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  1. All ages march for many causes..not simply one named `brand` Like the recent C19 freedom protests - ages ranged from children to the elderly. Categorizing based on age is Ageism and isnt pretty in my opinion.
  2. Yes, not all are our favourite crisps in life. But move on. I have a question for you. What was you initial thought when this corona stuff started and how did you get to your current thoughts on itʔ
  3. Drop the benefits posts as thats as condescending as the post towards you. Many need benefits...some are disabled, infirm, and genuinely unemployed...so get back on topic if thats why you are here. If it is, I for one am willing to listen to your posts. Stop derailing.
  4. I wouldnt let him drive you away... many here are interested in all views... but replying with profanity, appropriately or not doesnt help... If you have something of interest or value to contribute...keep posting.
  5. Join the club...just seeing her interviewing Robbie Williams was enough for me.
  6. They never had polio jabs at first. The polio `vaccine`was given on a sugar cube. The liquid on the cube was a pinky colour. I agree refrigeration has revolutionized health but I dont necessarily agree it was to do with a drop in polio numbers. Poverty brings many problems but I dont believe Polio was based on it. The reason I say this is that a few polio victims I know of were not from poverty. They had very good backgrounds and plenty to eat, with all available sanitation and fresh foods. I think it is too easy to blame everything on poverty - Many people with very little lived long lives into there late nineties with no major illnesses.
  7. I was drawn to this reference... What is different? Full review and amendments following Exercise Gryffindor (March 2018)
  8. Yes, it is causing something thats for sure. Some on this forum may remember me posting about a 30 year old femal I know of, who had bad reactions to the ``vaccine`` . She had vision and eye problems, loss of sensation in extremities and severe stomach cramps etc. Today i was told that since the jab she has not felt right and has not had a period since. This once again shows how severe some of these reactions are...not least the ones that are worse and deaths.
  9. That link shows no isolation of C19 as a virus. They are using vero cells.
  10. It cant be C19 virus...it hasnt been isolated. They are also not getting anything from a PCR test based on what its inventor said.
  11. Thanks. I hadn`t seen it before... I must have missed it or was before I joined. But yea, it really is a cesspool of rotters behind this BS.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SM-102 Not a fan of Wiki per se...but pretty much spells it out.
  13. Thats what I thought. Saw it posted by someone today ( the pic) so checked it first before posting.
  14. @TwopackShugar Why is that info funny?. I just saw it so thought Id post it. Is it not accurate.?
  15. https://clinicalcenter.nih.gov/meet-our-doctors/cgrady.html Christine Grady, MSN, PhD Chief, Bioethics Head, Section on Human Subjects Research BS. Georgetown University MSN, Boston College PhD, Georgetown University Email: [email protected] Phone: 301-496-2429 Dr. Christine Grady's contributions are both conceptual and empirical and are primarily in the ethics of clinical research, including informed consent, vulnerability, study design, recruitment, and international research ethics, as well as ethical issues faced by nurses and other health care providers. Dr. Grady is a nurse-bioethicist and a senior investigator who currently serves as the Chief of the Department of Bioethics. Dr. Grady has authored more than 175 papers in the biomedical and bioethics literature and authored or edited several books, including The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics. She served from 2010-2017 as a Commissioner on the President’s Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. Her work is known internationally, and she has lectured widely on ethical issues in clinical research and clinical care, HIV disease, and nursing. She is an elected fellow of the Hastings Center and of the American Academy of Nursing, a senior research fellow at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics and an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine. She holds a BS in nursing and biology from Georgetown University, a MSN. in community health nursing from Boston College, and a PhD in philosophy from Georgetown University. She has participated in numerous intergovernmental task forces and is the recipient of several awards, including the NIH CEO Award in 2017, and the NIH Director's Award in 2015 and 2017. See her Intramural Research Program.
  16. Yea, no doubt some more evil to come. Prince William 9.03pm ( 9+3 = 12, 1+2 = 3) 21st (2.1 = 3)
  17. I think definitions are for those who believe in whichever to decide. I am neutral...but I do pay attention to all beliefs ...............................and try to respect them....much like peoples names and ages.
  18. Anyway... back to the topic... Just noticed this in Canada. Covid Vaccines are available at the grocery store. ( Real Canadian Superstore ) The red symbol PC as in PC app for vaccine is for Presidents Choice...the brand for this store Real Canadian Superstore: https://covid19.realcanadiansuperstore.ca/en
  19. My guess is that Bill Gates is already a marked man. Hence, Melinda is tossing him to the wolves while maintaining a tidy sum for herself and her cubs. We have no proof that said cubs are Bills... and the notion that he has a dick may be merely assumption. I think he likely doesn`t like to share his junk - so his mark should be on his hand where he will get to see it often.
  20. Call it whatever you like... and stop beating around the bush...
  21. Maybe the positioning of it gives further info about the `marked`.. for example the nobility may get it to the head under the hair to show they are ``elite`` lol. The bottom feeders get it in the hand... if they have no right hand they will be shot and tossed on a pyre as being less than useful. I get the images from the actions of the Gestapo... same ilk will be the anti-christ...no doubt.
  22. June 21st...now isnt that an interesting date.... ``This day usually marks the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, ``
  23. He required all... Required is not necessarily a done deal. The mark could be a chip...or even a tattoo...
  24. The covidians of Aylmer are behind this churches problems. The locals rallied against the church. By locals I mean the mask wearing morons who fear for their lives from THE VIRUS ( LOL) They went nuts against this pastor and his congregation for daring to hold services during the Plandemic. Same in Waterloo )ntario and Wellandport. I imagine this was the same bullshit that Artur Pawlowski in Alberta came up against. The Mask Warriors v The Church.
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