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  1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/uCuDbZ5haChZ/ ( I mentioned this on here last year - but since this new video by DI I am posting again) This is absolutely true. This is what happened to my mother during the period March 17th till her death in late March 2020. She had pneumonia, was apparently taken from the care home on the 14th to hospital with pneumonia. Given antibiotics and was recovering. The hospital decided to put her on end of life care and decided to liaise with only one of mum's three children ( who then decided she wouldnt stay with her and be by her side) Said daughter went along with it and us other two were not told. ( I was told my mum had a cold just 5 days prior when I called) Then on March 18th a niece let slip to my other sibling that my mum was in a bad way and not going to live. I immediately got on a plane and travelled through this bullshit to get to her. After fighting covid bullshit that was trying to keep me out of the care home....I fought hard to get in. The GP agreed that it was inhumane to not allow me in. So once in - I stayed there and never left. I was told by a nurse at the care home that my mum was much better when she got back from the hospital but that she was put on end of life care and that she was not able to have meds, food, fluids or air ( should air be required) Mum had already deteriorated by the time I got there which took two days almost, due to the BS at airports. I said they had to give her fluids and they pointed to a ''cup of tea'' which was actually tea with some gel stuff making it look like a thick brown gunk. I said to give her proper tea...they said she would choke... The infection in her lungs was killing her and the lack of nutrition was speeding it up. My mum could touch my face when I'd got there and smile ...within 5 days she was unable to move and looked extremely uncomfortable. It was heartbreaking... she dehydrated in front of me and her life left her a few days later. Had I not made the journey to comfort her she would have died alone - my two siblings would not stay with her and the staff never came into the room until an hour after she passed. They tried to put time of death as the time they came in...I quickly told them the correct time to the minute. They said I could have called to them. What were they going to do if I'd called - deny me even more time with her no doubt. The removal of antibiotics was the beginning of the end. Denial of fluids, food and all sustenance. This was deliberate. It was murder.
  2. Oh yea... them aliens wont land on the tump thats fer shur.
  3. You do tend to jump about a bit in what you believe in though...if I may say so. I have noticed for some time that you are not here because you are necessarily interested in David Icke....may I ask what your belief is insofar as this elusive ''virus''?...and what are your thoughts on the vaccine.? We have seen many factual links posted here and many first hand experiences... there is a maxim of law that says " From the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses the truth will be revealed" Do you simply disregard all other experiences and wait for your own...or do you sometimes realize that there is a point where coincidence is no longer applicable? You mentioned earlier about someone you know dying of covid in Poland.... I have an in law who is Polish and they have had reports out of Poland initially saying someone died of covid...but then as time went on they realized it was because thats what they were told and not based on the reality. I thought I would mention this...anyway I was just wondering your actual stance on covid, the vaccine and DI.
  4. Went to my chiropractor today ( non mask wearer, no vaccine) she said she has to be around the vaxxed and that she has had 3 nose bleeds lately..never had one before. She now has a form for her clients to sign asking if vaxxed and which vax and when and how many ( 1 or 2). She is keeping track of it as she believes there is something transferring. I definitely think some peoples personalities have changed over the past 6 months or so... its noticeable. It makes you feel like you have alien qualities....or they do.
  5. Always fascinates me how these zomboids think their rage is so much more potent than the rage of the unmasked. If they only knew... one false move and they'd be decked. They could swing first...but after that.....self defense. LOL
  6. I have some gummies with Vit C and Zinc... can give to kids too. Vit D drops and magnesium I take also.
  7. I'd like to sting a few bastards right now...if I knew where to find them.
  8. Especially these days. Bear spray at the very least in the back pocket lol.
  9. I was there in February and didnt see any syringes. Would be easy to see the approaching enemy from there @alexa :-)
  10. Right on cue....https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/uk-vaccine-passport-plans-be-scrapped-telegraph-2021-05-30/?fbclid=IwAR1T30b5-zYzHAgF5vxbieKt5InOxcA5nDA8SuhDOr7I9fF9cIj86xnhqrY
  11. I wonder whether someone on here told their boss about the video
  12. I think a controlled opposition would confront a Rothschild if it had been preplanned. It would be a way to get authenticity as a truther while having the sanctioning of the Redshield clan.
  13. That is what I am saying... thanks for agreeing.
  14. Where is the shit load of evidence from the extraterrestrials ?
  15. I can see what she is doing...the same as Russell Brand has done. They are the controversial celebrities... bringing truth in a chameleon cloak. It is the switching gears that these types do that was the point of my post.... It is a case of running with the hares and hunting with the hounds in my opinion.
  16. Agreed, my sense is that she and others like her that seem to speak out now and then are the types that can switch gears very quickly...much like Russell Brand. They lure in a certain demographic and then become unsavoury..thus causing the general zombie public to point fingers at the madman, madwoman and their ``followers`` - strategy strategy strategy...
  17. They also use Ethyl Acetate to decaffeinate teas and coffees. This is also bad for humans. In high doses causes kidney problems at the very least. Most people drink a tea or a coffee daily.... and many now prefer decaff. So if they give them a decaff tea of coffee after the vax...a double whammy.
  18. https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/uk-vaccine-passport-plans-be-scrapped-telegraph-2021-05-30/?fbclid=IwAR2zVFzzHF4ZstEp0jU3ZobhDt5BNrJZNCK6zeiZlZED7WNJKjZBp95tYQg
  19. I didnt say the person was getting sympathy... but in my opinion...many people havent accessed anything other than the TV and the programming of every droid they meet in stores and such. I think we should be hoping that people eventually wake up and smell the hoax - not necessarily hope they rot in their ignorance.
  20. I know a girl of 30 who has had many eye problems since having the vax. Ocular problems are very common with this therapy. Sorry to hear your mom`s health is under pressure. Hopefully she mentioned this vax connection to her GP.
  21. From what I can tell the story of Operation Cyanide is now considered to be the ``USS Liberty INCIDENT``... where the U.S. ship USS Liberty was attacked by Israelis. 34 Americans lost their lives. Israel claimed they were mistaken and attacked in error, later apologizing and making reparations. The paid millions in settlement to the USA and to the families of the dead and to the wounded. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Liberty_incident However, those on board at the time say it was deliberate. There is a book by Peter Hounam which claims it was part of ``Operation Cyanide``. ``Hounam reveals that the attack was part of a clandestine plan between the US and Israel known as "Operation Cyanide," designed to ensure victory for Israel in the Middle East. By blaming the attack on the Arab world, retaliation on a grand scale would be justified. A massive cover-up has endured to this day -- the attack on the Liberty remains the only maritime incident that has not been investigated by Congress.`` https://www.amazon.com/Operation-Cyanide-Bombing-Liberty-Nearly/dp/1904132197 Operation Cyanide: Why the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War III, (2003) suggesting that USS Liberty attack by Israel, with the connivance of President Johnson (USA), was to be blamed on Egypt, to justify attacking that country. ISBN 978-1-904132-19-6. The Israelis clearly did not appreciate Hounans book and the following year ( in an unrelated matter but still focusing on Israeli secret missions): ``At 9.30pm on 26 May 2004, while working on a BBC documentary about Vanunu, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mordechai_Vanunu was taken from his hotel in Jerusalem by five plainclothes Shin Bet officers, reportedly for having contact with Vanunu, who is not allowed to see foreigners. Before being taken, Hounam was able to inform Amnesty International of his arrest, but did not get access to a lawyer.`` On 27 May 2004, the Jerusalem District Court imposed a gag order, preventing further details of the arrest from becoming known. Hounam was scheduled to make a court appearance, as the security services request permission from the courts to continue holding him. Reportedly, on 22 May 2004, Vanunu was secretly interviewed for The Sunday Times, by Yael Lotan, an Israeli journalist. Her two-hour interview was videotaped by an Israeli television crew. Hounam apparently knew of the interview, and was planning to use portions of it in his documentary. He had been on his way to meet Lotan when he was arrested. Hounam's wife Hilarie Hounam disputed the allegations that her husband violated the conditions placed upon Vanunu's release. Speaking from the family's home in the Scottish town of Aberfeldy she said: "Peter has been absolutely scrupulous in following the letter of the regulations. He hasn't talked to him [Vanunu] since the day of his release, and everything has had to be done second- or third-hand, through his brother and through lawyers." She added: "I think the secret services can pretty much do what they like in Israel, and this is of no surprise to Peter — he's known Israel well for 18 years and has been following Vanunu's case all that time." Hounam was detained for a day, during which the case attracted intense media coverage, and after which he was released without charge. Israeli Attorney Menachem Mazuz ordered his release, after consulting with Shin Bet officials and representatives of the Israeli Justice Ministry. Hounam returned to the UK on 28 May 2004, and the BBC announced it would broadcast the Vanunu interview the following Sunday.
  22. I find it strange that they are claiming that Charles and Willy have had covid...yet they stopped all engagements once the hoax was rolled out and no one else in their ``elite``clan got it. Compare that to most regular families who do not have the mansions and castles to hide away in like they do - most families i speak to, no-one has had the enigmatic covid lurgy. Then consider that Blowjob Johnson and Justin Trudope have encountered the lurgy too...along with a few other high profilers who made front page. Should we believe that these ``better offs`` have useless immune systems, or that they are part of this or being paid to be part of this utter bullshit? I think we know the answer to that!
  23. 1. Why be such a Nobby Negative? Where does it say anyone is being guided? They are trying to keep the crowd together for maximum effect. 2. Who cares if an organization is there so long as people are building in numbers and exposing truths - if there are infiltrators so be it.... if numbers keep growing the infiltrators will be in a precarious situation...as will any asshole police. People dont want to stay home twiddling their fingers or whatever they twiddle with and just let the bullshit get a free reign... Rebellion has to start somewhere...and the 1% need to be afraid. 3. Yes we are already free...but we have oppressors who are out to strip that from us and we should be out there in numbers...increasing at every protest. 4. I dont think people in the protest are falling in with a narrative...they are clearly not happy with the current bullshit. I know of cars of people that were going there from Bristol and area and from Leicester. Had I been in the UK I would have gone...and I am definitely not a fall in `er or in fear or guided by anyone.
  24. Not sure...but she thinks from protection of kids standpoint was what was meant.... but who knows what was okayed on the show.
  25. Can anyone tell me if they have heard on breakfast TV in UK the doctors saying that the vaccinated should stay away from children. ? My sister in UK said she heard this on breakfast TV.
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