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  1. Thank you for this very helpful response...
  2. The circumstances of the person's testing was not registered and not a full on nasal attack. Rather than be judging of the ethics or mode of a test...could you maybe answer the question...
  3. I agree with this. The person concerned works hard and has all the gadgets.
  4. Yes we'll I've been here longer than 40 years...and I get your drift....the only symptom that they had different was eye pain ...to the extent they couldn't move eyes without pain. After a visit to Emerg the result was viral chest infection...which I figured along with possible pneumonia. But they still believe there's a virus. I guess I was thinking someone may respond from the perspective of having experienced this themselves. Thank you for replying. Appreciate it.
  5. So someone I know who is unvaccinated has tested positive for c19. The symptoms are pounding headache for several days..chills,no fever, body aches ..not able to move for few days initially. My question here is " What does anyone here think is the situation...for example is this a shedded spike protein or ????" I'm not a believer in this virus...so what's going on...any feedback will be interesting?
  6. My family ie kids, grandkids and in laws are unvaxxed. All friends except one unvaxxed. Met several unvaxxed in daily life. Mennonite community mostly unvaxxed. However, out of those who I have met who are vaxxed they are now saying not getting booster ...ever. Today a young vaxxed guy was at my home to do a job. Told me three of his friends have enlarged hearts after vax.. he was afraid....asked me about symptoms of enlarged heart...said not getting booster. So I see that many vaxxed are waking up. Lets hope so...
  7. That doesnt actually sound like David Bowie. I met him a few times and his voice wasn't like that. That sounds digitally altered.
  8. Strange how they always suggest the naughty virus comes from Africa. They did the same with AIDS. Gotta give em credit for saying it was a scientist haha. 2 out of 10 for ingenuity with that one. The pic suggests that he picked it up in his suitcase?
  9. based on what Im seeing here (Canada)I'm not surprised.
  10. Thought Id give a comparison (Canada) Lots of vaxxed parents are sick. My grandchildrens friends are brothers and their mom told my daughter today that they are off school as the whole family is sick. Both of my daughters and their kids are ok and their kids haven't been off school ( all unvaxxed ) and our kids being educated at school for general education and educated at home in regard to all things essential including pointing out the brainwashing... ! They play with friends at school and after school, they have continued living life unvaxxed....but their teachers, the other kids and parents are often sick. This may also be another 'coincidence' but today I just passed three fender benders. All three involved someone just pulling out onto main road and hitting a car. ( Two on the same road about a mile apart. Then two nights ago I was waiting to pull out and a car came along and just drove over the central reservation kerb. His car went up in the air, sparks flying and he spun around facing the way he had been coming from. It's like the concentration is zapped.
  11. Canada has a lot of adverse reactions to the vaccine just based on what I'm seeing and hearing locally. I just went to feed my friends cats at an apartment building and a man I've seen before was getting on the elevator. He was very twitchy and his speech seemed affected. I said " Hi, how are you?" He said in a jittery voice " Not so good since the vaccine - neurological problems and my wife is very sick from it" He went on to say that his wife had been ill with a flu for past month since last shot, he also said his friend had the vax and had a heart attack three days later. Everyone here knows someone who has had a bad reaction. Cannot say the same for convid. No-one knows anyone with it and those that test positive have no symptoms. My niece in UK has a friend that had a stillbirth. This is way too many overall to be considered normal.
  12. This falls in line with what my chiropractor (Ontario Canada) told me about several of her clients having stillbirths/neonatal deaths ( I posted about it here a few days ago)
  13. Yes they have... and they are giving rewards and incentives: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/photos/stickers-dogs-and-stuffed-toys-help-u-s-kids-get-through-their-covid-19-vaccinations-1.6235892
  14. Funny you should mention the police during all of this. Here in my area of Ontario, Canada I have noticed that the 'cruisers' thats the cars that are bright and have bright lines down the side..(will find a pic) have been nowhere in sight for about three months. In fact I think I can safely say I havent seen ONE personally during that time. They are usually parked up outside doughnut shops or hanging up side streets like highway bandits waiting to pounce and extract a few quid/bucks. But seems very quiet at the moment - its odd.
  15. It's such a tragedy... I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she will still get to see your brother. Sometimes we just wish we could save them from themselves.
  16. Just heard today from a relative, who is a friend of the lady, in Leicester UK that a rugby players wife who has beat cancer and was cancer free for three years has had her cancer return with a vengeance...only weeks to live. Had both vaccines ...one in May and one in July, has been going downhill ever since. Ill try find the link...though the extent of her current health crisis has not yet been revealed in the press. This was the news article re her remission. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/wife-leicester-tigers-captain-tom-1602955 This is the latest article - says 'illness' https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-news/tom-youngs-takes-indefinite-leave-21895054
  17. Yes has the look of Jack Nicholson in One flew over the Cuckoos Nest
  18. Imagine being forced to sleep with that prick....'reckon he would be dead by morning !' (just thinking out loud.)
  19. Once the population takes a nose dive I dont think they will worry. They'll bury it and start a new agenda to divide, conquer and ultimately annihilate.
  20. I am going to take the bait and respond to this. I watched your interactions on the forum...I have avoided this forum for the most part in the past couple of months. Your interactions were part of the reason and because there are and will always be posters on all forums who reflect the egocentric and narcissistic traits of humankind. There are also those who infiltrate forums with an agenda... such as yourself with an agenda to so say 'expose'. Based on your own reasoning of outing I will suggest that you yourself share some of the traits that you so despise in others. Maybe reflect and ask yourself if you have one or some of those 'mental disorders' that you claim others have. In my experience in healthcare field I have noted the madness that often surrounds the 'doctors' who claim psychology as one of their forte's. Many peoples lives are ruined by the intrusion of such 'doctors' whose need to be right supersedes any rational thought. This is a public forum, where ALL types and personalities can interact. We will not 'like' everyone we interact with...so choosing when where and with whom we interact is key. So 'doctor' why not take a time out and self reflect... that holier than thou attitude, which I agree is shared by others here too, has the effect of pissing people like me, who come here for solid posts, totally off. Good luck in the psych journey - hopefully a few of the similars will follow.
  21. People should be able to gauge nonsense without singularly listening to any one person. Unfortunately many people are too busy lapping up what is put infront of them rather than looking into things themselves.
  22. Today I had a good conversation with my chiropractor who told me that many regular clients with adverse reactions to the vaccines have been coming to the chiro clinic. This clinic covers a wide area of population. Some of the reactions have been: Immediate flu like symptoms Blood Clots Tachycardia Myocarditis/Enlarged hearts Body tremors Exacerbation of Multiple Sclerosis in MS sufferers Cancer remissions ending Blood blisters Itching skin and skin abnormalities Abnormal bleeding Chronic pain Headaches that wont abate Itching skin Neonatal death Some we have already heard of...and the clinic has sent out 22-30 condolence cards in past 3 months when the usual is around 2-5. Neonatal deaths have been FOUR in young womens babies (in last three months).
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