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  1. Didnt say it wasnt new... I was pointing out to others what i knew was happening. I used to work for NHS... I wouldnt say it has always been a postcode lottery.
  2. Well it is definitely true from the source who told me of their experience and the people around them having same issue. Maybe you are either in a different area or had some luck that others arent having!
  3. Well it is definitely true from the source who told me of their experience and the people around them having same issue.
  4. We shall see.... hoping this bullshit ends for the rest of Canada. The premier (Ford) here in Ontario is still doing the bidding of the 'cult' it would seem...
  5. Lots of information in these links...especially if you move out from them.... absolutely vile and sickening.
  6. Does anyone know whether the professional footballers in the UK are being made to get the vax? My nephew has just been signed to a team in EFL Championship League and we are wondering if he will be forced to have it?
  7. In the west of England according to people I know there, you cannot get a NHS dentist to take you on at the moment. Apparently, having spoken to approximately a dozen different dentist offices one of them was told that the dentists are not being paid for any NHS patients currently, and that the dentists are only dealing with private patients because of this..
  8. Here is the latest update for Dubai (UAE)... looks like a PCR test before you go...and one when you arrive. If you get a (fake) positive test on arrival you will be expected to isolate. I imagine if you have family there and the situation is an emergency you will be allowed in. There are a few countries not quarantining.... there are more country info than this....ill find if youd like them: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/united-arab-emirates/entry-requirements
  9. I didnt say it made a difference from where! What I asked the OP was simply 'from where?' It actually may make a difference if they were going from UK to somewhere and then to somewhere else... Maybe next time allow someone to answer and then allow the questioner to follow up. But since you think you have all the answers.... maybe provide a good one....if possible!
  10. 1. Alpha 2. Beta 3. Gamma 4. Delta 5. Epsilon 6. Zeta 7. Eta 8. Theta 9. Iota 10. Kappa 11. Lambda 12. Mu 13. Nu 14. Xi 15. Omicron 16. Pi 17. Rho 18. Sigma 19. Tau 20. Upsilon 21. Phi 22. Chi 23. Psi 24. Omega Which ones have they used so far?
  11. My question asked " From where exactly?" As in... where in the UK will he be arriving back to? As with USA and Canada...there could be ways around transitioning from place to place - and getting to South America... maybe similar in Middle East..........anyway my question was to the original poster...
  12. Regardless of whether protests influence political decisions.... how about protests influencing the herd? Surely when you ( people generally) see your fellow man or woman out there en masse challenging the so called elected imbeciles - there has to be a flicker of cameraderie in anyone who has any degree of common sense.. Even the densest twats are worth saving if they can recognize truth....no matter how long it takes them. ( So long as its before the end of 2021 :-) )
  13. Ridiculous!. More need to protest - who cares what they 'ban'...none of what they are doing is lawful. Why shouldn't people take to the streets and retaliate? There has to be sufficient 'noise' to awaken the sleeping twats who are still going around with muzzles on and reducing their already limited braincells by reducing even more oxygen to them. Sitting indoors like good little servants is not going to achieve anything. Shake the facking pot... boil the bastards... make them jump...FFS Where's Guy Fawkes when you need him LOL
  14. I think her politics will be greatly reflected in her mindset and how she presents what she believes in. Couple her politics with the fact that she is a psychologist and not an immunologist, virologist etc. It's clear she wants to sway the mindsets of people regarding a virus she is no expert on ( especially such an elusive / imaginary virus) This woman has an evil vibe about her... even before she opens her mouth.
  15. I can send a snip of my voice if you like lol???
  16. That is quite a sinister read...
  17. Would be more useful without the fingers holding them ...lol I saw you found some perfect examples a few posts back...:-) Lots of triangles on that card!
  18. I find them blowing around outside. Its not unusual to find one on my front lawn which I put in my garbage on garbage day. I havent contracted the covidium clostridium hoaxitis from this .... but I can only imagine what filth may be on them from unwashed hands after the toilet or snot or uncleaned teeth and wayward tonsil stones... vile.
  19. I think they mean the 3rd AZ jab gives peak immunity to life as we've known it. The ultimate lethal injection. Today they have Boris saying that 'Covid' will be affecting 20,000 each year. I'm guessing that means at least 20,000 jabs will be fatal - as we know 'covid' doesnt exist. " Get used to it people - the annual culling via lethal jab will be free and easy to get, although not necessarily a painless demise"
  20. I think your view is jaded. I agree that many women are attracted to wealth and status. But there are also some men who like a free ride. Not all women are looking for a large bank balance or anything else that is particularly large. What many women want is someone who is caring and who is not a cheat. Someone who is fair and who accentuates their good attributes and vice versa. Some one who is not an alcoholic, drug addict or a couch potato is also high on the list of a good catch. Add to that a guy who isnt afraid to do some dishes, laundry and tidy up after himself.
  21. Yes I have to say I have also noticed this. I was thinking I was going to hit them as they were so low and close to my car.
  22. Having a good mother is a great thing in life.... nothing to be ashamed of. Most males love their moms if they have had a good one...females too of course...
  23. Agreed, that fourth paragraph is very telling and falls just short of saying what the plan is for the 'hive mind' that DI mentions.
  24. Lets be fair ...if anyone was having a bit on the side in a very public place and in a 'high' position in government.... would you start touching up your latest conquest right outside the door under the unforgiving eye of a Big Brother camera??? I'd say there was a reason he is moving on...in fact a few reasons...
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