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  1. Out of likes... Precisely, also when your words and meanings are twisted for effect it becomes a negative experience. It is usually a good thing to be able to interact with like minds....shame its not always the case. But staying positive will keep us on the right track.
  2. Dont need one... and you can keep yours. Ciao.
  3. I think you misinterpret me....again. But hey keep believing what you believe.. I know what I mean...and you completely miss the point. Yes we differ, in that you refuse to grasp what is actually being said, in favour of your own interpretation. Best we go back to ignoring each other....and thats ok too.
  4. For protests to survive and protesters to be many...there needs to be a realistic approach. If you want to stand there listening to droning without purpose. Go for it... I`ll be attending protests where the content is understandable and will welcome anyone with some well told genuine experiences. Each to their own....
  5. I DO NOT want to decide...thank you for misreading my post. Finding people who have a story to tell... people who can actually relay the story. Thats not controlling its being realistic....or youd have someone up there going on for hours and no one getting the message they are trying to convey.... If hundreds of lengthy incomprehensible `stories`are lined up...the protests will be down to zero in no time at all.
  6. I have heard people speak...and many cannot put forth a listenable speech. That is what I meant. By limiting time it can be assessed who is capable of helping their fellow man and woman to overcome by way of genuine and listenable speech. Having heard disastrous speeches from those unable to get across what they mean... I think it would be pertinent to at the very least have a degree of fluency....even if a persons story was told by another. Not a case of `thinking too much`more a case of being able to see pitfalls.
  7. So out of all of that you are just going to put out there about the `Smart Grid`....thats ok... I get that we shouldnt be offering up too much personal info....BUT lets be fair....without something with which to communicate with others en masse we would not be able to effect a major protest or major changes... sometimes you have to grab the beasts horns and steer it where you want it to go... just dont look into its eyes nor show your hand ;-)
  8. I think there could be general population input...but not everyone is able to hold the crowd. Maybe there could be a pooling of peoples experiences and give many a 3 - 5 minute timeslot to air their experience and their view. Too much time allocated would not hold the crowd I think.
  9. Did you even read my post? I said... I do not have a Smart phone. Hence why I could not do Arrive Can when I came back to Canada several months ago. I couldnt download their app.... and wouldnt if I could. So they were stumped.. They gave me a piece of paper to fill out...but without my glasses I couldnt see what i was writing. Nevertheless I got through.... I do not have a Smart phone to download apps... and the basic old phone I do have is not registered to anyone I know...or anyone who exists. Im not attacking you ...I am saying you are attacking others...please dont twist my words. I am asking you to provide details that you think will save the world. You dismiss everyone elses ideas and what they say... whilst claiming to have the answers... but you provide no answers yourself.
  10. .....ohhhh and you being the ONE to enlighten us all...is still playing hide and seek with your `truths` ├╣nderstanding`and `suggestions`.... get over yourself. I`ve been pushing back for decades and and quite capable of understanding and overcoming...thank you very much. I also spend time helping others to clue in to what is going on...you are not the only one out there who `gets it`....but many of us dont keep bleating and banging our chests. Like I said...cough up the goods.
  11. Come on Bud, tell us those steps...and make sure theyre gonna work. You cant just put it out there as hot air... If you want to take the wind out of our sails you better spill....
  12. Many get my attention...do not feel special. I dont know you to hate you...and hate helps no-one. I only know you think you know it all... and that my friend can be nauseating. Most of us know about digital currency and Smart phones... that is not a revelation.
  13. What are YOU doing to improve the world and the bastards behind the bullshit? What choices are you making that you think no one else is.? Why do your posts always sound like you have it all figured out? If you do...and I very much doubt that....spill the beans Bud... tell us your secret.... until then...we will be doing what we feel is right and if you don`t get it..then tough shit.
  14. non compliance to what aspect of the agenda? you mean refuse the jabs? YES Most people have already had them - so we are told!!! If people wake up based on having the jab and getting a reaction or two or three or if they suddenly have an epiphany, then YES it will mean future refusals. You mean refuse to wear a mask? The elites aren't really bothered about that - I think its a tool they use that has been effective...but many are now refusing to wear. What are you going to do about the digital currency coming that they will get you to pay for things by swiping your smart phone? PRESUMPTIONS - I dont have a 'Smart phone' - as for digital currency it will only help push people towards other ways to live... and that is a story that could be endless. what about the 5G system that will assimilate peoples smart phones? For as long as you have a smart phone there is a market for 5G wifi.... wont affect me...but eventually people will make new choices or be content in the misery. Same as always has happened...but that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about resistance. There are many ways to resist and to survive. What are you going to do about the smart grid that is being increased everytime someone buys a smart phone or a smart Tv or a smart car or meter etc? - I'm not about to become part of a 'matrix' and again...this is why resistance needs to increase...by way of increasing the pushback. are you going to exercise 'non compliance' and get rid of all the smart devices in your life? I have no Smart phone no.....you aren't really going to non comply with their system. Really you are going to keep going along with it in many ways and that's why it will keep growing... Stop the passive aggression and holier than thou attitude... we are not here as your peons to be condescending to. You have provided no fantastic solution so why act like you have? I have no Smart phone - you dont know me...so quit with the attempt to demoralize. Its not working!
  15. If protests are 'tantrums' they are some enormous tantrums LOL. Those criticizing protests don't seem to have much to offer in the way of alternatives. It seems that they want to diffuse whatever spark of activism there is instead of encouraging it. They dont like kids at protests and incite revolutionary measures that will be fed to those sitting at home as ''look at the bad guys'' - Everyone possible needs to be out, the more the better...and major non compliance with the evil that is going on. Agree with you on this !( at risk of sounding 'phony' to the trolls )
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