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  1. I have seen this before...although I see what youre trying to say, it is pretty basic...do you have any other videos that are helpful in this regard?
  2. Thats assuming one knows the actual happenings of time and space so to speak. I guess for me it brings up a question of reflection...but all in all there are more questions than answers it seems.
  3. I think there would be an horizon on a flat earth. The further something is away the less clear and an horizon forms. Why would the sun never set on a flat earth? Do we know where it would go at all times? Do we know whether it does things we dont know about? Just playing Devil's advocate...but in reality can we always claim to 'know' when maybe we haven't see the proof? I know these questions must be irritating but lets be fair there are two schools of thought and each has merit... as a neutral onlooker I am looking for proof positive....still.
  4. We should all be able to deduce what we see as proof. We can all make up our own minds what we feel is worth believing and sift through anything that is not believable to us. Lets be fair people read bullshit every day in Newspapers and yet it continues. Basically discussions will always contain truth, bullshit or truth and bullshit. I personally dont give two shits if someone posts crap...so long as I take from it what interests me. So, yes I am still interested in both sides...whether each side has some bullshit is irrelevant - but I cherish the fact that I can make up my own mind about it and not be forced to believe or concede. There's always the scroll or block feature if anyone doesn't like the posts. Hopefully I see some further posts that brings a question with it....hence the point to a discussion.
  5. Another poster posted about the Drombeg Stone Circle in Cork Ireland. I was in Cork in early August so figured I'd put up the info about this Irish Stone Circle. Certainly an interesting topic.Makes you wonder how, when and where... I found the fictional show Outlander somewhat compelling as it centred around a Stone Circle in Inverness, Scotland, albeit with a magical tale of time travel ;-) http://www.megalithicireland.com/Drombeg.htm
  6. IF the firmament is a dome wouldn't that explain it? As you know I'm no scientist so asking out of interest. Wouldn't vantage point and a domed roof so to speak make something look a different position? Like with the domed paintings of the Renaissance? Another wondering of mine...is... could a firmament be moving rather than a globe? Sorry if this sounds nutty but they're genuine questions from a non scientist. :-) This thread keeps bringing me back ... intriguing...
  7. Thought I would bring this over here as a new poster had posted the link in another thread. @Means of Production Interesting video of another Stone Circle.
  8. This is interesting - China bought Aecon !!! China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) has agreed to acquire Canada’s Aecon Group through its International Holdings company, CCC https://constructiondigital.com/epc/ccci-to-acquire-aecon-in-a-deal-worth-dollar15bn
  9. Something is a bit strange. A few months ago I found info on the net about Aecon in Antarctica...now I cant find it...except in the results (the brief outline that shows when results pop up) when I search. But when I click it, the info is gone. Just weird.
  10. Would it be possible to have the thread named 'Tony Blair ex PM attacks The Crown'? I keep thinking its about Liz Truss (ex PM)
  11. There is a thread already active for Stone Circles. This would be just the ticket for that thread. Nice post.
  12. Yes, this is what i thought from seeing the AECON installations... there seems to be mass rewiring of the underground systems... especially from what I can see here (Canada) https://www.aecon.com/our-projects#landmark-projects https://www.aecon.com/our-company/leadership/eric-rosenfeld (links to other countries/companies) https://www.aecon.com/our-company/leadership/adam-borgatti (this guy likes working for banks...Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and National Bank.
  13. At risk of sounding somewhat dense insofar as technology. I noticed that during two years of 'lockdown' here in Canada roads were closed to install miles and miles of underground cables for the internet. The service provider all the time was AECON. This same provider works in Antarctica and is connected to other such installations. Would internet be the way they are transmitting but with a separate set of underground connections? Let me know if this sounds unlikely...I just thought I''d throw out there what Ive noticed...& AECON works worldwide.
  14. Bear / dog / coyote spray and Mace may be handy on occasion too. Nice and light, keep in pocket. ;-)
  15. Maybe the Icke's want to keep their platforms for free speech. As we can see recently David has been banned from speaking freely, even travelling freely... so if we were in their shoes we would be trying to save the platform by any means. If that means toning down what they say while it is readily known from previous speeches how they feel then we should give them space to maintain a status quo in order to continue. They are clearly on David's ass now and have put a two year restriction on him in certain areas. But while he has a platform he can continue his work. We all know the The Balfour Treaty was and is a corrupt treaty. Palestine was not Britains to give away. Thats a fact. The settlers (claimed to be Israeli settlers) stole Palestinian lands, their homes and sometimes killed them. Those Palestinians that left were never allowed to return. They fled the 'war' created by the'Israelis' or whoever was really chasing them out. They put the possessions they could carry in their clothing, often sewn in, and headed to Jordan or Lebanon areas... I have this from Palestinians who were robbed of their homeland, their homes and their possessions...and more importantly in many cases of their families. This whole business makes me sick...
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