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  1. A few years ago everyone who has a bank account in Canada and in UK ( maybe other places too) were sent a letter telling them that only $75,000 ( different amount in UK) was guaranteed to be safe in the eventuality that the banks or economy crashed. I remeber thinking at the time that this was sent for a reason. Most people just laughed it off when I pointed out what was in the letters...as they didnt have $75,000 in the bank. Those that had assets felt their assets were safe. I believe this is how it will start... they will steal all money over this amount from banks. We saw how t
  2. Not with you in the forum unfortunately... I think you bring them with you.
  3. I am just wondering why you seem to derail and cause friction in every thread you post in. I did post explaining that I have seen this in other forums that discuss cases before the courts....and how I found out that prosecutors, police and the like frequent these forums to divert public attention to the official narrative regarding a case. This is a fact... as I have been researching for a very notorious case for a certain reason. When I see your posts I get the same feel... it`s ok if you ignore my post again... I have broad shoulders.... but can you tell me why you derail threads and are so
  4. Can you post a link to what you are referring to...which story has been suppressed. Sorry if its been posted already.
  5. If it were worse we would hear more about it and at least have one neighbour who has had it. You do seem hell bent on pushing your own narrative. I have seen this in another forum - and that forum was infiltrated by officers and similar trying to sway public opinion in matters of cases before the courts. Just an observation, and I`m sure you are only trying to `play`devils advocate. The fact of the matter is....to bring it to a truthful perspective... no-one knows anyone with the virus, the false positives are off the charts, somehow regular flu has vanished in favour of Covid in the minds o
  6. They likely do have a way to notify each other. Even the Nazis who escaped through Spain to Argentina after the last war had vays of gathering to get of of Dodge. A family member of mine worked for a German family in Munich some years ago....later finding out by listening to their family conversations (in German) they were Nazis.
  7. Yes Im fully expecting to be pressured. they say a face covering will suffice... will try with a scarf... Canada is cold after all ;-) I just hate giving in to the bastards. But I do have some business in UK...so not something I can postpone when the time comes. I figured the ``take mask off to eat`` may give some leeway....especially if I keep a muesli bar in my hand and it goes to the mouth at regular intervals.... lol
  8. I have to go to UK again at some point...... I can only imagine the BS i will encounter on that visit. Was hoping for a chat with David Icke but it seems all requests are barred. ;-)
  9. Im guessing that at least 80 percent of masks dont get laundered. I`m also thinking that many people who wear masks dont wash hands after taking visit to the toilet. Not everyone has good hygiene, you only have to watch them scratch their crotch and then proceed to pick up an item at the store!!! All in all the mask BS is futile and pathetic....
  10. There are plenty of places to hide in Canada...thats a plus...however the winter is not to be tested in the wild... I think so far it is the Covid protocols they are referring to... and lock-down crap. However, nothing to say it wont gravitate to anything else.
  11. I worked as a nurse in the 80`s and now I am a writer....however I didnt cry when people died...not at work anyway...but when I got home I did. I do find it very odd that a so-called nurse would cry for the cameras as this Intersexual person has allegedly done. As nurses we had to lay out dead bodies and fill cavities...we couldn`t cry even if our hearts were bursting.
  12. Thank you for all of this information. Can you clarify why it says Professor Drosten is the inventor of PCR test please... as I thought it was Kary Mullis.? Do you mean that Drosten is the one changing its purpose to correlate with the alleged Covid 19?
  13. Yes I am in Canada. I dont see any of those things as yet. But I have noticed that people are becoming more inclined to push mask wearing...even as `cases`decline. I did see the MP Randy Hilliers questions in parliament where he asks about isolation camps. I am British born and a Canadian. Canadians generally are very complacent for the most part. Not a nation of activists although there are those who fight back. The police here are in my estimation fairly corrupt, although you will be criticized for saying so by those who have never experienced their heavy handedness. The justice, for want of
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