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  1. I personally think you can read into a `lack of light`. I agree people have been mentally assaulted with the past year or so... but more than that it is trauma... the body and the mind reacts to trauma. It is this trauma that diminishes the energy field within a person, it it this zapping of positivity and the replacing with negativity that causes the lack of light and spiritual energy. Many people with PTSD will go on to commit suicide. No amount of `lifting`or``counselling`` can remove the damage done. I wouldn`t be so dismissive of the ``lack of light`` and ``positivity.`` Trauma to the spirit is often long term.. regardless of attempts to rectify the situation.
  2. There are people trying to stop it.... videos of it are on Facebook. The police are barring the protesters. There were kids there alone...and parents who took their kids. Protesters trying toget to them....saying they needed to be informed and that any consent is without being informed. I agree with you...Canada is off the deep end. Fully blown Zionist government... has been for some time. But not the only one I fear. Needs toppling...all of them.
  3. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this... In Toronto today at Nathan Philips Square they had a pop up vaccination centre. They are allowing anyone 12 YEARS OLD AND UP...to get the vaccine WITHOUT parental consent!!!!
  4. When writing books it is always better to not overload the content with superfluous vocabulary... Basically, David was stating at that time, that he believed himself to be one of many people who was created slightly differently. ( I believe in his spirituality) Whereas all beings are of the same consciousness - some are wired differently, maybe on a different wavelength or frequency, so to speak. We see this in mediums and clairvoyants as well as people who have heightened senses. I did not hear him say he was special in that he was specifically made by God and that everyone else was not. David has mentioned his own father and his mother on occasion, so obviously he knows he was ``born of woman and sired by man`` I think taking words in a literal sense is often where people lose the translation. David was very early on in his awakening to it all from what I can gather. He experienced things that he has since repeated many times. He is now 69 not in his thirties. I would imagine he would explain things much more clearly now, with his years of experience and understanding. But the bottom line is...he didnt say what the original poster said that he said. As for the looneys in the audience who were acting like self -righteous baboons... I wonder where they are now - now that much of what David has said has occurred.
  5. Anthony Fauci admitted in a recent podcast with actor Eugenio Derbez that the Covid-19 vaccine is experimental and being tested on the public. https://banthis.tv/watch?id=604bd4822659533ff14befa5
  6. KARY MULLIS - WHY I BEGAN QUESTIONING HIV www.bitchute.com/video/NmQZr9UqFOCE/
  7. I figured I would bring my post to this topic. I have noticed that many Kary Mullis posts in the Mega Thread seem to ``slide`` into past pages very quickly. Not sure why that is - but have a hunch. I am bringing two links to this thread. The first is a clip from a speech by Dr Robert Willner in which he exposes Dr Anthony Fauci and Gallo etc. The second is the full video of this speech. It may be a good idea if we save this videos from YouTube as I`m guessing they will disappear . https://www.facebook.com/barbarajoanjohnson/videos/10158941890302278/
  8. I guess this will be the excuse to go into peoples bank account and seize their money.
  9. Did you mention anyone....I havent picked faults as I havent seen who your definitions are. ...and agreed no-one is perfect
  10. Yes, Mullis said PCR cannot tell you are sick and cannot diiagnose disease. He said that you can find anything in anyone if you amplify it enough. (meaning it can be misused..as he says) Basically no way can that test show someone has covid or any other virus, retrovirus according to the inventor.... I`ll take his words over anyones in regard to PCR.
  11. Proper leaders in your opinion are who....
  12. This guy said same about Fauci, Gallo etc.
  13. After reading that link...I think I get what he could be saying. He seems to be saying that the vaccine is causing diseases ( variants). Which in turn would suggest that these new `variants`would be more transmittable, which they would be if they are a new set of ``man made illnesses that are being jabbed into the jabbered``. Luc Montagnier being the same dude that Kary Mullis approached to ask where he could find proof of the isolation of the AIDS virus. Montagnier told Mullis to use an article that had been published, which did not show that it had been isolated ....just told that it had been....Much like this mysterious covid 19 that arrived from nowhere thats been proven, has not been proven to exist and which has remained elusive to detection.
  14. Dr Robert Willner https://leecf67.blogspot.com/2021/03/deadly-deception-dr-robert-e-willner-md.html?fbclid=IwAR2i9-K_MXFpnXdaBN4fPG5OmkvFPER8wZle0iK3cvo1NuhQu7-3ZQQ1NwE
  15. Cant find this clip outside of Facebook at the mo... https://www.facebook.com/barbarajoanjohnson/videos/10158941890302278 Here is the full video: https://leecf67.blogspot.com/2021/03/deadly-deception-dr-robert-e-willner-md.html?fbclid=IwAR2i9-K_MXFpnXdaBN4fPG5OmkvFPER8wZle0iK3cvo1NuhQu7-3ZQQ1NwE
  16. Had to laugh when that pic showed up - my niece was saying how the ``leaders`` in UK all looked like they belonged in an asylum...just the look of them, and how we probably wouldnt trust them to look after a cat based on how they look. That pic looks like an absolute nutjob on steroids. Put him with this one and then this one:not forgetting this one.
  17. (hydroxychloroquine) Quercetin - It is a natural anti-inflamatory.
  18. I`ve asked my niece to ask her. Another wow moment for me is this.... My cousin in the UK called me today... She hasnt been feeling well. Not sure if this is explainable...but she has been helping two vaccinated neighbours. My cousin has not had the vaccine and doesn`t plan to. She is ten years post menopause...and on Monday she started bleeding for no apparent reason. It lasted a day and a half. She is getting a scan to see if anything shows up to explain this..but naturally I find it odd based on being around the neighbours. She also had bruising on her palms that has also now passed.
  19. You are right there. Canada is pathetic. It drives me nuts. I dont have TV...I do watch stuff online but the TV is a waste of time. The local radio stations are hosted by`- as David would say, those who dont have a brain cell on active duty.
  20. Which year did you get the polio jab, if you dont mind me asking? It says 1955 in USA was when given...I wonder why they switched to cubes...when no other was given by cube...It`s interesting isnt it?
  21. I agree... I hope you arent too extreme ..LOL
  22. I know... outside of that...I enjoy your posts usually.
  23. Right, researching it all certainly opens your eyes ehʔ So I imagine you arent having the vaccineʔ
  24. No, school marm tone...( just text) I remember you were fine with some other certain name callings...but if you are in sync with the fact that Ageism is a problem...I am happy to echo...echo...echo. :-)
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