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  1. All posters are the authors of this thread!!! Dead links and videos do not show anything at all!!! Maybe by the preserve at all costs logic, we should have a thread consisting solely of dead links and blank videos...
  2. Yes, but when you cant see what the vids are - you dont know where or how to look to find them sourced elsewhere.. I agree that an info only thread or rather threads regarding the individual content ( gov speeches - PCR - studies- vax stuff- propaganda - WHO- WEF- (all covid related infosources ) would be good in specific threads....and we dont need a moderator to initiate a new topic or thread.
  3. You did miss the point...the only posts I suggested were useless were posts with nothing left to see...as in videos that are gone...blank....black...no more. Also links that have been zapped completely either by censorship or removed in their entirety. This thread would then be left as a complete mixed library as it were...except all useful info could be categorized into separate thread topics....ie PCR info. Government wording and conflicting messages. Vaccine propaganda. Vaccine fatalities. Vaccine side effects....etc etc....but all categorized like libraries do but would be thread topics not book alcoves. I think it's a good idea... But don't worry...the blank vids...links and other useless posts will remain as moderators have to leave them....or else posters get bent out of shape....even if the removed posts are dead as a dodo.
  4. I agree that the thread is the master copy. However the videos I am talking about are non existent now. So useless links. When you click it goes nowhere...same with error 404 links...even the websites don't exist...so imo it's pointless to have them clutter things up. We know links and videos are being removed or banned or both....so unless we save the content from them at time of posting...it is lost. It's impossible to put link inactive as of... Because often the link goes within hours and we have no idea when it was active until....A link posted in 2020...could have gone in 2020..2021 or 2022....we have no idea. But I do agree with salvaging what can be. I know some people know how to mirror videos and we can always take content from links at time of posting...and some people do....but often that content only comes back if and when the poster decides to post it. My previous post basically explained that it takes forever to sift through the thread and that it's got many empty links etc....I think it takes longer to go through a thread of thousands of posts when you have to check duff links and vids. I personally see no value in such posts...and on other forums such posts are removed... Anyway... Yes good idea to keep the info in this thread....and if you have time to put info from it into specific topics based on what's there...would be interesting. Would need a few new topics and gradually move the good info over...ie links, videos that do work etc etc. Won't be able to move posts as that's a moderator action.... But nothing stopping you...or me or anyone else trying to tidy the info and leave this thread as the mega muddle master lol
  5. I tried weeding through it...there are a lot of dud videos as in no longer accessible, and links that go nowhere. It would definitely make sense to remove these and try to get some semblance of a streamlined collation. However, the forum doesn`t want these empty posts removed for some reason. I agree with you - it would make sense to try to keep and put things in some kind of order. First of all you`d have to get rid of the non functioning posts that i mentioned earlier and then work with whats left and put into possibly different threads according to the `theme` of the various posts. For example covid related vaccine posts, government dictates (country by country if necessary) etc etc all in order... date, country, vax side effects, memes, etc etc etc. But I know first hand that when trying to make sense of a thread in this way... a moderator gets chastised and berated. So it gets left as the mega muddled mix up that it is... with probably at least 20 -25% posts with non functioning videos and or links. Sad really...because you are right, as I was when I tried imo. Its a daunting task expecting anyone to go through this thread and sort the wheat from the chaff... even harder when it has no end of error 404 links and missing videos. But hey...gotta work with what we have I guess.
  6. God forbid anyone goes outside for a few rays eh... noooo gotta mask up, isolate and stay in a bubble... Anyone who followed this ritual needs a full psychological assessment and if they also got a clot shot or two, or three - and especially if begging for a fourth they need certifying as insane.
  7. Maybe temperature and possibly jerky movements like coughing LOL. I can only imagine the false readings and the reasons for Hahaha.
  8. Couple of interesting websites here... Long before Greta was born...LOL: "The decade of the 1950s brought the Chicago area some of its hottest summers of record, landing four in the top ten warmest-1955, 1959, 1953 and 1954. The 1955 summer ranks as the city’s all-time warmest dating back to 1871 with an average temperature of 76.4, buoyed by the city’s warmest July (81.3 degrees) and third warmest August (78.7 degrees). The decade also placed five years in the top ten with the most days of 90-degrees or higher- 1955 (46), 1953 (42), 1959 (39), 1952 (38) and 1954(36). When considering the city’s longest heat waves, the city has logged four 11- day runs of 90-degrees or higher, all of them in the 1950s." https://wgntv.com/weather/the-hot-summers-of-1954-1955-and-1956/ https://stacker.com/stories/4345/what-summer-weather-was-year-you-were-born
  9. This world has been on a downward spiral in morality for sometime...but this literally throws it down the morality stairs... that dude has some hollow, vacuous eyes...
  10. They must think we are oblivious to the good cop, bad cop strategy...
  11. I liked the part near the end where the guy being interviewed says that the Bildreberg Group and their ilk like to know what people think about them as it gives them insight. You can see why they like to listen to DI... he is showing to the world what the group is doing....so maybe they use his enlightenment to try to circumvent any fallout. Got me thinking a bit... (happens occasionally ;-) )
  12. Her name ( and facial features) gives away why she is promoting the jabs... 'Haberman' et al https://peoplefinderfree.com/surname/haberman
  13. Well some of us have family we love living here... I guess that may be a reason...
  14. Simple really... I thought I did a sad emoji (they look same to me) ....but either way... not sure its a big deal haha. What does your raised eyebrow emoji mean LOL.... I've never placed too much credence on the little blighters. I am not at all confused that Fauci is behind so much bullshit. I am fully aware that he is one sad sick bastard... along with more of his 'connections'... I'll give up on the emoji's
  15. " Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"
  16. They really went after the churches with the covid agenda here. I guess they want the elderly, the infirm and the christians dead....or maybe its just everyone except 'them'....
  17. Unvaccinated Canadians can now board a train or a plane...FINALLY. But for how long??? https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/canada-dropping-vaccine-mandate-for-domestic-and-outbound-international-travel-as-of-june-20-1.5946009 Notice its says specifically OUTGOING flights. They are clearly wanting to preserve the data collecting ArriveCan app for returning Canadians. How the hell this part makes any sense I have no idea.. .""Foreign nationals coming to Canada will still be required to be vaccinated in order to enter, though they would be able to depart the country if unvaccinated"". Not sure how they would manage that... we have a lunatic as a Prime Minister.
  18. The 'self-assemble business seems particularly ominous. I dread to think the final outcome over time. Thanks for the info...
  19. hahaha... I am very good at saying no..... I know when I'm being conned. Game shows are not my thing and soaps are mindnumbing... I am very picky... haha
  20. Agreed...although I love nature documentaries and a few comedies.
  21. Brand to me is very calculating. He comes across to the gullible as a caring although zany individual. I personally think the zany part is his ruse to hide his deceitfulness. I get a gut reaction with him...and my gut tells me he is a conduit for dispersing mixed signals to the population, thereby causing the truth to be hidden in with his bullshit which then causes the truth to be tarnished. Thats how he seems to me...
  22. Yes, same here in Canada. Public Health Canada seems to have a life of it's own outside of government...to the point where they were/are arranging for arraignments of those who refuse to comply. At the USA/Canada border checkpoints they have Public Health stations for those returning Canadians who are not vaccinated. Here, people are questioned about why they do not have the vax and told they must take a test and another in 8 days or they will be fined $5,000. They are then told to quarantine for 14 days. This is the situation currently. Unvaccinated still unable to board a train or a plane in Canada...unless they hold another passport other than Canadian.
  23. Also, very close to the 'polio' years - and initial polio vaccine years, which also could have been experimental... I now doubt anything they have shoved into bodies in the name of 'science'. This excerpt from that article sounded like some recent claims: ''Professor Spratt concluded that the vast majority of those exposed to the bacteria were “unlikely to have had health consequences” but “there may have been some unquantifiable threat to health for a small number of individuals who had serious underlying disease and were particularly susceptible to infection.” “If infections did occur in any highly susceptible individuals, they would have probably been infections of the chest or blood, which would have occurred within days of the release of bacteria.”''
  24. I'm not a Bieber fan - even though he lives up the road from me - I hope youre right and that people link his illness to the vax, which is clearly why the pair of them have experienced these major health issues. From the video it looks like he is at his home close to here - so maybe he is spending more time in Canada while he is sick...near his family.
  25. Usury has been illegal for centuries...but now they claim charging extortionate rates of interest is no longer usury. They twist the truth to make it what they want. Acts and Statutes constantly being changed/amended to suit the corruptions. Promissory Notes were once considered legal tender. Imagine writing up a note to a bank and saying " Yes, I owe you interest on whatever it was you loaned me. If you are gauging my debt on credit created by a signed note, then find this signed note as payment in full"
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