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  1. I wish people wouldn't state things as facts when it is clearly opinion only. I do not just THINK I am getting through to some people I know... it is rude to assume that you know my situation.... just because you may not have success...does not mean others arent. Positivity is the key.
  2. There is only one battle...the battle for TRUTH.
  3. Whatthefoxhat said: Mainly because the vast majority of posters here (myself included) do not have an intimate understanding of the medical and biological terms used ,the threads are,and don't be personally offended by this,boring,and it ends up being a pissing contest on who can use the most incomprehensible words and citation after citation of documents that require an intimate understanding of the terms used We KNOW the pcr test is shit,we KNOW it has been used abused and flogged to death and whilst you continue to debate till the cows come home there are people dying,not of the pcr test but of vaccine related injuries. How about going out tomorrow to an event and start the debate there? perhaps educate a few people that are not aware ? The pcr test may appear to be the cornerstone of bringing the whole house of cards crashing down but i think that bus went past the stop long ago and they discontinued the service I am not offended...my medical past employment stands me in good stead. I educate people regularly thank you. The PCR test is the cornerstone of this scam... and as for the bus...the key is to keep jumping on the next bus and making sure it arrives at the next stop. I notice that you often like to minimise such important issues... but being negative and defeatist doesnt help really. Focus of this thread is Kary Mullis and PCR... not whether or not you or others have missed the bus...please dont take offence.
  4. Yes, thanks...been trying to direct it there... with resistance... :-)
  5. I think you are wrong and thats a defeatist attitude. I always try to awaken people and with success. I know the TV is the mega brainwashing machine....but we all have a part in survival of mankind.
  6. He didnt allude to AIDS...he actually mentioned AIDS HIV. It would take more than reading one thing to convince me of anything...but exosomes he mentions in one of his videos..describes the process. He clearly knew what he was talking about. Yes, that is what Kary Mullis was saying in essence.There are people trying to debate this...even in this forum... Yes, I am very aware of corrupt courts. I am waiting on a book being published about a case in which the system was and is corrupt. Then why dont we open up a proper debate about true information re Kary Mullis and PCR.. The potential is here...it has to start somewhere. But every time someone tries the thread gets sidetracked almost on cue.
  7. Lets be clear, Kary Mullis did not say C19 was a real virus. His videos are here in this thread for anyone of doubt. The Mollison hocus pocus is NOT Kary Mullis.
  8. That is your opinion...however what Kary Mullis actually said is fact. The only KM who has the whole picture is Kary Mullis the Nobel Prize winner and scientist extraordinaire. If you choose to believe in the magical thats your prerogative... This thread is, I understand, to be about Kary Mullis not magical manifestations of questionable origin. I respect your beliefs...but I prefer the factual.
  9. I think if people pushed the facts surrounding the PCR test as has been mentioned here before...it would help to wake the sleeping. The tests that brought about this madness are not accurate for what they were brought in to do. It would be like using a colonoscopy when when looking for a concussion.
  10. Yes ok, I just wanted to clarify for anyone coming here and weren`t sure....as I read it as meaning he was not referring to so didnt know and couldnt say. Thanks for confirming he was referring to all viruses.
  11. You and @zarkov miss the point here. Kary Mullis was talking about viruses ( all) and about the PCR test. Obviously, ``they`` are claiming C19 to be a virus, so would be encompassed by Mr Mullis`s speech. Also, we know the PCR test has been being used to so say detect the ``virus``... Mr Mullis clearly states it cannot detect a virus, tell you that you are sick or diagnose disease. His speech was relating to the HIV but was directed at all viruses if you listen to the video. I think for people to be saying he didnt specifically mention C19 is irrelevant, as he actually said all viruses and due to the amplification cycle you could find anything in anyone. He also blasts Fauci and Co. He specified that Fauci & Co had an agenda..and that they knew nothing about anything and should not be doing what they are doing. That Fauci lies. etc etc. Not directing this specifically at you...but for any newcomers to draw the conclusion that Mr Mullis was clueless about C19 so his speech doesnt matter would be unfortunate and essentially wrong, as he did speak for ALL viruses.
  12. Likely another distraction. If one set of morons is overthrown they will install another set... imo
  13. Looks good...but I dont have the first clue how to implement it...totally not tech savvy.
  14. How do you know where people gather...that is merely a belief you have. We can feel and sometimes see frequencies, this is fact...but saying that people and reptiles gather in a place, is a belief not a fact. Maybe you can obtain a photo of such a gathering and maybe it will be taken seriously by those of us who require more than words. I dont mean to sound rude and I understand people have their various beliefs and faiths... but not everyone gullibly believes what they are told...Karl Mollison doesnt ring true to me either... still waiting to feel the truth vibe.
  15. Im not buying it. I think Kary Mullis was an unusual guy...not lended to such ``channelling`` that is my opinion.
  16. because people have an aversion to fungus...playing with peoples minds.human fongoids spreading stories about funguses,
  17. C`mon you use Icke in your User name...please dont say its something personal and sentimental to you... Plus the IKEA phonetic lends to something cheap and serviceable. Putting the two together on Di forum says it all dont you think? Correct me if I`m wrong...I love to learn
  18. I try not to be cynical... where there is life there is hope.
  19. My sister in UK just messaged...asking for three good videos to show someone who is due to get vaccine.... Which videos are the best to try to discourage getting jabbed in you guys opinions?
  20. Did Kary Mullis die naturally...or was it something more....the timing of his death was extremely interesting: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=SGUXNOA7KYX7
  21. May have been a natural death..or it may not have been: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=SGUXNOA7KYX7
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