m not a violent person either....but I would have no problem digging a hole and laying a trap - and filling it in afterwards... If it meant my family, neighbours and friends around me would be safe. I think now is the time to watch and see who is watching the watchers and prepare for eventualities. In the words of I believe Robin Hood....... Rise and Rise again ( in unison, in protest ) until lambs become lions!
  8. You keep switching the goalposts in your opinion.
  9. Agree, that was essentially what i was saying to the OP. No point in violence unless its immediately necessary to defend family , or people around you when being attacked. I think anyone who steps into the fore in aggression will be mowed down immediately. I think there is a need for resistance to all the bullshit regulations. That should have happened right off the bat.
  10. I`m very aware that people are dying from a ``vaccine`` and have posted many times how I feel about it, in that it is disgusting. I think by standing up and resisting everything so far, shows Im not afraid to get ``hands dirty`` in the area of resistance. I doubt I have the physical ability to take them on....but I can assure you that if anyone of those doing the bidding of the ones behind it all were to threaten or attempt to harm anyone that i witnessed I would be the first to use whatever weapon I could get my hands on to resist and defend. A tyrannical government is as strong as its footsoldiers... and as weak as those who support it. Im not an advocate for government rule - in fact people putting morons in power that have no clue about anything except power is a sure ingredient for failure... insofar as a free people. Like you, I dont have a perfect answer...I do see value in protests from the viewpoint of seeing how many are not on board with tyranny. I actually think it will come to army involvement and from there it will rely on whether those in the armies are with their fellow man or with their ``masters`` I`m not sure who you are angry at - but hopefully it is those who are creating this in the first place. Yes, its enraging watching people submit to the tyranny - wear masks, take vaccines, albeit from fear or mere stupidity. But please do not assume that some of us are defeatist or ready to roll over and play dead.
  11. Violence is not the answer. It will bring bloodshed to innocents. Violence has its place, but only when immediately necessary in my opinion...and requires more than a kitchen knife. How do you suggest a disarmed people fight those with arms a plenty... Gun lobbies and fake mass shootings have been trying to remove weapons from people while the police and armies have no end of supply. I believe this has been deliberate.
  12. ``gases given off`` and breathed outward from the body. Is there a study done on what the gases contain, do you know...
  13. Maybe was no point in quoting me then... but hey please keep your insincere apologies. Your attitude says all I need to know. PS... you were the one talking paranoia and calling yourself agent orange... I merely answered in kind with the truth of how I felt. I`m sorry you are distressed and incited to insincerity by it - you dont know me so to you I can remain as nothing. That is ok.
  14. Not sure why you saw to comment on my very short comment. I am certainly not foolhardy and yes I agree that to think this forum isnt infiltrated would be foolish. I have no paranoia. I actually think very clearly and feed no-ones paranoia. I am not wound into a spiral or even a curve - as for humanity, I think we all make our own conclusions of faith and trust based on individual interactions and that which we see with our own eyes. I certainly trust myself....I`ve known myself for a long time and so far my faith in self and my hope and faith in what is known as humanity, stays ever present, marred only when trust is broken. Good day Agent Orange. Your defoliation failed. :-) Signed Agent Indigo
  15. Absolutely and they play both sides.
  16. I`m afraid I dont agree with you exactly. First of all if people are made to be terrified of some non existent virus - made to feel it will kill them and their loved ones, they will do anything to save themselves and their own. If these bastards making News releases are telling them the world needs to be shut down, that a virus is killing people worldwide and that the only chance they have is to be vaccinated...MANY will believe it. They have been conditioned over time to believe the government. Akin to Stockholme Syndrome as has been mentioned on here before. Therefore I believe it is safe to say that these people have indeed been coerced and brainwashed to submit to vaccines and anything else these so called ``authorities`` feed them via the mediums of TV and media. Not to mention fluoridated water and medications full of shit they dont need to dumb them down. Can we honestly say that they are making informed decisions and without any pressure or under any duress? Suicides are sky high...so clearly people are under pressure and duress and not thinking clearly. I`d say they have lost their free wills somewhere in their fear and in losing hope they have become easy to control. Do I get annoyed that people cant see what is happening - yes of course. But lets not kid ourselves that they have not been coerced and brainwashed. It has been going on relentlessly for years...
  17. Yes, and plunging a swab up someones arrse to find the elusive spiked ball brings us to a similar conclusion . If the ``virus`` is deep inside a cavity...surely one can then choose which and whose cavity it has a close connection with. And, surely the testers must be at the most risk being that they plunge these swabs umpteen times a day. I havent seen any signs that these plungers have been dying off. If these `virus balls`` can jump six feet - and leap over diners heads in restaurants then they must come equipped with built in pogo sticks for sure. Absolutely fascinating...if nothing else!
  18. Anything is possible - it could even be a pic of a hologram. I wouldnt rule anything out with these freaks lol.
  19. Looks like camera angle... nose more droopy... could be age or cocaine or both ...who knows.
  20. As I said earlier... I do think that divorce will be a way to divert money - and it says as per separation agreement, which as yet we haven`t seen. I`m guessing that the main chunk of the wealth is being handed to her and..or placed into private trusts. Same with money for children. They looked quite in sync last July when they were smugly telling the world the they ``will pay attention next time``. This divorce is strategy based - nothing to do with any marital breakdown in my opinion.
  21. Or maybe when Bill gets put forward for Nuremberg type trials, the money will already be with the husband and his offspring.. That way criminal forfeiture will be bypassed...at least to a degree...a very large degree.
  22. When the Milky Bar kid was ``strong and tough`` and only the best was good enough. The kid was a boy. What was it with Chocolate and boys lol.
  23. I agree.... I`m getting a sense that this is to do with safeguarding assets.... the next stage of their lives means ?? as you also say. Could be that one disappears behind the scenes and one stays in front...Gates does a runner.
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