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  1. Yes, I have Fibromyagia...although very much under control now due to a protocol. But it can flare up. I believe it was brought on by flouroquinolone antibiotics and stress - from the antibiotics and a string of circumstances. Those antibiotics are evil...it took years to get rid of the symptoms with the regimen of chelation therapy.
  2. Not wanting to be rude....but do you even think or research anything before you type? Sticking ones head in the sand is one thing...but actually expecting people to believe the above when clearly it isnt the case is rather ominous... You are clearly not a molecular biologist or such...and putting what you have written out there as truth is expecting to be lambasted tbh. It's one thing putting out something that is still up for debate...but that is not the case with your post...if you dont mind me saying. Suggesting everything is bullshit and blowing kisses right after is provoking....to say the least.
  3. Agree.... and maybe rice, pasta, dried milk, protein bars etc....Do we have a preppers thread?
  4. It is also common for people to get fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome from any virus...and also from certain antibiotics that are given during bacterial infections such as sinusitis, pneumonia and the like. This extreme fatigue suggests Fibro or CFS to me... which can go on for ages...and forever in some cases. I think they are putting 'covid' to many common ailments that have been around for eons.... not to forget that vaccine which contains Gad knows what!!!
  5. Funny you should say that... while at the park we were picking daisies and clover... the purple and white and pink clover was there, my granddaughter was in her element. She is very strong willed and comes out with things like no other child Ive known and Ive had some forthright kids of my own haha. She did a drawing for me one day...and I said " Oh Ill put that on my fridge, can you put your name on it?" ( I have other grandkids so was wanting to distinguish as time went on as I keep all their stuff) My granddaughter promptly replied... " You saw me do it - so why do you need me to put my name on it...?" haha speechless again... made speechless by a five year old is becoming a regular theme these days ....LOL This is the same granddaughter that refused to wear a mask... and has figured out there is no ''sickness''... ( must be a genetic predisposition...!!! )
  6. Just to add to the continuum of brainwashing in schools... My near 5 year old granddaughter goes to a Catholic School here in Canada. Her mothers choice. ( DIL). I was walking to the park, just me and my granddaughter this week and I said " How are you liking school?" She replied " I hate it, they keep saying the same things that I already know because they tell me all the time." I asked her what that was... She said " They keep talking about Jesus...and I already know about Jesus because they have told me already.... he loves us and wants us to do good....but Nana... I want to learn about butterflies and birds and things like that. All they do is talk about things that I already know or dont want to know about..." At first I was a bit speechless, which is unusual for me!!! So then she said... but at least I can see my friends and have some fun there when I go back after this sickness ..but no one is sick my friends arent sick and their parents arent sick - so I dont know whats going on. I said " Well sometimes people get things wrong and when you get older you will see that a lot - so just be you and ask lots of questions ok" She gave me a big hug and said " You are my best friend" haha made my day....
  7. I agree...it was the 1980's....one of my sons experienced a manic teacher in early nineties...class was asked to do an essay about a pet. We didnt have any pets at the time so my son wrote an essay about having a pet jaguar...!!! ( Needless to say years later Dora The Explorers brother Diego had a pet jaguar, and they made TV show about it...but hey) So my son takes his essay back to school to hand it in and later that day he was absolutely vilified by the teacher. She had scratched red pen throughout his story with the words 'this is lies' written on it. She humiliated him in class and told the kids that they must do what is asked and not invent stuff...My son was devastated at the time and it prompted me to visit the bitch at the school. I gave the Canadian cow a bit of British wrath I can tell you. Asked her what happened to praising innovation, imagination, creativity and the ability to think for oneself!!! She told me it was to be about a pet!! I said ''he doesnt have a facking pet...so he invented one.... would you have preferred he didnt do his homework?'' Since that very day which has remained deeply imprinted in my sons memories, he has left school and self taught himself everything he knows. He works remotely and is doing amazingly well and is currently investing in property down south. He says that the day that twat of a teacher did that it set the pace for him never to pay attention to anyone and to trust his own initiative... So Mrs Scott wherever you are - you prompted success from your downright bullying manipulative forced curriculum that prevents kids questioning and using their intelligence. Hope you have got the vaccine....and the follow up. My son is not getting any. End.
  8. Talking of SAGE... I once worked for a professor at a major University in Canada. This person was invited by SAGE ( this person was a psychology professor btw) to spend time at a headquarters ( or their own place of residences there) in New York. If I remember correctly they were going to attend something and speak also. This trip was fully paid for and this persons spouse and two children were also allowed to go and be housed for free. They were also given a daily spending allowance. I will try to find the place that they stayed at...but they were there for several days. This professor was involved big time in quite a few bullshit agendas... only now fully coming to light for me.
  9. May have guessed one of the problems found was to do with bleeding https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17235002/
  10. There is a saying ( ?Shakespeare?)that comes to mind with Reuters factchecks... "Methinks thou dost protest too much"...
  11. Not long been back from a bit of grocery shopping - usually go in the evenings as not so many morons out. Anyhoo, I met a few mask warriors as I walked around and witnessed the covid two-step a few times... but as I got to about three aisles away from the checkouts I had to walk past a young mother and her sweet 7/8 year old daughter. The little girl looked up at me and a look of wonder came over her face...she immediately saw no mask...and she also did not have a mask ( good mom) but the mother did. The child gave me the most beautiful smile, it truly was amazing. I smiled right back...It was like she suddenly found a normal face ( well I'm sure a few may disagree - but you know what I mean) She watched me walk down the aisle doing my shopping and as I went to the other aisles as they did too, this little girl kept smiling at me. Probably hadnt seen a smile in a while!!! My daughter-in-law told me this week that she is not wearing a mask anymore as she is 'done with this shit' ....haha. It's funny to me because she gave me such a hard time after I came back from UK. Couldn't see the new baby for two months and was warned that I had to wear a mask for my 4 yr old granddaughters birthday party as her friends ( my D-I-L's) would all be wearing masks. I decided not to go, as clearly the friends were more important...or the masks were. My son was not happy with me for not going...but like I said, once I trade my beliefs to suit your wife's friends, I may as well call it a day!! Now they resist the mask and are not getting a vaccine. I guess my stance has paid off. None of my four kids their spouses or kids will be getting the jab.... It pays to not back down... I do believe when you stay steadfast it often makes them want to know why!
  12. This made me think about what has been going on in Canada the last few weeks. Apparently it was Census time last month...so about 2 weeks ago I noticed these people wearing red tabards with 'Statistics Canada' on them. These people have been going door to door to see if anyone answers the door. They have paperwork and are obviously writing down what they find at each home....presumably the homes that havent done a census. They leave cards in the mailboxes on occasions that no-one answers. They are sending reminders almost every other day through the postal system. This has never happened before in other Census years. The last postal 'reminder' says..." You can be fined $500 if you you refuse to answer one question in the Census" Something is going on and it's not just Covid bullshit... it's a need to know and inject and control everyone...
  13. If someone is trying to suggest something links to covid...how is it off topic? People can discuss what they think about the alleged connection without being ostracized to another thread on your say so...just sayin' ...
  14. A few links showing flu and allergies as perfectly accurate reasons for loss of taste and smell: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-flu-vaccine-smell-loss-idUSKBN0KW25220150123 https://www.physiciansweekly.com/when-you-stop-to-smell-the-roses-and-cannot-smell-a-thing https://entsf.com/patient-health-information/nose-and-mouth/smell-taste
  15. I got lambasted for sharing something that 'I didnt check' - was verbally abused a while back. Then the dominoes start clicking as the 'friends' kept having a dig. Hopefully as a mod you get some slack... I agree with you...all they have to do is post something and politely show where it is wrong. IF it even is wrong!! I'm sure we would all like to know facts...and whats wrong with just saying: ' that was recently proved to be incorrect - but maybe we can take another look at it and double fact check'.... We are not in school...but bullies will be bullies. I feel ya...
  16. I think Trudope is trying to add up how many people are there.
  17. LOL....sounds like some shape shifting going on .... must have been some alien explosion taking place haha.
  18. What's your train of thought? It's still morning here...I am a bit lagging at the mo...
  19. Out looking for it...but it was unexplained? Did someone call the emergency services and if they did how is it unexplained if someone knew about it?
  20. Correction...nailed to the wall, shot and pissed on.
  21. You'd have thought someone somewhere would have created a plan....
  22. I am asking for answers and providing a link... if you want to ignore me please go ahead and join the others out there with their heads in the sand. I am not bothered and no I am not looking for conflict...I'm not sure how you come to that conclusion. If you wish to be defensive and ignore me...go ahead.
  23. My men preferences are: Intelligence - Cleanliness- Honesty - coupled with an acceptable ( to me at least LOL) appearance. JT ...doesn't check my boxes LOL... ( so he wont be accessing any lol)
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