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  1. A lot of people are nervous about seeing a chiropractor...but I have had some amazing results. The one I have now managed to realign my hips after I had a nasty fall ten months ago. He used very subtle chiropractic movements and pressure and I could feel my hips moving ...amazing. (I'm sure someone will take that last sentence out of context...
  2. This is actually a really good stretch. (Iliotibial band stretch) - Its good for people with fibromyalgia too...amongst other problems. Mind you, when my back is really acting up...I wouldnt be able to do this... Depends on severity of pain and what your body allows...
  3. Probably best to stick with the 'rodent' memes... accuracy of looks and nature all in one.
  4. I thought he may have tried slitting his wrists but decided against it after the win...Or maybe I just had a premonition. #bandaids,comeinallcolours
  5. I am neither for or against FE theory. However, I actually don't see actual 100% proof of either, thats why my mind stays open....rather than trying to belittle someones viewpoint. I see we have pilots here....and I know pilots myself. But, even after talking with them there is no concrete evidence of a globe.... So here I sit still wondering... I love to see the different viewpoints .... demeaning a view doesn't conclude another view.
  6. I had his poster on my ceiling as a teenager...loved Bruce Lee. I wish he could have taught me the arts ... ;-)
  7. The one on the left always reminds me of a toad - the one on the right a rodent. One is slimy and the other vermin...and both slippery...
  8. Maybe that video circulating of her saying she is not in favour or royalty sank her battleship?? After all royalty and 'elite' are of the same ring-fenced circle.
  9. I agree..he fits the required criteria...not white (agenda), monied, (elitist) looks out for the rich (required). Whereas Boris has already proven himself an unliked buffoon and Truss hates Royalty....so these two will just get their lovely payoff while Rishi does the bidding of the Cabal...and finds a new tailor. Anyone who wears their trousers at half mast like that is clearly completely lacking on some level.
  10. Just a thought - wasn't Thule also a place described in Antarctica? There appears to be a glacier beneath the moon at the top of the picture. Could be a mountain I guess (snowcapped)
  11. Yes...but inverted it seems to spell JOE haha....coincidentally.
  12. A bit like how The Vatican interacted with banks all those years ago...till present day I guess... :-)
  13. Yes, youre right @Itsa there are no ears on a pangolin... and interestingly the most TRAFFICKED animal...hmm Thank you
  14. Now I go look up pandolin symbolism... haha. Thanks Itsa..:-)
  15. Thank you - I am interested in the aviation side of it. Certainly about how planes automatically override anything a pilot may do.. This does actually touch on the topic and I will have a read - thank you I appreciate the links.
  16. ..there is also a marijuana leaf being balanced by a QR code, and a baseball (sport) aligning with scales holding people. Jesus appears to be blindfolded, Bottom right ? Pen (quill) mightier than the sword? Gandhi out to sea? (? No more peace?) And the symbolism that comes with the standing armadillo
  17. Thank you, I will have a read. Thats interesting that the plane picks up on which direction the wind is coming from. Does the book also explain how the wind is generated by the earths rotation?
  18. Sorry to play devils advocate here. But even if jetstreams are usually from west to east - how do we know its due to earth rotation? Another thing that peaks my interest is the turbulence experienced in a plane...presumably from some kind of jetstream... I wonder if the planes diagnostics can tell which direction the wind is hitting the plane from or if it comes from below...as in like some kind of vortex. Fascinating ,....
  19. What do you think about the positioning of lodges around the world..even in places you''d least expect to find them...for example in Cuba? Are you of the understanding that all of these lodges hold secrets at their core? I find it interesting that the church (primarily Rome) and the state have been interlinked for many centuries. The Familes/Houses etc having infiltrated into the 'royal' houses of the world and interconnected with banking - from centuries ago. We know that monks wore capes/hoods as well as many other organizations. In your opinion, do you think there is an Achilles heel that the '''elite'''' fear - and if so would you be able to point in the direction of, even if not point it out fully.? Sorry if this is a bit garbled, I'm close to bed time after a long day. I can take to PM if thats better...as I dont wish to cause unsettledness by my questions.
  20. Yes of course we are all free to accept or reject anything. Glad to hear you are not shutting down discussion. If you prefert o use this thread and not a separate thread thats ok with me. I for one await the content of your posts on the matter, as you say your actual upbringing is not really part of the question...more a specific insight, I would agree. Thanks for offering answers to specific questions..
  21. Isnt that what you post most of the time? Your perspective? I think for the most part we all post things from our own perspective and others draw their own conclusions. Much of what is posted 'doesn't sit well' with many. It was suggested that you maybe put a thread in members only. I think many members are quite discerning...or at the very least able to either read and digest or read and scroll. Then why not explain that it is your specific perspective?? We don't know...and you are being a little evasive which gives rise to that thought to be honest. How would we know unless you tell us what you you are able to provide?, from a place of anonymity. Isn''t that for us to decide what we think and feel about any thread here? As you know from your own experience here, not everyone is going to agree...and thats ok....isn't it? You dont need to name people...there are ways to explain things without pulling a rug or throwing anyone under one in my opinion. My question to you is...why would you raise the alleged fact that you are from an elite family and then shut it down when asked about it? Wouldn't it have been better to simply remain an enigma known as The Consultant if you are going to now continue as if what you claimed wasn't said at all? Either way... just wanted to say my opinion from my perspective.
  22. Then please do enlighten us on the truth you are aware of as a member of an 'elite' family. Many of us have not led sheltered or pampered lives or had jobs that haven't shown the dark side in places that shouldnt be. Are you going to start a thread to answer questions?
  23. I have a really old book about Freemasonry. I think it is a book given to the freemasons. It is called Constitution. It has a complete outline of how courts of 'justice ' are to be built, and much more. I have met many freemasons who are good men.... as others have said, I think they keep many as the front for what is clearly a much deeper central network, that many of them no nothing about. I'll see if anyone is selling a copy online and link it as I cant be assed to find mine and take a pic ... It looks like this: https://www.biblio.com/book/constitution-grand-chapter-royal-arch-masons/d/265869410
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