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  1. My son-in-law just got told to get the vaccine by Oct 12th or he will be placed on 'leave' without pay. He has his family to support. This is very bad here in Canada right now...people are not happy.
  2. Let me guess, the stupid cow sewed together 300 masks to make curtains too. There must be at least two breeds of humans..and a few sub breeds.
  3. When I worked with AIDS patients in 80's and 90's there was clearly a destruction of their immune systems happening. Gates and people like him in the past have been pushing all kinds of drugs and vaccines on people...especially in Africa. Maybe it is no coincidence they say AIDS came from Africa. Kary Mullis seemed to despise Fauci and all he stood for...also those working alongside him. He mentioned "they have an agenda" I think Kary Mullis knew what it was...and was unable to break through to stop them. I also find it odd that AIDS was linked primarily to homosexuals...they were also a target of the Nazis in WW2. Drug users were also targeted re AIDS. I worked with hemophiliacs with AIDS too... so definitely blood borne. Totally systemic and yet supposedly from one green monkey. Covid, claimed to be from a bat...yet supposedly cured by an injection involving tissue from the green monkey. What are we missing?
  4. I believe Guillane Barr was also a major reaction to HPV injection too.
  5. Or attribute it to the Marburg virus or the latest trend the 'mystery virus'. One thing is certain it will never be the vax.
  6. I was working in a hospital in Bristol UK in mid eighties and there was a block designated for AIDS patients. I believe at the time I was there there were only two. But we had to cover our bodies from head to toe to go into that block. I seem to remember something about someone travelling from Africa to Montreal and bringing the first AIDS case to Canada. Of course when we look back it was likely something else that was going on. Some years later I worked in a AIDS hospice in Canada and spoke to many people there who had been diagnosed with AIDS and who were dying. I saw the roofs of their mouths were falling down into the mouth itself. Their skin was breaking down and their organs were failing. Even with these terrible afflictions they could go out for dinner if they felt well enough. I often wondered about pieces of mouth coming down onto a fork etc. It was like their bodies had been put into decompose mode. It was awful for them. Each story of what happened to them was unique and I wont forget them. They ( the health gurus ) claimed it was in body fluids but it was never transmitted by mist particles from the mouth. It was blood borne or via semen for transmission. I dont know if they claim anything different these days. This is why I believe what Kary Mullis was saying about AIDS not being a virus. There was more to it than a virus from a monkey...and then being transmitted by a lone traveller to Montreal. It made no sense unless said traveller was having sex with a chimpanzee. This linking to primates with AIDS and now this BS 'virus' seems to be a pattern and each time they bring about a drug that never really works. Like Kary Mullis said...they have an agenda.
  7. @whatthefoxhatThey claimed it originated with a monkey in Africa if I remember correctly. Simian? But I believe it is of the green monkey species. I guess this monkey species is the best scapegoat for their bullshit. Note that REMDESIVIR is the drug for this Marburg 'virus'
  8. Just wanted to add a paragraph taken from that link: "Marburg virus in animals Rousettus aegyptiacus bats are considered natural hosts for Marburg virus. There is no apparent disease in the fruit bats. As a result, the geographic distribution of Marburg virus may overlap with the range of Rousettus bats. African green monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops) imported from Uganda were the source of infection for humans during the first Marburg outbreak." Bats, being the species they claimed brought us 'covid' and African Green Monkeys being where the 'adenovirus' ingredient for this so called vaccine allegedly comes from.
  9. Is this the new means of hiding the bleeding ailments of the jabs? https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/marburg-virus-disease?fbclid=IwAR2io6J0-P3I5T5pVFr54OtF85s6-XBYpWq-fKZdgVU08xevrth5RPDNMCQ
  10. Good rant re Canada and its insane rules. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTknwJhAeRM/?fbclid=IwAR0rgtQg1na07aKdWYplUSEcCtrqB3BmFw2Y0-1rzW4Uac4MrbpkBgxKJm4
  11. This is a must watch - I drove to a city not far from me tonight and watch her give a speech live, there is lots going on in Canada right now...people are coming to life : https://www.bitchute.com/video/5dCjnCtFqcHu/?fbclid=IwAR2UBR4rqG9Hnwo90jRrNL-Ikp6nSobe_SOapsbf7pf8ZlXCePQuPfbwY4g
  12. I think and hope all countries have a breaking point. The brainwashing must be really good in NZ. The media, is it relentless? Do people stay home a lot there? Canada is an outdoorsy nation, kids outside in freezing temperatures in heavy duty snowsuits in the winter. Coffee shops usually full. So word of mouth is quite active. I was just wondering what NZ lifestyle is like generally. I had a second cousin in Wellington until he died. I think one of his daughters is still there...but not in touch with her...so I dont know much about NZ... except my grans sister married a famous jockey there many years ago in Auckland.
  13. He is a POS. O'Toole is same... they all are... but people are getting angrier in Canada. This country is a melting pot of nations. Many came here for peace and to be free of oppression. This attack on kids is where the line has been drawn in the sand for people. One thing about Canadians...they love their kids. Sport is a main leisure activity here and now the kids 12 and up..are being told they cannot play without having the the vaccine. Their parents are not allowed in the arena without being vaccinated. Winters here are harsh...kids need to have an outlet and hockey arenas are usually packed. I took mine as kids and I'm born British. The pressure cooker is shaking.... the kids are the final straw.
  14. Thank you for replying to my post. The name Luc Montagnier caught my eye as he was the guy Kary Mullis mentioned re the AIDS being a virus question. We know something has to be done and the amount of pessimism that seems to brew in this forum can sometimes be stifling. However, I think keeping our eyes and ears alert and watching each chapter pan out will be helpful in that it keeps our minds from descending into a pessimistic sludge. There are already enough people out there who cant think for themselves. I am noticing in Canada an upturn in resistance. It has come about due to the fact that the government has turned its sights onto the children. Be it vaccines, or sport requiring vaccines. Parents are up in arms and having gatherings. People enthusiastic in messaging everyone they know to attend. Businesses are coming out and saying they will not be checking anyones health status.. The list of these businesses is growing by the hour. Its too early to say the curtains coming down IMO....I think there will be a major uprising here. Im interested to see what happens to Turdeau on Sept 20th. I know they are all answering to the same masters....but if Turdeau is ousted there will be a brief hiatus... and thats when I think the people will fight. I will likely print off some flyers for distribution by attending the meetings locally and the upcoming protests.
  15. Not sure if this has already been posted...but I dont think it has - Luc Montagnier the virologist who couldnt give Kary Mullis an example to support the the theory that AIDS was a virus ( as far as I remember) New Evidence, Including a Sworn Affidavit From Prof. Luc A. Montagnier, Has Been Submitted to the International Criminal Court Alleging World Governments Are Complicit in Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity https://www.australiannationalreview.com/state-of-affairs/new-evidence-including-a-sworn-affidavit-from-prof-luc-a-montagnier-has-been-submitted-to-the-international-criminal-court-alleging-world-governments-are-complicit-in-genocide-and-crimes-against-h/?fbclid=IwAR3HIwLNF5VfM10uayK66t3vnmkzNgPm8pwpUqhzAxb7EUomgYo7E2jTVHs
  16. Im guessing this is another amputee crisis actor. They must get paid a lot.
  17. "Covid pneumonia"??? WTF Obviously pneumonia...and they've put the 'covid catchall tag' on it. Looks like she is well enough to put eye make up on and keep eating...
  18. I would like to say to any newcomers to this thread...that if you want to post something that matters to you, in the broad scheme of this past 18 months of oppression (convid) , please do so...as I for one will look forward to your posts. Whether it be about 'soft programming' - your own views on what is happening, any experiences etc....feel free to post and not be brushed off by those who seek to ridicule your posts and/or bury them. There are those of us who welcome posts from other than the usual blinkered mindsets that we come across in both forums and the world outside of forums. "Whether or not it is clear to you -You have a right to be here"
  19. Why the bait and switch... I am talking about Manifest?
  20. Actually, every part that I have watched WAS filmed PRE plandemic. I am currently only on Season 2 Episode 1 which aired Jan 6th 2020, which shows it was filmed some time before - and was even aired pre-plandemic. Season 1 was first aired in 2018...which shows that when I said it was filmed 2016/17 that was accurate. Therefore the phrases and the 'Midazolam' etc were put into this show before the so called plandemic. (Add to that a 'marker' on blood cells.)
  21. Just watched a bit more....and now Midazolam !!!
  22. Yes, I can see it being that. What interested me was how far in advance the phrases were being 'soft programmed' ahead of this past 18 months. Which alerts me to the fact that this is all planned and may well alert others to that, if we can show them that this ''new normal'' and the "we are in this together" ads were cultivated for use during the plandemic ahead of time. Which also brings me to another show that I dared to watch on Netflix ;-)....Timeless. In this show similar 'soft programming'... it is basically about a cult running the earth over 4 centuries. The cults name is "Rittenhouse" ( not House of Rothschild lol) I figured there must be a reason for this naming. So I looked at what Ritten or Riten is in German. It means Rites...as in Satanic Rites or any ritualistic rites I presume. This show focuses on the cult and talks about the bloodlines. The bloodline has no empathy... go figure haha.
  23. Good to know... I can assure you my immune system is extremely sensitive to all means of attack...including stealth.
  24. Hey wait a minute... I don't need to be told what to do. It is my choice what I do, just remember that. I CHOSE to watch what someone suggested. I WANTED to see what was in it. I am pointing out the connection to the current hoax... obviously wasted on some people. I think it is interesting to see the programming from a very skeptical standpoint like my own...to actually see the predictive programming. I also think that it would be helpful to wake others up. Word of advice when it comes to me. I do not scare easily. I will not be told what to do. I am suspicious of anyone who tries to control me no matter what they try to control. Please do NOT respond to my posts by trying to belittle me or question my choices. Especially when I am quite aware and quite in tune with what is really going on, hence my noticing the predictive programming. Feel free to scroll past my posts if they offend you...as I do with any of yours... PS. I do not watch TV... it was on my computer via Netflix...which I am quite aware is what it is.
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