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  1. The only science they truly welcome is science-fiction. Garbed up in a mask, visor and a spacesuit they will be the first on any vehicle resembling a spaceship, ready to take them to Camp Covid.
  2. How do you not see that biting a foreskin from a baby is not causing it harm? If I came and bit your foreskin off - I would be arrested and charged with assault with bodily harm. Sometimes abortions have to be carried out to save the mother. The mother is the only viable life in these situations...and therefore is paramount. An unborn child is also part of that mother, connected to her and unable to survive without her... so still her choice. If a vaccination has been proven to work and has been trialed ( albeit on animal life...which is another topic) then again it is the parents decision based on whether it will prevent further harm to their child than the illness they are afflicted with. Much like a decision for antibiotics. All are very different issues and should be treated as such. Back to foreskins... or eyelids.... just a piece of skin right? I cant believe people are ok with this practice and many claim it is for ``cleanliness`` How clean is biting off a foreskin with a filthy mouth, let alone a filthy mind and subjecting a child to pain, infection and abuse before it can even walk. Parents have been jailed for less. No offense to circumcised males who never had a choice in this.... but seriously
  3. If he gets a problem with it. A swollen foreskin, infection, damage (** especially if ramming into a rear orifice on the regular and the receiving orifice is resisting - the foreskin would take a pounding for sure. ) Usually if theres a problem with too tight a foreskin its in younger males - but can occur in older ones if problems occur. . One penis problem you dont want is a stricture. Metal rods of increasing size pushed up the penis. Not a nice thing to see - even less nice for the male involved. https://www.centerforreconstructiveurology.org/urethral-stricture/dilation-urethrotomy-stent/ **When I worked in Urology - you`d be surprised what was found stuck in the rear passage of males- we saw everything from a pepper pot to ( not limited to) various vegetables. Causing emergency situations. So as with foreskins....sometimes you have to remove the offending obstacle, when its a matter of urgency.
  4. Why should it be a parents choice to hack off a childs foreskin.? Surely the foreskin is the childs. Unless its a medical need or emergency as the OP explained, I see no reason to remove a perfectly normal foreskin. Same with tongue ties, if theres an abnormality causing issue it requires intervention. As for jews routinely practicing circumcision... they used to have the foreskin bitten off by some `mohel` - even now some suck blood from a penis theyve cut the foreskin from.... If God made a baby in his likeness, then I`m presuming its because He had a foreskin. If all babies are born with a foreskin then that is how they are supposed to be...unless something occurs to prevent normal functioning. I cant see how jews would advocate a new covenant through Christ.... Didnt they kill him?
  5. Patronizing response and inaccurate. Not sure what you base your perceptions on - but hey far be it for me to p1ss on that parade.
  6. What are they exactly? ... I`m missing what you are saying. Are you suggesting blue or green eyed people with Rh Negative blood are Reptilian. ?
  7. Being a woman myself... I can honestly say that such an extreme onslaught of messed up menstrual cycles hasn't been usual conversation between females in my lifetime. It is more unusual than usual. When you do hear about it, it is often missing periods or flooding. Women over 65 suddenly getting a period after menopause is far from the norm. I cant see them wanting to be part of the online scene by discussing the state of their knickers either... tbh. ...
  8. yes, it happens frequently... it`s called bullying.
  9. Yes, although my ass is painfree - I do understand what you mean. For me, DI makes sense, I understand his thought processes. I also like his dry humour. A random bit of trivia is that a friend of mine`s common law husband is a second cousin of DI. The family is very down to earth and based on what I know about that side of the family from them, I would say it has helped me to assess my own thoughts on DI. (Never met him and probably not likely to...) However, there is no guarantee in anything. So, I let my instinct rule - and for me I believe he is genuine. I do think he sometimes``interviews`` questionable people... but if I were in his position I would want to get the word out and I don`t think I`d care which mode of spread I used to do so. For example Alex Jones.... I`m not a fan of him, but he has a wide audience and for me that would be the driving force. People question David`s lifestyle when he lives in a self professed ``small flat`` whilst earning quite a lot on You Tube ( before banning) and other platforms, as well as his books etc. I personally dont know whether he has more than one property and I dont really care tbh. Bottom line for me is he speaks that which resonates... this covid bullshit is just one of the many things he covers as it all merges to the same thing in my opinion. If his stance on covid is playing into the hands of the ``cabal`` then I`d like to know how...maybe someone has a suggestion? Because the only one I can come up with is to identify dissenters...which is a lot of work over thirty years for that.
  10. Thats assuming that the potential buyers want a child to raise. What bothers me about this is the possibility that babies are being conceived via this route for more nefarious purposes ( satanism etc.). It makes my skin crawl. Also, what happens when siblings unknown to each other meet and multiply.... This sounds like an un monitored profit based practice that could be used and abused and ultimately cause no end of problems....far outweighing depopulation and repopulation. I think the plannedemic involves much more than C19 - Its a plannedemic of all things controllable.
  11. Or give up our homes and our olive trees.
  12. Absolutely, it is sensible to have eyes wide open. I think the answer will have many facets.
  13. Yes,it will be interesting to see how they try to remove our right to self. We have seen them trying to bring in more ``mental health`` ``guidelines`` I`m sure they would love to be able to section dissenters. But I think that route will be one of many possible downfalls for them. Once people think they have no way out they will turn rabid. A cornered animal is a deadly one.
  14. Exactly... I personally dont buy into anything anyone says...even in this forum. I particularly dont like being told who to trust on a forum. We may not all have the same `instincts`about those who others find enlightening. Like you say we should all be trusting our own instincts. Thanks... ( out of likes)
  15. Well we do know that all pharma companies use placebo monitoring... what do you think they would use instead of saline in this instance? These gene therapies are still in trial after all. So safe to say they would need to be monitoring any placebo jabs. We also know that many have been killed by jabs before - look at in India for example and not just there. Even the Gardisil vaccine has caused deaths and paralysis... it`s not like its out of the ballpark to think along these lines.
  16. Yes, I know you were pointing out about your own experience. But you also said it could be a long term thing ( deaths and depopulation) based on your experience. I was merely pointing out that their have been reactions and deaths... and that I believe there could be a placebo monitoring going on. I actually do know of people who are and have had reactions from this gene therapy. Several are quite young. Loss of sensation in extremities, eye problems, stomach problems, heart attack within hours. One young woman of 30 started having convulsions right after. I am merely saying that based on the reactions that i personally know of this jab is attacking immune systems and nervous system, which could mean that major problems could arise at any time. At least we are both watching what is happening, which is a good thing. It`s good to know that people arent all falling under the spell of the mind control.
  17. How will they circumvent people`s right to autonomy over their own biological property in your opinion ?
  18. But there has been severe reactions and even death for some people. Dont you think it would become glaringly obvious if everyone started dropping at once. I personally think that based on the reactions so far and the ingredients of the vaccine...immune systems are being zapped...and each persons immune system is different... Thats not to say that some vaccines were not placebo.... I`m thinking they are monitoring based on batched number.
  19. Why does it need to be organised - just the fact that people pour into the streets should be enough for the ``establishment`` to sit up and take notice. Not everyone can travel to designated places at the moment for many reasons...not least physical impairments... If word got out for everyone to voice their stance by going into the main areas of their immediate locations and uploading these `protests`to media portals - it wouldnt take long before the 100 monkey syndrome could kick in. Why do protests have to be in one place - it should be all over. Look at the nations response with the clapping for NHS... every twat on a doorstep was making themselves heard....they even let off fireworks in some cases... Imagine if the country became a nationwide November 5th - It may seem stupid, but who knows who it could wake up... maybe it just needs a fire putting up their asses.
  20. I have a feeling that its not going to be fun... families will be separated by `wheat and chaff` division. Really will be a test for the inner soul.
  21. I`ve always been able to `see`things since I was a child. Heightened senses as it were. I remember adults always calling me ``an old soul`` or ``shes been here before`` Maybe it is simply a ``knowing``. I now see it in certain children and it seems that adults are at different levels of ``knowing``. It seems that even when some seem clued into what is going on with this current BS - they don`t always seem fully switched on to it. It seems like a dimmer switch ( LOL) in that it depends how much energy is being fed to the `knowing`` senses in any particular ``switched on`` person...
  22. How would anyone prove they had the virus...if they can`t prove the virus exists... ? Maybe they can re-use the PCR test like Kary Mullis said and make something out of nothing. I`d love to know which anti-bodies they are claiming are active in blood from C19...it`s mesmerizing how they can make up shit, sell it as a contagion and people buy it. They offer to pay 50 pounds for people to get a test that doesn`t test for anything they say it does... whether for free or being paid - the people line up to be plunged in the head with an extra long Q Tip as it scrapes as near to their brain ( or an excuse for one in many cases) as possible. Then they tell the people they could die from this invisible unidentified contagion and if they dont get immunized with a creation made from aborted fetus cells, monkey, hydrogel and the other crap, they will be responsible for killing off mankind with their careless behaviour. Most seem to have bought into the mysterious virus initially - but are slightly slower to accept the so called immunization, so the governments soldier ants get motivated to coerce the people, they go door to door dressed in hospital garb, or dress up like idiots- even as a singing syringe, and try to persuade people with doughnuts, or fries and a burger. Then those who have been attacked with the pointy end get really weird side effects, which they quickly tell about to friends. Not content with being sick themselves with anything from a sore eye, droopy chops, through loss of feeling sensations to upset stomach and the trots, they then want to make sure those they care about suffer in the same way and inquire when they are going to sacrifice themselves to the holy prick. They cant believe anyone would find this whole fiasco to be anything other than a genuine pandemic - they are absolutely oblivious to the fact that the Circus has come to town and they have been mind controlled to be in on the Act. If anyone had told us this even 2 years ago - they would have been called conspiracy theorists in tin foil hats. What is more puzzling...is how do some people not succumb to the mind control. What is different about most of us in this forum for example?
  23. Scuses for quoting own post.... but have they ever said where the variants go? I dont think I have ever seen it addressed...but I may have missed it.
  24. I guess there could be a positive to this...at least if they do it on public transport...planes etc. We could get more leg room.
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