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  1. I find this to be a very interesting video from the perspective of Trudeaus brother. He makes some very good points.
  2. Look at the Convoy vids on Instagram....so many and amazing...and on topic yayyy https://www.instagram.com/convoyforfreedom2022/
  3. Great videos P-L. Glad you are feeling more upbeat...
  4. The funds are not frozen. The organizers have an accountant and a lawyer ( both on board with the truckers) and its all ship shape and BRISTOL fashion ;-)
  5. Its not 50,000 now... they have an updated figure in the region of 100,000. and a shit ton more regular vehicles and people inside those vehicles. Yes, the number is growing by the hour.
  6. The video top right is where my son is at... its very busy right now...thanks for the link Pierre-Luc. I hope you are feeling more uplifted today. At least you know there are many of us feeling like you and staying strong.
  7. Yes, a lot of people outside of Canada have no idea of the temperatures we live in during the winter. Can you imagine the people out in force if weather was milder... Whats the windchill there today Pierre-Luc.
  8. Just had a video call from my younger son. They went to one of the meet ups for truckers to join the convoy. Apparently thousands are at the stop and lined on highways. (trucks that is) People everywhere with flags. Trudeau now claiming he has to isolate for five days as he has been èxposed to covid`lol. Fire trucks were there honking in support and police interacting with people - not aggressively apparently. Roads are backed up - people cant get to the meet up if they left too late. They took videos...so will see them at some point.
  9. Thanks... my family watching them enter highway 401 at one of the meet up points. Apparently they have a video...cant wait to see it. Certainly a lot of excited Canadians Pierre
  10. It even has an outline of the ballsack with the `breasts`- lmao
  11. So there is a new number of 55,000 trucks now and also private vehicles of indefinite number. Thousands of American truckers coming in. The truck number is not including the South west convoy or the convoy from the Maritimes. Hang in there bud....got to have hope. Will send message in a bit...
  12. The organizers have an accountant dealing with the money and they have a system to get money to the truckers. The donations come willingly from the people so apparently latest info is theres no problem. GoFundMe will be getting a nice chunk of commission.
  13. There is a website you can follow on and a social media if you do social media. It gives you all the correct updates and information direct from source instead of hearsay. I can send you the links in a pm as you seem to be interested.
  14. Not 500,000 as yet....but who knows...could be on the 29th.
  15. To date they expect at least 50,000 trucks to take part in the convoy. !0,000 truckers are coming from the USA in support. A Go FundMe has reached 5 million dollars and is being distributed to truckers via a sign in process. Any remaining money after the protest will be donated to a Veterans cause. Lots of videos on Bitchute and even on You Tube. Trudeau has yet to show his face... the police are assisting the convoy to support their right to protest and keep people safe. Many thousands of people are showing support en route by gathering on foot. The convoy has made the Guinness Book of Records as being the longest convoy ever. Said to have been the full length of Manitoba as of yesterday....still gathering truckers....the pick up point nearest to me is gathering tomorrow. Lots from this area. Excuse point form... wanted to give some info as you showed interest... https://www.bitchute.com/video/dxpU3y5MzkMl/
  16. Yes big time. I posted a link a few pages back. It got lost in the squabbles. There is a GoFundMe for the truckers and its at almost 4 million. Will be interesting to see Trudeaus response. If they can find him. https://www.gofundme.com/f/taking-back-our-freedom-convoy-2022?fbclid=IwAR1HdkTyC1t3YHE2J2VkN0x2HBRNDqmRw1CDfd0Ik9MV6G_EFDSlI7noVUQ https://www.bitchute.com/video/eWCdUJlZIpC8/ This is countrywide. Different convoys from across Canada.There are also thousands of US truckers coming across the border to support. They have to power to bring things to a standstill. Will be interesting to see the gov response ....theyre due to all arrive in Ottawa on 29th. The media started off by saying they were protesting 'icy roads' haha The British Colombia convoy: https://www.bitchute.com/video/EnV41qsYh8pJ/
  17. I have noticed here in Canada that the health service has been a rogue entity for some time. It rules itself and has an enormous amount of power in and of itself. It has been 'policing' the businesses that open and refuse to bow down to mandates. These Hitlerites harass businesses and give huge fines, the police are not part of the 'business' that enforces mandates ...apparently the health dept. is.. Its policing schools, and according to my previous doctor who retired as he was not prepared to do their bidding, they are the ones dictating to doctors. They have recently started charging for things that up until two years ago were free on OHIP. For example casts for injuries and all related essentials are now coming with a hefty price.
  18. haha Actually it was more like...one peanut in the mouth and count to 100 slowly, followed by next peanut ...and so on. Followed by a drink using the same counting strategy, while holding the can in the 'ready to sip if you try to bother me' position.
  19. I'm in Canada. There is a shortage. No chicken at all recently. Shelves not fully stocked . Whereas your description is accurate of many slaves around the world...it is not descriptive of everyone here. Convoy 2022 underway in Canada this weekend...check it out. Heres a starter: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/cross-country-truckers-convoy-departs-b-c-for-ottawa-to-protest-vaccine-mandate
  20. This being a plane that allows anyone to remove a mask for eating and drinking. What utter shite. It can take a long time to eat a bag of peanuts. I know first hand...;-)
  21. Yes, the truckers in Canada are also effecting a convoy along the border. Begins Sunday I believe. From British Columbia along the border routes and then to Ottawa (Parliament)
  22. Funny post :-) This guy short changed... he was hoping for 'long covid' symptoms: https://www.euronews.com/next/2022/01/14/can-covid-shrink-your-penis-one-man-in-the-us-believes-the-virus-irreversibly-shortened-hi
  23. @Macnamara Jonathan Ross mother's maiden name is Walker. Her mother's maiden name seems to be Trim. Just thought I'd mention as you said you couldn't find info. Jonathan's mother's actual name appears to be Maureen with M as a middle name (?Martha) born 1939. I can usually find this stuff - do a lot of digging for books. Sorry off topic ....broke leg, not posting too much at the moment till cast comes off. Happy New Year all.
  24. A friend of mine went there as a contracted engineer...sent some interesting pics. Secret research apparently.
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