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  1. We're all going to the zoo tomorrow..the zoo tomorrow ....... uhmmm no... https://www.cp24.com/news/guests-will-need-to-be-fully-vaccinated-against-covid-19-to-visit-toronto-zoo-1.5621335
  2. Of course I can... there are more ways than you may think.... but keep responding on a level that I find amusing.
  3. Depends on the season. Summers in Canada are usually extremely hot.
  4. Use the English translator at the top if non French speaking. Basically Canada is not allowing any unvaccinated to leave...no matter what their nationality. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1830094/avion-trudeau-covid-canada-interdiction-voyage
  5. Feedback from someone we know... In Ontario Canada concrete companies have been contracted to take loads of concrete to the far north of Ontario to ''camps''. This is what the companies and the employees are told these facilities are. They have also been told not to discuss these places with anyone. Of course most Canadians do discuss what goes on with there work...especially to friends. I am trying to find out the actual location...but apparently it is really far north in the most remote areas....where anyone leaving on foot would be eaten alive... should be able to find out the location soon. Wondering why the need to be so far north ??
  6. This is the typical tyrant that is bellowing and shouting down doctors in Ontario. All crap until at 11 minutes 30 seconds in a Doctor speaks and challenges the tyrant dickhead.... then at 21. 55 she resigns. Quite the meeting. https://www.bitchute.com/video/9ISilNyeikk2/ This is the doctor: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/ontario-er-doctor-resigns-over-mandatory-vaccines-and-falsehoods/?fbclid=IwAR3Fmf5Trm7yYSFNNORASbHGxd-5LF6g0A2I4sfdq6ZDEQGxOsABWQFBHvM This is the dickhead ( who interestingly gets this new post just prior to the 'plandemic') : https://www.gbhs.on.ca/new-president-and-ceo-takes-over-at-gbhs/ Here we have the Ontario Hospitals Association which again, interestingly, lords over every hospital and health centre in Ontario...and clearly dictates to everyone involved (this section is to help you in your career...its called GOVERNANCE...hmmmm...very interesting site...but time consuming) : https://www.oha.com/learning/governance
  7. I dont agree with inflicting pain on children either.... these people have been getting vaccines for decades... Many only see it as another vaccine. Yes it is foolish...but I think wishing death on them makes you no better. Two wrongs dont make it right to harm...jmo
  8. Does look interesting....
  9. I said it was up...as in back up...and not down! All ok is what I was saying lol....Facebook is back up now too apparently :-(
  10. Only a disgusting being wishes death on someone like that...and to comment as such after the death of an infant speaks volumes... wtf are you?
  11. Tube up here in Canada
  12. Actually the one I know about was at Asda
  13. Dont bank on an income from it.... I know for a fact there are websites with donors giving the tiddlers away for free.... Basically they arrange to meet somewhere... the recipient parks up alongside the donor...he plays tug a wump for a few mins - passes the product through the window and Bobs the Uncle and Fanny's the aunt. ** Dont ask how I know details... but lets just say a person on one side of my family is not hetero...and the soon to be offspring was conceived via this method in a car park...with a syringe as a mode of transfer. I think its obscene to be honest..and the problem futuristic ally doesn't bear thinking about... how many siblings will be marrying without knowing it....ughhh
  14. They really love their African Green Monkeys eh... Marburg, AIDS and Convid all have a connection to this creature... I wonder if it was created in a lab too?
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