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  1. I was thinking also it could be fibroids for example...its just strange it started right after being with vaccinated neighbour. Could be coincidence...but maybe not. Yes I feel she is in danger...I have been advising to try anywhere to get a scan...we need to kow what if anything shows up on it. Shes worried about going to the hospital, any hospital but she really needs a scan. I told her to keep on asking.... she says she will see a doctor on Monday, hopefully it leads somewhere that helps. She has children and is trying to sort it all out. She is definitely not having the vaccine herself...but understands the possible risks from those who have had it. Im in Canada but do keep in touch several times a day... trying to monitor her situation.... she is very anxious and scared that she will be inadvertently be put on a `covid ward` - She has said she will pay for a scan if necessary.... if that happens and something is wrong the liability is with the neglecting hospital. Thank you for your input and help...and thank you to everyone who has offered help by suggestions. I am out of likes at the moment but very grateful to you all.
  2. All roads lead to Convid it seems :-O https://www.news-medical.net/news/20201012/Suramin-shows-promise-as-COVID-19-treatment.aspx
  3. Id like to see someone try to access my arse with a swab. They may get more than they bargained for....in more ways than one.
  4. Lets hope it is something that needs treating not something that cant be. Best of luck with it all.
  5. She had her period just over a week prior to this. This is actual flooding... all over her car, her clothes and her home...At least two dozen clots the size of apple.
  6. My son is unvaccinated and apparently his friends put a magnet on a few vaccinated friends. The magnets do stick...this is not a hoax.
  7. Yes, to me it sounds like they are wanting to stop the bleeding in order to keep her away from the hospital in the short term. BUT, she desperately needs a scan... I worked as a nurse for years and the first thing they should be doing is looking at what is going on... but no, they want to alleviate a symptom without finding the cause. Also, she is still experiencing clots that are two thirds the size of her whole hand. The second drug I mentioned that is for stopping clots and thinning blood was being given to so called covid patients together with the clotting drug. So for these patients you have to wonder what on earth they are getting once admitted for this convid. My niece just got the drug for clotting....when she is bleeding and clotting at the same time. Thhe first thing they should have done at Emerg was take her blood pressure....but nothing. So she has been bleeding volumes and clots, for a week come tomorrow. This is in Leicester UK..
  8. OK, so my niece in the UK is not vaccinated. Last weekend she went to a birthday party for her neighbours child. The neighbour is vaccinated. The following day my niece starts bleeding very heavily...(not her period as that was a week earlier) ... she went to Emerg Dept and was told it would be a 5 hour wait and she would have to stand as there were no chairs. She left after an hour as she felt faint. She called an ambulance... they told her the wait would be the same as the hospital was keeping them waiting too. They helped her get an appointment the next day with a doctor at the hospital... she was the only one there...she took a pic and sent it to me. The doc prescribed her Tranexamic Acid, a drug to stem bleeding and cause the body to clot!!! She was producing large clots as well as bleeding so this interested me as well as alarming me. I looked up the drug and found this: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04338126 and https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/history/NCT04338126?V_1=View#StudyPageTop I noticed that it said that when prescribed for so called ``covid`` patients they also prescribed Lovenox at the same time. Lovenox is an anticoagulant...so it does the opposite of what the Tranexamic Acid does: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01356329 Something seems really weird to me...and the treatment at the hospital is negligent at best. Still no scan of her pelvic area... she is still bleeding. I dont think we have any real truth about what is actually happening to vaccinated people or people who are taken into hospital and are given trial drugs.... Mortifying.
  9. Are you serious? No wonder no one wants to see that. Please give details of a clear and concise account of what was done to isolate the ``virus`` - not a bunch of letter numbers and obfuscation. If this was isolated then someone somewhere would know exactly how it was done... We have heard from other immunologists and virologists who have explained that this so called virus was never isolated from everything and that other agents had been added in the process. Who has the time to sift through that... and government sites too... Thats like asking the police to investigate one of their own. Thanks for providing ``your links`` tho. But Im still waiting on the process of isolation.
  10. I think its the mouth that does it for me haha...and what comes out of it... More mouth than a cows got udder
  11. go ahead post your links... Ive had doctors admit its not isolated...and also here in Canada the government could not provide that evidence in court. So please post your links and lets see if there is a revelation in there. I`m on board to be shocked senseless.
  12. They are saying the same here in Canada...80% vaxxed...but doctors we know say they believe up to 53% are unvaxxed.
  13. I have watched the sun set many times over Lake Huron...absolutely beautiful...BUT it does not get smaller, It stays huge.
  14. If you have to say ``Ì think..`` at the beginning of your comment or opinion...it remains merely an opinion and not a fact. In contrast Basket Case provided you with the following facts...which you sought to dismiss with opinion: BC: The fact that there's no pandemic. No excess deaths. Miss -diagnosed deaths falsely attributed to con-19. No isolated virus - only a computer model.
  15. Mr Catchpole, a virologist, said the variant — which is being grown from an original human sample — has proven harder to develop than the original Wuhan strain. The clue is that it was harder to develop... as in it didnt occur naturally haha
  16. I dont mind hearing updates about you tube tbh. I like some of your posts but not all of them...you no doubt feel same about mine...but lets be fair... whether we like all posts or not...everyone has a right to post what is relevant to this current ``corona`` bullshit.
  17. I found the puppy in transition:
  18. haha easy to shoot down as a UFO. Hopefully they dont fly over hunter territory in Canada. They wont last long. LOL Even my grandson can accurately shoot down a clay pigeon from half a field away and he`s 10.
  19. hmmm... I love it when the doom and gloom comes out of nowhere seemingly. Have you considered that with bullshit such as covid, eventually it gets old, stale, a bit like Peter crying ``wolf``. I personally dont see how blaming the unvaccinated will add up, in the scheme of things. Especially when the unvaccinated arent the ones getting sick...it seems to be the vaccinated getting all the problems. How long will that go unnoticed...I wonder. jab or camp seems more like a way to coerce the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. I think it will take more than that to be honest. Dont you think if the unvaccinated are put on death row so to speak, they will start fighting with all they have and with nothing to lose I would not want to be on the receiving end of their wrath.
  20. Maybe they stayed socially distanced in them there caves where they are supposed to be living. I wonder where they park their new trucks and SUV`s !!!
  21. Just in time for those poor kids who get vaccinated. Evil bastards... https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-first-oral-blood-thinning-medication-children
  22. Ontario Canada...apparently they want all children vaccinated: https://www.cp24.com/news/herd-immunity-no-longer-possible-without-vaccinating-young-children-public-health-ontario-1.5560415?fbclid=IwAR1fLx8EEbXJUnMVmPo8FJzutfKrxtul0iQwDG7VIpbTt7Bu12F_Q-MTtG0
  23. There are a few on this forum who are here to stop any progression to overturn what is happening. I agree with you... why should people sit back and take it. Blockading roads and ambushing are things that the system uses against the people.... maybe its time to turn it around and use those same actions on them.... after all we are the many ...they are the few. Surely blocking them in their ivory towers should have the desired effect.. Maybe thats why they are buying islands and putting up barbed wire fencing around... maybe they think they can have their black helicopters drop off supplies... Always good to be a few steps ahead...
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