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  1. :-) I`m still wondering where the other variants have gone Wonder what happened to the Kent, Brazilian, South African, Liverpool, California, New York, Philippine and Bristol variants? I`m guessing they all must have mutated into the Indian variant. ( Have I forgotten one?) Oh yes the original Chinese one.
  2. OK... I`ll have to remember that one - could come in handy!
  3. I guess there is a good reason your ex is your ex ! You know you are protecting your son... thats all you can do at the moment. ... I feel for you and people whose close family are so entrenched in this mind control, - hang in there.
  4. Trudeau, saying Canada lockdown to go an extra couple weeks too...
  5. This is true here too. I just spoke with an ICU nurse here in Canada. She told me that they are definitely putting elderly on end of life care and that the so called patients seem to have pneumonia. No difference in symptoms...just using different medical strategies... I told her that i had worked on heart and lung wards in the past and never seen patients fast tracked to ventilators...she said `Well they are now``. She seemed very uneasy. I came across her as i responded to an advertisement on a local classified site... used items etc. So sheer chance I could ask her.
  6. Talking of immune systems being destroyed, I noticed this - which resembles the blood blisters presenting on some vaccine recipients : https://www.webpathology.com/image.asp?case=697&n=1
  7. In Canada it is commonplace for jails to mistreat inmates. They will also mistreat visitors to those inmates. The case I was researching and writing about shed light on this for me. Lights left on like this video states, is one of the tactics. They also do not heat the cells in deep winter. Drinks in the cells will freeze solid during the night. In solitary they will leave an inmate naked in the dark....and more. There is so much that goes on that the public never hears about within the system.... The police too.... Canada is far from the perfect country it sells itself to be. I can only imagine what this preacher has been subjected to.
  8. There are people who have jewish ancestry who no longer consider themselves jewish. I think there is likely a reason that same group ( ie jewish) hires from same group... and nothing to do with talent in many cases. There are a lot of jewish actors who are horrible actors, and many jewish lawyers are outright extortionists...but still they keep working. I think money helps move some people up the ladder - not their genetics. Maybe much of the envy you speak of is more to do with how they come about their means and the extent of it - not looks or talent...imo.
  9. Is there an actual link for this, Ive looked and cant find a court or gov. site.
  10. I have seen the one or two post wonders...but there is a bigger problem where they will hang around and post seemingly innocuous posts, then throw in a derailling post.... and step back. Then you see an apparently `newish` poster come out of nowhere and take over where the other left off. Then that one leaves...for a while. It`s kind of like covert police surveillance... when one car starts following, then drops out as another swings in....I believe its called ``relay``. Then there`s the bait and switch...tactic. I notice this because I researched a criminal case for a few years and noticed patterns in appearances, testimonies and behaviours. I see it on here.
  11. ``Conclusion. There is suggestion of some degree of association between impetigo and insect bites. The improved management of patients consulting with insect bites and better use of antiseptic treatments might provide the basis for reducing the incidence of impetigo in the community.`` Thanks for the link...but still no real proof of no contagion. I guess thats why its still up for debate.
  12. I had four children too...all grown up now. But I do remember things that were contagious. For impetigo is extremely contagious. As is Herpes, both Simplex 1 and 2.... saw the results as I worked in a hospital for years.. Maybe we are crossing wires on something here...but as far as my experiences have been...I have seen the result of contagion. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/impetigo/symptoms-causes/syc-20352352#:~:text=Impetigo (im-puh-TIE,and develop honey-colored crusts. I agree that bacterial pneumonia is from bacteria that has invaded lung tissue and the host has been susceptible to it. ie weak immune systems. The bacteria comes from somewhere to effect this. Again...maybe we are crossed wires...or maybe coming from different angles.
  13. I think there is proof that infections spread. I`ve seen how infections spread. I guess I`m asking which mode of spread are you referring to?
  14. It would depend on which part of infection and transmission you are claiming as myth.
  15. I was replying to the poster. But yes....I guess it will depend on what the reason is....for example ``anxiety`` is always an option. Not actually a sectioning criteria...but who knows
  16. I think going on the sick for mental health may be the way to go... lets be fair it would be acceptable under what they have been doing. Having the vaccine wouldnt be an option for me...but I can see how people are feeling coerced to take it. Changing your masks and dropping it beneath chin is likely helping to prevent probs for you... I hope it all works out
  17. I`m glad you have not got ill from your masks. Do you change yours daily and have good mouth hygiene? This may be a factor. There hasn't been a lot of deaths from ``covid`` either - lots of positive tests though. I guess we will have to see how it plays out in regard to vaccine fatalities...its said it will be later rather than sooner that this will occur, although there have been some. Thats a good point re no nightclubs, pubs etc. Restricting the normal means to attract and multiply.
  18. Either way, from direct airborne particles or bacteria that can live on surfaces for hours - I`d say there is a major degree of transmission from mask wearers. It only takes being on a bus next to someone with a cold to get a cold or from a contaminated surface. Agree with you that it is a risk to non mask wearers. It should be us jumping out of the way of them in stores...
  19. Absolutely, also when they touch these contaminated things they then go into stores and touch things on the shelves and push trolleys (carts - Canada). Not to mention money and door handles.
  20. I believe Fauci was one of those confirming that they caused pneumonia.
  21. Dirty masks are on the ground too... they just drop them. Ive even seen one thrown from a car window. I had to wait for my daughter to come from grocery store yesterday and only one person, a lady about 40 was without a mask in the people coming from store. But most came out and either continued wearing the mask or took it off and screwed it up to put into their pockets - to come out the next time... I`m guess many never get washed.
  22. Makes sense why they are pushing vaccines as if its candy. Thanks for the link... ( I cant take credit for your quoted post tho`that was GOYK I think.)
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