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  1. My thoughts are, all so called western governments are being controlled by a 'hidden hand' and not the puppets that are fronting...as with Johnson UK, Trudeau (Canada) Biden (USA) etc etc. We know they answer to 'advisors' and a 'privy council' - now who is behind the advisors and privy council? When you consider the Queens advisor is Evelyn de Rothschild we are getting closer I think, although not close enough. This 'hidden hand' is controlling the health depts. and the governments as well as international relations. Here is Canada it seems the health depts. have gone totally rogue. We know that China is or definitely has been involved with the WHO. The WHO had a Chinese CEO not so long ago. So could it be that the same 'hidden hand' is behind them too? The WEF appears to be dictating what is going to happen and their appearance has been sudden and sharp...could be one of the centre organizations that is working in concert with WHO, and governments etc. This is me rambling...but I think the gameplan is more simplistic than it first appears.
  2. My neice in Leicester UK has today told me that the school has been harassing her to get her 12 year old to have the covid, the HPV and the flu shot...asap. She has told them to hoop it.
  3. It's this kind of assault on kids that makes me hate humans...
  4. Is there a significance to the orange sweaters? I know orange has a significance in some 'situations'
  5. Where are you (rough location)?
  6. Yes there is a World Wide protest. In London too today.
  7. The 'little man' jibe hit a raw nerve it would seem. Not sure why...its not as if anyone could see his little man. Must be really sensitive about it.
  8. Still wondering how dousing people with high powered water is not assault. I can only imagine what trouble any of us would be in if we fired same at anyone in a prolonged fashion.
  9. Are you questioning the colour of the blood? The more oxygen in the blood the redder it is. Deoxygenated is darker. Sorry if I missed the point. Venous blood is more blue/reddy/black. Arterial blood being the reddest I believe.
  10. STAGED...the tattoo man and other recognizables. Pathetic.
  11. Hasnt reach Ontario yet, where I am. But there is quite a big resistance here in Ontario at the moment. Will be interesting to watch this pathetic election on the 20th. The 18th will be interesting too...Worldwide protest.
  12. So Alberta Canada now says that the UNVACCINATED cannot join in with any gatherings, even in their own home: Unvaccinated: Indoor social gatherings are not permitted for vaccine-eligible people who are unvaccinated. https://www.alberta.ca/covid-19-public-health-actions.aspx How they expect to enforce this when its not the law to even open your door to police.
  13. Trudeau doesnt want to let covid go either. This interview is quite telling. I think the interviewer is amazing... she had him running. But the last few minutes is quite telling....haha: https://globalnews.ca/video/rd/ee28dfd4-14d2-11ec-b64a-0242ac110004/?jwsource=cl&fbclid=IwAR0zHuTnThkvAKpMSqPz7gZ61HqI2Gh9Uyz92a9gmXRs2I5xxUXD9Tigr4U
  14. Here in South Western Ontario the night before last we had perpetual lightning...it didn't stop flashing for around two hours straight. Then we had power outages. I have never seen that before.
  15. Cat in the hat is full of innuendo.
  16. Didnt they pull the 'white powder hoax' after WTC hoax? When they claimed (white powder) 'anthrax' was being sent to people? Then they introduced Ciprofloxacin a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, that is deadly in and of itself, to combat anthrax poisoning. They must have a book called 'My favourite book of hoaxes'
  17. Yes of course he is one of many... I was pointing out how it has affected my family. But yes, there are many cases of discrimination happening here in Canada. Good idea about getting it all in writing.
  18. My son-in-law just got told to get the vaccine by Oct 12th or he will be placed on 'leave' without pay. He has his family to support. This is very bad here in Canada right now...people are not happy.
  19. Let me guess, the stupid cow sewed together 300 masks to make curtains too. There must be at least two breeds of humans..and a few sub breeds.
  20. When I worked with AIDS patients in 80's and 90's there was clearly a destruction of their immune systems happening. Gates and people like him in the past have been pushing all kinds of drugs and vaccines on people...especially in Africa. Maybe it is no coincidence they say AIDS came from Africa. Kary Mullis seemed to despise Fauci and all he stood for...also those working alongside him. He mentioned "they have an agenda" I think Kary Mullis knew what it was...and was unable to break through to stop them. I also find it odd that AIDS was linked primarily to homosexuals...they were also a target of the Nazis in WW2. Drug users were also targeted re AIDS. I worked with hemophiliacs with AIDS too... so definitely blood borne. Totally systemic and yet supposedly from one green monkey. Covid, claimed to be from a bat...yet supposedly cured by an injection involving tissue from the green monkey. What are we missing?
  21. I believe Guillane Barr was also a major reaction to HPV injection too.
  22. Or attribute it to the Marburg virus or the latest trend the 'mystery virus'. One thing is certain it will never be the vax.
  23. I was working in a hospital in Bristol UK in mid eighties and there was a block designated for AIDS patients. I believe at the time I was there there were only two. But we had to cover our bodies from head to toe to go into that block. I seem to remember something about someone travelling from Africa to Montreal and bringing the first AIDS case to Canada. Of course when we look back it was likely something else that was going on. Some years later I worked in a AIDS hospice in Canada and spoke to many people there who had been diagnosed with AIDS and who were dying. I saw the roofs of their mouths were falling down into the mouth itself. Their skin was breaking down and their organs were failing. Even with these terrible afflictions they could go out for dinner if they felt well enough. I often wondered about pieces of mouth coming down onto a fork etc. It was like their bodies had been put into decompose mode. It was awful for them. Each story of what happened to them was unique and I wont forget them. They ( the health gurus ) claimed it was in body fluids but it was never transmitted by mist particles from the mouth. It was blood borne or via semen for transmission. I dont know if they claim anything different these days. This is why I believe what Kary Mullis was saying about AIDS not being a virus. There was more to it than a virus from a monkey...and then being transmitted by a lone traveller to Montreal. It made no sense unless said traveller was having sex with a chimpanzee. This linking to primates with AIDS and now this BS 'virus' seems to be a pattern and each time they bring about a drug that never really works. Like Kary Mullis said...they have an agenda.
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