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  1. Her father is also involved in the medical business and also with polls??? from what I can see....Very interesting.
  2. I agree. He referred to his scruffy attire as a uniform. All I saw was a bullet proof ( or plain) vest. They guy at the back looked like he had just been released from borstal. The female ( if it is a female...never know these days) looks more enamoured with her colleague than the reason they are supposed to be there. He basically said that he cant arrest her inside her home, but that she will be arrested if she goes out. So he is saying she is currently under house arrest and will be arrested for a breach if she leaves. They are obviously monitoring her social media and playing the cat and mouse game. People need to rebel en masse....rebut all charges... at all times. the system wont be able to handle it.
  3. Semantics semantics Geoff.... Whichever way you splice it you are saying the same thing. Splitting hairs or not...its still the same root.
  4. Well, where to begin... I went into a shoe store this week. Was about 3 metres inside when the women at the checkout said " You need a mask" I replied " No I dont need one - health issue" She " Well you do because this is a private business and we make the rules" Me" You are serving the public not the private I presume"? She " Thats our policy - you can shop online" Me " Thats discrimination, I will make a formal complaint" I leave. Me: ( I call the head office of the business and they say they will get management to call me back i regard to my discrimination complaint) TODAY - Phone rings He: "I am the district manager - can you tell me about the incident in our store?" Me: ... (I gave him the details and said that the company was in fact discriminating against non mask wearers and therefore discriminating against any and all reasons and disabilities surrounding the reason for not wearing a mask. I pointed out that even the government, albeit in a rogue state, has stated that there are those who are not required to wear a mask. He agreed... But then said that as a private company they can make their own policy.) Me: " That's all well and good if you are serving a private members club with all in agreement, but you are a shoe store serving and relying on the public for your income" He: " Yes you are right, but our staff were complaining that they needed to be protected, and they said that some customers left because a person wasn't wearing a mask. We even had one person stand maskless in the middle of the store refusing to leave, but not wanting to buy anything" Me: " So, the problem is with your staff - may I suggest you look at hiring less paranoid staff and thus secure the business of regular customers? As for the lone ranger staking out for no reason in your store, that's a mischief charge or similar... I, on the hand, was discriminated against for no good or valid reason. Also, I would hate to go down the discrimination path, when your staff are the reason for your actions. What are you prepared to do about it? I feel aggrieved and upset at being discriminated against and still cant buy my shoes in a store I usually frequent." ( I pointed out that my father is a businessman in the UK and he would have never treated his customers so poorly. We had a good pleasant conversation and he was genuinely bothered by his staffs action....albeit following the 'policy'.) He: "Would you like to come in before the store opens and have a private time to shop?" Me: "That sounds like heaven - being able to avoid a store full of muzzled paranoid staff and patrons.... but wouldn't that still constitute discrimination?" He: Yes I guess it would but I have to keep my staff safe and they are worried about a virus" Cue... my lecture on the non isolated virus and the obviousness of its mysterious renaming from the flu... then the details of the vaccine or rather the mRNA genetic material. Told him of my history of working in a heart and lung ward and that I feel that if I let his stores discrimination go then I am not stopping the problem in its tracks. He: "Well I have some staff that have no problem with serving non masked people but of course I don't want a discrimination suit." Me: " Well, thank goodness you have a few intelligent staff in your store - I may take you up on your private shop....but I also want you to address the discrimination of the non masked please. I suggest you advise the paranoid staff that they are there to serve the public and the '''rules''' in place currently state there are those who do not need to wear a mask. If they cant handle it - maybe they should be replaced. I will even offer my services for free whilst you find replacements !!! :-) ( A cause is a cause after all ) lol He: chuckled - " Can I call you back... I would like to resolve this" Me: Of course...and make sure you have a few pairs of Skechers in ...because I do like those" He: " I will and we have some other new stock in now... " Me: Looking forward to it... I directed him to others stores and how they handle the situation re no mask. Told him that they are respecting the non mask wearers as is correct and not discriminatory... The perks that come from standing your ground are unlimited it seems... I may also ask for some vouchers for my trouble ;-) Was a much longer conversation....but again... keep pushing back folks.
  5. ...and now a variant that mimics hay fever in hay fever season... hahaha
  6. And still you keep going without anything to back your claim. At least with the ones saying no virus they show why they believe it... You just state it as fact - yet it is clear it has not been isolated - there are no more deaths and the symptoms are no different to the flu at best...which has miraculously disappeared... why keep going? Come back when you can prove your point! ( I wont hold my breath)
  7. Have you registered the death? If not, when you go to register you can say you are not in agreement with the doctors certificate of death. After that you can make a claim to the registrar and say you were under duress due to your husbands sudden death and go from there... Failing that, you can contact a lawyer/solicitor and get some advice maybe. I think that as your husbands doctor put down ''possible'' heart attack...you may find it easier to question and fight. At the very least he should have put ''possible'' connection to C19 vaccine. I dont think people realize that at the registering of a death the informant gets asked if they agree with the details on the form sent by the doctor. The doctor puts this form in a sealed envelope...but just open it...as I did with my mums.... and know before your register...so you can refuse to sign the death into the record.
  8. Hopefully the insensitive cow puts herself forward for the task.
  9. Holy sh!t...is that really Schwab with a willy warmer on the beach?
  10. Likely for when the sleeping masses wake up and want to hang the bastards.
  11. I used to work on a heart and lung ward... and nasty symptoms is an understatement. Respiratory disease is no laughing matter. But this has been the case since the beginning of time. My cousin died of sepsis from an initially MILD respiratory condition in 2018. If you had seen what Ive seen over the years you would know that 'covid' is a myth.
  12. Does that include the claimed six million jews? (Not meaning to sound facetious.... but were there six million jews in the region?....and how many Jehovahs? catholics? and homosexuals? and cripples? went to the gas chambers?) If the covid plannedemic has superceded that lot then there must be mountains of bodies being hidden somewhere. My mom died last year and the cemetery she is in ( IN UK) has seen 6 burials in the past year... the tarmac is not wearing down on the driveway in there thats for sure.
  13. You keep trying to sell your opinion... but when you call peoples posts rubbish and yours is clearly total trash, then I have to respond. Death rates do not fall each year due to improved wealth and health... thats ridiculous. Until they find or should I say reveal the cure for cancer ...people will continue to die from it. Same with respiratory illnesses... same for extreme age related conditions...and so on. You want to believe in your presumed bio weapon but in truth it has no foundation insofar as this joke of a 'virus'. However, the 'vaxxx' is being injected directly into people and has not been proven to be safe as still in trial. It should come as no surprise that there are casualties of this injected filth. There are more casualties with it than with the enigmatic covid and its various mutations that appear to be equally elusive both to isolation ...and any symptoms of their own. Draconian measures of control do not need a preceding 'virus' to announce arrival....somehow dictators get put into positions of assumed power based on who they know and who is funding! You are looking for approval of your views and unfortunately I think you have come to the wrong place - try asking a three-mask wearing, double jabbed, well sanitized pedestrian on the street... they may appease you.
  14. Just found out a young woman has committed suicide ...she had PTSD....covid hoax pushed her over the edge...and she worked on 'covid' ward... Makes me livid.
  15. Not sure why we must label people into age groups with 'names'...it is nauseating. However, I have only ever been confronted for not wearing a mask by younger people between 16 and 39 approx. Not wanting to label people into ridiculous categories like 'boomer' and 'millennial' - I will give a description, as I have, of which age group I am usually accosted by.
  16. Even if you come from a very basic layperson mindset, you should be able to see what is happening around you. IF there were a virus ( SarsCov2) or lets call it what they want us to believe, a pandemic, then you would not be questioning its existence/non-existence. You would see it doesnt exist !!! If it did...you would see ambulances rushing with sirens blaring, cemeteries overflowing, more funerals on the roads, know of more dead from this 'virus', more dead friends and relatives etc etc... but we dont...I have been around the world twice during this madness and I can assure you what I have just listed is not happening...anywhere. There is no evidence out there of a pandemic... THAT is how you know... so trying to say DI is selling garbage....open your eyes..... listen.... take it all in....The truth will and is revealing itself to those without the blinders....
  17. It is also worth pointing out that Dr's of psychiatry are trained in all areas before settling on the field of preference. Dr's that I know, never stop gaining knowledge. Disregarding a doctor on their 'specialty' would be very naive and shortsighted.
  18. Funny you should mention the Fiona person. I have been watching her for a while. She seems to be a provocateur...but she has been infiltrating with protesters especially those who are becoming better known. She did a video where she was in a pub emptying sanitizer and defacing. Why video doing that and then post...if not to draw very negative attention to genuine protesters. I have a gut instinct about her....not a nice one.
  19. That looks like some controlled units there. I also see provocateurs. I think it is a combined effort to bring down dissenters. Police havent been totally normal for some time. Some are...but being infiltrated by the new breed. Then if they dont conform they are moved to a new area or singled out in some way. Its a sinister transition that I see.
  20. This is why people should not be disarmed.... That short peanut headed bastard kicking like a donkey should be pummeled good and proper until no semblance of consciousness remains... until such times he learns to respect those he is working for. But I dont think he is a cop...just a feeling. I think there are a new breed of something let loose on the public these days and Im even doubting they are fully human.
  21. Apologies if this has already been posted... Police Officer speaks out and reports crime:
  22. Yes, amazing... Ive been following a foragers group. The identification is likely the most important. Maybe you can put some finds in the thread?
  23. LOL... I expect the Rollercoaster variant will be announced tomorrow, and it prefers to travel from the body orifices in a backwards motion... and implodes with sudden upward or downward movements. This shit is getting ridiculous!!!
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