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  1. So what is it they're killing off old people with in the vaccine? A. Do you know for sure that it isn't aiding a swift demise? (feel free to make something up) A. (I dont need to make something up, its all out there....) . They try to get the elderly 'diagnosed' with 'covid' then decide they should be placed on end of life care. Then they die. They also vaccinated them first and by some sheer coincidence this sped up their deaths. Are all viruses fake? A. ''Viruses are not living things. Viruses are complicated assemblies of molecules, including proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates, but on their own they can do nothing until they enter a living cell. ... Therefore, viruses are not living things.Jun. 9, 2004'' Are Viruses Living? - virology blog based on the above and in the words of Kary Mullis there are millions of viruses - and its unlikely that you wont find at least one of them in anyone. The matter at hand in this thread is.... 'covid19' has not been isolated as a virus...therefore it cannot be amplified via PCR as a standalone virus. Further referencing Kary Mullis... he said PCR can amplify anything to give you the ability to make something out of nothing. Are we really going to go there. A. Why dont you want to 'go there' ?
  2. Just wondering...is your user pic supposed to look like an eye with the sun in the middle...? How do you know that anyone died of 'covid'...did you ask for the isolate and compare findings with your deceased acquaintances body materials..? Unless outright proven to exist, this claimed virus is merely an illusion being used to control people. The flu has disappeared yet you say that 'covid' is more dominant - I'm guessing you believe the claimed 'covid' computer generated spiked ball had it out with the flu bug and took it over. You didn't mention how your believed 'covid' symptoms differ from the flu...could you elaborate? Being that most 'covid' 'sufferers' are without symptoms are you suggesting this brutal 'covid' bug goes into dormant mode or simply gets a strop on and refuses to react inside those whose blood tastes 'off' ....is there a reason in your mind that explains this? Cemeteries are no busier Funeral Directors no busier Hospitals less busy Doctors less busy But we are in a pandemic of epic proportions...so we are told.... I have to say anyone who cannot join the dots here leaves me questioning their purpose....
  3. He's not my type... him and his shoes could stay under my bed. So long as he was securely chained to something so I could sink my fist into him every time he opened his mouth. I think a whole new system of leadership ( rather than governance) is required. A central dictatorship has never been something that has made any sense to me.The virus crap has really escalated those thoughts for me.
  4. https://acrobiosystems.com.cn/A1258-.html?fbclid=IwAR2hVfnz4qO5yUMXLoNtf1sPE3l1tOcSE8YGmEvepOEJ5y9-iBkOcBUND6E
  5. I'm so glad coming to this site keeps you sane and tremendous admiration for not being willing to compromise your beliefs and most of all for being a carer to your sister. You have my respect. Like you I think it would be nice to have a way to interact in person with like minded people. Maybe we can eventually find a way to do this...I know I think about that one a lot...on local level and the grander scale....
  6. I see what you mean... I just see the conditioned becoming very much loose cannons. I went to get blood test yesterday...no mask... A guy about 30 standing in the queue of people, says to me after staring at me for a few minutes " You're not wearing a mask, ma'am" I replied " 10 out of 10, you are correct, I am not wearing a mask" His mouth dropped open for a few seconds and he said " I dont like wearing them either, but its for the safety of others" I asked " Have you had the shot ( Canadian for 'jab' ) he said " Yes I have" I said "well presumably you believe it will work for you and keep you safe - and coupled with your mask you must feel almost invincible - so you and those like you should be feeling safe and not scared right" "Not everyone has had it'' he says. Me: " No a lot arent going to have it and there is a reason for that. So dont you worry about me not wearing a mask, and I am not having an excuse for a vaccine either - just stay at least 6 feet away from me because I dont want to get what you have had injected into you, as my immune system only works with organic viruses" He replied " You've got a nerve you have, you're not even wearing a mask" Me: ''You've got a nerve expecting me to wear a mask to make you feel better - mind your own business what I do" Woman comes out from lab and beckons me in ...says " Can you go sit in cubicle 3 as you dont have a mask and someone will be in to take blood" I turned to the guy and said " See my choices come with perks" LOL. Hi was livid, face like a beetroot.
  7. Just because you think something is 'bat shit crazy' doesnt make it so. I think you will find that DI does correct himself when needed - and that is what you are trying to coerce to 'reinvents what he is saying'. 'Strong likelihood' ...based on what exactly? and 'probably' is again a speculative word so yes of course we can see it is 'all just your speculations' ...and as for a 'FKN VIRUS'.....yeah there are a gazillion of 'em. But not one has been identified as Covid 19.
  8. Do you mean the unconditioned... ( I certainly think some who are wide awake will experience the pressure of the programming for sure.... but hopefully knowing what is actually happening and being ahead in the 'game' will help maintain sanity...
  9. I think it explains what is happening right now... people are being conditioned...to the point where they feel they MUST keep doing what the conditioning got them to do. I think eventually what happened to Tyke will be what happens to people who cannot bear the thought that they cannot break free...even if it is simply the conditioning making them think it. Some will literally go insane either with classic insanity symptoms, go on killing rages or commit suicide. They think there is no way out and nothing they can do to stop it. The ''Nothing'' takes over Fantasia.
  10. I get what you mean...its hard to fathom that people are so thick. I know many dont look into anything they just watch the News...and some I have spoken to are genuinely shocked when you say what you think....its like you have brought out an axe ready to hatchet them. But if you keep saying that its all there on the government websites and yet they wont tell you, you have to go looking. I did this yesterday as I had to get some bloodwork done....a lady said after wide eyedly listening to me " Theres something else going on isnt there" I said ''oh most definitely - the gestapo rises again''...and went in for my appointment. At least it gave her something to think about.
  11. I thought there was a South African variant.
  12. Chained Elephant Syndrome Also known as the chained elephant syndrome, it describes a person who is conditioned at a young age to believe that he has no power to overcome limitations, real or imagined. And so he grows up never really trying to be more than what he is or to do more. This is based on how men have controlled captive elephants over the years. Trainers have observed that when the calves are tethered with ropes or chains, the animals will eventually get used to the idea that they are simply too weak to break free.
  13. In biblical times they apparently lived hundreds of years....but i wasnt there so i cant verify.
  14. Intelligence is known to often border on insanity.
  15. Excuse me for quoting myself...but I have just found the document that I signed to say that my mum was to receive antibiotics, fluids, air when required and that she was to go into hospital when required. All of this was ignored when she was put on end of life care, antibiotics, fluids and food removed - accompanied by a DNR that I have also not agreed to on the said form. I have applied for all notes pertaining to the period in question - based on what I saw I am pretty sure they gave mum Midazolam and Morphine together, just waiting on the confirmation.
  16. Long walk lol.... if it was someone else it might have been his last walk. Something tells me Witless was shatting himself just about then. They all need to feel that way...lying evil bastards.
  17. You get them every ten years ( if decide to get them) ...so I imagine once you leave childhood you will get a max of ten ...then I'm guessing they wont work...as you'll be dead.
  18. Canada firing up the insect protein plants....no surprise here... Canada the worlds testing ground for levels of complacency and stupidity: https://aspirefg.com/
  19. Switch gears... from covid and vaxxes to insects..The insect foods are on their way ( Ill find a suitable thread as kindof off topic past the switching of gears: https://london.ctvnews.ca/holy-crickets-world-s-largest-cricket-processing-plant-coming-to-london-ont-1.5030830 https://aspirefg.com/
  20. Well I was offered one in March...so they must still be going!!
  21. Can someone tell me the name of the covid '''vaccine'' creator whose you tube channel was deleted recently?
  22. https://www.bitchute.com/video/g2UOYbt5D62H/
  23. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. It is strange how the Polish people were at first thinking the deaths were from covid...but they seem to have started realizing it is probably a ruse. I agree it was likely something like pneumonia...this happened to my mum. ( I posted about it a few posts back) I agree that ventilators were being used inappropriately as they are very rarely needed for respiratory infections and would make the situation worse oftentimes. The cemetery my mum was buried in has only had three other burials in the past year...and I called other cemeteries and was told they are not busy. I think maybe older vaccines may have had some efficacy...but even on that I am divided. Tetanus vaccine is not even needed....tetanus can be treated should it occur...so why pump boosters into people on the regular. thanks again for your post.. :-)
  24. Clearly you have no clue... I was speaking an opinion and an opinion that was tongue in cheek. Do I have to put a smiley icon every time I post to get that across. Peoples opinions are not fact...they are opinion. Stop twisting words because you have some chip on your shoulder. My post CLEARLY says they think!!!!! It was not a definite. The LOL at the end is surely indicative of the tone. Kindly stop having a go...its been going on for weeks with you. Get out of my face.
  25. Deterrent - they will buy peoples obedience with ice cream, burgers and fries etc and deter them with fines, harassment and jail... MUST COMPLY -
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