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  1. It sure is... even when on a plane the thing disappears up the vents so you can eat your meal without being told to cover your face. Comes back out again once the meal trays have been collected.
  2. My son is in Mexico. It is wide open... hospitals only at 16% and thats for all admissions.
  3. Exactly, constantly lied to and assaulted by this bullshit from infancy till they refuse to revive you in old age. Evil bastards
  4. Agree, so its all the same everywhere ..including the other tests you mention. It becomes more clear what is happening....thanks for your post.
  5. This is a clip from a kids movie over 30 years ago. The Nothing ( something many can relate to now) The Swamps of Sadness. This clip shows the Gmork who seems to represent Evil. Quite the deep scene for a child to watch. This struck a chord with me even when I watched it back then.
  6. This is interesting... here in Canada they do not routinely check your VitD three levels. They make you pay for it. So most dont get it. You have to ask for it and pay for it yourself. Like your post says...if low Vit D is responsible for a lot of ailments why is it being overlooked ( deliberately)?!
  7. I was given the BCG when I was a child, apparently it was because a grandfather had TB. A few years later in school, still a child they came around giving kids the `heaf test`https://www.oxfordreference.com/view/10.1093/oi/authority.20110803095926527 .This test was little needle pricks in a circle on your forearm. It deposited tuberculin cells. If your didn't react, you had no antibodies to TB. If you developed a raised reddish lump at the site of the test you were immune. Fast forward 30 years, before my realization that vaccines were questionable at best - I was given a heaf
  8. Forcing these people to have this is disgusting. These are the people they want rid of first along with elderly...imo thats why the elderly and the mentally compromised are being jabbed either first or forcibly. Morons that cannot see what is happening here make my blood boil.
  9. 12 hours ago, SimonTV said: Those who have been vaccinated against new coronaviruses are not allowed to donate blood for the time being. So here we go....less lives saved as no blood for transfusions....sounds about right...
  10. Fecal transmission? So they should have been promoting not scratching ones ass and wash you hands after wiping etc.
  11. I wonder what the dogs actually sniff for.... Likely asshole...based on the fact that the anal swabs claim there is a higher incidence LOL. A dog would be very familiar with that sniffing routine.
  12. He is doing his part. He is telling people and opening eyes. He has a young family and his job is to save lives...without him doing his job many more lives would be lost. I am also hearing of police officers here who are unhappy with how it is. Not all obviously but its the inability to provide for their families that keeps them at work...and for the paramedic he wants to save lives. I speak to a lot of people... and today I was told this: There is a Mennonite minister in this region who says they have around 18,000 who go to their local church. In 2019 they had 49 deaths and he f
  13. So today in this lovely Ontario lockdown...haha.. I went to a party :-). Talked to a paramedic who told me that he is noticing that they are being called out to care homes for elderly people who have DNR orders. This means that as a paramedic he is not supposed to try to resuscitate. They then have to take this patient to hospital where they die. Once they are dead they are registered as a ` covid `death. Basically, he says that paramedics are not supposed to be called for DNR patients - but that they are being called and bringing them to the hospital where the hospital makes money from the d
  14. Also, spoke to my son in Mexico, he informed me that Mexico is not locking down it is wide open and that their hospitals are at 16% - nowhere near full. Says no sign of any pandemic...
  15. Fifteen year old in Bristol UK commits suicide due to lockdown.
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