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  1. Im in a smallish city in Ontario Canada. I havent worn a face mask at all. Today i waited in line at the Post Office. When I reached the counter the woman asked if I had a mask. Clearly I wasnt wearing one, so I told her I did not. She promptly said that she would go to get me one...I said No I dont need one. She looked at me for a few seconds and then tried to pass the buck to her colleague who had gone out the back somewhere. She said - Oh well I just wondered if my colleague had already asked you...to which I said that I would have told her the same thing. She then said that they werent allowed to ask if it was health related as she sold me a book of stamps. With stamps in hand I said sweetly ...oh its definitely health related... Im trying to protect mine by breathing fresh air and not carbon dioxide. Im also making sure my mental health stays sound because God forbid I end up becoming some mindless drone who follows rules without question and eventually commits suicide due to the stress of the restrictions. Have a nice day! Yesterday approaching the entrance to a Freshco. Young lad asks if I have a mask...he is surrounded by three women in masks. I say ....No...no thank you, waved politely and walked on in... The four of them just watched and said nothing. Its quite liberating...... Anyone else had any Mask Warrior interactions...
  2. I guess it comes down to perception. What is someones perception of conservatism? of tradition? Does it mean no advancement? Im not so sure either can be generalized. We may be individuals made up of atoms.... many many of them, but it takes many to make a whole. Then the whole becomes one of the ,many and so on... perception is key and perception comes with understanding...based on what we actually understand is how limited our perceptions can be. My apologies if this makes no sense to anyone...it just makes sense to me...
  3. More nonsense... Can almost smell it now. Propaganda and media BS drives me nuts.... truth resonates...this doesnt.
  4. Not sure its sitting with me...I feel an element of untruth to this. Cant explain why...just feels suspect to me.
  5. There are a hell of a lot of Russian zionists around- call them Russian jews if you like but I mean the zionist type of jews. around. Dont be fooled....
  6. That is very true, I refuse to wear a mask and get the must amazing smailes from fellow non mask wearers. As for local groups...maybe thats an idea that can be followed up on. Like minds have the most interesting conversations.
  7. Its ok... I like to see honest posts with honest emotion. Too few people these days react with honest emotion. The programming for political correctness is alive and spreading.
  8. One night when I was in my twenties I was awoken by the sound of something that sounded like metal clicking against tiles. Like a penny being thrown against a tiled wall but at an incredible speed. I was a neat freak back then and my kitchen was immaculate right down to polishing my taps with Pledge...my worktops were always clear and the room was spotless. ( Things have changed slightly as I have got older haha) However, as I lay in bed in the early hours I was listening to this sound and felt as though I should not go downstairs. I decided to wait until morning and see what if anything had gone on. I stayed awake from 4 am till 6 am...the noise stopped somewhere in between. When it was daylight I went down stairs, my two children were in bed (my husband had died about two months earlier) I entered the kitchen and looked around, starting on the worktops. Then I saw a piece of metal in the middle of the floor, as I moved closer I could see that it was the knob from the clock on my oven ( this was the eighties so it was the dawn of the hob and separate ovens) The oven was at the end of the kitchen and this knob was several feet away, Id say around eight feet from the oven. So it had dropped from around a five feet height and traveled eight feet to the left. I thought that maybe it had bounced there, but again being the eighties we had cushion-floor. I held the knob at the point on the clock that it would have been originally and let it drop....it fell to the floor and simply bumped about an inch to the left. I did this many times expecting a different outcome. None came. I threw it against the tiled wall.... it sounded exactly like the noise I'd heard...with one big problem.... There was no way in hell it could hit the wall at such speed by me picking it up and throwing it over and over..... not even at the end of an elastic band...even if that were possible, which I doubt. So, somehow this knob had descended from my oven and hurled itself around the kitchen at great speed, enough to wake me up and end up in the middle of my usually spotless kitchen some time later, for me to find. In this same house, I would hear the pull switch for the bathroom light be pulled and when I went in the light would be on!! I have more weird stuff...if anyone is interested.
  9. In Uk for so long there has been uproar about burkas and hijabs - but now those complainers are the first to wear masks...lol I say don a burka or hijab....it will drive them insane. ...lol
  10. As a neutral party who didnt suffer child sexual abuse...I really can understand what she is saying and I personally cant stand the woman. A child will only know the good feeling involved if the abuser is as she says ...good... By this it means to me that the abuser knows and is close to the child and very likely gives the child a false sense of security and tries to align what they are doing to feelings of love rather than the truth of the abuse. But I also think that in the case of an abuser who is known but uncaring and not so ....good... the child may feel afraid...especially if they are being hurt at the same time. I think there are different types of abuse and depending on the type and the manner of the abuser, there could be a host of different feelings and eventual manifestations for the child. Just my opinion.
  11. Yes I agree most people have been exposed tot he flu...even the kids. Im still waiting on the true identity of this Covid 19 anomaly.
  12. It begins in the hospitals. The hospital gives the order. Listen to what the lady in the video says. This is what happened to my mother in March. She went into hospital from a care home in early March for pneumonia. She started to get better. Then antibiotics removed. The hospital got my moronic sister on board with it. Mum went back tot he care home, obviously needing more medication. However, the orders sent back with mum and compounded by my sisters ignorance and stupidity, allowed my mother to be placed on what is called End of Life Care. I flew halfway around the world to be at my mums side as they literally let her starve, dehydrate, go without air and medication....that is until the day she died gasping to breathe when they gave her morphine to help her along. I watched my mother die and was helpless. The doctor who certified the death put frailty of old age on her death certificate. They would have put Covid had I not been there by her side.... as pneumonia and respiratory illnesses are now ALWAYS put as Covid 19. Notice that the doctor did not put pneumonia on her death certificate....not without putting Covid 19....which he couldnt do as I was there. (They did try to keep me out by the way.... I kicked up hell and brought in human rights as per the Declaration of Human Rights.) Thank God it worked or she would have died alone, in pain, gasping and drowning in her own fluids. Sorry to be so graphic but this is p1ssing me off more each day.
  13. Ok... good to know...thank you for reply.
  14. Funny tho...as in funny strange.... most flu s and viruses dont survive in such heat....but hey ho its a masking they will go.
  15. You mean like districts in the Hunger Games I presume.....yes more predictive books and series.
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