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  1. Yes, and RK Jnr also went up against the system with his book 'FRAMED' which is about a man wrongfully convicted. This book is good. It correlates with something I am working on albeit another case.
  2. Sorry about your friend...many cancer patients end up dying of pneumonia. I reckon thats what likely took him. Once it hits in a terminal way...thats usually it.
  3. That guy 'interviewer' trying to ridicule the caller needs a good upper cut...condescending prick.
  4. Facebook labelled it as false....lol
  5. I wonder what 'type' of hospitals... I guess if you're not dying from the vaccine or cold symptoms rebranded and put on a 'respirator' to 'help' you...then you will be taken to a psychiatric hospital for being insane. Either way these new 'institutions' look very sinister to me.
  6. Maybe someone can explain what this was all about. I see so many videos that have the visual obfuscated and we just hear audio. Does anyone have any facts about this video... I hate to gauge something just on guesswork. I hear the child...but what actually is going on?
  7. In the past I have posted on Mumsnet...It is definitely a sinister site. They have agendas and if you go up against ANY of them..the wolves gather... typical site being used by 'intelligence'...another one is 'websleuths' this site will again turn on anyone who disagrees with the official narrative - and in these case lives are also at risk. I haven't bothered posting on there for few years...I can only imagine the outcome re coronavirus.
  8. Isn't the 'victim' supposed to be a vet? Hard to believe she wouldn't have been with someone similar... but hey you may be right...many are ignorant.... but even the 'blood' doesnt look real...
  9. Maybe... but not for me. I'd be working on trying to save the person. I am trained so that may explain my calmness under pressure. But there are enough people there to move the loud ones away from the 'victim'...
  10. Does this actually seem real? It looks like a scene from a movie... not sure I am buying this. The usual camera flailing around like crazy. The 'victim' left on her back, and who shouts like a lunatic when someone is seriously hurt? Big question for me is 'why?'
  11. I'm guessing the values have escalated due to certain monied individuals causing the upturn. Too good to be true. People have made money last year...but I think they need to be taking out the profits and leaving bare minium to do the gaining...while it can...who knows.
  12. Just an update or rather a rumour? via hearsay. Came directly from an Ontario Provincial Police officer here in Canada. Apparently they have had a memo suggesting that Ontario (already in lockdown) is to get the lockdown extended with curfews. The curfew being BETWEEN 8PM AND 5AM .....( Its hearsay yes...but told directly to one of my relatives.) ...Lots of young people here have had enough... I think there may be some kind of rebellion at some point. If people dont wake up now they never will....it will be a them and us forever. Hopefully the 'us' consists of enough to do away with this evi
  13. Any updates on Bitcoin as far as you know? My son says it is going up before his eyes. ?
  14. Should organize a few false protests and get them actually doing something - a lot of heavy cops there ...need some exercise. Organize and let them go looking for nobody and then surprise them with a real protest... lol. Sorry but the element of surprise can be quite the tactic... I mean look at the past year... lots of fools taken in by the 'surprise' fake pandemic.
  15. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=is&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mbl.is%2Ffrettir%2Finnlent%2F2021%2F01%2F04%2Fthrir_nu_latist_eftir_bolusetningu_her_a_landi%2F&prev=search&pto=aue&fbclid=IwAR2qKZGwzhq_e1oHxrVJYlrLR-UK-5NpT_3RVXhjg0bM_iAsfnfJa4AMZhE
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