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  1. Agreed he is a full on member of the Anal Schwab Society. (ASS) They all need the noose...and a few more.
  2. haha oh i see ... sorry. Yea he is a prick. The woman in video Chrystia Freland (the nodding dog in vid) is as vile as he is.
  3. can you elaborate ? Not familiar with that phrase
  4. Canadas warmonger Trudeau has invoked the War Measures Act...now know as the Emergencies Act. Says he knows people are upset with covid rules!!! Understatement of the year. Giving 120 mil plus another 5 mil to Ukraine...while Canada is bankrupt. They are changing rules to access peoples bank accounts. All crowd funding platforms being monitored and have to sign to FINTRAC. Protests are now illegal blockades and occupations!!! Authorizing banks to seize accounts that donate to protests. Absolute nutter on the loose. https://www.cpac.ca/episode?id=5e1dee4a-a576-48f9-85b8-c2f620ddff61
  5. People will find a way. Lot of negative posts on here today. Thanks for yours being helpful.
  6. As someone would when a hair colour is giving an allergic reaction. For example: redness, hives, swelling, itching. Same with the other applications.
  7. You'd think the stand ins would be Charlie and Willy....so who are they if not them?
  8. Just putting this out there. My niece in the UK has told me that several of her vaccinated friends have began reacting to hair colours Also, to some fake tans and lash and brow dyes. This is new for all of them. Immune systems are not liking it!!! I know what most of us will be thinking....but has anyone else heard of these reactions recently?
  9. Good idea to have the posts in both threads....thanks...will post there also. This is the fall out of Covid and now a worldwide protest it seems.
  10. Yesterdays 2nd press conference with Freedom Convoy organizers:
  11. Base camp raided for stored fuel ...used the health and safety law apparently !!!
  12. haha...I told my daughter the garbage...as they pick up once a week. She thought I was mad.
  13. Towing companies refusing to assist the RCMP in moving trucks.... https://tnn-online.com/alberta-towing-companies-reject-requests-to-supply-trucks-to-rcmp/?fbclid=IwAR2WfhvFJ1jfjBvrBG8CTu7K-WA2GiNlloFK1tdKgi1l1TujvQUCBw38OE0
  14. Is your mum in the UK? If you are the eldest child...under the Mental health Act you are considered the `nearest relative` and they have to discuss with you if they render her unable to pass any mental capacity test. I`m pretty sure youre mother can walk out if she is not longer showing as testing positive with their bogus test. Are they stopping her from walking from the ward? Take note of a womens toilet not far from the ward. Can you take her a change of clothes and have her walk out? Even if you keep the clothes hidden with you until she is away from the ward, take her to change in the toilet and leave. Im pretty sure they cannot just stop people leaving. Is there something else that you havent mentioned...like has she ever been sectioned? I ask this as my sister had my mother sectioned before she died (she was also compos mentis) and the state stepped in like the Gestapo. That was in the UK. They are currently trying to force my aunt into a assisted housing...UK is dreadful.
  15. An interview with Brian Peckford the only living minister that was instrumental in crafting the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. His feeling about the violation of rights as it relates to the Charter...his lawsuit against the government and his feeling about the media.
  16. Due to a fairly recent bone fracture I have a physiotherapist coming in once a week. He was wearing a mask and a see through visor. I asked him to remove them as I couldnt see or hear what he was saying properly. He did. I asked if he had been forced to get the vax. he said that he got it thinking he was doing the right thing. I said ``well unless you are feeling totally suicidal I`d give the booster a miss`` He then told me his experience with the vax. First dose he was violently ill. In bed for days. His arm swelled up. His body felt like ``it was dying`` --- he went on and had a second dose after that . Once I was finished with him he said he didnt think it was necessary to get a booster. I said `Your life depends on that decision`` He looked like I was the grim reaper. I wonder if he`ll come back next week... oh well I planted the mustard seed. It would seem that unless the masked variety of people are confronted with life or death they actually do not see that this is not normal.
  17. I believe there is some kind of relay going on. There are truckers still delivering...and will switch up where possible with a protesting trucker. The truckers have ongoing supplies themselves...they will keep a main artery of supplies open for the people.
  18. I like this guys take on trucker convoy... olde tyme action: Secessio Plebis https://www.bitchute.com/video/Zohp9MSGTDti/
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