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  1. Can confirm my nephew plays for team in EFL Championship league and has not been forced to have jab ...as yet.
  2. This is where I see a similarity to Canada. It seems that the public health departments have gone rogue...or they always have been. I received a video which showed how Public Health Canada had gone into schools over years and forced the principles of those schools to suspend any child not vaccinated with the childhood vaccines. This was, as we would suspect, illegal. So in 2018 after being sued or challenged they were told they could not do this. However, since all of this 'covid' shit - they are back throwing their weight around, especially under the 'Emergency Orders'. It is this rogue element that is calling the shots ( literally). They are out there with their 'pop up' vaccination stations' and jabbing 12 year olds and up without parental consent. I would like to know who these health units are answering to. I remember DI saying about the infiltration by Common Purpose and their ilk... someone is training these shysters to behave like demonic vultures upon society and its young.
  3. This is a surprising turn of events for Ontario CANADA... https://www.thestar.com/politics/provincial/2021/07/15/doug-ford-opposes-mandatory-shots-and-proof-of-vaccination-documentation.html
  4. I notice he removed his avatar pic on June 8th. Showing as a plain white circle now. Hope he will be back. One of my favourite posters.
  5. Ontario Canada - Complete 180 from the Premier of Ontario today regarding the gene therapy. I wonder how long this will last? He signalled the Canadian Constitution: https://www.thestar.com/politics/provincial/2021/07/15/doug-ford-opposes-mandatory-shots-and-proof-of-vaccination-documentation.html https://globalnews.ca/news/8031039/covid-vaccines-not-mandatory-ontario-health-care-workers/ There is a poll at the bottom of the first link... The Star - click the shit out of the "No'' option haha
  6. A good friend of mine is a Mennonite (Canada). Fights back every step of the way....and she records everything they do... They (Mennonites) have a history of escaping totalitarianism... We now go to get groceries together...maskless and united in the resistance.
  7. Whats that got to do with lumping a specific age group together and having a dig? "We are all frequency... having an experience in this body" ....no need for ageism... any more than racism... people are the colour they are and the age they are... keeping on bashing either is unfair.
  8. I think if we all told the truth, we have all spoken to ourselves at some point. I know I do... LOL. My mum did it and when I would say to her, on hearing her chatting away in the kitchen " Are you talking to to someone, mum" She would say " Yes, to myself, it's the only one I can get any sense out of sometimes" ( LOL)
  9. I agree...the penalty takers should not have been the ones chosen. Absolutely ridiculous. I think the ref was also useless at the beginning especially. As for Italy.... well they play dirty and are good at it...but they still didnt win on game play. They won on a penalty kick. It was an evenly matched game in my opinion.... but I hate dirty players - and asshole refs. It was a good game to watch...
  10. I thought I heard two "no" and one undecipherable.
  11. Surprised this hasnt generated more likes... very interesting video.
  12. Yes, my grandson feeds them to his gecko. His gecko is cuter than that one ;-)
  13. Ontario Canada....cricket production all ready to go.... https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-london-ont-food-startup-bets-on-insect-protein-to-make-our-food-system/
  14. Definitely lower stock in stores in Canada. Ive noticed it the last two trips to the stores.
  15. You may be shit outta luck judging by the rush for bog rolls last year. But there are some people I would willingly feed toilet roll to.
  16. The aliens have landed - covid masks at the ready .... Just a bit of strangeness. This is a fact checker....anyone have any thoughts??? This goes against our community standards and is considered spam. No one else can see your comment. We have these standards to prevent things like false advertising fraud and security breaches. This was the comment: " The Queen sure does have a say in Canada. The privy-council in Canada swears oath of allegiance to her majesty" : https://www.canada.ca/en/privy-council/services/queens.html
  17. That is definitely a ''do not consent'' matter for me. I'd tell them to hoop it.
  18. Yes agreed, we had to wear light or white when I was working on wards. This sudden blackness seems very 'on cue'...
  19. Why should I ? Its not me pumping the the media viewpoint. I was pointing out 'dentists'' not being funded according to staff at dental offices...and it has now moved on (Bea) to hospitals. It is still media view and not fact. I know of very poor areas where people get whatever tests they require in ''hospitals''. Anyway...thanks for finding a link for Bea... I'm sure they''l be grateful...meanwhile I will stay with my original post re dentistry. Like a pack of hounds in here at times...
  20. Here in Canada, the Census peons are going to homes daily now to force them to do the census. "Do this TODAY" is written on cards and highlighted. Many are saving up the cards and leaving them in a bag on the porches. I wonder if people will get cards to demand the vax? Also in local hospital, they have become very militant according to someone who attended an emergency dept this week. They had two receptionists and 4 nurses on duty and SEVEN security personnel, who were strutting around and being intimidating to patients. I'm told all workers were wearing black too...even doctors wearing black T Shirts under blue scrubs. Just thought it was worth a mention.
  21. We shall agree to disagree... hows that. (It is not a documented fact where I (or my family) are living....feel free to share the documented 'fact' you claim in your neck of the woods...)
  22. Well, if they said you had 'covid' I imagine they must have some way to back up that claim lolol. Im guessing it will be the text you received telling you that 'you have it'.... otherwise I'm afraid the antibody test will be a false positive based on no isolate.
  23. Gives a whole new meaning to mutated variants.
  24. Sounds about right - no professional with any decency would refuse an emergency. I agree, many muslims here also ( Canada) are fully aware of the 'covid lie' - I guess they have always been on the receiving end of bullshit and are quicker to recognize it than many that follow the herd mentality.
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