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  1. On 7/26/2022 at 7:00 AM, Tetragrammaton said:

    The Empty Hollow Eyes of former porn star & MK Ultra programming victim  Luce Caponegro (Aka "Selen"). Very weird back story given about her. She is the child of a millionaire industrialist petrol magnate (who doesnt seem to exist online). Also she went through 3 husbands too;




    With a wooden stake no doubt...

  2. On 10/13/2022 at 11:25 AM, Truthblast said:

    AL-JAZEERA ENGLISH just ran a segment SLAMMING Alex Jones for "causing much grief for the already aggrieved parents whose children have been killed".












    Around 2010 Al Jazeera was extremely pro Palestine, if anyone can remember. My good friend, a Palestinian professor at a local University, encouraged me to watch its '''unbiased'' reporting. This was the reason I watched it back then. Slowly over the years it has become what it is today. Bait and Switch was the tactic no doubt. It has done a complete turnaround on what it claimed to originally stand for.  This is how 'they' work..find the bait and gradually twist it as the 'followers' twist along.


    You have to be very discerning to not be dragged along with the mind control BS.



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  3. 4 hours ago, zArk said:

    do you think they set the bombs on 9/11 or the bombs were in the building prior to 9/11?

    why didnt they blow wtc 7 in the morning with wtc 1 and 2 i.e did the charges fail to go off or did they deliberately wait till the afternoon?





    My guess would be that they had this all in place before  Sept 11th 2001.


    Another guess would be that they had got all three buildings ready to implode, but something caused the detonation of Building 7 to implode later, maybe a time problem on device or  an oversight on the part of those placing the detonators. Maybe the Newsreel was recorded in advance. Hard to say. I've always thought it rather strange how with these 'flag events' always seem to have strategically placed people with a camera and an excellent vantage point.

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  4. On 9/29/2022 at 12:54 PM, Ethel said:

    Not surprising. I've heard it's worse in America. I have read books about it. Absolute hell on earth. They treat schizophrenics the worst of all. 



    In Canada they closed a lot of Psychiatric Hospitals and put the people in need back out on the street. In fact one of the Psych hospitals that was closed has been used as a location for TV series 'See' with Jason Momoa.


    Also this movie: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)

    Those two filmings were in South Western Ontario. But it doesnt stop there. Heres a link telling about British Columbia... and of course there are more...https://curiocity.com/this-abandoned-b-c-hospital-is-canadas-most-famous-filming-location/


    I guess it pays well...

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  5. 56 minutes ago, Dazzer said:

    Tbf mate he wasn`t exactly a picture of health was he! 😃 Drank and smoked heavily and was massively overweight.  



    Apparently he had lost a ton of weight to receive a knee implant.. No one can say he was lazy tho'...he was always working. 

    Was getting other 'health issues' in last two years... I guess that leaves the death open for discussion...at least until the family declares cause of death...which even then may be up for debate.

  6. 21 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    gun control has to be one of their main agendas because behind all this surface talk of 'laws' and 'rights' and 'offence' and 'defamation' there are extremely evil intentions and when those gloves come off it all becomes extremely primitive so they want to make sure that when they make their move people cannot defend themselves


    one tactic they are using against dissenters is to make anonymous calls to the police that then spark SWAT raids against dissenters in the hope that the police will then shoot the dissenter. For example if a conservative dissenter heard their door being kicked in at 3am in the morning they might very well reach for their gun because how would they know its the police? they might think its someone breaking into their home and if they then walk out into the hallway holding or pointing a gun the SWAT team will likely shoot and then claim 'he pointed a gun at us so we shot him in self defence'


    It would be so easy for an accident like that to happen. Its all getting very nasty out there




    Yes exactly... the mind control behind it is not apparently noticeable to those not looking to see it. So we look like nutters when we point it out.


    What you describe has happened several times in USA...where they so say go searching for the 'assailant' and he then gets shot by police. The dead man cannot then defend himself...( and also did the alleged 'crime' even occur)

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  7. 24 minutes ago, RobinJ said:

     Oh my, that's awful. Wonder how long it will be before the parents stop doing this to their kids? Somehow it always seems worse when they are children or young ones that are suffering.

    I dread getting the news that one day my young nephews in Australia will have some horrible disease. They have been jabbed with all sorts of crap, even prior to covid debacle. 


    Yes, its very sad... this particular mother is the classic virtue signaler. She likes to be the 'authority'...runs for school president etc. Her kids didnt stand a chance...this boy is her eldest. She has also vaxxed her two younger sons aged 9 and 6. 😟


    Lets hope you never get any such news... 

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  8. 15 minutes ago, northern star said:

    Not about the money then.



    I think all agendas are related to money in some way... as well as control. 'They' already 'control' the money....so I think control is the main goal.... and the money follows it... This gun control agenda has been tiptoeing along for years... and is still one of the foremost agendas imo..

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  9. My grandson had cross country today.  His friend who usually wins and is good at sport came in last. He is 12 years old and his parents got him jabbed twice. Today the poor kid comes in last - coughing and holding his chest, he couldn't breathe. His mother said " Is it your lungs?" He said "it hurts where my heart is". This child has been home lying down now for hours.  This is a child that has never had any breathing problems or heart issues... vaxxed within the last six months...twice.


    I would have taken him to Emergency.... but this mother is one who always knows best!!! and is waiting to take him to see their doctor (GP).

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  10. 2 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:


    That is a malicious damages amount.

    How can that be paid?


    It cant be paid...but I remember researching this at the time. I found Robbie Parker moved house to Sandy Hook on Christmas Day....not sure this is relevant but so did other 'parents'.


    At the time there were people offering to clean the school for free and were refused.  The school was eventually torn down. I notice that there is no listed payment for the parents of 'Noah Posner' - this was the 'child' whose photograph ended up on the wall of another 'school tragedy' in India I believe. 


    Lots of shaky 'evidence' in Sandy Hook 'case'. All part of the ongoing gun lobby in my opinion.


    How much each of the 15 plaintiff's were awarded in damages: 

    Robert Parker - $120million

    Father of 6-year-old Emilie Parker

    William Sherlach - $36million

    Husband of 56-year-old school employee Mary Sherlach

    David Wheeler - $55million

    Father of 6-year-old Ben Wheeler

    Francine Wheeler - $54million

    Mother of 6-year-old Ben Wheeler

    Jacqueline Barden - $28.8million

    Mother of 7-year-old Daniel Barden

    Mark Barden - $57.6million

    Father of 7-year-old Daniel Barden

    Nicole Hockley - $73.6million

    Mother of 6-year-old Dylan Hockley

    Ian Hockley - $81.6million

    Father of 6-year-old Dylan Hockley

    Jennifer Hensel - $52.2million

    For the estate of Jeremy Richman and father who died by suicide of 6-year-old Avielle Richman

    Donna Soto - $48million

    Mother of teacher Victoria Soto

    Carlee Soto-Parisi - $66million

    Sister of teacher Victoria Soto

    Carlos Matthew Soto - $57.6million

    Brother of teacher Victoria Soto

    Jillian Soto-Marino - $68.8million

    Sister of teacher Victoria Soto

    William Aldenberg - $90million

    FBI agent and first responder

    Erica Lafferty/trustee Richard M. Coan - $76million

    Daughter of school principal Dawn Hochsprung

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  11. 14 hours ago, Nuckles said:

    Thanks all. We're not interested in investing in crypto currency. 


    I think getting it out of the bank will be the first hurdle from what I have been reading.


    Open up three bank accounts. Each account allows a minimum withdrawal daily. Take what you can from each daily.


    Also, you can withdraw large amounts in cash but often have to book to collect. They will also ask you what its for ....hmm (none of their biz)... So say whatever you like and order your cash... Can also write cheques to those you trust and get cash from them. Just trying to think of ways that may help get your money out.


    If a real sizable windfall there are a few other options...

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  12. 9 hours ago, johnkim said:


    here is what I don’t understand…


    If the premise of soul trap is correct, what is the purpose of living and continuing to live on this reality?


    Isn't it more harmful to continue to breed and bring souls to this reality to be trapped and tortured?


    Happiness exists in this world but does life have more happiness or sadness?






    Maybe the title of your thread should be Trapped Souls/Soul Trap?


    In my opinion most people experience a lot of sadness, unfairness or physical/emotional/psychological pain to greater or lesser degrees.


    Some can still find a place of acceptance or can work their way through it - many become stronger because of it. That doesn't mean that they dont sit alone sometimes and cry before dusting themselves off to start again and try to bring a balance.


    No one persona has all the answers... but maybe it's the working together of those who see the possibilities, that can create the peace within.


    I dont buy in to a 'soul trap' theory - although I still have questions about 'the meaning of life'...and potential lessons and lessons learned.


    Helping other souls is tantamount, in my opinion, to finding who we are and why we are. (Which is why the 'elite' are alien to anything good. IMO)

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  13. 1 hour ago, johnkim said:

    Hear me out…


    for those who are familiar with the belief that we live in a soul trap and get recycled back to earth over and over.


    In that case, why would we want to bring more human lives to this earth and subject them to this infinite trap?


    Wouldn’t a decrease in fertility is actually good for souls because less souls will come and be trapped here?


    what if elites know this and try to reduce fertility of human to help us escape this soul trap?




    I think the clue lies somewhere in... " If the elites were such good beings, why would they be stripping everyone that is already here of their money and their happiness"? Unless of course their 'kindness' extends to driving those already here to suicide? I personally don't think the word 'help' is a word that belongs in anything that the 'elites' are doing whatever they claim to know. 

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  14. 3 hours ago, Talorgan said:

    UK beginning inquiry into "covid pandemic"

     Takes couple years  ,costs lots of money and provides good coat of white wash and excuses for more of the same in future .

    Whilst ignoring all the fallacies involved



    Could be the same as this one as mentioned earlier...it's not like they are going to bend over and say 'take me'...will be interesting to watch the shows play out.



  15. On 8/28/2022 at 10:34 AM, Golden Retriever said:

    'It's like his nan knitted it for this event!' F1 fans pour scorn on Lewis Hamilton's latest look

    Fancy a cuppa? lol





    On 8/28/2022 at 10:34 AM, Golden Retriever said:


    On 8/29/2022 at 10:09 AM, screamingeagle said:





    On 8/29/2022 at 10:20 AM, screamingeagle said:




    We'll drink a drink, a drink
    To Lily the Pink, the Pink, the Pink
    The savior of the human race
    For she invented medicinal compound*
    Most efficacious in every case



  16. 2 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    From that article:


    20 thousand ducks, needlessly slaughtered, all in the name of 'preventative measure'. 🦆😭


    Imagine if we'd taken the same approach with the 'Covid pandemic'?


    "Despite no reported cases of Covid-19 in the town of Wellington, Shropshire, the entire population was euthanised as a preventative measure."






    Is that farmer expecting us to believe that he killed 20,000 very healthy ducks and did not sell them for a profit? He must be a piss poor farmer in many ways.


    I'm guessing they all got slaughtered and are awaiting Christmas in a deep freeze somewhere... at a very high price after the 'scare' of yet another fear mongering agenda.

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