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  1. Yes...but inverted it seems to spell JOE haha....coincidentally.
  2. A bit like how The Vatican interacted with banks all those years ago...till present day I guess... :-)
  3. Yes, youre right @Itsa there are no ears on a pangolin... and interestingly the most TRAFFICKED animal...hmm Thank you
  4. Now I go look up pandolin symbolism... haha. Thanks Itsa..:-)
  5. ..there is also a marijuana leaf being balanced by a QR code, and a baseball (sport) aligning with scales holding people. Jesus appears to be blindfolded, Bottom right ? Pen (quill) mightier than the sword? Gandhi out to sea? (? No more peace?) And the symbolism that comes with the standing armadillo
  6. What do you think about the positioning of lodges around the world..even in places you''d least expect to find them...for example in Cuba? Are you of the understanding that all of these lodges hold secrets at their core? I find it interesting that the church (primarily Rome) and the state have been interlinked for many centuries. The Familes/Houses etc having infiltrated into the 'royal' houses of the world and interconnected with banking - from centuries ago. We know that monks wore capes/hoods as well as many other organizations. In your opinion, do you think there is an Achilles heel that the '''elite'''' fear - and if so would you be able to point in the direction of, even if not point it out fully.? Sorry if this is a bit garbled, I'm close to bed time after a long day. I can take to PM if thats better...as I dont wish to cause unsettledness by my questions.
  7. Yes of course we are all free to accept or reject anything. Glad to hear you are not shutting down discussion. If you prefert o use this thread and not a separate thread thats ok with me. I for one await the content of your posts on the matter, as you say your actual upbringing is not really part of the question...more a specific insight, I would agree. Thanks for offering answers to specific questions..
  8. Isnt that what you post most of the time? Your perspective? I think for the most part we all post things from our own perspective and others draw their own conclusions. Much of what is posted 'doesn't sit well' with many. It was suggested that you maybe put a thread in members only. I think many members are quite discerning...or at the very least able to either read and digest or read and scroll. Then why not explain that it is your specific perspective?? We don't know...and you are being a little evasive which gives rise to that thought to be honest. How would we know unless you tell us what you you are able to provide?, from a place of anonymity. Isn''t that for us to decide what we think and feel about any thread here? As you know from your own experience here, not everyone is going to agree...and thats ok....isn't it? You dont need to name people...there are ways to explain things without pulling a rug or throwing anyone under one in my opinion. My question to you is...why would you raise the alleged fact that you are from an elite family and then shut it down when asked about it? Wouldn't it have been better to simply remain an enigma known as The Consultant if you are going to now continue as if what you claimed wasn't said at all? Either way... just wanted to say my opinion from my perspective.
  9. Then please do enlighten us on the truth you are aware of as a member of an 'elite' family. Many of us have not led sheltered or pampered lives or had jobs that haven't shown the dark side in places that shouldnt be. Are you going to start a thread to answer questions?
  10. I have a really old book about Freemasonry. I think it is a book given to the freemasons. It is called Constitution. It has a complete outline of how courts of 'justice ' are to be built, and much more. I have met many freemasons who are good men.... as others have said, I think they keep many as the front for what is clearly a much deeper central network, that many of them no nothing about. I'll see if anyone is selling a copy online and link it as I cant be assed to find mine and take a pic ... It looks like this: https://www.biblio.com/book/constitution-grand-chapter-royal-arch-masons/d/265869410
  11. Around 2010 Al Jazeera was extremely pro Palestine, if anyone can remember. My good friend, a Palestinian professor at a local University, encouraged me to watch its '''unbiased'' reporting. This was the reason I watched it back then. Slowly over the years it has become what it is today. Bait and Switch was the tactic no doubt. It has done a complete turnaround on what it claimed to originally stand for. This is how 'they' work..find the bait and gradually twist it as the 'followers' twist along. You have to be very discerning to not be dragged along with the mind control BS.
  12. ....and how did you 'discover' that? Did they give you the original?
  13. My guess would be that they had this all in place before Sept 11th 2001. Another guess would be that they had got all three buildings ready to implode, but something caused the detonation of Building 7 to implode later, maybe a time problem on device or an oversight on the part of those placing the detonators. Maybe the Newsreel was recorded in advance. Hard to say. I've always thought it rather strange how with these 'flag events' always seem to have strategically placed people with a camera and an excellent vantage point.
  14. In Canada they closed a lot of Psychiatric Hospitals and put the people in need back out on the street. In fact one of the Psych hospitals that was closed has been used as a location for TV series 'See' with Jason Momoa. Also this movie: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) Those two filmings were in South Western Ontario. But it doesnt stop there. Heres a link telling about British Columbia... and of course there are more...https://curiocity.com/this-abandoned-b-c-hospital-is-canadas-most-famous-filming-location/ I guess it pays well...
  15. I'm sure he (Robbie Coltrane) will be remembered for all his contributions to the entertainment industry. Just a little interesting that his health issues outside of his osteoarthritis only surfaced in last two years.
  16. Apparently he had lost a ton of weight to receive a knee implant.. No one can say he was lazy tho'...he was always working. Was getting other 'health issues' in last two years... I guess that leaves the death open for discussion...at least until the family declares cause of death...which even then may be up for debate.
  17. https://people.com/movies/robbie-coltrane-dead-at-72-harry-potter-hagrid-actor/ While the actor's cause of death was not immediately apparent, Deadline reports that he "had been in ill health for the past two years," and died Friday in Larbert, Scotland, in a hospital close to his home.
  18. Yes exactly... the mind control behind it is not apparently noticeable to those not looking to see it. So we look like nutters when we point it out. What you describe has happened several times in USA...where they so say go searching for the 'assailant' and he then gets shot by police. The dead man cannot then defend himself...( and also did the alleged 'crime' even occur)
  19. Yes, its very sad... this particular mother is the classic virtue signaler. She likes to be the 'authority'...runs for school president etc. Her kids didnt stand a chance...this boy is her eldest. She has also vaxxed her two younger sons aged 9 and 6. Lets hope you never get any such news...
  20. I think all agendas are related to money in some way... as well as control. 'They' already 'control' the money....so I think control is the main goal.... and the money follows it... This gun control agenda has been tiptoeing along for years... and is still one of the foremost agendas imo..
  21. My grandson had cross country today. His friend who usually wins and is good at sport came in last. He is 12 years old and his parents got him jabbed twice. Today the poor kid comes in last - coughing and holding his chest, he couldn't breathe. His mother said " Is it your lungs?" He said "it hurts where my heart is". This child has been home lying down now for hours. This is a child that has never had any breathing problems or heart issues... vaxxed within the last six months...twice. I would have taken him to Emergency.... but this mother is one who always knows best!!! and is waiting to take him to see their doctor (GP).
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