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  1. Unvaccinated Canadians can now board a train or a plane...FINALLY. But for how long??? https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/canada-dropping-vaccine-mandate-for-domestic-and-outbound-international-travel-as-of-june-20-1.5946009 Notice its says specifically OUTGOING flights. They are clearly wanting to preserve the data collecting ArriveCan app for returning Canadians. How the hell this part makes any sense I have no idea.. .""Foreign nationals coming to Canada will still be required to be vaccinated in order to enter, though they would be able to depart the country if unvaccinated"". Not sure how they would manage that... we have a lunatic as a Prime Minister.
  2. The 'self-assemble business seems particularly ominous. I dread to think the final outcome over time. Thanks for the info...
  3. hahaha... I am very good at saying no..... I know when I'm being conned. Game shows are not my thing and soaps are mindnumbing... I am very picky... haha
  4. Agreed...although I love nature documentaries and a few comedies.
  5. Brand to me is very calculating. He comes across to the gullible as a caring although zany individual. I personally think the zany part is his ruse to hide his deceitfulness. I get a gut reaction with him...and my gut tells me he is a conduit for dispersing mixed signals to the population, thereby causing the truth to be hidden in with his bullshit which then causes the truth to be tarnished. Thats how he seems to me...
  6. Yes, same here in Canada. Public Health Canada seems to have a life of it's own outside of government...to the point where they were/are arranging for arraignments of those who refuse to comply. At the USA/Canada border checkpoints they have Public Health stations for those returning Canadians who are not vaccinated. Here, people are questioned about why they do not have the vax and told they must take a test and another in 8 days or they will be fined $5,000. They are then told to quarantine for 14 days. This is the situation currently. Unvaccinated still unable to board a train or a plane in Canada...unless they hold another passport other than Canadian.
  7. Also, very close to the 'polio' years - and initial polio vaccine years, which also could have been experimental... I now doubt anything they have shoved into bodies in the name of 'science'. This excerpt from that article sounded like some recent claims: ''Professor Spratt concluded that the vast majority of those exposed to the bacteria were “unlikely to have had health consequences” but “there may have been some unquantifiable threat to health for a small number of individuals who had serious underlying disease and were particularly susceptible to infection.” “If infections did occur in any highly susceptible individuals, they would have probably been infections of the chest or blood, which would have occurred within days of the release of bacteria.”''
  8. I'm not a Bieber fan - even though he lives up the road from me - I hope youre right and that people link his illness to the vax, which is clearly why the pair of them have experienced these major health issues. From the video it looks like he is at his home close to here - so maybe he is spending more time in Canada while he is sick...near his family.
  9. Usury has been illegal for centuries...but now they claim charging extortionate rates of interest is no longer usury. They twist the truth to make it what they want. Acts and Statutes constantly being changed/amended to suit the corruptions. Promissory Notes were once considered legal tender. Imagine writing up a note to a bank and saying " Yes, I owe you interest on whatever it was you loaned me. If you are gauging my debt on credit created by a signed note, then find this signed note as payment in full"
  10. Trust me that comment holds much truth....speaking as a British born Canadian lol... I hear the comments the people are making and neck stretching would take Slightly longer than the method(s) I'm overhearing ;-) lol.
  11. That says it all really... Dank u wel ...
  12. The climate changes drastically every year here in Canada and has done for eons. Being between huge lakes the humidity can be stifling when it reaches 40 degrees, even at slightly cooler. There are and have always been days where you cant go outside as the heat/humidity combination is deadly. So I can only imagine if they are suggesting it will be hotter.... I think its bullshite to be honest. We are almost midsummer here now and it's been pretty mild so far...milder than other years I've known. Just like covid was the flu amplified. Climate Change is another normal occurrence being manipulated into a false catastrophe. Anything normal is now anything but if you listen to the well primed and corrupt media. Let me guess the new heat waves will be Swelta, Melta, Humicron and Crispus X. The worst being Crematron. Excuse the corny names...but its getting ridiculous now.
  13. I agree with you on this point. The clue for me is in her eyes. If you look at her eyes you can see they are the eyes of someone who is not too well. Could be organ failure, or simply frailties associated with older age for some people. I think she is unable to attend functions that require too much of her time or that need her to be mentally present. To be seen as failing physically or mentally during the events would cause too much 'interest' at the moment. I think as with all elderly people she has been getting her affairs in order - spending time with her family and trying to be as comfortable as possible. Whether people believe she is human or not..... I see an elderly individual who finds it hard to cope with the stresses of the position she holds... reptile or no reptile.
  14. They have used the word 'target' which is bang on centre. Target those females to extract their wombs!!! Make them 'become' men.... now we all know that is not happening...not unless they can switch their xx to an xy in their DNA while they are switching out a womb for prosthesis. And here we go with the six million again - surely they aren't suggesting 6 million females want a fake plonker? Presumably, the 6 million are those who have had their lives medically and psychologically turned upside down by this pathetic covid bullshite. I would say that figure is a lot higher tho' I wonder why males wanting to 'be females' have to wait? Maybe it's the cost of all the pickle jars!
  15. Yes, we are having a hard time getting information from doctor/hospitals re my mom's health/passing. She was put on end of life in March 2020 when the care home murders were happening. I know she received Midazolam and Morphine in her final days. They refused to try to help her...they pulled her antibiotics for the pneumonia... just let her die. I tried to intervene with fluids but it was impossible...without antibiotics there was no hope.
  16. Yes, they took less than a week to do it...from him saying to them and it being carried out. From what I can gather from our conversation there was no attempt to talk him out of it. They actually go to the home and do it...then the doctor signs off immediately. His son told me it was over in a few minutes. Much like taking a cat to be put down or going under anaesthetic . :-( - they sedate to the point of paralysis and they presumably stop the heart (if it hasnt stopped already). You're right anything good seems to be eradicated - it's hard to grasp the reality of it all at times.
  17. Can this thread get any lower? Seriously, and off topic FWIW
  18. Thanks Dale, euthanasia is alive and well in Canada. A friend of mine who was an elderly pilot that I had met during some research into a case, had developed a swollen hand and it was extremely painful. It bothered him a lot - he went to his doctor who labelled it ALS. This was a man who was extremely healthy outside of this. His symptoms were NOT that of ALS. He walked miles each day, he had his faculties (more than many younger people), an ex pilot as I mentioned. He couldn't handle the diagnosis and he could not get referred to have the hand reassessed or a second opinion. He emailed me and said that he felt he should die. I tried every way possible to get him to change his mind - he stalled for a couple of months...but eventually he called on a Saturday to tell me he was being euthanized on the Tuesday - asked me to go visit him, which I did on the Monday. They euthanized him in his apartment on his couch. This is actually happening... I was mortified. All I could do was tell him how much I cared and that he would be remembered and how his life was an inspiration. (It truly was an inspiration). I gave him a letter I had written for him to read after I had left that Monday afternoon. He called as I drove home...that was the last time I heard his voice and the first time I knew someone who had been killed this way. Legal murder of people who are distressed. They are not helping elderly people any more...not in my opinion.
  19. https://www.westernstandard.news/news/canadian-politicos-and-businessmen-hobnobbing-at-bilderberg-gathering-this-weekend/article_78564cfa-e372-11ec-8131-07c027b7a50b.html https://deputypm.canada.ca/en/news https://pm.gc.ca/en/news
  20. So the area in question is right in between the ferries from Dublin to Holyhead and Rosslare to Fishguard. Thats convenient that it just misses the ferry routes.
  21. Wishful thinking.... but I imagine quite a few of us are wishing and thing the same thing ;-)
  22. Less babies got vaccines during Lockdowns: https://www.spiritofchange.org/striking-decline-of-premature-births-and-sids-during-covid/ Media kicks into gear: https://healthfeedback.org/claimreview/infant-deaths-did-not-decrease-during-the-pandemic-due-to-a-reduced-use-of-vaccines-vaccines-are-not-associated-with-sudden-infant-death-syndrome/
  23. ...and now Andrew has coronavirus...
  24. Yes, thats right... and SIDS is disappearing (now called coronavirus) . I'll find the link. My chiropractor told me about it today (Canada). Also, if anyone's is interested...the Ontario Provincial Election has been won by Progressive Conservatives. Trudeau is Liberal...this should tell you how Canada feels. Ontario has the highest population of the provinces. Majority despise Trudeau re: 'covid' mandates that are still in force against unvaccinated and it's getting worse. https://www.thestar.com/politics/ontario-election/2022/06/02/see-ontario-election-results-from-across-the-province.html
  25. Just had a thought. I had read somewhere that children who kill animals or harm them have a strong possibility of becoming murderers or abusers... I dont mean the kid that steps on an ant or swipes a fly...but one who enjoys the act of say taking a butterflies wings off and looks to do it often or who likes to drown cats or kick/burn dogs etc. I have spent a lot of time researching a particular 'murder case' where the alleged murderers comprised of one who hurt animals and one who didnt. The facts of the case are extremely interesting as after much research the one who loves animals appears to have been framed by the other.
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