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  1. I think the situation has been remedied as best it can be for now. I'm sure Lake will have the opportunity to reassess the situation and move forward. For a good situation to ensue, the stars have to align. The process can take a while... Thanks to those lovely members who make moderating a better experience for everyone. I personally feel neutral and I am happy for the situation to be left for Admin to assess. This is a great forum where lots of wonderful information is and can be posted. Moderation in my opinion is for the team to see and determine, rather than members, to assess - and Admin to ultimately be the ones to agree. Lets keep posting and enjoy the summer
  2. Thats a new on on climate change being to blame. Theyre creating more reasons every day... not too suspicious haha
  3. Meanwhile the real 2018 version was less dramatic, I imagine they will either remove older reports on Monkeypox or 'update' the old stuff: https://jglobalbiosecurity.com/article/10.31646/gbio.22/ Clip from the article: Zoonotic transmission: transmission may occur from close contact with infected rodents or primates through bites and scratches or consumption of infected and inadequately cooked animal products. Infection by inoculation can occur though contact with cutaneous or mucosal lesion on animals, especially when there are breaches in the skin barrier. Person to person transmission: Transmission occurs through direct contact with blood, bodily fluids, fluids from cutaneous or mucosal lesions of infected persons or via the respiratory route through infected respiratory tract secretions. Vertical transmission is also described. Congenital monkeypox can occur as the virus is transmitted across the placenta. Similar to smallpox, there is no evidence of pre-symptomatic transmission; transmission occurs while symptomatic during the rash stage. Observational studies in the mid-1980s showed the main infectious period to be during the first week of the rash, similar to smallpox(7). A study conducted in the US in 2003 examining health care worker exposure to patients with confirmed monkeypox showed that human to human transmission in an outbreak setting is rare but possible(8). In the 2003 multistate outbreak in the US, two cases were reported to have close contact with lesions and ocular drainage of infected people, however they also had contact with the infected animals (9, 10). Person-to-person transmission could not be excluded in this instance (11, 12). In the 2017 Nigerian outbreak, three family clusters were found, which suggest some level of human-human transmission, however most patients had no obvious epidemiological linkage or human to human transmission (13). Zoonotic source of outbreak is also unclear(13). Human-to-human transmission occurs occasionally from primary cases but very rarely from secondary cases. About 7% of 149 contacts investigated in 2017 Nigeria outbreak was due to human-human transmission (14) while evidence of human-human transmission observed amongst sporadic cases in Nigeria in 2018 has been acknowledged but not specifically reported (15). Demographics of cases The index case was a Nigerian resident living at a naval base in Cornwall, UK (1, 2). The patient was suspected to have been infected in Nigeria before travelling to the UK. No epidemiological link between the first two cases in the UK has been found (16). A 2nd case, an UK resident was confirmed on 11 September 2018, following a history of recent travel to Nigeria and presented at Blackpool Victoria
  4. Last year I moved from a house to an apartment. I noticed they've forgotten to take the paper about masks down from the stairwell doorways. So I thought I'd give them a hand. I didnt charge them anything. ;-) The ones in the toilets at the Tim Hortons seem to somehow fall of the wall when I'm there too...so I just put them in the bins. No charge. ;-) The thing is... its often lazyness that they dont take them down, because if you mention it they say "oh is it still there?"
  5. It's weird how so many will instantly back down. Ive never worn a mask either... hospital appts, dentist, chiro etc... I just message ahead and say I wont be wearing one and if its a problem I wont attend. They write back immediately to say its ok as some people are exempt. I just message back to say 'thats ok then, see you tomorrow'. I agree... 'covid evil' is a real thing. It's figuring out how to rid it!
  6. ... and we could look at it two ways. The lockdowns didnt prevent anyone getting the 'covid' Or, there was no 'covid' and so obviously lockdowns cant have an effect on something that doesn't exist. All in all lockdowns were the plan...'covid' was a means to get there.
  7. Thank you... its still saying not available here. Is it something like this video? Or this with the alleged cop father:
  8. The video isnt showing in this country. Whats the title of it and I'll look for it on another platform.
  9. Didn''t they demolish the 'Sandy Hook' school? I followed that and there was definitely something off in my opinion too.
  10. It's interesting that Israel wanted the Dome of the Rock to be in Israel too...when it was/is so important to Muslims and most Palestinians.What is it with the domes ( by any means) and obelisks? Symbolism...or more?
  11. You can almost feel his good temperament through his eyes.
  12. The 'virus' makes people poor and then they come with a solution. How predictable and obviously part of the planning.
  13. Theres some weird glowing areas in the region (not that I know anything about the topsecret stuff) that seem brighter than fire - The brightness seems unusual to me... https://www.google.com/maps/place/Anadyrsk,+Chukotka+Autonomous+Okrug,+Russia,+689530/@65.5763366,166.497336,3774m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x453c569a896724fb:0x1409fdf86611f613!2sRussia!3b1!8m2!3d61.52401!4d105.318756!3m4!1s0x59f253f854a8eb65:0x30c14c74ae659523!8m2!3d64.72543!4d170.80886?hl=en https://www.google.com/maps/place/Anadyrsk,+Chukotka+Autonomous+Okrug,+Russia,+689530/@65.5560707,166.4444206,5189m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x453c569a896724fb:0x1409fdf86611f613!2sRussia!3b1!8m2!3d61.52401!4d105.318756!3m4!1s0x59f253f854a8eb65:0x30c14c74ae659523!8m2!3d64.72543!4d170.80886?hl=en https://www.google.com/maps/place/Anadyrsk,+Chukotka+Autonomous+Okrug,+Russia,+689530/@65.8906725,168.9434616,8615m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x453c569a896724fb:0x1409fdf86611f613!2sRussia!3b1!8m2!3d61.52401!4d105.318756!3m4!1s0x59f253f854a8eb65:0x30c14c74ae659523!8m2!3d64.72543!4d170.80886?hl=en
  14. Sorry if I did - its sometimes hard when you cant hear someones tone or way they say things... I'm glad we share same views on it - thanks for explaining and apologies for not getting it right the first time...
  15. The lawman says she got McMad and was acting like a McNut - sometimes as you say humour of any kind is a welcome change.
  16. OK...so maybe after card details. Asking for a £1 and then getting the bank info maybe. The Covid Fallout...
  17. Yes, was your post. Thank you. So this is the number received from some kind of track trace message that was not in fact an official message. I see what you mean thank you for clarifying. Found the scam link: https://who-called.co.uk/Number/07563864242 Have to wonder who is behind it and why?
  18. Not giving an opinion either way lol. I was pointing out the fingerlike things were there, regardless of what they are.
  19. Support what you post please with factual links/studies etc. Otherwise these type posts will be removed
  20. I'm pretty sure I was not lending to the conscientiousness of poverty. Everyone has to survive. Thats a fact. I'm not sure of your correlation to prostitution /drug dealing in this instance. Everyones utility bills are up this year, in many countries...and no its not right - I think all the current inflation is unnecessary...but hey we are in the midst of multiple agendas. Not sure what utility bills have to do with my post. But I do agree that current inflation is engineered by tbtb
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