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  1. I agree with the protesters not being kettled 100%. - and as you mention, France a perfect example. I'm not a fan of Shemirani or Kurten either, Hopkins simply a self serving tart...but overall there was good delivery by Kaufman, Coleman and David...and Louise Hampton seems ok. I'm not a fan of the revolutionary type mantras...but something has to get the compliant enthused...
  2. I think it is possible that people do not agree with mainstream and yet are somehow involved with certain acquaintances. Whether or not David Kurtan is controlled opposition...does not mean that the others there are aware. Bottom line for me is that people gathered en masse and showed cohesion. It brings out those who are on our side of truth. The fact that some rats may be coming along for the ride doesn't mean a fail...after all rats are always dealt with and same will be so for any involved in the rallies...let time sift them out. ( the wheat from the chaff)
  3. The guards at correctional service facilities in Canada are extremely corrupt....and I mean EXTREMELY. It's the bastards that will be running the place that you need to worry about... The building itself is just a building.
  4. Whats your point? Oh...you dont have one....just shit stirring...
  5. We currently own nothing anyway. The land is taxed... our homes are taxxed...our cars are taxed. In UK the TV's are taxed. Going fishing is taxed...forced to inject ourselves will be the ultimate oppression....and unless people wake up and fight...we wont even have an immune system....
  6. That video says 1440.... I dont think that facility is an abnormal capacity. Canada has a population of almost 40 million..... Uk has a population of almost 70 million.
  7. These are for inmates... not unvaxxed.
  8. It says toughened glass rather than bars. I doubt anyone is getting out of there too easily. Canada has a much lower population than the UK. I have put the number of inmates along side the links to the jails. Total of just over 2,000 inmates for just those three facilities.
  9. MILLHAVEN PENITENTIARY ....Ontario Canada (500 inmates) https://www.google.com/maps/place/Millhaven+Institution/@44.1912001,-76.7583619,699m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89d7e199752e0a8f:0x68dbd5030714ac5c!8m2!3d44.1912446!4d-76.7561007 PENETANGUISHENE Correctional Centre (1,184 inmates) https://www.google.com/maps/place/Central+North+Correctional+Centre/@44.7974919,-79.924114,346m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4d2adc1e8ac20843:0x2a3784504b960568!8m2!3d44.7976162!4d-79.9235414 COLLINS BAY Institution (700 inmates) https://www.google.com/maps/place/Collins+Bay+Institution/@44.2339166,-76.5549662,698m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4cd2acfa2d39f72d:0x6788765c80268227!8m2!3d44.2360107!4d-76.5533161
  10. I think its a hasty thought to think this is for unvaccinated people. Fear mongering doesn't really help - we should stick to the facts...
  11. This is actually what penitentiaries are like in Canada to an extent. For example, Millhaven in Bath, Ontario has a large area. You drive in from the main road and its about a mile before you get to the front of the main building. From above (try google maps) you will see the cross shaped and star shaped buildings like what you have shown in your post. This location houses both high risk and medium risk inmates. Prisons are situated in remoter type areas across the country and have been for many years.
  12. Yes, last year when I was in the UK... a cab driver told me his cousin had died from covid. I said " Any other factors, what were his symptoms if you dont mind me asking"? He said " He was asthmatic and went in with an asthma attack. No other symptoms!!!" He them told me that his cousin wasnt good at taking his asthma meds and he was wearing masks!!!!....but regardless of the actual fact that his cousin died of asthma because he couldnt breathe (usually the case with an asthma attack ) AND was wearing a mask!!!!...he was put down as a covid statistic.
  13. Yea, just thinking of a way to send. I only use it to contact people in UK....I dont have my UK phone connected to a plan....just wifi only. My Canadian phone is pay as you go...owned by Master Bates.
  14. Local paramedic here in Ontario just confirmed that 19 patients on his calls have had vaccine related emergencies. Clots, heart problems and one patient bled out... Vaccine Passport my ass.
  15. Throw your toys from the pram and please yourself...but dont expect others not to say what they think when you are disrespectful. ( Also, I dont believe you are here fro the right reasons....(you joined in March and have been on a roll....more than one person is using your account too)
  16. What may seem like irony to you is nauseating to others. You are constantly jibbing about 'boomers' and other ageist shit. So if you are 'not very young' maybe act your age.... not meaning to be rude...but it isnt the first time you have been singled out for ageism. Live and Learn. Just a suggestion. You are right in that nightclubs could lose business and profit... and no doubt already have over the past 16 months. Many people of all ages have lost their lives due to this crap.... and all lives matter...regardless of what the agendas are.
  17. Arrange your own gatherings...call it whatever you like...just not Night Club. The Dead Poets Society has a ring to it ;-)
  18. Only certain files allowed. I do have Whatsapp...could send through that...but would need willing recipient lol...and no trolls ha
  19. You can post files on the thread...but no provision via the messaging it seems.
  20. Now saying its 60% of UNvaccinated people being admitted with covid.....yea nice try eh....
  21. Anyone have a clue how to send a file via messaging on here?
  22. No, he's on his ageist trip again. He is saying they are old. I am in agreement with you re: them being part of criminal network though...no matter what their age!
  23. Basically when you boil down her twatism she is promoting the 'vaccine'.... wants "whole world vaccination". Wants ''equality'' - think communism. She also promotes SAGE and when confronted on her communism she (at 34 mins) she claims a "witch hunt should not have any place in a liberal tolerant society" - meanwhile she is demanding everyone gets 'vaccinated' and accepts her views on 'equality'. She says her cohorts refer to the process of reducing inequalities as "spy bee" ( did I hear that right?) She also promotes Track and Trace, modifying behaviours, controlling borders and isolating. You cannot get more communistic than that.... Are you saying to drink?
  24. A dead ember of a being. Soulless eyes and evil emanates from him.
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