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  1. Can you post a link to what you are referring to...which story has been suppressed. Sorry if its been posted already.
  2. If it were worse we would hear more about it and at least have one neighbour who has had it. You do seem hell bent on pushing your own narrative. I have seen this in another forum - and that forum was infiltrated by officers and similar trying to sway public opinion in matters of cases before the courts. Just an observation, and I`m sure you are only trying to `play`devils advocate. The fact of the matter is....to bring it to a truthful perspective... no-one knows anyone with the virus, the false positives are off the charts, somehow regular flu has vanished in favour of Covid in the minds of those controlling or perpetuating the official narrative. Hospitals are devoid of actual covid patients and in care homes those with pneumonia are supposedly dying of covid. As I see it, anyone who pushes the official narrative at this point is either malinformed or being paid to push the cause. I`m sure this isn`t you... but a happy smiley face can hide a multitude of plots....just ask the joker. ;-)
  3. They likely do have a way to notify each other. Even the Nazis who escaped through Spain to Argentina after the last war had vays of gathering to get of of Dodge. A family member of mine worked for a German family in Munich some years ago....later finding out by listening to their family conversations (in German) they were Nazis.
  4. Yes Im fully expecting to be pressured. they say a face covering will suffice... will try with a scarf... Canada is cold after all ;-) I just hate giving in to the bastards. But I do have some business in UK...so not something I can postpone when the time comes. I figured the ``take mask off to eat`` may give some leeway....especially if I keep a muesli bar in my hand and it goes to the mouth at regular intervals.... lol
  5. I have to go to UK again at some point...... I can only imagine the BS i will encounter on that visit. Was hoping for a chat with David Icke but it seems all requests are barred. ;-)
  6. Im guessing that at least 80 percent of masks dont get laundered. I`m also thinking that many people who wear masks dont wash hands after taking visit to the toilet. Not everyone has good hygiene, you only have to watch them scratch their crotch and then proceed to pick up an item at the store!!! All in all the mask BS is futile and pathetic....
  7. There are plenty of places to hide in Canada...thats a plus...however the winter is not to be tested in the wild... I think so far it is the Covid protocols they are referring to... and lock-down crap. However, nothing to say it wont gravitate to anything else.
  8. I worked as a nurse in the 80`s and now I am a writer....however I didnt cry when people died...not at work anyway...but when I got home I did. I do find it very odd that a so-called nurse would cry for the cameras as this Intersexual person has allegedly done. As nurses we had to lay out dead bodies and fill cavities...we couldn`t cry even if our hearts were bursting.
  9. Thank you for all of this information. Can you clarify why it says Professor Drosten is the inventor of PCR test please... as I thought it was Kary Mullis.? Do you mean that Drosten is the one changing its purpose to correlate with the alleged Covid 19?
  10. Yes I am in Canada. I dont see any of those things as yet. But I have noticed that people are becoming more inclined to push mask wearing...even as `cases`decline. I did see the MP Randy Hilliers questions in parliament where he asks about isolation camps. I am British born and a Canadian. Canadians generally are very complacent for the most part. Not a nation of activists although there are those who fight back. The police here are in my estimation fairly corrupt, although you will be criticized for saying so by those who have never experienced their heavy handedness. The justice, for want of a better word, system is also corrupt as is correctional services. I cant fully explain how I know this at this point but will at some point in New Year. There are a host of what the British call Jobsworths in Canada. ( as I know there are in UK) They pride themselves in being `polite`but the truth is that it is a veiled politeness that runs throughout and it hides a trait of backbiting that is covered up by politeness. Of course not all Canadians are like this but it is quite noticeably prevalent after you have lived here for a time. Insofar as oppressive measures... I have noticed barriers being installed at highway entrances over the past 5 -6 years. Maybe ... (Deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas as well as all major roadways to establish travel checkpoints.) I have also noticed walls being erected around sub divisions, often claimed to be noise barriers - but in truth that is unlikely as many roads have far noisier traffic. There are also many more apartment buildings being built and townhouses in close proximity to each other. There are new SMART Centres springing up that have everything a `consumer`needs in one place, from Walmart to all day breakfast places. More cameras at intersections now than ever. Police will stop you on the road for anything.... they get very annoyed when you tell them they have breached Section 9 of the Charter. But I have actually been stopped for rolling up my window as I passed them...and for being parked on the road and sitting in my car. I have also been stopped for being a driver of my sons car and thus female and not male. The list is endless. I take them to traffic court for every falsely created ticket so strangely they seem to have given up stopping me now. I guess its not worth it if someone won`t lie down and take the abuse up the backside. They wont allow protests in public places here and have actually physically intervened and arrested people and not only just recently...its been going on for years. Groups of resistance types will meet up but once they become infiltrated they are targeted.
  11. My son almost died in a car accident. He was a passenger. His neck was broken and he received multiple breaks in other bones and lacerations. He was in a neck brace for many months. He likely would have been paralyzed if I hadn't prevented hospital staff moving him after hospital admission. ( I was a nurse for several years in the eighties) I placed rolled towels either side of his head and neck to prevent him moving whilst the results from Xrays came back. Staff however were trying to move him!!! Results came back and he had a fractured C4 and fractured T1. He also had a broken clavicle, multiple ribs, fractured scapula, broken wrist and his hair had been scalped on one side during the accident. However, four months after the accident he developed Post Traumatic Stress. He became suicidal. He couldn`t be in the house alone and would call me home from work. He wished he hadn`t survived. I could help his body heal but I didn`t know what to do re this new problem. We went to the doctor... he was prescribed a drug called Paxil. It seemed to work for a few months and then it became worse, the suicidal tendencies returned with a vengeance ... I contacted a man who had recently killed his son due to the medication he was on...he had a website to alert people of the dangers of such meds. he replied and told me that he couldn`t advocate any other medication but that he suggested my son get on one that was easier to come off of. he was advocating no meds if possible. We went back to the doctor - my son was given Celexa instead of Paxil. Our new family doctor was a little more in tune with less meds approach. Celexa seemed to work but it took a while, about a year...once my son was feeling better we decided that the best outcome was to not be on any meds at all. Over the next 2 years he gradually came off of Celexa. He still has anxiety and my once very mellow son now has a short fuse compared to pre accident. But he functions and is medication free. He survived. To look at him you wouldn`t know he had been in such an accident. He is now married and has two children. To say his mental health is perfect would be a lie... as his mother I know he struggles with his anxiety still and cant deal with pressure... but the meds he was on would have killed him...of that I am certain.
  12. I think cognitive dissonance is the issue. Most cannot believe they are being duped and it causes them stress and mental anguish to even consider it. I remember a friend of mine actually admitted this to me several years ago when I would tell her of things I thought. Over the years she has begun to recognize certain things that I have mentioned...but insofar as Covid she will say that she knows the figures are not accurate but believes there is a virus. Even tells me that the virus has been isolated somewhere in Pennsylvania...as he sister works in a Uni there as a professor. I asked her for the details but she cant provide any...she is a good person but I`m baffled how someone with her intelligence cannot see through the bullshit completely. Then there are those who will say that they think its to do with depopulation.... but again they believe there is a virus. It`s like they can believe things that the government havent said...but if the government has said it then it must be true. GOVERN MENT ( governmind) control... is definitely working... Then you have the Mask Warriors.... they play safe lol. Either they aren`t risk takers and think theres truth in the bullshit...or they dont want a fine. I was in the bank today ( Ontario Canada ).... A manager guy came breezing into the public area and said to me `` Have you got a mask`` I said that I didnt...and he said `did you forget it`... I said no I didnt. He said `well you dont have one on... I said that no I clearly didnt. He told me that I should have one on and I told him that I didnt need one. He asked me why...and I told him that as far as I was aware he wasn`t to ask why. He then said is it a health issue...to which I replied `Absolutely`` ( LOL) Then once that moron had disappeared the only other customer asks me `Can you tell me why you dont think you need a mask` ... I said `` I think the better question would be `Why do you feel that you do`` He looked furious... I tell you people are insane...this is driving them loopy.
  13. I fail to see how you know the 'virus' exists when it has not been isolated. Could it be that you are accepting a fallacy based on a tendency to believe the mainstream? The reaction you speak of is rather not a reaction but a set of preconceived rules that have been put in place in the planning process created by the same people who devised this whole scenario. The only thing exaggerated is the notion that a virus exists. Can you share how you are so sure that said virus exists... other than in ones imagination/
  14. Method? NWO apparatus? cue the music ...
  15. You have hijacked this thread and I for one don't appreciate it. I also believe your interaction is deliberate. I am an independent thinker, I do not believe in CC and would also appreciate it if you would not use the 'we' as I am not a party to your mindset. Thank you.
  16. You can actually feel the evil coming from Schwab. He is insane. Any way to turn this isolation tactic around and isolate them?
  17. If he is filming in public, as he is I believe it is quite legal. Also that freak in the fluorescent jacket needs some anger management...or a good taste of his own medicine to the jaw. The black guy looked bothered by what was happening but no doubt trying to work and earn money... Catch 22. I dont believe the guy was calling the cops...I think he was calling the gatekeepers at The Selective Group whose modus operandi stinks of a similar infiltration as Common Purpose.
  18. https://www.toronto.ca/ext/digital_comm/inquiry/inquiry_site/cd/gg/add_pdf/77/Procurement/Electronic_Documents/Ontario_Govt/MBS/CPP_GDE.pdf
  19. My apologies... I think I was just trying to shed some light on Julia Middleton the founder of Common Purpose...and maybe explain how she and her ilk have managed to penetrate into other areas of importance...ie medical equipment, schools etc. It would seem there are courses funded by Common Purpose and the tentacles go into every possible area of our lives....The fact that her father who likely is behind her involvement, is instrumental in the medical inventions now pertaining to C19, suggested to me that Common Purpose is like a snake slithering into all areas virtually unseen.
  20. This is an interesting site also: https://projects.propublica.org/coronavirus-contracts/agencies/veterans-affairs-department-of
  21. I think you may be right. I expect if we keep digging the 'chip's will surface. Also if you type in www.covidien.com ( which is what it was) it automatically goes to Medtronic.
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